Cyndi Lauper Settles Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over 'Kinky Boots'

Cyndi Lauper has settled a copyright infringement suit filed by songwriter Benny Mardones.

Mardones and writing partner Robert Tepper accused Lauper of lifting parts of their song “Into the Night” for the finale of her musical, Kinky Boots. The 2013 musical swept the Tony Awards that year with 11 nominations and six wins.

A lawyer for Mardones filed a letter on Friday night with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The letter stated that all parties have agreed in principle to settle the case. The letter asked U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero for thirty days to reach a final settlement.

The final settlement terms were not disclosed in the letter.

Lawyers for Lauper did not respond to requests for comment. Mardones’ lawyer Stephen Doniger declined to offer a comment on the suit.

Mardones and Tepper accused Lauper of stealing the theme from “Into the Night,” A Billboard Top 20 song in 1980 and 1989.  The pair also claimed that the lyrics between “Into the Night” and Lauper’s, “Raise You Up” were very similar.

Lauper initially denied that any copyright infringement took place when writing the score for Kinky Boots. The Broadway run for the musical ended in April after 2,507 regular performances.  Lauper won the Tony Award for best original score for Kinky Boots, making her the first woman to win the category by herself.

The infringement lawsuit is one of several roiling the industry.

Other legal cases this month include a lawsuit filed against Old Spice over .  Earlier this month, Katy Perry, Capitol Records, and associated producers/songwriters Dr. Luke and Max Martin were for infringing “Dark Horse,” a 2013 hit.

That drew howls of discontent from the defendants and broader industry, with Perry’s attorneys vowing to appeal.  But maybe that’s just the beginning: this weekend, word leaked on a for her recent hit, “Shallow”.

Elsewhere in high-stakes legal battles, longtime The Simpsons composer his former bosses for discrimination after he was fired. Finally, Bobby Brown’s lawsuit against the BBC and Showtime has .

Lauper most recently performed in June at the opening ceremony of WorldPride NYC 2019.  She was backed by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra; conducted by Thomas Wilkins.  Lauper has long been an , campaigning for charities and attending gay pride events around the world.


Kraftwerk Wins Its 20-Year Copyright Infringement Battle — Over a 2-Second Sample

20 years later, Kraftwerk is handed a copyright-infringement win; the decision could affect countless EU musicians.

Kraftwerk, the legendary electronic-pop band based out of Germany, has just won a 20-year-long lawsuit over the unauthorized use of a two-second sample of one of their songs.

Needless to say, the lawsuit has been a lengthy process for Kraftwerk, not to mention the various lawyers, judges, and the defendants, Moses Pelham and Martin Haas.  Kraftwerk alleged that two seconds of “Metall auf Metall” was “sampled”—or taken and reused with minimal changes—in “Nur mir.”

The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled, in short, that unauthorized sampling constitutes copyright infringement if the sampled sound is recognizable.  In this instance, the sampled sound, though very short, was recognizable.

While the lawsuit’s impact on the plaintiffs and defendants will likely be minimal, this decision may well have a profound effect on the way artists sample—and pursue copyright-infringement cases—in European Union countries.

The condensed explanation of these implications is that while the unauthorized use of two-second portions of songs can be classified as copyright infringement (or a lesser charge pertaining to the utilization of another’s intellectual property), sampling that includes ample changes does not qualify as unauthorized use or copyright infringement.

Conceivably, if a musician samples another musician’s song and adequately edits the selected portion computer, he or she will be in the right.

And as a side note, it can be stated with confidence that had the defendants known of how long and drawn out this process was going to be, they probably would have forewent sampling the two-second clip altogether.  For reference, Kraftwerk’s frontman, Ralf Hutter, is currently 72 years of age; Kraftwerk’s other founding members have departed the band.

It’s probable that the near future will bring with it additional rulings based upon this precedent, and there’s no telling how artists, sound mixers, editors, and other music professionals will change their work habits as a result.

Martin Shkreli Will Stay Locked Up After Losing Sentence Appeal In Federal Court

Martin Shkreli got under everyone’s skin in hip-hop after acquiring Wu-Tang one–one album and the then-unreleased version Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV. That aggravated people but even before that, he was under fire for hiking the price on HIV medication by 5,000%. Karma did end up coming for him after he was locked up on security guard charges and it looks like he’ll remain there for the rest his seven-year sentence.

Martin Shkreli Will Stay Locked Up After Losing Sentence Appeal In Federal Court
Drew Angerer/Getty s

The federal appeals court unanimously denied Martin Shkreli’s to overturn his conviction for fraud charges. In addition to remaining in prison, a judge reminded him that he still needed to cough up $7.3M as well as a $75K fine and a restitution  $388,336. In his appeal, his attorneys accused the judge confusing the jury with their instruction, claiming the jury was given, “the same instruction was given two different ways, as to two separate frauds with two disparate results, based on the same conduct.”

Alixandra Smith the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern New York District said that the instruction wasn’t confusing at all. In fact, Smith said the instructions provided more clarity. “It is hard to see how a more precise instruction could be somehow prejudicial or problematic than sort a more general instruction,” Smith said.

Looks like it’ll be a while until Shkreli ends up free. 

Matteo Bocelli's Manager Blasts American Icon Awards for Stiffing His Client

Manager Scott Rodger says his client — Matteo Bocelli — did not receive any compensation from the American Icon Awards for his performance.

The event was held in May to honor Al Pacino at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Long-time friend Robert De Niro opened the night with a lively speech. Quincy Jones and Evander Holyfield also spoke, among many others.

Attendees of the event included Sylvester Stallone, Naomi Campbell, Joe Mantegna, and more. Martin Scorsese served as the event’s honorary dinner chair.

A splashy affair, indeed.

The American Icon Awards describes itself as a philanthropic organization whose mission is . Many performers and attendees often waive their performance and appearance fees, donating their time to promote the event. According to Scott Rodger, the request to sing for Al Pacino was an offer Bocelli “couldn’t refuse.”

“Matteo was happy to do it in return for the event covering his travel and hotel costs,” says Rodger. “No fee was involved [but] they stiffed us and won’t reimburse the agreed expenses.”

Rodger says it’s not the end of the world, but he wants to bring attention to the issue. Variety reached out for comment from Joseph Clapsaddle, executive producer of the American Icon Awards, who confirmed that Matteo Bocelli has yet to receive reimbursement for his travel expenses.

“We are very grateful for Matteo Bocelli’s beautiful performance at our event as well as the support of his management. His generous participation was especially appreciated by Al Pacino and our other honorees and guests.”

“I guess they assume we can afford it and they don’t have to pay,” Rodger stated. “They shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of people.”

Other performers at the American Icon Awards included Robin Thicke and Pia Toscano. Both artists performed for free, but they both reside in Los Angeles and needed no travel reimbursement. Separately, one vendor confirmed to Variety they were compensated for their services.

Hardee’s Customer Sues For Racial Bias Over Hash Brown Portion

A North Carolina man recently stepped into Hardee’s restaurant for a breakfast and was appalled by the small Hash Rounds order he received. According to the Charlotte Observer, Tommy Martin filed a civil rights lawsuits because he felt that his was violated when he didn’t get the usual amount hashbrowns as expected. Martin believes he was treated unfairly and given such a small portion because he is black. “It’s not a money issue. I just want to be treated fairly,” he explained. Martin’s lawsuit ties in that he was the victim racial discrimination by the manager the restaurant. At first, when Martin complained, the cashier fered to give him a larger order, but Martin refused.

Hardee's Customer Sues For Racial Bias Over Hash Brown Portion

Erik S. Lesser/Getty s

Moreover, when he reached out to the manager to inquire about the potato portion and he recalls: “The manager came back and said that is] what you get.” He then alleges that he went home “with a tear in his] eye.” and thought he had to do something to correct the issue. Martin was refunded for the Hash Rounds order but still plans on going forward with the lawsuit. As yet, the restaurant’s CEO and owner Hardee’s has yet to respond. 

New York Appeals Judge Forces Dentsu Aegis to Return $18.5 Million to Woodstock 50

According to a new court order, Dentsu Aegis must now return $18.5 million to fund embattled music festival Woodstock 50.

A New York appeals judge has forced Dentsu Aegis to return the funding to the festival.  The Japanese media conglomerate now has until Friday 5 p.m. to deposit the money.

Justice David Friedman’s ruling comes after a lower court found Amplifi Live, Dentsu Aegis’ festival production arm, hadn’t improperly taken control of the embattled music festival nor altered its status.

New York Supreme Court Judge Barry R. Ostrager ,

[Woodstock 50] falls woefully short of making the heightened showing necessary to warrant a mandatory injunction ordering Amplifi to return $17.8 million to the Festival Bank Account and to provide W50 with access to the funds in the Account.

Friedman issued the ruling pending “the decision of a five-judge panel on Woodstock 50’s motion to return the funds to the Woodstock 50 Festival account.”

Praising the preliminary ruling, co-founder Michael Lang’s attorney Marc Kasowitz called Friedman’s decision “an important step.”  Yet, a representative for Dentsu Aegis explained the ruling is a normal move for appeals cases.  It won’t indicate how the five-judge panel will ultimately rule.

Kasowitz filed the appeal on Tuesday.  Lang’s attorney claimed Judge Ostrager “erred in denying” Woodstock 50’s petition to force Amplifi Live “to restore the $18 million to the Festival’s dedicated account, and to permit the use of those funds to produce the Festival.”  In addition, he wrote Dentsu “has admitted it has no intention of producing the festival, nor restoring funds that were wrongfully diverted.”  Dentsu Aegis had originally canceled Woodstock 50 on April 29th.

Not content with Judge Ostrager’s ruling, Lang and Kasowitz filed a motion yesterday requesting a different New York Supreme Court justice to ultimately rule against the Japanese conglomerate.  Basing the new filing on hearsay, DJ Martin, Dentsu Aegis’ Chief Commercial Officer, allegedly told Woodstock 50 partner Greg Peck the company still controls the festival.

Threatening Dentsu to hold the festival shortly after Judge Ostrager’s ruling, Peck e-mailed Martin, asking,

When are you available tomorrow to discuss keeping festival planning on track?  As the festival is not canceled, and you did not terminate, we need to move forward with planning, and Dentsu remains obligated under the agreement to fund.

Martin supposedly responded, saying,

The Court’s decision and order … did not impact Amplifi Live’s April 29th exercise of its Control Option.

He also allegedly warned Peck,

Woodstock 50 and its officers and employees must cease all festival-related activity immediately.

In addition, Martin told Peck any expenses the festival continues to occur will not be paid by Dentsu Aegis.

Continuing with his threats, Peck responded,

Dentsu’s control-to-cancel gambit was improper and violated the terms of the agreement, the festival is to proceed, and Dentsu’s purported action is null and avoid.

He also warned Dentsu not to make statements “that suggest in any way that the festival will not be taking place.”

Woodstock 50 organizers, including Lang and Peck, still haven’t said whether they’ve obtained the necessary permits to hold the event.  These include a mass gathering permit and one needed to sell tickets for the Aug 16th-18th event.



Nike LeBron 16 "Martin" Releasing Today: Purchase Links

The Nike LeBron 16 “Martin,” inspired by LeBron James’ love for the classic ’90s sitcom will be available today, April 16, starting at 10am ET.

The special edition LeBron 16s come decked out in a vibrant purple knit upper, equipped with yellow and red detailing as a nod the show’s fifth season dvd cover and poster. The kicks, priced at $185, will be available Nike SNKRS, Foot Locker, Shoe Palace and select other Nike Basketball retailers.

Check out some purchase links below:


Foot Locker

Shoe Palace

Nike LeBron 16 "Martin" Releasing Today: Purchase Links

Nike LeBron 16 “Martin”/Atmos_Tokyo

Per Nike:

“For LeBron, the hardest he’s ever laughed is from watching Martin Lawrence’s hit ’90s sitcom “Martin.” Inspired by his love for the show, the LeBron 16 ‘Martin’ rekindles laugh-inducing memories with notable catch phrases on the back heel and styling reminiscent the sitcom’s lively introduction.”

Check out the ficial images below.

Nike LeBron 16 "Martin" Releasing Today: Purchase Links

Nike LeBron 16 “Martin”/Nike

Nike LeBron 16 "Martin" Releasing Today: Purchase Links

Nike LeBron 16 “Martin”/Nike
Nike LeBron 16 "Martin" Releasing Today: Purchase Links
Nike LeBron 16 “Martin”/Nike

Nike LeBron 16 "Martin" Releasing Today: Purchase Links

Nike LeBron 16 “Martin”/Nike

Marsai Martin’s "Little" Hits No. 2 At Box Office With $15M Opening Weekend

This weekend, Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Shazam! continued its reign at No. 1 at the box fice with $25.2 million across 4, 306 theaters in its second week. It marks a drop 53 percent and brings Shazam!’s domestic mark to $94.9 million for a global pull $258.8 million, with China accounting for $40.4 million, followed by a figure $11.7 million in the United Kingdom and $10.1 million in Mexico.

Among films that debuted, however, the Will Packer and Marsai Martin-produced comedy Little made a moderate entrance at No. 2 with a pull $15.4 million across 2,667 locations nationwide. 

Marsai Martin's "Little" Hits No. 2 At Box Office With $15M Opening Weekend

Presley Ann/Getty s

The film is led by the trio Martin, Issa Rae and Regina Hall with Hall portraying a bossy tech guru who is transformed into her 13-year-old self (Martin) while being corralled by her assistant (Rae). The film, itself, earned mixed reviews with the general consensus agreeing on a stellar performance from Martin while the rest the flick fell flat. Nevertheless, the film does mark a milestone as a major comedy produced, written and directed by African-American women.

Elsewhere at the box fice, the Hellboy reboot is surpassed, earning only $12.5 million at the box fice across 3,303 theaters and up against a $50 million budget. The film falls below the expected $16 to $21 million it was expected the pull. Overseas, it was a bust, earning only $10.1 million in 41 different markets.



George R.R. Martin Reflects On "Game Of Thrones" Final Season

Before Game Of Thrones developed into the worldwide phenomenon it is today, David Benif and Dan Weiss were attempting to win over George R.R. Martin, in a quest to gain the rights to his “unfilmable” A Song Of Ice And Fire series. No stranger to the world television, Martin was wooed by Benif and Weiss’ vision for an HBO series, and the rest would soon become history. Though Martin’s involvement in Game Of Thrones waned around the fourth season, he has remained supportive the series, despite the fantasies some more contentious book purists.

George R.R. Martin Reflects On "Game Of Thrones" Final Season


 Michael Buckner/Getty s 

And while many remain thirsty for that new Winds Of Winter joint – nearly ten years deep, and winter still hasn’t come – George has taken a moment to reflect on the upcoming final season  Game Of Thrones. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, George opened up about the ongoing book series, and his desires to remain active in the world  Thrones. “I know it’s an end, but it’s not much an end for me,” he admits. “I’m still deep in writing the books. We saw five other sequel shows in development. I think I’m going to be hanging around Westeros while everyone else has left.”

For those patiently waiting the sixth installment  ASOIAF, rest assured that George is still plugging away, one keystroke at a time. ” I’ve been in isolation. My loyal staff — I have a couple them with me — have chained me to the typewriter. They’re making me eat healthy food. It’s horrible!” 

For more from George R.R. Martin, check out the full interview right here

Rami Malek In Line To Play A James Bond Villain In "Bond 25"

Oscar winner Rami Malek is reportedly within the closing levels securing a deal to play a “Bond villain” in subsequent installment the franchise. As you possible deduced by yourself, Bond 25 holds a major place throughout the canon the sequence, by approach eclipsing the quarter-century watermark in titles.

Rami Malek In Line To Play A James Bond Villain In "Bond 25"

Kevork Djansezian/Getty s

The artistic group is teeming with pleasure over the prospect touchdown a newly minted Oscar winner, reverse Daniel Craig – all that is still is for the 37-year-old Malek to signal the dotted line, after agreeing to phrases over his contract, which is inherently one thing his administration group thought-about once they delayed their choice. Industry insiders reckon that Malek’s group waited to see if their shopper clinched the “Best Actor” award, with the intention to drive his earnings up a pair notches.

In December, Variety reported on Rami Malek declining the preliminary fer from the Bond group, because of a scheduling battle with Mr. Robot‘s closing manufacturing schedule. With the taking pictures sequence a factor the previous, Rami Malek is  a totally different mindset altogether, with the emphasis squarely on his dedicated beliefs, or childhood goals. For each younger baby who dreamt ordering a Martini, shaken not stirred, a lone wolf existed someplace f to the aspect, hell-bent on enjoying the unhealthy man.

Will Smith Shares Hilarious "Bad Boys three" Clip: Watch The "Exclusive First Look"

The manufacturing Bad Boys three is lastly underway. Fans have been ready for the upcoming movie because the final installment the franchise, which premiered over 15 years in the past. Will Smith, who stars alongside Martin Lawrence as lead characters, is beneficiant sufficient to provide their admirers a glimpse into what goes down behind the scenes. He uploaded a clip the actors studying from the film’s script however made positive to omit any components that might spoil the flick. Check out the clip under.

Smith might need gone overboard with the censoring however the closing product is satisfying within the comedic sense. The entertainers’ faces are pixelated and their speech turns into just about nonsensical because of the fixed beeping sound results masking expletives or spoilers.

Here is the description  Bad Boys 3“Miami PD and its elite AMMO group try and take down Armando Armas (Jacob Scipio), head a drug cartel. Armando is a cold-blooded killer with a vicious, taunting nature. He is dedicated to the work the cartel and is dispatched by his mom to kill Mike (Will Smith). Nuñez will tackle the function Rite, the robust and humorous prison psychologist who’s the newly appointed head AMMO and Mike’s former girlfriend- and the one who received away.”

Bad Boys three is slated for launch on January 17, 2020.

A Martin Scorsese Fan Is Raising Money To "Digitally Erase" The Rat From End Of Movie

When you suppose Martin Scorsese’s 2006 movie The Departed is there something specifically that bothers you in regards to the two-hour and 31-minute film? Well for one fan, the ending that sees a rat run throughout a window sill is one thing he isn’t right here for. A person named Adam Sacks has significantly pulled in near $5,000 USD to get the film digitally edited to take away the ending with the rat.  


“If you have seen The Departed, it is a fantastic Scorsese movie,” the ficial Kickstarter campaign reads. “Unfortunately, The Departed has one enormous downside. The film ends with the painfully on the nostril metaphor an ACTUAL RAT crawling throughout display screen. It’s at all times bothered me film pretty much as good as The Departed has such a tacky ending, and I just lately realized it could possibly be fastened by digitally erasing the rat from the final shot.”

Adam lists all of the steps and prices it should take to correctly get the ending digitally erased and produce 50 restricted version copies.

Some individuals really feel as strongly as Adam, however for the sake maintaining the rat within the movie. Peep these reactions beneath.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese To Produce Limited Series For Hulu

According to Variety, Hulu is creating a brand new collection primarily based on the e-book, “The Devil within the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness on the Fair That Changed America.” The present will merely be titled The Devil In The White City, and it’’l be government produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, together with Stacey Sher, Rick Yorn, Emma Koskf, and Jennifer Davisson.

It’s described as, “The Devil within the White City” tells true story two males, an architect and a serial killer, whose fates had been ceaselessly linked by The Chicago World’s Fair 1893: Daniel H. Burnham, an excellent and fastidious architect racing to mark his mark on the world and Henry H. Holmes, a good-looking and crafty physician who common his personal pharmaceutical “Murder Castle” on the truthful grounds.”

DiCaprio purchased the rights to the e-book again in 2010 when he deliberate to star in it for a film, however sadly that movie by no means occurred. We’ll proceed to maintain you posted on the collection shifting ahead as extra particulars come about.

Alicia Keys Opens Grammys With Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, J-Lo & Jada Pinkett

This 12 months’s Grammy ceremonies acquired f to an explosive begin when Camila Cabello delivered on the awards present’s first efficiency with a rendition her “Havana” hit, joined by Young Thug, J Balvin, and Ricky Martin earlier than Alicia Keys would hit the stage to fer up her first phrases because the Grammys’ host. But, Keys determined that she would wish a little bit assist to ship on the message that will underscore Sunday’s broadcast–the energy music.

Soon Alicia invited out Jada Pinkett-SMoith, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and former first girl Michelle Obama to assist her double down on the inspiring message. While Gaga, Smith and Lopez have been capable of allude to their very own experiences as entertainers to spotlight how highly effective music might be, Obama needed to put a maintain on her personal remarks as she was met with roaring applause instantly after uttering her first phrases.

 “From the Motown information I wore out on the south aspect,” she started. “To the ‘Who Run the World’ songs that fueled me by this final decade, music has at all times helped me inform my story …] Music helps us shares ourselves. Our dignity and sorrows, our hope and pleasure. It permits us to listen to each other, to ask one another in.”

Soon after, Lady Gaga would return to the stage to settle for the night time’s first broadcasted prize for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow.”

Nickell Robey-Coleman Says Tom Brady’s Age Is Getting To Him

With 5 Super Bowl championships to his title, Tom Brady is the winningest quarterback in NFL historical past. He is 41 years previous and continues to be elite at his place. On Sunday, Brady can have a chance to win his sixth Super Bowl when him and the New England Patriots tackle the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots are favored within the recreation, however the Rams aren’t scared what’s forward them.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman defined how Tom Brady’s age has slowed him down a bit and that the protection will take that too their full benefit come Saunday.

Nickell Robey-Coleman Says Tom Brady's Age Is Getting To Him

Ronald Martinez/Getty s

Per Bleacher Report:

“Age has positively taken a toll. For him to nonetheless be doing it, that is a terrific praise for him. But I believe that he is positively not the identical quarterback he was. Movement. Speed. Velocity. Arm energy. He nonetheless can sling it, however he isn’t slinging it as a lot. Whatever he was doing — as a result of his age and all that — he isn’t doing as a lot that anymore. He’s nonetheless doing the identical issues; he is simply not doing as a lot it. And generally, it isn’t the sharpest. But it nonetheless will get accomplished.”

Robey-Coleman was the nook concerned within the controversial pass-interference non-call that was made within the NFC Championship recreation final weekend.

Who do you assume can be taking the Super Bowl on Sunday?