Coronavirus Strikes Fear In Beer Drinkers

The fear Coronavirus has grown exponentially in the last few weeks. As he expanded past China into North America, Europe, and other parts the world, it was only a matter time that the game name association began to impact the beer market.

Coronavirus Strikes Fear In Beer Drinkers
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According to Bloomberg, Corona has been impacted by the fear coronavirus as memes began to scatter across the internet. Of course, those who aren’t able to differentiate the two began inquiring about whether it was Corona beer that was actually the cause the virus. “Corona beer virus” and “beer coronavirus” became prominent searches over the past few days.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one those situations where Corona is just getting the butt-end the jokes. This fiasco has even impacted their sales to an extent. As the Olympics threaten to pull out Tokyo out fear the virus, Constellation Brand shares, the company behind Corona, dipped eight percent this week. Even their buzz score, which tracks the amount brand awareness among adults, has also seen a major decline, going from a high 75 to a 51 at the beginning the year.

This might not actually entirely be because Coronavirus. YouGov’s business data said the possibility a dip in sales can be related to the fact Corona is perceived as a summer drink. 

A Coronavirus Vaccine Has Reportedly Been Created

Texas may have found a way to help protect you from the coronavirus.

Greffex Inc, a genetic engineering company located in Houston, Texas claims to have finished creating a vaccine for the fatal coronavirus disease. Now that the vaccine is complete, scientists will now move on to animal testing with the Food and Drug Administration, but countries like China and Vietnam, who have been majorly impacted, will have their own government agencies to carry out their own testing regulations.

A Coronavirus Vaccine Has Reportedly Been Created

A Chinese man wears a protective mask in Beijing, China – Kevin Frayer/Getty s

CEO Greffex, John Price, states that they did not use any living or killed virus to form the vaccine but instead they used adenovirus-based vector vaccines, which are used to target infectious diseases and cancers. “The trick in making a vaccine is can you scale the vaccine that you’ve made to be able to make a certain number doses, can you test that vaccine quickly and efficiently and then can you get it into patients,” Price tells KHOU11. “And that’s where we have an edge as well on the other companies that are out there.”

A Coronavirus Vaccine Has Reportedly Been Created

A medical pressional at a preliminary testing facility at the National Medical Center where patients suspected contracting coronavirus are assessed in Seoul, South Korea – Chung Sung-Jun/Getty s

Back in September 2019 Greffex received an $18.9 million contract from the National Institute Health’s National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The vaccine was developed as a result that contract. If the vaccine is government approved, Greffex will give the vaccine away to the most infected countries.

From the coronavirus disease, more than 2,100 people have died and more than 75,700 people worldwide have been affected.

"Sonic The Hedgehog" Finishes In First, "Parasite" Soars At Box Office

Sonic The Hedgehog cruised to the finish line, easily securing the top spot at the box fice this weekend with earning at $57 million in North America and $100 million globally, according to Variety.

By the end the long weekend, expectations predict Sonic will finish with $68-70 million. This is all good news for Paramount as the film cost $87 million to make and was hit with a 3-month delay to completely redesign the titular character after fans protested his appearance in the original trailer.

“The consumer always determines what is right and what is wrong. They made their voices clear, and we listened,” said Chris Aronson, Paramount’s president domestic distribution, the character redesign. “This movie exceeded audience’s] expectations. That’s a testament to that reset and terrific performances by Jim Carrey and the entire cast.”

The film stars Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz and is directed by Jeff Fowler.

Parasite saw a major boost  $5.5 million this weekend after its historic Oscar win. By the end the weekend, its project to earn $6.6 million. That’s a 234% increase in ticket sales from before the Oscars. This is the biggest post-Oscars increase for a film in the last 10 years.

For more box fice results head to Variety.

Zach LaVine Tries & Fails Insane 360 Dunk From The Free-Throw Line

Zach LaVine has consistently been one the best dunkers in the entire NBA. This was discovered during the 2016 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest when LaVine went toe-to-toe with Aaron Gordon the Orlando Magic. Many felt as though Gordon was robbed a win although LaVine was simply magical as he came through with some incredibly heroic moves. While he isn’t participating in the competition this year, it hasn’t stopped him from trying out some incredible dunks in practice.

In the clip below, LaVine attempts to pull f a 360 dunk all while jumping from the free-throw line. Of course, Michael Jordan infamously dunked from the free-throw line except the major difference is that Jordan went straight to the hoop as opposed to LaVine who tried to spin all the way around.

Unfortunately, LaVine wasn’t able to make the dunk although he came dangerously close. Given some extra practice, we’re sure he’d be able to nail it no problem. With this clip in mind, it kind makes us wish that he would participate in this year’s contest. It would certainly create some interesting content for the league, particularly in relation to the renewed rivalry between LaVine and Gordon.

Perhaps LaVine will even make a surprise appearance although, at this point, we doubt it.

Kobe & Gianna Bryant Laid To Rest In Private Ceremony: Report

Kobe and Gianna Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter crash on January 26th. Seven other passengers were on the flight and ever since the incident, the entire world has been in mourning. Bryant was a transcendent figure in basketball and his daughter had the talent to someday become a phenomenal WNBA star. Ever since their passing, tributes have been pouring in, specifically from Lakers fans who want to show respect to one the game’s biggest legends.

On February 24th, the Los Angeles Lakers plan to hold a public memorial at the Staples Center which will give friends, family, and fans a chance to grieve. According to ESPN, the Bryant family held a private burial ceremony in Corona del Mar, California on February 7th. The ceremony was only for close friends and family.

Kobe & Gianna Bryant Laid To Rest In Private Ceremony: Report

Kent C. Horner/Getty s

When Kobe and Gianna passed, thousands people came by the Staples Center to leave messages, basketballs, jerseys, and all sorts other items to commemorate their lives. All these items were eventually cleaned from the area but the vast majority were given to Kobe’s wife Vanessa, and the rest the Bryant family.

Following Kobe’s passing, it was revealed he would be joining the Basketball Hall Fame, posthumously. It’s an honor that is well-deserved considering everything he accomplished.

Super Bowl 54: Predicting Who Will Hoist The Lombardi Trophy

After five months hard-fought football, the NFL is finally down to two teams. Yes, that’s right, the Super Bowl matchup has been set and it will all go down tomorrow in Miami. The two teams vying for the Lombardi trophy are the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams were among the best in their respective conferences and have done more than enough to earn their spots in the championship game. Fans are incredibly excited about this matchup and have been debating all week about who will come out victorious.

Some believe the Chiefs fense will simply be too much for the 49ers to handle. Others think the 49ers run-game and elite defense will leave the Chiefs shaking in their boots. Regardless what you believe, there is no denying this will be an entertaining game with plenty intrigue for the full sixty minutes. No matter who wins, you truly can’t be too upset as these are two deserving squads who have proven themselves to be the cream the NFL’s crop.

Throughout the first three rounds the playfs, I predicted who I thought would win each game. Aside from two upsets, I was pretty accurate and we have the receipts to back that up. In fact, coming into the Super Bowl I have an 8-2 record, including a perfect score last week. With that being said, it only makes sense that I would try my hand at predicting the Super Bowl. Before giving my take on who will win this match, let’s break down both teams and see how they got here. 

Kansas City Chiefs (AFC)

Super Bowl 54: Predicting Who Will Hoist The Lombardi Trophy

Tom Pennington/Getty s

If you’re a Chiefs fan, then you know this season was a bit a slow build. At the start, the defense was struggling quite a bit as Patrick Mahomes tried to find his rhythm from last season. Early in the season, Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap that had him out the lineup for a couple weeks. The Chiefs went on a bit dry spell during this time and lost a couple games. When Mahomes came back, the team lost to the Tennessee Titans which served as a wake-up call. From there, the Chiefs won the last six games the regular season and have been on a tear in the playfs with 51 points against Houston and 35 points against the Titans. 

On the fensive side the ball, the Chiefs are beastly and it’s all because Patrick Mahomes and his multitude weapons. Of course, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, and Travis Kelce are some his most significant. The team finished the season ranked sixth in total fense and averaged 28.2 points per game. Their passing game was nothing short elite as they averaged just over 280 yards per match thanks to Mahomes’ cannon an arm. When it comes to rushing the ball, the Chiefs were only 23rd in the NFL although that’s mostly because they had fewer attempts than their opponents. Not to mention, Damien Williams is picking up steam in the postseason and could pose a serious threat in the Super Bowl.

As far as the defense is concerned, the Chiefs could certainly use some work although they are much better now than they were at the beginning the season. The Chiefs defense gave up a respectable 19.2 points per game although they were 17th in total yards allowed per game, with 349.6. When it comes to passing defense, the Chiefs were eighth in the NFL thanks to playmakers like Tyrann Mathieu. Rush defense is where the Chiefs really struggled as they finished 26th, allowing 128 yards per game. 

San Francisco 49ers (NFC)

Super Bowl 54: Predicting Who Will Hoist The Lombardi Trophy

Sean M. Haffey/Getty s

Over the course this season, the San Francisco 49ers have been one the most dominant teams on the field and it hasn’t been very close. They are one the most well-rounded teams in the entire NFL and it showed on the scoreboard. The team was able to finish with the first seed in the NFC thanks to a 13-3 record. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo became a bonafide leader who has the ability to manage a game like no one else. Not to mention, their defense was lauded for their pass rush and ability to snag interceptions at will.

In terms rankings, the 49ers were at the top the league in almost everything. For instance, the 49ers were fourth in total fense with 381 yards per game and 29.9 points per game. Perhaps their biggest weakness on fense came in the form their passing game as they ranked 13th. Jimmy G played well, don’t get us wrong, however, he was more a game manager than a playmaker. Luckily for the 49ers, they excelled when rushing the ball thanks to players like Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman. In fact, the team was second in rushing fense as they picked up an average 144 yards per game.

Defensively, the 49ers were an absolute powerhouse as they finished second in total yards allowed, with 281 per game. They only gave up 19.4 points per match which is significant when you consider their strength schedule. Thanks to an incredible pass rush led by Dee Ford and Nick Bosa, as well as a high-flying secondary, the 49ers were first in pass defense, only allowing 169.2 yards per game. Rush defense is where the team struggled at times, giving up 112 yards per game, which was good enough for 17th in the NFL. Regardless, the 49ers defensive unit is nothing to be messed with and the Chiefs will be in for a rough game. 

The Game

Super Bowl 54: Predicting Who Will Hoist The Lombardi Trophy

Kevin C. Cox/Getty s 

Having looked at both teams, the big question is: who will win? Well, the Chiefs are a 1.5-point favorite although Vegas isn’t an exact science. It’s been a very long time since we’ve had a Super Bowl that is such a coin flip in terms the matchup. These two teams never played each other this season so we don’t really have any sort measuring stick for how these two will stack up. Any sort analysis can be shattered as soon as the ball is kicked f in the first half. Despite this, I’m at least going to try.

Right f the bat, don’t expect a defensive game. Both these teams have high-flying fenses and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The 49ers pass defense has been incredible this season but they won’t be able to stop Mahomes and his plethora weapons. While he may have some early jitters, Mahomes will explode in the second quarter and you’ll see the Chiefs thrive from there on as they maximize their aerial attack. You also can’t forget that Williams has proven himself to be a dynamic running back, who can find seams whenever necessary. Defensively, the 49ers are in for their hardest game the season and Mahomes will truly test what they’re made .

As for the 49ers, their ground game will be able to go toe-to-toe with the Chiefs’ passing barrage. Expect Mostert to get the vast majority touches as he is the perfect player to expose the Chiefs’ weak rush defense. If the 49ers build an early lead, they will use Mostert the same way they used him in the NFC Championship game against Green Bay. Mostert decimated the Packers’ defensive line and left the entire team dejected. If the Chiefs don’t contain him early, the 49ers will run rampant all over the field. Meanwhile, quarterback Jimmy G will find himself in another limited role. Against the Packers, he only threw eight times and head coach Kyle Shanahan will be looking to keep the ball out the air.

Realistically, this is going to be a close game that comes down to the final possession. In those kinds situations, you want to be able to rely on your quarterback for a big play. Between Mahomes and Garoppolo, Mahomes is the guy you want at the end the game. Having said that, the Chiefs have the slightest advantage when it comes to winning the Lombardi trophy. 

Prediction: Chiefs (35-31)

Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below.

Supreme Court Rules That Victims Of Flint Water Crisis Can Sue Government Officials

Residents Flint, Michigan have been trying to hold government ficials accountable for their contaminated water supply for years, but their attempts to file class-action lawsuits were blocked. The U.S. Supreme Court has now ruled that both state and local ficials are no longer immune from facing legal repercussions for their negligence. 

The Flint water crisis started in 2014 when the city began sourcing its drinking water from the Flint River without properly treating pipes for corrosion. This resulted in the water supply being tainted by lead and bacteria, an issue that has still not been fully resolved. 

According to NPR, lower courts have been supporting victims’ right to prosecute government ficials for years, but Flint city ficials and state regulators were arguing that they were protected by “qualified immunity” under the 11th Amendment. The first class-action lawsuit was filed in 2016, but was turned away by the high court. The Supreme Court announced on Tuesday (Jan. 21) that it is now granting permission for these lawsuits to move forward. 

Supreme Court Rules That Victims Of Flint Water Crisis Can Sue Government OfficialsChip Somodevilla/Getty s

The Governor at the outset this public health emergency, Rick Snyder, was listed among the ficials targeted in the 2016 lawsuit. In an April 2019 ruling, U.S. District Judge Judith Levy ruled that Snyder “was indifferent because instead mitigating the risk harm caused by the contaminated water, he covered it up. In private, he worried about the need to return Flint to Detroit’s water system] and the political implications the crisis. But in public, he denied all knowledge, despite being aware the developing crisis. As a result, plaintiffs were lured into a false sense security.” 

“Knowing the Flint River water was unsafe for public use, distributing it without taking steps to counter its problems, and assuring the public in the meantime that it was safe is conduct that would alert a reasonable person to the likelihood personal liability,” the 6th US Circuit Court Appeals declared. “Any reasonable ficial should have known that doing so constitutes conscience-shocking conduct prohibited by the substantive due process clause.”
Defense attorney Michael Pitt says the trial will likely only begin in 2021. 

15-Year-Old Coco Gauff Defeats Venus Williams At Australian Open

Coco Gauff has repeated history as she returned to the Australia  Open and issued out a win against Venus Williams just half a year after defeating the older Willaims at Wimbledon.

“That was really difficult. She played really well,” Gauff said post-match. “…] I definitely was more confident this time. I think I was used to playing on big courts, so the crowd – I guess the size the crowd didn’t startle me as much as last time,” Gauff said. ”Definitely, a bit more positive coming into this match.”

With her win, Gauff now becomes only the 4th woman in the past 30 years to win 6 or more major matches before turning 16.

Elsewhere in the tournament the favorites  Roger Federer, Noami Osaka and Serena Williams all come out on top in their respective matches as Osaka took down the Czech Republic’s Marie Bouzkova while Williams defeated Russia’s Anastasia Potapova. Federer claimed his victory by beating out Steve Johnson the USA.

“Definitely, it was really tough for me trying to control my nerves,” said Osaka her win in round one. “I’m really glad I was able to finish it in two.”

Chicago’s Homicide Rate Continues To Decline For Third Consecutive Year

The gun violence in Chicago has been a major issue in the city that politicians and community leaders have tried their hardest to curb over the years. Their efforts have led to another significant drop in homicides in 2019 for the third consecutive year, according to CNN. Chicago, which has the third-largest population in America, declined by 13% in comparison to 2018. 2019 recorded 490 murders and police documented 564 in 2018. In comparison to 2016, which recorded 756 — the highest documented number homicides in two decades at the time — homicides have dropped by 35%.

Chicago's Homicide Rate Continues To Decline For Third Consecutive Year
 Scott Olson/Getty s

This marks another strong decline in homicides since 2016 which is when the city began to take major efforts to curb murders and gun violence in the city by hiring more police with an emphasis on community policing as well as providing further investments in social service resources and schools.

“I think that all those things working together — being on the ground, supporting vulnerable victims, supporting vulnerable communities — led to the declines that we saw this year, and particularly over the course the summer,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. 

In addition to homicides going down, the city also saw another significant decline in shootings in the city. Police recorded 2,139 shooting in 2019 which is a 9.6% decline from 2018 which counted 2,367 shooting. In addition, the Chicago Police Superintendent said that there’s also been a decline in robberies by 17%.

Ryan Seacrest Has A "DOH!" Moment After Falling Out His Chair On Live Television

Famed pop culture personality Ryan Seacrest had a major Humpty Dumpty moment earlier today after a hilariously embarrassing fall during the taping his daytime talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Co-host Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but laugh with the rest us as Seacrest fell flat out his chair while trying to catch a balloon. Thankfully, no former American Idol hosts were harmed during the making this segment, unless you consider his bruised ego. Ryan actually found the whole thing hilarious himself, jumping back up immediately with a cheek-to-cheek smile and saying “I got it!” in reference to catching the balloon. 

He later went on to tweet, “First fumble the new season. Hope I make the playfs….” to make light the whole situation. You got the right spirit about things, Ry!

Brock Lesnar’s Royal Rumble Plans Announced

Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE television on Monday night as he and his advocate, Paul Heyman, kicked f the first episode Monday Night Raw in 2020 with a major announcement.

Heyman went through his usual spiel on the mic before explaining that no WWE superstar is worthy challenging his client for the WWE Championship. As a result, Lesnar has elected to enter the 30-man Royal Rumble later this month, giving each and every superstar a chance to prove themselves. Furthermore, Heyman explained that Lesnar will be entering the Rumble in the No. 1 slot.

Lesnar’s inclusion in the Royal Rumble sets up the possibility for him to feud with anyone on the WWE roster leading up to Wrestlemania 36, whether they be on Raw, SmackDown or NXT. The most likely scenario is whoever eliminates The Beast Incarnate will get a crack at his title at Wrestlemania on April 5 in Tampa Bay.

Lesnar has not competed since the Survivor Series PPV on November 24, when he defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Championship. Thus far, only a handful superstars have been confirmed for the Royal Rumble, including some Brock’s long-time foes such as Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, AJ Styles and Rey.

The 2020 Royal Rumble PPV will stream live on the WWE Network on Sunday, January 26, at 7pm ET. As always, the winner the battle royal will be granted the opportunity to challenge for a championship their choosing at Wrestlemania 36.

Jadeveon Clowney Disses Eagles Fans After Carson Wentz Hit

Philadelphia Eagles fans weren’t expecting much when their team took to the field against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday. Despite having home-field advantage, the Eagles were the underdogs as they came in with two fewer wins than the Seahawks. What Eagles fans weren’t expecting, however, was having to play the vast majority the game without their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz. With Wentz out the lineup, the Eagles lost the game by a score 17-9. Had Wentz been playing, the Eagles would have had a much better shot at getting more points on the board.

Wentz was taking out the game after sustaining a head injury courtesy Seahawks defender, Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney’s helmet smashed into Wentz’s while he was already on the ground. Many Eagles fans felt as though Clowney’s hit was dirty and were quick to let him know about it. Clowney went on to diss Eagles fans for the way they behave.

“There might be death threats,” Clowney told USA TodayClowney also called out the Eagles for having the “worst fans in the world.”

Clowney and the Seahawks will be traveling to Green Bay to take on the Packers in the NFC Divisional Round. The Seahawks are coming in as the underdog although we’re sure Clowney will be looking to help orchestrate an upset.

Report: Kevin Love Had "Verbal Outburst" Directed At Front Office

Kevin Love had an “emotional verbal outburst,” during a team shootaround on Saturday, according to The Athletic, as noted by Complex.

Mostly directed at Cavs’ general manager Koby Altman, Love’s tirade included “expressing his displeasure and disgust with the organization” by shouting at coaches and front fice members in front his teammates. Love reportedly yelled that there is “no feel here.”

During Saturday’s game against the Thunder, Love was visibly upset at the end the first half, and fans on Twitter took notice: “Kevin Love has absolutely had it with Collin Sexton 😳,” one user wrote.

While Love has yet to publically confirm that he is requesting a trade, all signs seem to point in that direction. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, a major point trepidation for prospective destinations for Love is the $90 million remaining on his contract. Love is set to be paid $31.3 million in each the next two seasons and $28.9 million in his last season, at age 34.

Love is averaging 16.6 points and 10.5 rebounds per game, but his solid play isn’t enough to earn the Cavs as a whole any success. The team is currently 10-25, well outside playf contention at 13th in the Eastern Conference.

Any trade for Love must be completed by the Feb. 6 trade deadline.

Report: NBA Proposes Drastic Changes To 2021-22 Season

According to Shams Charania The Athletic, the NBA has sent teams a proposal for major changes to the 2021-22 season. These adjustments include a reduced season 78 games, an in-season tournament, a play-in tournament for 7-8 playf seeds, and a reseeding the final 4 playf teams based on their respective regular-season records.

In order for these changes to take effect, the league needs approval from at least 23 teams (two-thirds the league) and the Players Association. Then, in April, they will need to be passed at the league’s Board Governor’s meeting. 

As motivation for the in-season tournament, there will be a $1M-per-player prize incentive for winners.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski explains that some teams are skeptical about the changes saying, “Some team executives are skeptical about the plans. Among the concerns top front-fice ficials discussing these ideas with the league fice: Star players might prefer the five-day scheduling break that would come with not qualifying for the tournament rather than competing for the financial reward a winner-take-all event that requires a quarterfinal, semifinal and title round to become champion.”

The potential in-season tournament would include all 30 teams and start with a divisional group stage before moving on to an eight-team single-elimination round.

Conservative Radio Host Fired After Wishing For "School Shooting" To Distract Impeachment

The idiot the day is without a doubt Chuck Bonniwell, who co-hosts a Denver based radio show with Julie Hayden. Considering major political events that have taken place in America, with President Donald Trump getting impeached, Chuck really said on air that he wished for a “nice school shooting” to take place so it would distract people from getting Donald out fice. 

Conservative Radio Host Fired After Wishing For "School Shooting" To Distract Impeachment
Spencer Platt/Getty s

“Talking about the never-ending impeachment Donald Trump,” he said. “You know, you wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt the monopoly.” Julie then interrupted him, saying: “No, don’t even say that. Don’t call us. Chuck didn’t say that.” Clearly, the damage was already done.

By no surprise, 710 KNUS station cancelled the show. Chuck followed-up with a half-ass response on Twitter, not at all apology for his insensitive words but just writing that he’s “sorry it was not received that way,” and it was “meant as a joke.”

Given the history school violence that has plagued our community, 710 KNUS confirms that an inappropriate comment was made on the Chuck & Julie show by co-host ChuckBonniwell. A programming decision was made to end the program immediately,” the radio station said in an ficial statement.