"Frozen 2" Tops The Box Office, Nears $1 Billion Globally

Frozen 2 has no plans  forfeiting its reign atop the box fice. For the third week in a row, the Disney movie has come in at number one in the rankings. For the weekend December 7th and 8th, Frozen 2 pulled in $34.7 million in North America, according to Variety.

While these numbers are down from the massive $130 million during its opening weekend and $123 million for the Thanksgiving weekend, the $34.7 million is enough to maintain its position and bring the domestic total to $337 million. 

Taking into account overseas figures, the film sits at a monstrous $920 million globally, inching closer and closer to the billion-dollar mark. Doing so would make it the sixth Disney film this year to hit a billion. Toy Story 4AladdinCaptain MarvelThe Lion King, and Avengers: Endgame have all crossed over $1 billion in box fice earnings this year. After Frozen 2, it’s highly likely that Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker will pass the milestone as well. Both the first two films in the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, passed the threshold. 

There were not many other films to compete with Frozen 2 this weekend. STX’s Playmobil earned $811,000 from 2,337 theaters with a budget $75 million.

Marvel’s "Eternals" Shows First Footage At CCXP, Described As "Epic"

Ever since Disney and Marvel announced Eternals, fans have been watering at the mouth, waiting for the chance to see some footage. The Eternals are beings that live for centuries upon centuries, and were worshipped as Gods by the early people Earth. Some Eternals, such as Thena, influenced the Greeks to believe in Athena, or so the comic book goes. The film will be different for Marvel, as the company dives into mythology and religion while keeping things grounded in the MCU. 

According to CBR, footage from The Eternals was shown at Brazil’s CCXP. The footage allegedly shows the Eternals throughout 7,000 years history. “These people and this planet have changed all us. We must protect them,” was quoted from the footage. “Was raw footage from set and looks completely different than any other MCU film they’ve made. King Jack Kirby fans will freak,” tweeted one viewer. According to those attending CCXP’s Marvel panel, it was announced that Eternals would rely on mythological aspects, focusing on the foundations mythology and human history as we know it. The footage purportedly showed the Eternals saving humans throughout several famous points in history. One reporter called the film “epic.”

Eternals stars Richard Madden as Ikaris, Angelina Jolie as Thena, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Kit Harington as Dane Whitman, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lauren Ridlf as Makkari, Lia McHugh as Sprite, Don Lee as Gilgamesh, Barry Keoghan as Druig, and Gemma Chan as Sersi. Eternals drops on November 6, 2020.

Most Expensive Marvel Comic Ever Sold Just Auctioned For $1.26 Million

Some people are into collecting things, while others are not. Well, one collector just got a significant pay-out.  In a record-breaking sale, an original Marvel comic from 1939 was just auctioned f for an incredible $1.26 million USD. The sale took place at Heritage Auctions and the comic book sold is a no. 1 edition. Senior Vice President Ed Jaster Heritage Auctions said, “without question, this is the granddaddy all Marvel comics, without which we would not have the characters and stories we enjoy in today’s comics and feature films.” Imagine being a fan and owning an original edition literature that kicked f the entire Marvel universe. Being able to shell out a cool $1.26 million on that type piece pop culture history must be nice.

Most Expensive Marvel Comic Ever Sold Just Auctioned For $1.26 Million
Mario Tama/Getty s

The comic book sold was given a 9.4 rating, out 10, by Certified Guaranty Company, and apparently there are only two other copies that have been awarded a rating 9.0 or higher. The comic originally belonged to a mailman from Pennsylvania who is a collector. The comic book sold broke multiple records, including most pricey Marvel comic ever sold.

Would you spend that type cash on an iconic collector’s item if you had it? 

Most Expensive Marvel Comic Ever Sold Just Auctioned For $1.26 Million
Mario Tama/Getty s

"Frozen II" Makes History At The Box Office In Debut Weekend

This weekend as Disney’s Frozen II debuted at the box fice, the animated flick earned $127 million at the domestic box fice while amassing a tally $350.2 million wolrdwide. It makes for a record global opening for a cartoon film, beating out Incredibles 2‘s $242 million launch. In additon it also makes a record number for a Disney animation opening in china with $55 million. It sets the sequel up for asmooth ride eclipsing Frozen’s $876 million total overseas tally. 

"Frozen II" Makes History At The Box Office In Debut Weekend

Gareth Cattermole/Getty s

On Friday, the movie kicked f with $41.9 million on Friday and experienced a jump 19% with a total $49.8 million. Not accounting for inflation, Frozen II is now the third-biggest launch for an animated film in North America. It bows behind the $135 million eanred by Finding Dory and still trails Incredibles 2‘s domestic opening tally $183 million.

With its debut, Frozen II adds onto Disney’s billion-dollaryear,bringthe tally to past $3billion at the domestic box fice. The remainder the figure is supplemented by Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, Toy Story 4, and Captain Marvel which all pulled a range from $390 million to $858 million this year. It is now the the third year that Disney films have grossed over $3 billion. All the while, it is still banking onthe premiere  Star Wars: The Rise  Skywalker premieres in December, which is poised to bring well past its record $3.09 billion in a single year.

Chadwick Boseman Originally Auditioned For "Guardians Of The Galaxy"

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chadwick Boseman is known for his performance as Black Panther but had an audition a few years back gone differently, he could be playing a very separate role. Boseman appeared on The Tonight Show earlier this week and spoke about auditioning for the role Drax the Destroyer in Guardians  the Galaxy.

“I didn’t think I was gonna get it,” the actor remarked to Fallon. “And it’s weird, too. It’s a testament, I think, to Marvel because after each film, you know, Ant-Man has a different tone and feeling; we didn’t know what that was gonna be. We didn’t know what Guardians was gonna be. … So, it was just good to come in and play to see what they did with it.”

Boseman expanded saying he used to opportunity to make connections that would hopefully land him a future role, which they did with Black Panther. “Sometimes that’s the way it works as an actor. You go in knowing you’re not gonna get it but you’re meeting the people that might be like, ‘It’s not this, but we’ll put him in this other thing.’ So I feel like this was one those moments where they were like, ‘We could use him later,'” he said.

Mark Ruffalo Wants The Hulk To Have A Cameo In "She-Hulk"

Mark Ruffalo is ficially the only Avenger that doesn’t get his own entertainment venture. When The Incredible Hulk  movie dropped, Edward Norton was still playing Bruce Banner. Imagine if he had stayed in the MCU? Either way, Ruffalo picked up the role for The Avengers and has played The Hulk ever since. Captain America had a trilogy, Thor has a fourth film coming out, Iron-Man had a trilogy, and now Black Widow is getting a film and Hawkeye is getting a show. That leaves Ruffalo as the odd man out. Marvel will be bringing a She-Hulk series to Disney +, and since in the comics Hulk and She-Hulk are related, it makes sense to include Mark Ruffalo on the TV show.

Talking with People, Ruffalo was asked about Marvel’s She-Hulk series. “I don’t know,” he said when asked if he would make an appearance.  “I’m supposed to go talk to Kevin Feige] to see if there’s someplace for me].” He was then asked if he would “want to” cameo in She-Hulk, or anywhere else in the MCU, and course Ruffalo said yes. “Sure. Why not?,” he responded. It appeared as if he was gingerly trying not to spoil anything. Do you want to see The Hulk in more MCU content? 

"Joker" Officially One Of The Most Profitable Comic Book Movies

This weekend, Joker pulled in $106.2 million at the global box fice, bringing its total tally to $737.5 million.

According to Forbes, this makes the film one the most pritable “big” comic book films ever, joining the ranks flicks such as Man Of Steel, Ant-Man and The Wasp and Justice League. This pritability is measured in matching budget in comparison with global gross.

"Joker" Officially One Of The Most Pritable Comic Book Movies

 Rich Fury/Getty s

“It’s already in territory that nobody thought it would get to. It’s achieved a box fice that is above the wildest expectations the studio and analysts,” Paul Dergarabedian Comscore tells the Associated Press. “Even if the box fice stopped right now it’s an absolute, unqualified success.”

Currently, the film is on track to becoming the highest-grossing R-Rated film all time, trailing only behind The Matrix Reloaded, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 in global sales. Once it reaches the $758 million mark, it will also become the year’s biggest non-Disney/Marvel; release, beating out Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

While it continues to rack up major numbers, the film still fell out its top spot as Angelina jolie’s maleficent: Mistress Evil debuted at No.1 despite subpar domestic sales. Projected to make $45 million,t he film only did $36 million while bringing in $117 million overseas.


Andrew Wiggins Appears To Take Shots At Tom Thibodeau’s Coaching

Andrew Wiggins was seen as the great Canadian savior coming out high school and while playing with Kansas, scouts marveled at his talent. Wiggins was a victim circumstance as he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves fairly soon after being drafted. Wiggins’ departure was in line with LeBron James’ return to Cleveland and to this day, NBA fans wonder what would have happened had Wiggins stayed in Ohio. 

During his first few years in Minny, Wiggins looked pretty promising but the last couple  seasons have seen him hit a bit a decline. The young star isn’t nearly as efficient as he used to be and at times, he seems timid on the court. While speaking with Derek James Canis Hoopus, Wiggins appeared to blame his struggles on the arrival Tom Thibodeau who came in a few years after he was drafted.

Andrew Wiggins Appears To Take Shots At Tom Thibodeau's Coaching

Hannah Foslien/Getty s

“I feel like I was on the rise my first three years and then some changes were made,” Wiggins said. 

The Timberwolves star didn’t delve deeper into what those changes were but it doesn’t take a genius to deduce what he meant. Luckily for Wiggins, Thibodeau was fired this past season and now, Ryan Saunders will be taking over the bench. If Saunders can get on the same page as Wiggins, perhaps the young Canadian can have a career resurgence.

Natalie Portman Confirms Her Marvel Return In "Thor: Love And Thunder"

Natalie Portman had a leading role in the first two movie installments Marvel’s Thor and was then noticeably absent in the third film, Thor: Ragnarok. However, her absence in the MCU will come to an end since the actress will be coming back in the upcoming film based on the man with a mighty hammer. 

“They came to me with the idea and said, ‘We have this idea for you that was a storyline in some the comics where Jane becomes Lady Thor,’ and I was like, ‘This is very exciting,'” Portman explained to Entertainment Tonightexpaining why she wasn’t in the recent film. “Obviously, I wasn’t written into Thor: Ragnarok] because where it took place. It wasn’t really on Earth, and my character is on Earth.”

Natalie Portman Confirms Her Marvel Return In "Thor: Love And Thunder"
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

The movie will be directed by Taika Waititi, a reason why Portman was so eager to continue her role in the franchise. “I love Tessa Thompson] and Chris Hemsworth] so much, so it’s exciting to work with them again,” she added. “And I’m very excited to wield the hammer.”

Thor: Love And Thunder was first announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and the movie arrives in the year 2021.

Tom Holland Defends Himself & Calls Mark Ruffalo The Biggest MCU Spoiler

Anyone who follows the MCU knows that Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo have a reputation for spoiling everything. The pair collectively are grouped into the “big mouth” category, with Marvel and Disney both having to step in and check the stars in the past. The most baffling spoiler that was aired was on Ruffalo, when he almost admitted that Thanos killed half the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. According to Comicbook, while attending the FanX convention in Salt Lake City, Tom Holland defended himself against the big mouth reputation.

When one person in the audience the convention asked Holland who was the bigger spoiler secrets, he or Ruffalo, Holland answered with a smile. “I haven’t spoiled anything,” he said slyly. “I’ve spoiled a few things, but Mark Ruffalo said that everybody dies at the end  Infinity War,” Holland continued. “But the thing is, no one took him seriously. Like if I had said that, everyone would be like, ‘yeah, it probably happens, yeah.’”

“I mean, Mark live-streamed the first 20 minutes  Thor by accident. I didn’t so that,” Holland added. “So I have to say Mark is…” Holland does have a point. His spoilers have been much more playful or mild, but Ruffalo has done some pretty next-level spoiling. Who do you think is worse?

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" Is Sony’s Highest-Grossing Film Ever

Superhero fatigue is not a real thing. According to DeadlineSpider-Man: Far From Home is set to be Sony’s highest-grossing film ever. Although Disney and Sony entered into a deal to share Spidey for the MCU, it is still a fully owned Sony property. The MCU film is projected to hit the $1.109B tomorrow, which will propel it past James Bond’s Skyfall ($1.108B) to become Sony Pictures’ highest-grossing global release ever. The Sony/Marvel sequel’s split is expected to hit $376M domestic and $733M at the international box fice. This is the only non-Disney movie to cross $1B globally this year.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the number 2 Spider-Man film ever domestically, behind 2002’s original outing, and having topped Spider-Man 2’s $373.6M on August 15. Internationally, Far From Home is the highest-grossing film in the Spidey catalog. This almost ensures that Sony will continue to work with Disney to make sure Spidey lives within the MCU, although the deal is rumored to end after the third installment. It would be wise for Sony to attempt to bridge some other Spidey properties such as Venom into the MCU, but it will ultimately be Kevin Feige’s decision on what happens within the lucrative film universe.  

"Avengers: Endgame" Writers Want Marvel To Wait On More X-Men Films

The X-Men films had their ups and downs. Although Dark Phoenix tanked at the box fice, it wasn’t the worst film in the franchise. The peak the series was either within the original trilogy, or Logan, Hugh Jackman’s violent conclusion to the Wolverine character commitment. Many Marvel fans can’t wait for Disney to reboot the X-Men now that they have purchased Fox. Kevin Feige even hinted at the reboot coming, but Avengers: Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely think Disney should hold f. 

According to Comicbook.comthe two writers admitted that Silver Surfer would be a good look for the MCU. “A good Surfer movie would be great,” McFeely said during an interview with Collider. “Yeah, that would be if you could take it full-on cosmic,” added Markus. The interview progressed to the X-Men, but the writers weren’t really feeling the mutant world. “That would be my first blush,” McFeely said, “because I think X-Men should rest a second. I could be wrong, but I think they should rest. But Surfer could use a really good standalone.” The last Silver Surfer appearance was in 2007’s Fantastic Four sequel, which also starred Chris Evans as the Human Torch. Do you think the X-Men should be placed on hold over at Marvel Studios?

Marvel Universe Announces "Marvel Zombies" With X-Men & Avengers

Marvel Cinematic Universe has recently dropped a teaser embodied as cover artwork by Inhyuk Lee for an upcoming project entitled Marvel Zombies. The art piece appears to show zombified versions Captain America, Deadpool, and Wolverine. Marvel has given an October 2019 release date to the book, but no further details as to whether we can expect the project to be a one-shot, miniseries or anything more. Moreover, there’s been no mention on who is apart the creative team. Though, the October date places us just within the Halloween timeframe which is considerably well-timed.

Previously, Marvel Zombies commenced as a five-issue miniseries which was published by Marvel in 2005 and 2006. The series was the written by the creator the legendary series The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman and drawn by cartoonist Sean Phillips with covers by Arthur Suydam. The series is believed to be a spinf Ultimate Fantastic Four, where the zombie version Reed Richards tricks his Earth-1610 doppelganger into opening a portal that gives way into the Marvel Zombies universe. Marvel Zombies brings us to Earth in 2149 as part Marvel’s multiverse. Herein, an infected version Sentry from another universe crashes on earth and spreads an infection to other Marvel heroes which include the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four. 

Dave Bautista Trashes The "Fast And Furious" Films, Suggests They’re Bad Movies

Dave Bautista made a name for himself in the wrestling world but really became a star when he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike many wrestler-turned-actors, Bautista belongs to a billion-dollar franchise now, with both Avengers: Infinity War and AvengersEndgame cracking the billion mark. The only other wrestler to accomplish such a feat is Dwayne Johson, who starred in Furious 7 and The Fate the Furious, both billion dollar films. Bautista and Vin Diesel, the Fast franchise veteran, worked together in Riddick before the former played Drax in Guardians the Galaxy. 

John Cena was recently recruited to the Fast movie cast, which made one fan wonder if Bautista would join too. It appears the Fast films are recruiting wrestler-turned-actors and Bautista already has connections to Vin. Bautista responded to the fan with nothing but disgust. “@TheRock and @JohnCena will get a  Fast and Furious spin f also and @DaveBautista will Be the villain,” wrote the fan. Bautista responded, writing, “🤢…..thank you for your consideration…🤮 #idratherdogoodfilms.” Neither Johnson nor Cena have responded to the tweet, although it’s likely they will. Johnson rarely misses a chance to banter with another celebrity on social media. Would you like to see Dave Bautista in a Fast movie?

Kevin Feige Reveals His Defining "Marvel Cinematic Universe" Moment

Avengers: Endgame continues to plow its way through any and all box fice records, currently on the verge seizing Avatar’s blue-tinted crown. Now, coming f an extensive and well-received AMA, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige gave fans many tidbits to unpack concerning his vision, work ethic, and history shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One interesting tidbit arose when Feige reflected one the road thus far, revealing the one, perhaps slightly unexpected scene that kept the story moving on its forward trajectory.

“I will say my entire MCU career was building up to that ‘on your left’ moment in Endgame,” writes Feige, alluding to a moment during the climactic Endgame battle, in which Falcon flies through to add his muscle to the cause. He also reveals his biggest regret, innocuous though it may be. “I made a joke once about regretting dying Chris Hemsworth eyebrows blonde for the first Thor, but the truth is it’s everything in those films and all the little details: the perfect ones and not so perfect ones, that carried us through to the experience Endgame. Therefore, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Feige also reveals the formative steps in bringing the Infinity Gauntlet saga to life, revealing that preliminary discussions transpired relatively early on in the game. “We started discussing how to adapt the Infinity Gauntlet comic soon after the release the first Avengers,” he explains. “It was on one our creative retreats about 5 years ago that we decided to do it as two films. We started to crack the specifics the story during production on Civil War with Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely, Joe and Anthony Russo, in a conference room as we went back and forth between takes.”

For much more from Feige, although don’t expect much in the way spoiler-heavy detail, check out the full AMA right here