The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

Do you remember the days waiting months for your favorite artist’s newest record? Do you remember the build up? What about waiting for their newest music video to debut on MTV, or first hearing their singles on the radio? Those days are long gone. Brevity has permeated throughout the music industry in a way that, for the most part, has made these archaic methods album promotion inefficient. In response, artists have turned to spontaneity, oversaturation, and snippets. You’ve had to have noticed; it’d be impossible not to, but do you realize how we got here, or where exactly we are?

“Hello everyone. Well, the new album is finished, and it’s coming out in 10 days; we’ve called it In Rainbows.” That was all the warning Radiohead would give before the release their 2007 album, In Rainbows and, in turn,help redirect album promotion for the next decade. They ignored making the traditional rounds on TV, radio, and print, instead, opting only for the internet. They delivered the succinct announcement in a blog post; nothing more, nothing less. This wouldn’t be the only unusual aspect to their release; they also sold the album with a “pay what you want” model. This allowed users to get the album for whatever price they’d like and was intended to compete with the unstoppable force that was music piracy. In a sense, this model predicted streaming services but, at the time, it was considered an acceptance defeat in the battle against piracy and a devaluation music.

The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

Beyonce performing during the 59th Grammy Awards, 2017 – Christopher Polk/Getty s 

Beyoncé took brevity and made it her mantra with the way she released her eponymous fifth album. At one instant, there was nothing, then next, there was an entire Beyoncé album for fans to consume. The album hit iTunes in the wee hours the morning on December 13th, 2013; a complete surprise to fans and critics alike. Excluding leaks, this was virtually unheard . Beyoncé sold over 800,000 digital copies in its first three days after hitting streaming services.Its success is pro that spending months going through a circuit promotion is no longer necessary for big artists.

Artists took note. From 2013 on, releasing albums with little to no warning has almost become the norm. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Blonde, and more all used this strategy to surprising success. The influence concision didn’t end with just announcements and releases; the way with which artists promote their album in between was bound to change as well.

Snippets are the pinnacle brevity. Artists now distribute– although sometimes leaked unintentionally– brief bite-sized rations a song to their fans; in effect, leaving them starved, begging for more like Oliver Twist until the full track is released. This model can be traced back to iTunes previews, but it truly gained steam as a marketing force during the height the SoundCloud era with artists like Playboi CartiLil Uzi Vert and more. It’s further bolstered by the format platforms such as Instagram and Twitter which limit users content to one-minute videos or character controlled tweets.

The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

Lil Nas X performing at 2019 Stagecoach Festival – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

For a time, Playboi Carti’s career was, in essence, a personified song snippet. He existed as an enigmatic figure behind the curtain Soundcloud loosies. No one could predict the power snippets; his ficial mixtape was so far f, it was considered mythical. Now, snippets have grown into something more. They have become one the most effective ways marketing, not just an album, but even a single. Look to the number one song in the country right now, “Old Town Road.” This song found its virality after fans on TikTok used a snippet the track as the basis the “Yeehaw Challenge” way back in December 2018. Yes, the number one song in the country, rode its way to the top f the power a (viral) snippet.

All these moments have led us here, but where is here? To find out, look no further than Tyler, The Creator’s Igor, and it’s battle for the top spot againstDJ Khaled’s Father Asahd. Tyler knows exactly where we are; in fact, Tyler has such a tight grip on marketing an album in 2019, that Igor won the fight against Father Asahd, landing the number one spot on the Billboard charts. Igor dropped on May, 17th, but we only have to turn back seventeen days, to May 1st to find the inflection point, where Tyler, yes literally transmogrified into another character, but also began promoting his album. Igor was ficially announced on May 6th, in an even more curt fashion than In Rainbows, with a post reading simply, “Igor – 5/17.” The announcement gave fans (almost) the same number days to prepare for the album. Throughout the next eleven days, Tyler would abandon singles altogether, instead opting for snippets (all which garnered at least two million views on Instagram) to promote the album. The first ficial single, “Earfquake” was only released after the album was available.

The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

DJ Khaled and his son Asahd Khaled at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards – Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

Compare Tyler’s strategy to that DJ Khaled. You’ll have to dig last year’s calendar out the trash (ironically where you’ll find Father Asahd as well)  and turn back to March 2018 to find the announcement for Father Asahd. While turning back, take note what you find in between. Over the course thirteen months, Khaled released five singles for his album, teased an endless number collaborations and even released a trailer for the album. This all sounds great, and even just ten years ago, it would likely have been enough to earn him the number one spot regardless how terrible the project is; however, spontaneity garners excitement in 2019, snippets garner excitement in 2019, and most importantly, brevity garners excitement in 2019. Khaled failed where Tyler succeeded. Where Tyler transformed into Igor, Khaled transformed into an old man yelling at a cloud.

It’d be impossible to determine exactly why the trend towards concision refuses to slow down, but it’s undeniably had its impact on the music industry. Perhaps it’s a shorting attention span worldwide, or the allure refreshing ways to engage with music; regardless, the music industry, as we know it today, exists within a zeitgeist dominated by brevity.

Did Run The Jewels Post & Delete "RTJ4" Release Date?

Run The Jewels — the motley Hip Hop duo of Killer Mike and El-P — has been working on their next album for years. On Monday morning (June 17), it looked like fans finally had a release date for Run The Jewels 4, their aptly titled follow-up to 2016’s Run The Jewels 3.

After posting a photo of two hands clinking pint glasses emblazoned with the RTJ logo, the post quickly and mysteriously disappeared. But, those who were paying attention saw a release date in the caption that read, “9.7.19.”

The same image was later shared to their Instagram Story — minus the caption.

Did Run The Jewels Post & Delete "RTJ4" Release Date?


Mike and El Producto have been dropping hints the album is close to being unveiled to the public. Late last month, they posted a photo of themselves with producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin and revealed they’d spent the past week at his Malibu recording studio wrapping things up.

Last December, El-P teased a 2019 release date, but didn’t elaborate . Now, it looks like Run The Jewels 4 could arrive on September 7. It’s yet to be determined why the post was removed. We’ll just have to wait and see.

LaMelo Ball Signs With Illawarra Hawks Of The Australian Basketball League

LaMelo Ball will be playing for the Australian Basketball League’s Illawarra Hawks next season, with hopes becoming the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

After his father LaVar made the rounds at ESPN earlier this morning, LaMelo joined “The Jump” to announce that he has signed with the Illawarra Hawks on a two-year deal that includes NBA out clauses. The 17-year old, 6’7 guard currently ranks 21st overall in the ESPN 100 class 2019.

LaMelo will join fellow high school basketball star RJ Hampton, who recently signed with the New Zealand Breakers instead playing for Kansas. According to ESPN, the Hawks and Breakers finished tied for sixth place in the NBL last season. 

“My agents did a ton research on the options I had to play this coming season and Australia really made sense for me,” Ball told ESPN. “They have a really strong league, with excellent coaches and great players, including former and future NBA players, and great strength and conditioning programs. My goal is to be the top pick in next year’s Draft and I feel they can help me reach that goal. Also, the timing the season works well with the timing next year’s Draft.”

“I am really looking forward to playing pressionally this season, so that I can focus all my time and energy on basketball,” Ball said. “My experience in Lithuania will help make the adjustment easier. Playing overseas pressionally at just 16-years-old put me in a place where I had to figure things out quickly and I think that experience will make a huge difference for me in Australia.”

Shannon Sharpe Celebrates AD Trade With GOAT James Mask: Watch

Shannon Sharpe was feeling pure jubilation this morning on FS1’s Undisputed after the Los Angeles Lakers pulled f a huge trade to acquire Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. Sharpe is a huge fan LeBron James and the Lakers so as you would expect, he decided to celebrate the trade in style all while rubbing it in the face his co-host, Skip Bayless. He’s done it many times before but Sharpe put on his goat mask and LeBron James jersey which he refers to as the “GOAT James” outfit.

The legendary Broncos tight end laid out some goodies on the table including a plethora alcohol, and some weed-infused gummies. Bayless tried to take the spotlight away from Sharpe but it was all for nothing as the FS1 host shined with his vibrant personality.

Sharpe doubled down on his fandom saying that the Lakers were going to win a championship now that they have Davis on the squad. Bayless seemed incredulous at that statement but Skip is the same guy who can only refer to Kawhi Leonard as “number 2.” He’s also the same sauceless individual who scored 1.4 points per game in high school basketball.

Should the Lakers come through on Sharpe’s prophecy, the ensuing episode  Undisputed might just break the internet. Maybe we should all become Lakers fans just to see that happen.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Sexually Assaulting Claudia Oshry When She Was 16

The groping case against Cuba Gooding Jr. has grown into something much bigger since a second woman has come forward to accuse the actor forcible touching. Cuba has since denied all accusations even though a video shows the actor grabbing the accuser’s thigh and breast while his girlfriend sat next to him.

Claudia Oshry, the woman behind famed Instagram account Girl With No Job, has also shared her story being an assaulted by Cuba when she was 16-years-old and he allegedly put his finger in her butt. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Sexually Assaulting Claudia Oshry When She Was 16
 Bauzen/GC s

“At the end the day, like, I don’t know if I’ve ever considered myself to be, like, a victim sexual assault because I’m not,” she said on her podcast, The Morning Toast. “There are people who are real victims that I would never compare myself to them. But yes, when I was in high school—I was f–king 16 years old—Cuba Gooding Jr. put his finger up my butt, and I felt wild. Like, I felt—I don’t even know what the right word is. And now, it’s just become, like, a part who I am. It’s a part my story.”

Cuba’s lawyer, Mark Heller, responded the accusation, writing: “Cuba says this incident never happened and he has no recollection this individual either.”

Cuba has turned himself in and is due back in court on June 26th. 

Run The Jewels Post & Delete "RTJ4" Release Date

Run The Jewels — the motley Hip Hop duo of Killer Mike and El-P — has been working on their next album for years. On Monday morning (June 17), it looked like fans finally had a release date for Run The Jewels 4, their aptly titled follow-up to 2016’s Run The Jewels 3.

After posting a photo of two hands clinking pint glasses emblazoned with the RTJ logo, the post quickly and mysteriously disappeared. But, those who were paying attention saw a release date in the caption that read, “9.7.19.”

The same image was later shared to their Instagram Story — minus the caption.

Run The Jewels Post & Delete "RTJ4" Release Date


Mike and El Producto have been dropping hints the album is close to being unveiled to the public. Late last month, they posted a photo of themselves with producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin and revealed they’d spent the past week at his Malibu recording studio wrapping things up.

Last December, El-P teased a 2019 release date, but didn’t elaborate . Now, it looks like Run The Jewels 4 could arrive on September 7. It’s yet to be determined why the post was removed. We’ll just have to wait and see.

LaVar Ball Tells Stephen A. Smith He Wanted Lonzo Traded All Along

LaVar Ball has been one the most colorful characters in the NBA over the last few years and he doesn’t even play in the league. His son Lonzo, was recently traded from the Los Angeles Lakers in a megadeal that took Anthony Davis out New Orleans. When trade talks first happened, LaVar claimed that he didn’t want Lonzo to go to New Orleans and that the Lakers would never trade his son. Well, that turned out to be incredibly false so now, the Ball family patriarch is walking back his comments and trying to claim he was engaging in some reverse psychology.

LaVar appeared next to Stephen A. Smith on First Take this morning and said he wanted Lonzo to be traded to the Pelicans all along. Of course, Smith was perplexed by this admission and told Ball to stop lying.

It’s clear that LaVar is incapable being wrong and had to try and convince people that he was right this whole time. Only LaVar knows if he’s lying or not but based on the way he has acted over the years, it’s safe to say he’s just being a showman for the cameras. It’s pretty convenient to say how much you love New Orleans now that your son has been traded there.

Ball also talked about how good the Pelicans will be this season with his son there, especially once Zion Williamson gets drafted with the first overall pick in this year’s draft.

We’ll see what LaVar has to say after 82 games next season when the true potential the Pelicans will be revealed.

Kawhi Leonard Channels His Inner "Board Man" At Raptors Parade

Kawhi Leonard was an absolute monster in his first season with the Toronto Raptors and led them to their first ever NBA Championship. Leonard was able to take down the Golden State Warriors dynasty in the process which earned the star praise from fans across America, excluding California, course. Today, the Raptors will be celebrating their championship with a parade throughout the streets Toronto. As you would imagine, all the players will be on the float greeting the fans who supported the squad through thick and thin this year.

One the biggest draws the entire parade is Leonard who already appears to be cutting loose. Kawhi has been criticized in the past for not showing very much emotion but when you win a championship, you can’t help but crack a bit a smile.

Leonard has been seen puffing a huge cigar all morning as he wears his New Balance “Board Man Gets Paid” shirt. Not only is Kawhi letting loose, but he’s also embracing the memes that surround him. Raptors fans will interpret that as him wanting to stay in the city but they should probably proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, a Kawhi lookalike has been taking to the streets to fool fans into thinking he’s the real Finals MVP. Stay safe Raptors fans.

Jason Bentley Is Stepping Down as KCRW Music Director and 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' Host

Longtime indie curator Jason Bentley is stepping down as KCRW’s music director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic.

We’ve had the pleasure of  in the past, and exploring some of his philosophies on building everything from playlists to artist careers.

The tastemaker offered some sage advice to artists wrestling over questions like artistic direction.  “When you stay on message, whether it’s trendy or not, you put yourself in a better position to keep your fanbase along the way,” Bentley told DMN.  “I question artists that shift direction with where the winds are blowing — that can be very dangerous.”

Now, Bentley himself is charting a brand-new course, and leaving his longtime KCRW behind.  Ahead of the weekend, Bentley announced his departure, pegging his official end date as August 30th.

Bentley cited his 10-year run with the station as his reason for departing, believing that it’s in his interest and KCRW’s interest to explore new and exciting possibilities. The three previous individuals to hold Bentley’s position — Tom Schnabel, Chris Douridas and Nic Harcourt — also served for roughly a decade each.

Ironically, Bentley is departing just as KCRW moves into its upgraded digs.  Previously, KCRW operated from a veritable cave of a studio, perhaps a more comfy domicile for Bentley and others to work.

Bentley was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and his family moved to Santa Monica, California, when he was 13 years old.

He volunteered at KCRW and attended college at LA’s Loyola Marymount University, where he was the student DJ. Bentley has hosted several other radio programs besides Morning Becomes Eclectic, and he is also known for contributing to and arranging the music used in Tron: Legacy and all three Matrix films.  Additionally, Bentley has worked on the soundtracks for multiple video games, including Destroy All Humans, which will be remade in 2020.

Bentley will continue to host KCRW’s Metropolis show, which broadcasts on Saturday nights.

Anne Litt will step up to be the interim music director, and KCRW DJs will rotate as Morning Becomes Eclectic hosts until a suitable replacement is found (these temporary hosts will also be considered for the full-time position).

The search is expected to be long and thorough, given that the mentioned DJ-rotation schedule will initiate after Bentley departs on August 30th. KCRW officials have voiced their desire to hire an ideal professional, regardless of how long the process takes.

At the time of writing, the specifics of Bentley’s send-off show are still being developed, and Bentley has indicated that he doesn’t have any post-KCRW plans in place. Instead, he is focused on ending this portion of his career on a high note.

The Best Comic Book Shows Of All Time

From Saturday morning cartoon shows to live action rehashings, millions people around the world hold comic book television series close to their heart. Some shows become a part overall pop culture, such as The Walking Dead, which is still referenced and understood by people who have never even watched an episode. Other series, such as Daredevil, delivered what can be considered the pinnacle superhero television action sequences. In the last decade, the comic book madness has exploded into a constant stream new content. That means there is also a steady output garbage mixed in there as well. We can herald The Flash and Arrow, but at the same time, we know that Iron Fist and Inhumans had no business being created. 

Despite the lake bricks out there, there are the superhero television shows that we will never forget. The series that made us run around with towels as capes as kids, or that have us binge-watching Netflix after coming home from our 9 to 5 jobs. Some them are classic, and helped define our imaginations. Others are still on television unraveling storylines that keep us coming back for more. From classics like the animated X-Men series to the more recent masterpiece Legion, here is our list the best comic book televisions shows. 

Nick Cannon Lands New Hosting Gig At Power 106: "It’s A Dream Come True"

Los Angeles, CA – Nick Cannon has accepted a position as a morning show host at Power 106 FM in Los Angeles. The move comes after J Cruz made his exit and landed at REAL 92.3 for an afternoon slot.

In a recent interview with Variety, Cannon calls the job a “dream come true.”

“One of my first jobs was interning at a radio station in Southern California (San Diego),” he said. “I’ve been coming to Power since 15, so to be here and now have my own morning show host is crazy. … I can’t wait to get out, connect with the people, do some events, really be in the city in a real way.”

Cannon, who says his “Rolodex is what it is,” plans on bringing a laundry list of high profile guests on the show. He also says he doesn’t feel like he’s competing with Big Boy, who was the morning host until 2015.

View this post on Instagram

A man of the community! ✊🏾 @power_106

A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nickcannon) on

The current host of Wild ‘N Out also says he isn’t concerned about juggling all of his various endeavors. In fact, he’s used to it.

“I’m not new to multitasking,” he explained. “Nothing else is going to lose focus or lose the drive I have for it. You’ll see a lot of stuff shifting, but this will add to everything I’ve done. It’s a great partnership to things like Wild ‘N Out and The Masked Singer — it all has to do with music and entertainment. It slides right in.”

“Nick Cannon Mornings – Power 106 #1 for Hip Hop” will air daily from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST.

"L&HH" Star Brittney Taylor Arrested For Assault & Aggravated Harassment

Love & Hip-Hop are well acquainted with Brittney Taylor’s antics. It wasn’t so long ago that Taylor played the victim in an alleged 35-story beatdown at the hands steely Remy Ma. The news came to light in the form an Instagram post in which Taylor posed with her newly-minted black eye. From there, an arrest was issued at her behest, with Remy Ma complying with those orders, before being set free in the coming days.

This time around, Remy Ma wasn’t remotely close to the “crime scene” when tempers flared between Brittney Taylor and another woman (with an undisclosed identity) on Friday morning. As per TMZ, the ensuing melee became physical once Brittney scratched the opposing figure somewhere on her body.

The catfighting fizzled out soon after, only to resurface once the two women crossed paths a second time, in the very same apartment complex. Taylor had initially opted for a second elevator to evade pursuit – yet in their second meeting it would appear as though Taylor was once again the physical aggressor, as she reportedly snatched the woman’s cell phone, the flung it against her forehead, in that particular order. 

At this point, Taylor is believed to have sought refuge in her apartment, where the NYPD ultimately found her captive and culpable  assault and aggravated harassment. The Love & Hip-Hop was transported to a holding cell where she remained for a short while, before being released without bail. According to reality her attorney Sanford Rubenstein, Taylor must present herself in court next month, as a consequence the melee.

Drake Celebrates Win With The Raptors Celebrate In Crazy Las Vegas Bash

In case you haven’t been keeping up, this past Thursday the Toronto Raptors became the 2019 NBA champions when they beat out the Golden State Warriors 114 to 110. While Warriors fans are disappointed, the city Toronto has every right to rejoice, as they put up a tough fight throughout, making them the first Raptors team in history to win the championship. To celebrate his team’s win, Raptors ambassador Drake announced that on Friday he’s dropping to new tracks titled “Omertá” and “Money In The Grave.” The 6 rapper came through on his promise yesterday, delivering the Rick Ross assisted tracks, “Omertá” and “Money In The Grave” last night. 

Drake Celebrates Win With The Raptors Celebrate In Crazy Las Vegas Bash

 Mark Blinch/NBAE/Getty s

But that wasn’t enough a celebration for Drizzy, who also took to marking the occasion with his beloved team on Friday into Saturday morning in a big way at the Wynn in Vegas. The “U With Me?” rapper walked in cradling the trophy and then took the mic to ferociously pay homage to his team, all while closely clutching a bottle Dom. The nighttime bash went down at XS Nightclub at the Wynn hotel, where Drake has his residency.  The team, along with Champagne Papi, all wore championship hats, as security swarmed the entire celebration. At Encore Beach Club during the day, the only non-celebrities who were allowed in were women in bikinis. For a short snippet the commemoration, check out TMZ‘s article.

Megan Thee Stallion Reveals "Cognac Queen" Beauty Pageant: Report

Megan Thee Stallion has been making waves lately within the music industry. And the recent release the Houston rapper’s project, Fever, has only furthered her reign. We recently reported on the hottie being spotted twerking on R&B songstress Kehlani’s head, in an interesting new video. The latter was right after Megan was seen hanging out and sharing laughs with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Yet aside from hanging out with celebrities and making good music, Megan also ensures to leave time for external ventures. The Houston hottie recently shared exciting news with her 2.2 million followers. The news was specifically aimed at the rapper’s fans who are still in college. 

“Good morning hotties ! I’m having the first ever COGNAC QUEEN PAGEANT IN LOS ANGELES CA❤️🔥 so course I love to drive the boat and have a good time but I also have to be focused on my craft and being a student! I want to do something for my college hotties and I can’t wait to announce what the prize is ! CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO ENTER !” So there you have it, Megan Thee Stallion is hosting her very first beauty pageant. Hence, any college-attending hotties who would love a chance to drive the boat, you may want to consider signing up for Megan’s fun initiative.

Judge Finds Probable Cause to Charge Lil Durk with Intent to Commit Murder

Lil Durk is facing some serious charges over his alleged involvement in a shooting in Atlanta.

The Chicago rapper, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, was in court on Friday (June 14) for a hearing. The judge found probable cause for Durk and his co-defendant to be charged with possession and criminal intent to commit murder among other charges, according to WSB-TV.

The Atlanta Police Department says a witness saw Durk pull out a gun before hearing gunshots and seeing the victim in a pool of blood. The police also claim to have video evidence of the shooting.

Officers responded to reports of a person shot on the morning of Feb. 5 at a restaurant called The Varsity. Detective say a gold chain, $30,000 in cash, and a vehicle were stolen from the victim, who underwent surgery after suffering a gunshot wound.

Durk turned himself in at the end of May on five felony charges including criminal intent to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and another charge of associating with a criminal street gang to participate in a crime.

According to Uproxx, an aggravated assault with intent to murder charge can carry a sentence of up to 20 years in prison in the state of Georgia. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is punishable by five years.