Antonio Brown Not Expected To Return This Season

Although there is still time for a team to sign Antonio Brown, it doesn’t look like that will happen this season. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brown is not expected to play in the NFL this season. The polarizing NFL wideout is scheduled to meet with the league this Thursday to address the ual assault allegations he faces. If Brown were to get an fer from any the teams that have been in contact with him, the NFL would be prepared to place him on the commissioner’s exempt list, according to sources. If he is placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, the team that signed him would have to pay him until the league’s investigation is resolved, even if he is not allowed to play. Sources also claim that Brown is not fully cooperating with the investigation. He has yet to turn over all the evidence the NFL has requested.

Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN that he is “confident Antonio will play again this season.” “I believe the NFL should clear him after they interview him this week, and I expect he will be signed shortly after that,” Rosenhaus stated. Brown seemed less open to returning just last week. In a since-deleted tweet, Brown went in on the NFL.”Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly,” he wrote. “Making money f my sweat and blood Fuck the NFL] I’ll never play in that shit treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go fuck your self.”

"Joker" Has Become The Most Profitable Comic Book Movie Of All Time

First, Joker became the highest-selling rating R movie after beating out Deadpool. Now, the Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix film has broken another record. According to Forbes, Joker is now the most pritable comic book film all time. Keep in mind that pritable does not mean it made the most money. Joker qualifies as the most pritable because the difference between the budget for the film and how much it earned. 

Joker cost a measly $62.5 million to make, but has grossed $952,201,507 at the box fice. That’s over 15 times the amount made back on the budget. What is most impressive is that Joker did this without being shown in China. The film is expected to cross over the billion-dollar mark soon. The only two movies in the last 5 years to gross over a billion dollars, that wasn’t released by Disney, are Warner Bros.’ Aquaman ($1.148 billion worldwide with $298 million in China) and Sony’s Spider-Man: Far from Home ($1.131 billion with $199 million in China). Unlike those films though, Joker will earn its $1 billion gross without China or a 3D version to boost sales. When it passes The Dark Knight ($1.004 billion worldwide in 2008), Joker be the highest-grossing movie ever to not play in China

Cris Carter Let Go From FOX Sports Amid Rumors Of Building Tension

Cris Carter is a legend when it comes to being a receiver in the National Football League and in terms broadcasting, he has had a pretty fruitful career as well. A few years ago, Carter lost his gig with ESPN after telling a group NFL rookies that they should have a “fall guy” if they get into trouble. It was a pretty egregious comment that had fans, players, and pundits pretty upset with Carter’s honesty. From there, Carter was able to move on to FOX Sports where has hosted the morning show First Things First on FS1 for two years.

According to Pro Football Talk, it appears things have taken a turn as FOX announced they were parting ways with Carter. Based on the report, it seems like this all stems from a beef Carter had with the higher-ups as they weren’t placing him on the Thursday night football pre-game broadcasts. 

Cris Carter Let Go From FOX Sports Amid Rumors Of Building Tension

Christian Petersen/Getty s

These broadcasts are hosted in Manhattan which is exactly where First Things First films their show. Instead, the network was flying Tony Gonzalez cross-country which, course, costs way more money. Carter reportedly took this as disrespect and last Wednesday, he was suspended from First Things First. His firing confirms that neither side was able to come to a compromise.

Carter has yet to comment on his departure.

Sharks’ Evander Kane Sued By Vegas Casino Over $500K In Gambling Credits

San Jose Sharks’ left winger Evander Kane has reportedly been sued by The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas for failing to pay back $500,000 in gambling markers (essentially loans from the casino) given to him in April.

According to reports, Kane took out eight separate credits that totaled half a mil while the team was in Vegas for their first-round playf series against the Golden Knights.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas claims that the 28-year old star has refused to pay back the $500,000 in gambling markers, so now they’re suing for that money as well as attorney fees, court costs, etc.

$500K is certainly nothing to scf at but it’s not like Kane is strapped for cash – he is currently in the second year a 7-year, $49 million deal. Kane and the Sharks (5-10-1) will make the trip to Vegas on Thursday, November 21.

New Jersey College To Receive $28 Million For Slavery Reparations

The Princeton Theological Seminary has received what’s believed to be the largest grant $28 million for slavery reparations. According to CNN, the new move will be carried out over the course five years and will give out five doctoral fellowships and 30 new scholarships to descendants people who were enslaved and marginalized groups. 

New Jersey College To Receive $28 Million For Slavery Reparations
Alex Wong/Getty s

The money will also contribute to the hiring new scholars and programs that teach the history slavery, as well as the renaming certain locations on campus after prominent African-Americans. The changes will cost about $1 million a year. “These responses are intended as acts repentance that will lead to lasting impact within our community,” John White, dean students and vice president student relations said. “This is the beginning the process repair that will be ongoing.”

CNN notes that the Seminary did not own slaves and was not built by slaves but it did receive financial contributions from Southern sources such as slaveowners and congregations that are directly tied to slavery.

“The Seminary’s ties to slavery are a part our story,” M. Craig Barnes, the seminary’s president, said in a statement. “It is important to acknowledge that our founders were entangled with slavery and could not envision a fully integrated society.” 

Mcdonald’s Is Bringing Back Classic Toys For 40th-Anniversary Of Happy Meal

It’s been forty-years since McDonald’s introduced their staple, the Happy Meal, and to celebrate, the fast-food chain is bringing back some their most popular toys from over the years. According to USA Today, from Nov. 7 to the 11th, McDonald’s Surprise Happy Meal will be available across the globe; however, there is a catch. The deal will be a “while supplies last” limited run.

“Since the Happy Meal was introduced on the menu, it quickly became synonymous with our brand,” McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a statement. “Today, this iconic red box creates lasting memories for billions families annually across the world.”

“Parents tell us how fondly they recall their favorite toys,” said Colin Mitchell, McDonald’s senior vice president global marketing. “So, unboxing the Surprise Happy Meal together creates a real moment bonding with their children. We hope these toys are something that they will treasure and remember.”

There will be a number interesting toys returning such as Space Jam Bugs Bunny from 1996, My Little Pony from 1998, and the Hamburglar from 1995. In total, there will be fifteen toys from the last forty years that can be found during the limited run. Check out the full list below.

  • Cowboy McNugget (McDonald’s): 1988
  • Fireman McNugget (McDonald’s): 1988
  • Mail Carrier McNugget (McDonald’s): 1988
  • Hamburger Changeable (McDonald’s): 1989
  • Grimace (McDonald’s): 1990
  • Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable (McDonald’s): 1991
  • McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird (Mattel): 1993
  • Hamburglar (McDonald’s): 1995
  • Power Rangers (Hasbro): 1995
  • Space Jam Bugs Bunny (Warner Bros.): 1996
  • Patti the Platypus (Ty Beanie Baby): 1997
  • 101 Dalmatians – U.S. Exclusive (Disney): 1997
  • Tamagotchi (Bandai): 1998
  • My Little Pony (Hasbro): 1998
  • Furby (Hasbro): 1999
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey – U.S. Exclusive (Disney): 2002
  • Hello Kitty (Sanrio): 2013

Redskins’ Trent Williams Reveals How His Team Downplayed Cancer Diagnosis

Trent Williams is widely considered to be one the best fensive linemen in the league and this fseason, he appeared to be having a contract dispute with the Washington Redskins. These types disputes have always been common in the NFL but yesterday, Williams revealed that the root cause it all is much deeper. Essentially, he was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on his skull and the team didn’t really support him. In fact, Williams says the team found something six years ago but told him it wasn’t a big deal. 

Williams could have died from his condition and that’s why he is so upset with the team. Anybody in Williams’ position would feel the same way and he let all his thoughts be known on Thursday.

“What I went through health-wise took me away from the game for a minute, anyway. When it pertains to that, just that and the contract status was a thing as well,” Williams said Complex. “You know, playing with no guaranteed money, I don’t think any, any premier player would want to do that, especially not in the game we play today.”

Now, the Redskins are calling Williams out and have requested an investigation to see what kind care Williams actually received. It seems like the two sides are at odds and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

WWE’s John Cena Makes Enormous Donation To Battle California Wildfires

WWE superstar John Cena is one the most charitable celebrities in the world. He holds the record for the most wishes granted by a single individual, with over 600 wishes under the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he has consistently come to the aid those in need.

On Monday, Cena, who plays a firefighter in the upcoming film “Playing with Fire,” announced that he’ll be donating $500,000 his own money to help battle the ongoing wildfires throughout California. 

Says Cena:

“It is burning. It is under siege from massive wildfires statewide, which means that our first responders are working around the clock and they need our help.”

Draymond Green Rips The Warriors After Another Embarrassing Loss

Heading into this season, it was pretty obvious that the Golden State Warriors were going to look like a shell their former selves. With multiple players injured or simply leaving the franchise, it was clear that they weren’t destined for greatness. Despite this, many felt like the team was still good enough to make the playfs and least give teams a run for their money every single night. Through two games, this has not been the case whatsoever.

In the first game, the Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers by a score 141-122. On Sunday afternoon, they got shellshocked by the Oklahoma City Thunder who defeated them convincingly, 120-92. After the game, Draymond Green had some harsh words for his team as they got blown out, once again.

“I would like to see us play harder,” Green said. “But the reality is, we fucking suck right now.”

Green’s evaluation his own team is quite harsh although he seems to have a point. Steph Curry hasn’t been able to carry the fense like he would prefer to, while D’Angelo Russell has looked shaky at times during his first few outings with the franchise. If the team wants any chance at making the playfs, they’ll need to be a lot better.

Getting Klay Thompson back would certainly help as well.

Anyone Accusing Lizzo Of Plagiarism Will be Very, Very Sorry

Lizzo is striking back.

The singer and credited songwriter of the hit song “Truth Hurts” has filed a countersuit against brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen as well as Justin “Yves” Rothman.  The three claim that they recorded a demo with Lizzo in 2017, in which a key line from “Truth Hurts” was written by all four of them.

Last week, the three went public with their accusations, accusing the star of multiple instances of infringement.

In her countersuit, Lizzo is asking the Central District Court of California to find that the three men have no rights whatsoever to “Truth Hurts” or to any money that it has earned. She is also asking it to find that “Truth Hurts” does not infringe upon any copyright that the defendants may hold, and she further wants it to award her court costs and attorney fees.

“Lizzo… seeks a judicial declaration that the individual defendants Justin and Jeremiah Raisen and Justin ‘Yves’ Rothman did not co-author ‘Truth Hurts,’ and have no right to co-own that work or to share in its profits,” the complaint declares.

Lizzo also wrote an Instagram post to explain her position.

She insists that the three men accusing her “did not help me write any part of the song.” She says that they had nothing to do with how it was written or how she sang it. Though she does admit to using the line in question — which she says came from a meme — in the demo that her three accusers were involved in prior to using it in “Truth Hurts.”

Lizzo went on to accuse the two brothers of engaging in a “campaign of harassment” against her and others associated with “Truth Hurts,” and that they, in essence, had tried to extort money from her by threatening to take their accusations public.

Cynthia Arato, who is Lizzo’s lawyer, also commented about the suit. She said that, while it is common for successful artists to be subjected to “these types of opportunistic claims,” she was disappointed that Lizzo had to take this step to put an end to the accusers’ “false claims and their campaign of harassment.”

So far, neither the Raisen brothers nor Rothman have issued a comment in response to Lizzo’s lawsuit.

Interestingly, there is one person who will be getting a credit (and presumably, a cut).

It turns out that the original creator of the “100% that bitch” meme phrase will be getting a nod.  Lizzo noted that singer Mina Lioness “is the person I am sharing my success with,” based on the inspiration it created.

Blizzard Returns Prize Money To Hong Kong Esports Player

Earlier this week, Blizzard received criticism for their suspending an esports player, Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung, for saying “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution our times” during a recent interview. Chung lost $10,00 in earning and was suspended for 12 months. According to the competition rules, anything that brings a player into “public disrepute,” fends the public, or damages Blizzard’s image would lead to a ban and loss prize money. Now, according to CNN, Blizzard is returning the player’s prize money and lowering his suspension. 

J. Allen Brack, president Blizzard Entertainment, responded to the controversy in a statement published Friday, “We’ve had a chance to pause, to listen to our community, and to reflect on what we could have done better. In hindsight, our process wasn’t adequate, and we reacted too quickly.” 

Rod Breslau, an esports and gaming consultant, felt the response was not enough, “Activision Blizzard’s statement is totally inadequate given the circumstances. It took over five days for Activision Blizzard to finally give a response, much more than it took the NBA or Apple, and it can be argued they took the worst possible stance the three.”

This situation is one many involving businesses and their attempts to appease the Chinese government. The NBA and Apple have also been criticized in recent weeks.

Ja Rule Accuses Former Maid Of Harassment In Slip & Fall Lawsuit: Report

Ja Rule‘s upcoming court date has nothing to do with his Fyre Festival involvement but rather a lawsuit brought on by his former maid. According to Bossip, Josselyn Berniz sued Ja Rule (born Jeffrey Atkins) in 2015 when she slipped and fell outside his New Jersey home after a light snowfall. Josselyn was called to the property when the rapper was shooting a reality show and needed assistance for clean up. Josselyn alleged she was “permanently injured” from the slip and suffered “great pain and anguish.”

Ja Rule Accuses Former Maid Of Harassment In Slip & Fall Lawsuit: Report
Jason Kempin/Getty s

Ahead his court appearance, Ja Rule handed in court documents blasting Josselyn for trying to force his children, mother and mother in law into court to testify against the matter. The “Always On Time” rapper accused his former maid   pulling a “harassment (tactic) designed to browbeat the Atkins into (a) settlement.”

Ja Rule also countersued Josselyn and accused her fraud and using the case as just a money grab. Ja Rule’s court filings include affidavits from his two sons, mother and mother in law to prove they have no knowledge  Josselyn’s fall. 

A judge has yet to rule on the matter and whether Ja Rule and his family will have to testify. 

Roxodus Festival Organizers Face $3.8MM Penalty for Bilking Eventbrite

Back in July, ticketing agency Eventbrite filed separate lawsuits in California against the two organizers of the Roxodus music festival, which failed to happen this past summer.

As you can see, Roxodus had a pretty big-name lineup. But big-name artists usually demand big-time fees — upfront — and that can immediately put a venue or festival into the red.

Reportedly, Eventbrite advanced the festival millions of dollars based on the sales of tickets and then issued $3.8 million in refunds to ticket buyers after the festival collapsed. They are suing festival organizers Michael Dunphy and Fab Loranger of MF Live for $4.1 million in a pair of lawsuits.

Both lawsuits were filed in a U.S. District Court in San Francisco, and the men have until Thursday (i.e., October 10th) to formally answer the suits in court.

Interestingly, lawyers for Eventbrite called Roxodus the “Canadian version” of the infamous Fyre Festival, only with lower production values. Thankfully for Eventbrite, the ticketing company wasn’t involved in anything Fyre-related — though if they were, attendees might have gotten actual refunds.

MF Live planned Roxodus to take place July 11-14th at a makeshift location about an hour and a half from Toronto.

The festival bill included names like Nickelback, Lynryd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, and Blondie.

However, on July 3rd, the festival was canceled. According to Eventbrite, Loranger and Dunphy kept coming up with different reasons for the cancelation, including bad weather and issues with talent. At one point, they even allegedly blamed each other.

Altogether, people spent $4.3 million on the festival through Eventbrite’s website. This included tickets, parking passes and accommodations. Adam Cashman, the attorney representing Eventbrite, says that the two organizers have yet to return any of this money, as required by both the contract they signed with Eventbrite and “governing law.”

Amazingly, while Loranger and Dunphy had no experience in concert promotion, they were able to book an impressive lineup of bands. They also booked celebrity chefs as well. But they never got proper permits for the festival or completed construction for it, and the only road to the location could not handle the necessary traffic.

New Untitled "Walking Dead" Series Drops Debut Trailer

Like the blood-thirsty undead it’s centered around, The Walking Dead keeps coming back no matter what. Yesterday, at New York Comic-Con, AMC released the first trailer for their untitled third series set in the universe  The Walking Dead. This venture is set a decade after the outbreak and it seems that a major theme will be growing up in the god-forsaken world. It’s a topic thats been touched on in other zombie stories such as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road or even Naughtydog’s The Last Us, but now, The Walking Dead will be going all-in by focusing the entire main-cast around kids.

Fans in the comments section seem worn out by the endless content supplied through the IP. One user writes, “Why didn’t Thanos snap his fingers hard enough.” Another says, “TWD Franchise: ‘Kill Me.’ AMC: whisper ‘…no.’” 

The release this new trailer coincides with the news that the original Walking Dead series will be returning for an 11th season. You can catch the premiere season 10 tonight on AMC.

While this new show feels like AMC is wringing out a wet towel for every drop money it can get, perhaps the upcoming untitled series will be good. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

OxyContin Maker, Purdue Pharma, Files For Bankruptcy To Clear 2K Lawsuits

North America, specifically, has been trying to combat a major opioid crisis that we’re facing. Big Pharma companies are mainly to be blamed for it. According to NBC, Purdue Pharma, the maker Oxycontin, has filed for bankruptcy as part their settlement deal with local and state governments over the opioid crisis.

OxyContin Maker, Purdue Pharma, Files For Bankruptcy To Clear 2K Lawsuits
Joe Raedle/Getty s

The announcement comes just days after the company and the Sackler family fered $10-$12 billion to settle lawsuits pertaining to the opioid crisis. The company was accused by states, cities, and counties fuelling the opioid epidemic. The lawsuits claim Purdue and the Sacklers misled the public and fed false information to hike up sales products such as Oxycontin.

The worst part about the bankruptcy filing is that they’ll likely be removed from the first opioid trial that was set to begin on Oct. 21. This means that anyone who wants to get money from the company for the opioid crisis will have to take it up with the bankruptcy court. 

The Sackler family agreed they’d pay $3B in the settlement, at the very least, but some states haven’t accepted that. Many them plan to shut contest the settlement in bankruptcy court and continue to litigation with the Sackler family.

Even with allegations falsely marketing the product and aggressively pushing its marketing, the Sackler family said they have “deep compassion for the victims the opioid crisis,” adding that the lawsuit “is an historic step toward providing critical resources that address a tragic public health situation.”