OBJ’s Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos

Odell Beckham Jr. is one the biggest sneakerheads in the entire NFL and continues to show f his massive collection on Instagram. He even turned some his favorite shoes into cleats last season and if we are lucky enough, he will do the exact same thing in 2020. In light his love sneakers, Nike gave him a huge deal and have allowed OBJ to give his own unique take on the Nike Air Max 720. One OBJ’s model is a utility-like slip-on fering that has recently been given a new colorway.

As you can see in the ficial images below, the shoe is covered in vibrant blue materials and textures. There is even a black OBJ logo on the tongue and on the insole. Air Max 720 branding is placed on the black heel to let you know exactly what model you are wearing. While it may not be for everyone, this shoe will certainly stand out on your feet when you pair it with a summer outfit.

These are slated to drop on April 1st so be on the lookout at Nike retailers.

OBJ's Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos
OBJ's Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos
OBJ's Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos
OBJ's Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos
OBJ's Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos
OBJ's Nike Air Max 720 Slip Receives Vibrant Blue Makeover: Photos

The Breakdown | The Quarantine Effect On Hip Hop

Hollywood, CA – Like the rest of the world, Hip Hop is feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as continues its rampage.

For this week’s episode of The Breakdown, current host Page Kennedy takes a look at the effects the virus is having on the industry in an episode called “The Quarantine Effect On Hip Hop.”

“You want the bad news or the good news first?” he begins. From there, he talks about how major festivals such as SXSW and Coachella have been canceled or postponed in the wake of the pandemic.

On the flipside, Kennedy discusses the “good news,” which includes the countless artists who’ve been connecting with their fans and peers on Instagram Live and other social media platforms.

D-Nice, Erykah Badu, Questlove, Statik Selektah, DJ Premier, Lord Finesse, Cut Chemist and MC Eiht are just a sliver of artists who are keeping their fans entertained with intimate performances.

Let’s break it down.

Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Drop New Drake, Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle Tracks During Instagram Live Battle

The ‘Gram – On Thursday (March 26), Grammy award-winning producer Boi-1da posted a promo of his Friday night beat battle against fellow producer Hit-Boy slated for Friday night on Instagram Live.

The epic duel lasted over two hours and stunned its audience that peaked at over 17,000 viewers as Hit-Boy and Boi-1da dug deep into their bags and leaked new songs that they crafted in collaboration with Tee Grizzley, Drake, Roddy Ricch, Nas, Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle.

Several high profile viewers who tuned in simultaneously were Drake, Joe Budden, Kevin Durant, Russ, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz.

Hit-Boy also reached back into his back catalog of production credits including A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle,” and “Bow Down/I Been On” by Beyoncé.

But as the battle intensified, Boi-1da swung back some hard moves by putting out new tracks such as Big Sean featuring the late Nipsey Hussle on their song possibly titled “Street Legend.”

Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Drop New Drake, Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle Tracks During Instagram Live Battle

Boi-1da Explains His Participation In Rémy Martin’s Producer Competition

Big Sean even suddenly appeared for a short tag team with Boi-1da to surprise the viewers, much to Boi-1da’s chagrin.

“Yo, Sean, why’d you snap like that? Relax, bro,” Boi-1da said.

Hit-Boy also dropped an untitled new Nas cut, which Hit-Boy had to admit “that’s nasty.”

Just as several viewers thought Boi-1da was on the ropes, he struck back with his own heat with an earnest warning.

“You remember when Trump and Kim Jong-Un were beefing and talking about nukes and shit? You know all that shit? I gotta press the red button. I’m not even playing with you, Hit-Boy,” Boi-1da said before he released Drake and Roddy Ricch’s new song.

Boi-1da doubled down for Drake fans by releasing his other new track with 6ix god’s which is speculatively called “I Did.”

The Twittersphere and Instagram realm was on fire as viewers chimed in about who they believe was the victor.

But Boi-1da was respectful to his opponent by tweeting about the competitive fun following the battle.

“Hit-Boy is one of the greatest of our generation. DON’T AT ME… That was epic, love to everyone that tuned in,” Boi-1da said.

Britney Spears Was Only Joking About Beating Usain Bolt’s World Record

Britney Spears was “obviously joking” about being faster than Usain Bolt, when she claimed to have beat the world-renowned sprinter’s 100 metre dash world record time. The super fit former pop star is constantly documenting her workouts on social media, and on Wednesday, Britney shared a fitness update with her followers  Instagram. In a since-deleted post, Brit had shared a screenshot her stopwatch app, which had a “00:05.97” timestamp on it, and claimed in the caption to have sprinted 100 metres in that short time, beating her previous attempts. Many fans doubted the validity Brit’s supposed time, considering how absurdly fast she’d have to be to do the 100 metre dash in less than 6 seconds. Many them pointed out that it was highly unlikely she was telling the truth, since Usain Bolt currently holds the world record for running that same distance in 9.58 seconds. Did Britney really think we’d believe she was faster than the fastest person on earth?

Britney Spears Was Only Joking About Beating Usain Bolt's World RecordKevin Winter/Getty s for iHeartMedia

Apparently, no. In another since-deleted post, Britney cleared the air about the whole “I beat the world record for fastest sprinter” thing, indicating that, course, she was kidding. “Obviously I was joking about running the 100 meter dash in 5.97 seconds,” she wrote on the post. “The world record is held by Usain Bolt which is 9.58 seconds …. but you better believe I’m coming for the world record 😂 !!!! #joking #workbitch.” We’d honestly love to see Britney actually beat Usain’s world record. Anything is possible!

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Game Royal" Drops This Spring: Photos

One the staples sneaker culture over the last 35 years has been the Air Jordan 1 High OG. This sneaker has received numerous colorways over the years and continues to be a fan-favorite sneakerheads all around the world. The shoe is very versatile and can be worn with almost anything, including a suit. Jordan Brand is well-aware just how much people love this sneaker and in 2020, they have plenty new ferings planned.

A model that has received a ton teasers over the past few months is this “Game Royal” colorway, below. Thanks to @zsneakerheadz, we have some brand new images to share. The shoe has a royal blue toe box and cuff while the overlays are black and the side panels are white. There was a “Game Royal” model that released back in 2018 although this new one is much different in terms color blocking.

If you’re a big fan the Air Jordan 1, these should definitely be on your radar for the Spring. The release date has been set for May 9th at a price $170 USD. Be sure to let us know in the comments below what you think and stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Reveals Who Annoys Him The Most

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been proving himself to be one the best players in the entire NBA and prior to the NBA hiatus, he was in the discussion to win his second-straight NBA MVP award. Now, he spends most his time on IG Live where he answers fan questions. Recently, Giannis was talking about who he hatest to play in front the most. Giannis even mentioned the Toronto Raptors and how Drake is pretty up there. However, Giannis immediately retracted his Drake statement and claimed that Raptors Superfan Nav is the one who annoys him the most because the way he is constantly talking trash.

Nav saw the clip Giannis’ admission and immediately took to Twitter where he noted that everything he says is all fun and games. The superfan even fered Giannis a meal for the next time he comes to Toronto.

Hahaha @Giannis_An34 love you like family before and after the game but during those 48 minutes I have to do whatever it takes to give my boys the edge! You have to know when you visit Toronto you get the 1-2 punch @Drake then the superfan 🙂 dinner on me next time #staysafe,” Nav wrote.

Clearly, these two have a friendly rivalry that is all in good fun. For Nav, the rivalry has been just a tad one-sided so far. Perhaps that will change when the Bucks beat the Raptors in a playf series.

Kid Cudi Mourns Juice Wrld’s Death With Emotional Tribute

It’s been nearly four months since Juice Wrld’s life came to a tragic end, and his death is still haunting those who loved him. On March 27, Kid Cudi dug up an old tweet from the Chi-Town rapper that read, “@KidCudi I need to work with you legend.”

Cudi replied, “It hurts we never got to work together. When we met at Coachella I was surprised u were even a fan. I didnt feel so old after all haha I got something just for u I hope u love. All for you brother. Tell my dad I said hey. Love u man.”

Cudi followed up with a screenshot of a text exchange he had with Juice Wrld shortly after they met for the first time.

Juice Wrld died on December 8, 2019 after suffering a fatal seizure at the Chicago Midway International Airport. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the official cause of death as an accidental overdose of oxycodone and codeine.

Kid Cudi Mourns Juice Wrld's Death With Emotional Tribute

Juice Wrld’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Witnesses claimed Juice swallowed multiple Percocet pills in an effort to conceal them from awaiting law enforcement who had allegedly received a tip there were drugs and guns onboard the private plane.

While walking through the terminal, he collapsed into the seizure and was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois where he died. He was 21 years old.

"The Office’s" Final Season Almost Introduced A Surprising Twist

The Office is one the most popular sitcoms all-time and is beloved by fans all over the world. Two the most popular characters on the show were Jim and Pam. These characters started out as good friends and as the seasons progressed, they fell in love and got married. If you’ve seen the show, then you know the ninth and final season was pretty turbulent for these characters. Jim accepted a job in Philadelphia which left him apart from Pam. While their relationship was strained, they eventually pulled through and stayed together.

In a new book by Andy Greene called The Office: The Untold Story the Greatest Sitcom the 2000s, the show’s writers and actors talk about how they actually wanted to have Jim and Pam split up while eventually getting back together in the final episode. As Jim actor John Krasinski noted, it could have made for an interesting dynamic.

"The Office's" Final Season Almost Introduced A Surprising Twist

“My whole pitch to Greg Daniels] was that we’ve done so much with Jim and Pam, and now, after marriage and kids, there was a bit a lull there,” Krasinki said to Greene. “For me it was, ‘Can you have this perfect relationship go through a split and keep it the same?’ which course you can’t. And I said to Greg, ‘It would be really interesting to see how that split will affect two people that you know so well.’”

Had this storyline taken place, numerous fans would have been in shambles. Luckily for the hearts many, the show finished on a happy note for all the characters, specifically Jim and Pam.


Nike SB Dunk Low "Blue’s Clues" Officially Unveiled: Photos

For many people who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s, Blue’s Clues was a childhood staple. Who could forget the dog Blue with his bright blue coloring and navy blue spots? He was an adorable figure who is embedded in the hearts and minds Millenials and Zoomers everywhere. Now, Nike is paying homage to the dog with an unficial colorway that is unmistakeably inspired by the TV show.

When we first reported on the leak the shoe, it went by the name “Blue’s Clues” although now it is getting the “Blue Fury” name, probably to avoid any legal issues. The ficial images have finally surfaced and as you can see, the upper features a bright blue color scheme while the Nike swoosh is navy blue. Overall, these colors come together to create a dope model that will surely be loved by sneakerheads around the world.

If you’re interested in copping these, they will be available as April 1st for $100 USD. Let us know in the comments below what you think these and whether or not you plan on copping.


Nike SB Dunk Low "Blue's Clues" Officially Unveiled: Photos
Nike SB Dunk Low "Blue's Clues" Officially Unveiled: Photos
Nike SB Dunk Low "Blue's Clues" Officially Unveiled: Photos
Nike SB Dunk Low "Blue's Clues" Officially Unveiled: Photos
Nike SB Dunk Low "Blue's Clues" Officially Unveiled: Photos

Kid Cudi Reflects On Meeting Juice WRLD

The loss Juice WRLD still weighs heavy on the hip-hop community. He was a star that bolted into the stardom and was merely getting his feet wet. Though he became the face emo-rap and the Soundcloud rap scene, he was undoubtedly capable doing so much more as we’ve seen from his work with Trippie Redd to Eminem.

Kid Cudi Reflects On Meeting Juice WRLD
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

Kid Cudi was one artist that Juice WRLD was longing to work with. Though there were discussions it happening, it didn’t come into fruition in time. Cudi hit Twitter yesterday where he dug up a 2018 tweet from Juice WRLD requesting a collab before recounting their first interaction at Coachella.

“It hurts we never got to work together. When we met at Coachella I was surprised u were even a fan. I didnt feel so old after all haha I got something just for u I hope u love. All for you brother. Tell my dad I said hey. Love u man,” Cudi wrote. Afterward, he shared a text exchange between him and Juice. “Dude! So awesome finally meeting u. Lets stay in touch, im runnin around a bit but hopefully, we can get up,” Cudi wrote to Juice.

In late January, it was revealed that he had an unreleased album that he was readying to release with over 2,000 songs in the vault. Perhaps we’ll hear Kid Cudi vocals on it. Check the tweets below. 

Khloe Kardashian Feels "Awkward" Watching "KUWTK" With Tristan

Khloe Kardashian was feeling a little uncomfortable watching the season 18 premiere  Keeping Up With The Kardashians with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, right next to her, considering her siblings did not hold back on how they really felt about the guy. The latest season the infamous reality show following the lives the Kardashian-Jenner clan premiered on Thursday night, and the now-amicable exes and co-parents, Khloe and Tristan, took in the first episode together.

Khloe Kardashian Feels "Awkward" Watching "KUWTK" With TristanJerritt Clark/Getty s for Klutch Sports Group

While the two them are cool with each other now, Tristan’s various cheating scandals has caused a ton tension between them in the past. Back when Khloe and Tristan were not on great terms, Khloe’s siblings—particularly Kim Kardashian—were not the biggest fans Tristan. Considering the show was filmed many months ago, the events the episode are long behind them, but it’s still uncomfortable for Khloe to watch Tristan hear what her sisters have said about him behind his back. Khloe was live-tweeting the premiere on Thursday, and admitted that watching the show with Tristan is “awkward.”

“I love that tristan is watching this premiere with me and he is now seeing what they say when he’s not around,” she wrote. “Lol AWKWARD!!” The first episode chronicled the lingering fallout from Tristan’s cheating scandal with former family friend, Jordyn Woods. At one point, Kim confronts the NBA star at dinner and tells him she is “livid” with him. 

“The most uncomfortable dinner EVER lol,” Khloe tweeted about the scene. However, onscreen, Kim claims that the evening was completely fine with no tension. “I love that Kimberly says nobody was awkward,” Khloe tweeted. “Because I was tense watching that.”

Kim also addressed the events the episode on Twitter while the episode was airing, indicating that she feels very differently about Tristan now. “I actually LOVE Tristan now like a brother FR!” she tweeted. “We totally bonded and worked through our issues and love him.”

The episode also saw an explosive fight break out between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, which was previewed in a clip last month. The altercation turned violent after Kim criticized Kourtney’s work ethic.

Instagram Gallery: Apryl Jones’ Most Sultry Pics

Between stirring up drama on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood and working her way through B2K, Apryl Jones is no stranger to seeing her personal life plastered across the headlines. After having two kids with Omarion, Apryl Jones made waves by sending out some serious Yoko Ono vibes and linking up with Omarion’s B2K bandmate Lil Fizz. While the court public opinion firmly called out Jones and Fizz for acting like clowns and clout chasing, Jones remained unbothered and even hopped on social media to defend her decision to link up with her baby daddy’s bandmate. 

“Why y’all so mad? I’m getting the dick I want,” argued Jones, defending her decision. “I love it, oh my God. It’s the best dick my life. It really, genuinely is. I can’t really be mad. I can’t not be happy because I think that the happiness comes from being happy and y’all trying to really make me mad, but I don’t know how to be mad. I’m not a mad person.”

Despite Jones praising Fizz’s ability between the sheets, the two soon went their separate ways following a flurry cheating accusations on social media. Now single and proud it, Jones has been on the ‘Gram more than ever posting thirst traps for her 2.9 million followers. 

For the steamiest uploads the reality star, check out the gallery below. 

Beach Ready 

Clearly, Jones isn’t afraid to show a lot cleavage. 

Plump It Up 

According to Jones, she’s nothing but all-natural. 

All Red 

Jones has the body to rock a #NoFilter string bathing suit. 

Mirror Pic 

“Tell me how you really feel…,” captions Jones alongside a mirror boomerang her backside. 

Side Boob 

No shirt? No problem. 

All Natural 

“Kiss my cellulite,” captions Jones, unashamed her natural appeal. 


Jones wants the haters to know that she works hard, day in and day out for the curves that she flaunts. 

Skin Tight 

Jones can rock a skin-tight Fashion Nova fit along with the best them.


Jones has legs for days. 


Jones knows how to turn on the heat, even in the shower. 

Carmelo Anthony & Dwyane Wade Reflect On Favorite Kobe Stories

Kobe Bryant is consistently talked about in the same breathe as infamous basketball stars like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. In the eyes many, Kobe is one the greatest basketball players all time and unfortunately, he was taken from us way too soon. Ever since his tragic passing back in January, NBA players have been reminiscing about Kobe and all the amazing memories he was able to provide his fans.

Yesterday, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony hopped on IG live where they gave some insight into their love the Lakers legend. At one point, Melo told a story about the time he had to play against Bryant as a member the Denver Nuggets. In the clip below, Melo says that Kobe refused to guard him until the fourth quarter and it led to a pretty entertaining battle.

“So, the game goes on and the fourth quarter comes. I mean he’s getting every call, he’s foulin’, they not callin’ shit. And he’s like, ‘I told you … Let’s go, let’s give the world what they want to see,” Anthony said. “He’s foulin’ me, grabbin’ me; he come down, I foul him hard … we just talkin’ trash. I had my braids done. The most disrespectful thing you can do is touch someone’s braids … He hit the bottom my braids, like ‘Calm down, little bro.’ He little-bro’d me. He sonned me!”

Melo’s play eventually earned Kobe’s respect and the two had been friends since that incident. Wade couldn’t help but laugh as they both came to the conclusion that Kobe was one the best to ever do it.

Demi Lovato Confirmed To Be Dating "Young And The Restless" Star

Demi Lovato has had a whirlwind life over the past year or so but now, she is settling down and starting to feel a lot better about things. She was able to secure a spot as the National Anthem singer at the Super Bowl and has been gearing up to release some new music for her fans. Things are certainly looking up for the star and when it comes to her love life, she has been doing pretty well.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Lovato has moved on from her baseball player fling and is now dating Max Ehrich. For those who don’t know, Ehrich is an actor who has worked on movies like High School Musical 3 and has even been on shows like iCarly and The Young and the Restless.

It’s not confirmed how long they have been dating for but sources say they are going strong so far. The two were exchanging flirtatious messages on Instagram and fans took notice which led to speculation they were dating. Before this nationwide lockdown, the two were actually seen together which sparked even more rumors.

With social distancing taking into effect, it remains to be seen how their relationship will go on. Regardless, it appears as though both are happing and doing their thing.


Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Preview Tracks With Nipsey & Big Sean, Drake & Roddy Ricch

Just the other day, tens thousands fans logged into Instagram to watch Timbaland and Swizz Beatz go head-to-head in a friendly producer battle. The two veteran entertainers shared a screen as they went back and forth, playing some their most beloved hits by top-charting, award-winning artists. On Friday, it was Hit-Boy and Boi-1da’s turns to get themselves on Live to show f their heat to the world.

As this moment, the battle is still going on, but there have already been a few noteworthy bits that floored rap fans. Both famed producers pulled f big moves when they each previewed new tracks. Boi-1da captured attention after sharing a clip from an unreleased song with Drake and Roddy Ricch. It was an instant hit.

Meanwhile, Hit-Boy wasn’t going down without a fight, so he pulled out a track with Nipsey Hussle and Big Sean. Everyone went wild to know that there’s a new Neighborhood Nip song that has yet to be released, but who knows if it will actually see the light day on streaming networks. Meanwhile, fans are weighing in—heavily—on which revelation was harder, so take a listen and let us know your opinions below.