Ezekiel Elliott Hilariously Mocks Dak Prescott’s Pre-Game Warmup: Watch

Last week, Dak Prescott was the subject plenty memes thanks to his bizarre pre-game warmup where he is moving his hips and thrusting them angrily while motioning to throw the football. Many Twitter users turned this clip into a music video where Dak could be seen dancing to various different songs. In the end, everyone had a pretty good laugh and no one was hurt by the dumb fun being had. Yesterday, Ezekiel Elliott decided to join in on the fun as he mimicked Dak’s movements after scoring a touchdown against the Detroit Lions.

As you can see in the clip below, Elliott gets into the endzone with ease and immediately begins thrusting his hips and adjusting his arm to make it look like he going to throw the ball.

Prescott seemed pretty enthused about the celebration as he rushed into the endzone and jumped into Elliott as a sign solidarity. It was a pretty great moment between teammates and the internet was equally excited about it all. Not to mention, yesterday was a huge game for the Cowboys as they needed to beat the Lions and reestablish themselves in the NFC East.

Heading into the last six games the season, the Cowboys sit at a record 6-4 and lead the division by one game.

Harry Styles Hosts SNL, Premieres New Song "Watermelon Sugar"

Over the course Saturday Night Live‘s 45-season history, only 27 people have performed the double duty serving as both host and musical guest. Among this faction are Drake, Donald Glover and most recent addition, Chance the Rapper. Last night (Nov. 16), Harry Styles joined this prestigious crew and proved he has the all-around talent to be worthy. 

While this was Styles’ first time hosting the sketch comedy show, he does have acting experience. The former One Direction member notably starred in the 2017 film, Dunkirk, but SNL showed him exercising his comedic chops. He took on the roles a supportive soon-to-be father at a Lamaze class, an airline copilot, a drug dealer’s righthand man – all while showcasing a variety accents. An SNL digital short also featured him playing the human embodiment Aidy Bryant’s dog.

Styles recently announced that he will be dropping his second solo album, Fine Line, on December 13. A few weeks prior to this announcement, he surprise released the first single, “Lights Up”, along with its accompanying music video. Last night, he debuted another song f the album, “Watermelon Sugar”, which became available on streaming services after the show. He performed a stripped-back, slowed down version “Lights Up” – his vocals mostly supported by piano and backup singers. Both his musical performances stayed away from any theatrics. Styles stood singing at centerstage in his elaborate suits, at times letting out the occasional dance move. 


To close the show, Styles appeared onstage in a white tee that simply read “Sex”, while giving viewers a simple reminder to “treat people with kindness.” 

Larry June Offers Laid Back ‘Recaro Seat’ Video

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco-based lifestyle rapper Larry June has been applying pressure all year and recently raised the stakes yet again with the release of his Product of the Dope Game mixtape

And in typical fashion without missing a beat, Uncle Larry delivers the video for the second track of the tape “Recaro Seats.” The visual opts for an extremely laid back vibe as June shares Bay views from his apartment while smoking on “something slight” and displaying the immaculate interior of his vintage ASC McLaren — the inspiration behind the vibes.

The 14-track solo effort features production from Harry Fraud, K. Fisha, Sledgren, among others. Product of the Dope Game serves as his fifth release of the year and serves as the follow-up to last months Out the Trunk mixtape.

Catch the full video for “Recaro Seats” above and also check out the “Around the World” remix featuring Too $hort below.

The Game & Anderson. Paak Tear Up L.A. In “Stainless” Video

Los Angeles natives The Game and Anderson .Paak are no strangers to representing their city in their music videos. For the visuals to their latest collaborative effort “Stainless,” the pair takes viewers on a late-night drive down Sunset Boulevard.   

In the Aaron Green-directed clip, the Compton rapper seems to be deep in thought with his pistol at his side as he’s driving a custom baby blue Lamborghini that also pays tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. Paak, on the other hand, is being driven in a sleek, red Mercedes-Benz while crooning his way through the song’s smooth chorus. The pair then meets up with the homies in a parking lot filled with souped-up sportscars and bouncing, candy-colored lowriders. The L.A. vibes in the video fit perfectly with the song as you can hear Game namedrop several notable West Coast figures like Ice Cube, Suge Knight, Dr. Dre and more.

The clip also features a bit of nostalgia from The Game’s earlier years. The superstar gives a nod to his first two albums The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate with a scene that features him recreating the album covers by rapping while sitting on top of two gold-plated rims. 

The Big Duke-produced song will be featured on Game’s forthcoming album Born 2 Rap which is expected to drop on November 29. Check out the video above. 

Andre Drummond Teases New Show About His Hip-Hop Career: Watch

Just like some other famous NBA players such as Damian Lillard and Iman Shumpert, Andre Drummond is making his own music. The Detroit Pistons big man currently records under the name Drummxnd and has been doing quite a bit work outside the court. Last year, he dropped an EP and even came through with a music video earlier this year. With all this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that Drummond would want to document the work he’s been putting in as an MC.

Drummond has partnered up with the good people over at Overtime for a brand new series called “Today With Dre” which goes through everything he did during the fseason. This series is looking pretty interesting and based on the trailer below, it looks lie Drummond has been having a ton fun.

If you’re interested in checking out the show, it will be premiering on Overtime’s YouTube channel on November 17th at 12pm/9am Pacific. It seems like Drummond is still working on new material so be sure to look out for that as well.

Meanwhile, we recently explored the relationship the NBA has with hip-hop in a piece that can be read right here.

Britney Spears Pop-Up Store Has the Same Name as a Nearby Sex Club

The Zone is the name of an upcoming new Britney Spears experience in Los Angeles. It’s also the name of a popular gay men’s club just a few minutes away from Spears’ location.

The Spears’ Zone is said to be the penultimate Britney Spears experience.

It will feature a total of 10 rooms filled with signature items, memorabilia, and an exhibit of the fake commercial airliner from the singer’s “Toxic” music video.  There is also an exhibit from her “Circus” tour that includes a live ringmaster, a 40-foot long tightrope photo walk, a tarot card reader machine, the bike, and a tour jacket. This immersive experience is named after the American pop star’s fourth studio album, the 2003 release In the Zone.

Unfortunately for Spears’ fans, there is already another immersive experience in the area known as “The Zone.” This place, however, offers X-rated experiences.  According to its website, this adult business claims to be the best club for gay men in all of Southern California.

This gay Zone offers other attractions including “BJ bullpens and stalls,” private booths, a TV lounge, two floors of mazes, and an outdoor patio. The site notes that while most of the patrons remain clothed, being naked is acceptable as well.  Both ‘Zones’ are situated in the same neighborhood.

Spears’ Zone is opening on Fairfax Avenue near Third Street. The gay Zone is mere minutes away on Sycamore Avenue close to Santa Monica Boulevard. An unnamed source reminded the press that the gay venue is legally known as “The Zone L.A.”

At press time, Spears herself had not responded to inquiries. A representative for the entertainer did tell the press that Spears’ ‘Zone’ is designed to be “a temporary interactive experience” that will allow her biggest fans to make a special connection with Spears.

Tickets are now on sale — just make sure you book the right one.

Meek Mill Hits The Woah To Lil Baby’s "Woah" In His Foray Into The Triller App

Triller became the new app to preview new music but you can ten find these videos on Instagram or Twitter. Rappers have shared snippets their new tracks while using the DIY music video making app. Artists like Chance The Rapper, Queen Key, and many more began using it earlier in the year but more and more rappers are catching on. Lil Baby, for instance, teased his single, “Woah” on the Triller app and now, it looks like he has inspired a few his fellow rappers to do the same.

Meek Mill is now on the Triller app where you can catch him doing some rich sh*t. The rapper, draped in a fur coat, announced that he’d join the app while hitting a few dance moves to Lil Baby’s new song, although he adamantly denied that he did it at the Atlanta rapper’s request. “I’m learning this shit no bap,” he said, adding, “and no @lilbaby_1 did not ask me to post this.” Meek did admit that his dance moves did need a bit work, writing, ” I gotta get my moves back.”

“Woah” is presumably the first single f Lil Baby’s highly anticipated forthcoming project. The rapper has been relatively quiet this year with the exception a few features and his appearance on the Quality Control compilation. 

Metro Boomin’s 1st Boominati Worldwide Artist SwaVay Details Journey To Debut Album

Metro Boomin announced his new record label venture, Boominati Worldwide, in partnership with Republic Records and Universal Music Group in February 2017. Up until this point, the label was home to a number of releases from Metro himself including the Offset & Drake-assisted single “No Complaints” and the 2018 album Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

Now, there is a new face of Boominati Worldwide, directly under the wing of Young Metro. Meet 23-year-old Atlanta native SwaVay, the first and only signee on the producer’s imprint. With an impressive résumé that includes his placement on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack and his numerous writing credits, SwaVay is finally gearing up to release his debut album through Boominati.

Following the releases of his Pure Infinity and Pure Pack projects, HipHopDX spoke with SwaVay to learn more about his upcoming debut album, his relationships with Metro Boomin and his goals for 2020.

HipHopDX: How are you feeling right now? A lot of stuff is going on for you. You just dropped your EP Pure Pack, which is somewhat of your debut release through Boominati Worldwide and Republic Records. How are things going for you?

SwaVay: I feel, ahhh — I don’t know. I was talking to my friend the other day and I was like, I kind of don’t really feel anything. Like everything is kind of happening so gradually, you know, step-by-step with me. Everything in my life seems like it has kind of been step-by-step.

I take every single step individually and when I’m on that step, it takes me some time. So like I said, everything happens very, very gradually. But, I’m taking it all in and I’m super appreciative — like, nigga my shit was on the hot tracks on Apple Music. Even that I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ But it’s like, I don’t know — it’s kind of weird. I’m kind of excited, but at the same time, it’s like I don’t really feel it because I still live so regularly because everything happens so gradually.

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HipHopDX: Speaking in terms of gradually progressing, I wanted to ask you about your progression from strictly producing to being a full-fledged artist. How did you find your voice?

SwaVay: Well, producing for me was always very easy, just because I feel like I always knew what I liked to hear. I said this the other day too when I was talking to somebody — my mom, my parents weren’t really playing shit in the house. Like my dad wasn’t really in my life, but when he would come around he would play the g-funk shit. So, I kind of grew up on hearing a little bit of Dr. Dre, a little bit of Snoop, Mack 10, DJ Quick, like that type of shit.

And my mom was super, super religious. Like to the point where, if my pops wasn’t around, nigga — and he would visit every four years bruh — like I was not hearing that shit. Like not in the car, not nothing. But fortunately for me, she worked a lot, so when she would be at work, I would just be on the music choice channels studying rap, like listening to shit. That’s just what I like, I love the way it sounds.

And from there, I kind of started producing. My mom always knew I had a little niche for music, so she would take me to my uncle’s house and he had like a little studio set up there. I would drum on some tracks and make a few beats there. And then I met my best friend and he’s the one that kind of pushed me to rap. I mean when you’re a kid like everybody kind of freestyles or spits some lil’ bars every now and then, but he was like, ‘You’re actually nice bro, you should really rap, like we should be rap stars.’

Like that is exactly what he said. And I was like, ‘Shit, I’m with it bro.’ So from there it’s kind of like, I never really put the beats down. I still produce a lot of my shit today, but rapping just became everything. And then from there, once I knew that rapping was gonna be what I was doing, I studied everything. And not just what was current at that time. I went back and did my research and just fell in love with everything Hip Hop. And R&B as well.

HipHopDX: Can you speak a little bit about the process of creating your Pure Infinity project? What intentions inspired the project and maybe what point in your life you were at when you made it?

SwaVay: The project took me like three years to make. During that time, I had started it because I had just finished a mixtape before that. I had started it and the first song I had recorded for it was “From Her.” And the version that you hear on the album is the version I recorded, the first and only version I recorded of that song that made it.

From there, so much shit had happened — like I ended up meeting Metro and I ended up signing my deal and getting introduced to the label. Label shit was happening, new management, all this shit. And then on top of that, I was kind of just trying to perfect it. Like I knew Pure Infinity was going to be kind of like a breakthrough project for me, so I wanted to make sure everything was right. And I wanted to make sure from the words to the production that everything made sense, and I really meant everything.

As far as inspiration, I was inspired by life and things I had seen and my own relationships. At the time I had a girlfriend, she really kind of single-handedly inspired the whole shit for real, for real. It’s kind of interesting to see in everyday life that a lot of men become men due to a very special woman in their life — she’s that for me at the time. So, just things that we were going through and just seeing shit in my everyday life and stories that I had heard. I wanted to just make a whole bunch of songs that had longevity to it and was going to last a lifetime.

And I wanted to make sure that it was like the purest version of myself. I wanted to make sure I told nothing but the truth and spoke from the heart — and that’s why it’s called Pure Infinity. I wanted it to just be super pure, me all the way to the fullest, even with my insecurities in music. I didn’t really care if you felt like or I felt like I wasn’t really the best singer or if you felt like or I felt like I wasn’t the best rapper.

I wanted that to not matter. I just wanted it to be pure. If I felt like singing then that’s what I was going to do. If I felt like rapping my life out, that’s what I wanted to do. And the infinity part came from, just because like I said, I’m a big person on longevity man. I’m not like the type of artist who kind of wants to just get in and get out. I want to be here for the long haul, and I want to make music that is going to last forever.

HipHopDX: Was it always in your plans to release the Pure Pack EP as a follow-up to the Pure Infinity project?

SwaVay: Nah. [Laughs] My fault, man, but if you want me to be completely honest with you, Pure Pack was not part of the plan at all. So, with Pure Infinity, I ended up putting the project out myself. I’m signed to Boominati, Republic and shit, but I ended up putting the project out by myself. I put up $100K of my own money to kind of market it and do everything I felt like needed to be done to get the project kind of moving. So, originally I wanted to just keep pushing it and keep pushing the project until my debut came out, but I wanted to push until I felt like it couldn’t be pushed anymore.

And due to the success, the label, they were planning to re-release it. And it got down to it, we had a conversation and they were just like, ‘You know I feel like Pure Infinity is going to be what it’s going to be and it’s already doing that by itself, so you don’t need to re-release it, so how about we just kind of put out some songs, maybe really closer to the project and kind of feed off that and give it more hype?’ And I was just kind of like, ‘OK, bet.’ I’m a big person on like, I don’t like moving backward anyway, so I was like fuck it, let me work on some songs and get em’ all the way right and then we can do that. But yeah, it was not apart of the plan at all bro.

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HipHopDX: One line that stood out on the Pure Pack song “Dog Food” was the bar “Real Atlanta nigga/Get you knocked off with your attitude/Never had no pet but I got dog food, cash rules.” I wanted to ask you a bit about the pen game behind that and more specifically, how your background in Atlanta factors into creating tracks like that?

SwaVay: “Dog Food” is a track that’s actually on the album that I am working on right now. And the album is kind of based around Atlanta and them stories and just my life period. It definitely is strongly influenced by Atlanta whether it was the sound, the stories, just the culture period. So the Atlanta part, that’s where it came from. But the dog food part is kind of like a play on words, and I’ve been kind of pushing myself to do that shit a little bit more because I’m a big fan of that shit.

Like when Frank [Ocean] does it, he’ll have like triple entendres and fucking when Kendrick [Lamar] does it, you know when he has deeper meanings to things, I love that shit and I live for that shit. I’m a ‘lyricist.’ Shit like that just gets me going. So, the dog food line is a play on words where it’s like I kind of was talking about a time in my life when I was selling drugs to get what I needed to get done and to live a little bit more comfortably and one of those drugs was the street’s term for heroin, so dog food. But I also kind of wanted to play a little bit on the word dope. Never had no pet but I’m still dope, so that’s where it kind of came from. That is kind of cap though, I’m not going to lie. That is kind of cap though. I did definitely have a dog like a couple of months ago.

HipHopDX: How does it feel to go from growing up in Atlanta and seeing the things Metro Boomin’s been able to accomplish firsthand to becoming an artist on his label and actively working and collaborating with him? What has that creative relationship been like?

SwaVay: That shit’s incredible — like my whole life that was my biggest dream was to sign a record deal. And I didn’t ask to be signed to one of the biggest producers in the world, if not the biggest producer in the world, right now. So it’s like fuck, man, I’m extremely thankful. I’m honored to just be able to be around Metro and peep some of the things he does, and I’m definitely learning a lot from him and he’s one of the wisest niggas I know.

He’s incredible bro. I can’t even describe it, I’m thankful bro. This is a one in a million type of thing to happen, so it’s just fuck the fact that he believes in me as strongly as he does, especially enough to sign me to this record deal. And then to be the only artist he has signed to him is like fuck, bro, that shit is insane. But we definitely have had talks before where it’s like we know our intentions and our intentions are both to be great, and we know the success we want to model and all that shit. So, I’m honored, straight up!

HipHopDX: What type of things can we expect from Boominati?

SwaVay: Right now, we’re just making sure everything we do is specifically masterful and great not good and hold some type of longevity. Like me and Metro are both — I’ve never met a perfectionist that I feel was just like myself, but he’s the same way. I’m gonna be honest: I’ve seen this man sit in the studio for a whole day focusing on tracklisting. That type of shit. So, I think what you can expect from Boominati is just shit that’s gonna continue down the lane of longevity and masterful type shit. We only want to get better. And I think that people are going to be happy with what we produce, man.

HipHopDX: I also wanted to ask you about your relationship with James Blake, who you have said multiple times is like a big brother or a dad to you. You guys released “Untitled” and “Billy” together this year; can we expect more music from you two?

SwaVay: Yeah, me and James have an album together but we just … James is one of those guys who — he’s like me and Metro — he’s a perfectionist, bro. We’re actually close to wrapping that up, but we don’t have no date on it or nothing yet. Yeah, man, James is more than a friend to me, he’s my brother and like a dad in kind of way, which is weird. We joke about that shit.

HipHopDX: I recently saw those trailer/promos for the Pure Pack tracks. Are we going to see visuals for those?

SwaVay: Yeah, definitely. I’m wrapping up the one for “Dog Food” now, we gone shoot— they want me to shoot all three, but I’m a big person on perfection like I said and if the videos don’t match, if the videos don’t make me excited they not coming out, bro. It’s been a lot of shit.

I’ll be honest, bruh, I’m one of those guys. I definitely know if I have fans or whatever, it’s definitely one of those situations where I know a lot of them would be pissed just because its a lot of shit that wouldn’t come out just because I’m not just going to throw it out there for the fuck of it. If it’s nice and beautiful and it makes me happy, then yeah, by all means. I just gotta get ’em right, bruh.

HipHopDX: With a little over a month left in 2019, I’m curious to hear your goals for 2020 considering the amazing year you already had in 2019. What can we expect or what should we be on the lookout for?

SwaVay: My goals for 2020 are really to make the best debut album I can. I want to make sure it’s up there with the Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Good Kid M.A.A.D City, all of that shit. I want to make sure this album I’m working on right now satisfies me and beats all my expectations.

I definitely don’t want to hear the narrative that I am a slept-on artist no more in 2020. I kind of want people to wake up to the sound and kind of just be, if not a household name, then close to it. And I just want to make the best music, bro, that I possibly can in 2020. Have the best videos, the best merch, get more connected to fans, all that shit, man.

Stream SwaVay’s Pure Infinity and Pure Pack projects below.


Looks Like Amazon Music Unlimited Is Getting Music Videos Soon

Amazon Music Unlimited may soon feature music video content ⁠sooner than you think. A report suggests the launch could be within the next few weeks.

Hot of the heels of launching HD music streaming, Amazon is turning to music videos. Music Ally reports they’ve seen evidence of a ‘direct license amendment’ email. The email was from Music Reports, a rights management company sent to licensors on behalf of Amazon.

According to the report, the email states that “in addition to its full catalog of audio content, Amazon is excited to offer customers […] access to view music videos (where available) in addition to their favorite audio tracks, later this year.”

The email notes that the music videos will not include user-generated content, like YouTube.

Other details gleaned include up to $8 million in advances to be paid on a pro-rata basis and based on usage. The email also laid out payment details for the new arrangement.

“Royalties for audio and music video will be calculated using the then-current statutory rate structure. However, a 35% uplift will be applied specifically to music video plays. That will be incremental to the payable royalty pool.”

It’s not that surprising that Amazon is branching out by offering music videos to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

Back in September, music video platform and reported 300% growth of its platform in the last five years. Just yesterday, VEVO announced a deal with Pluto TV to on the free TV streaming service.

Amazon’s suite of smart products like the Echo Show are perfect for displaying video content with related songs.

It would also give Amazon an edge over competing services like YouTube Music. That app is since Google made it a default app for Android devices, for frequent travelers for years.

Lou the Human Accuses Interscope Records of Scatological Demands

Rapper Lou the Human is accusing his label Intersonic Records of making scatological demands, which included asking him to urinate on a black baby in a video so that it could go viral.

Lou the Human made this startling claim in a recent Twitter post, in which he further announced that not only would he no longer release music under his current moniker, but that he may never release any music again. He also complained about how the company’s indifference toward him wore on him over time.

“I signed a contract when I was younger to what I thought was the biggest record label and my dream come true,” he wrote, “while I only had one or two songs out. I was sold a dream, told I’d be the biggest artist in the world, told to wait my turn, and I played along.”

He went on to say, “As things started to progress I was asked to do things that didn’t align with my values. They asked me to piss on a black baby in a music video in an attempt to go ‘viral’ . . . I started to feel like I wasn’t in charge of myself or what ‘lou the human’ represented anymore. I didn’t complain though I just exercised my right to say ‘no’ more, which left me with the reputation of ‘being difficult and dysfunctional.’”

Eventually, he says, this led both his label and his management to stop supporting him. “No type of help releasing my music,” he wrote, “project pushed back literally years, no pr work, press, simple things a label does.”

In August of this year, Lou released his latest album, entitled Painkiller Paradise, but he insists that he paid for it himself using the advance Interscope gave him.

He also insists that he had to fund his music videos, too.

So far, Interscope has yet to issue a comment in response to the charges made against it.

Desiigner Says He Asked To Be Released From G.O.O.D. Music & Is Now Independent

Desiigner publicly expressed his frustrations with being signed to G.O.O.D. Music several times. The most recent instance was when he tweeted “FREE ME FROM THIS LABLE” at the beginning October. It appears his wishes have been granted. Prior to that, Desiigner ranted on Instagram Live about how G.O.O.D. Music founder, Kanye West, is crazy and how the label fered him no help in promoting his music. 

According to Complex, Desiigner went on IG Live today, bur this time, he was celebrating his newfound independence. “Ain’t nobody drop me, I asked for my release. The only label I’m on right now is L.O.D.,” the Brooklyn rapper said, referencing the title his 2018 EP – an acronym for Life Of Desiigner. He also claimed that “This is the dream every artist.” This can either be interpreted as a comment on freedom from record contracts in general or as a shot specifically directed at the trappings G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam. 

The “Panda” artist also teased that he’ll be dropping more music soon to follow-up the song he just released yesterday, “Diva”. The song was accompanied by a music video, which did not bear the insignia any record label. 

Congratulations to Desiigner! We’re excited to see what’s in store. 

80s MTV Returns ⁠— VEVO Introduces Music Video Channels On Pluto TV

VEVO has struck a deal with Viacom’s Pluto TV for ten new music video channels. Pluto TV is a free streaming service acquired by Viacom earlier this year.

The first channel to debut as part of the deal is VEVO POP ⁠— launching today. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but VEVO is expected to roll out more channels in the future.

VEVO President of Sales and Distribution Kevin McGurn says the partnership was a natural one. A holiday-themed channel will be launching later this year.

“Pluto TV is an exciting partner for Vevo, enabling us to offer a linear-programmed lean-back music video experience to our audiences. Bringing music videos into the home alongside other linear and on-demand programming ensures that music videos are available to audiences on devices and platforms that are already integrated with their day-to-day lives.”

The launch of these new lean-back music video channels hearkens to the early days of MTV.

VEVO experimented with its own streaming offering back in 2013 but eventually discontinued the service in 2016. Now the company is focused on maximizing licensing revenue from third-party platforms ⁠— like Pluto TV.

VEVO has licensing deals with other popular streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, Roku, Apple, and others. It is the world’s largest premium music video provider with 26 billion monthly views and over 400,000 music videos in its catalog. The full channel line-up hasn’t been revealed, but you can check-out VEVO Pop on Pluto TV right now.

Pluto TV boasts over 18 million monthly active users in the United States alone. The service offers over 200 live, linear channels, and thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows.

The channel interface is designed to feel familiar to anyone who has used cable in the last 50 years. Content from Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CNN, NBC News, and more can be viewed for free on the streaming service.

Lou The Human Calls Out Interscope Records For Asking Him To Pee "On A Black Baby"

Many are aware the restraints that come with record labels. Any young and sparkly artist may think their dream is coming true if a label expresses interest in signing them but sometimes a label may have a hidden agenda for how they want to introduce any given act to the world. Sometimes, it can mean completely changing the artist’s original ways and the latter is what happened to Lou The Human and he’s recently spoken out.  

Lou The Human Calls Out Interscope Records For Asking Him To Pee "On A Black Baby"
Scott Dudelson/Getty s

In a series screenshots notes Lou penned on his iPhone, he began by explaining how he thought his dream came true with Interscope signed him when he just had two songs out. “I was sold a dream, told I’d be the biggest artist in the world, told to wait my turn, and I played along,” he wrote. 

Things quickly changed when Lou was asked to do things that “didn’t align” with his values. “They asked me to piss on a black baby in a music video in an attempt to go ‘viral’ … I started to feel like I wasn’t in charge myself or what ‘lou the human’ represented anymore. I didn’t complain though I just exercised my right to say ‘no’ more, which left me with the reputation ‘being difficult and dysfunctional,’” he added. 

After continuing to put his foot down and steer away from the “Eminem-style” cover art the label kept presenting him with, he noticed a change as managers no longer contacted him and “pr work, press and] simple things” were no longer available to him. “To be honest I have no fucking idea what a label does at this point. All I’ve gotten was ignored, maybe one photoshoot where my idea was slaughtered anyway lol, can barely get video budgets or another budget to start my album, I literally can’t even get anyone on the phone lol.”

Lou’s last project, Painkiller Paradise, was self-funded and he announced that he would be retiring his stage name and this project will be his last.  

Read Lou’s full statement below.

Lou The Human Claims Interscope Asked Him To Urinate On Black Baby To Go Viral

Lou The Human has reached a breaking point in his career.

The Interscope Records artist aired out his grievances with his label Twitter on Sunday (November 10). In a message written on Apple Notes, Lou announced he’d no longer release music under his rap moniker and accused Interscope of once asking him to urinate on a black baby in an attempt to go viral.

Lou vented his frustrations about the lack of support he received from Interscope, describing how his positive outlook on the label came crashing down over the years.

“I signed a contract when I was younger to what I thought was the biggest record label and my dream come true, while I only had one or two songs out,” he wrote. “I was sold a dream, told I’d be the biggest artist in the world, told to wait my turn, and I played along.”

He continued, “As things started to progress I was asked to do things that didn’t align with my values. They asked me to piss on a black baby in a music video in an attempt to go ‘viral’ … I started to feel like I wasn’t in charge of myself or what ‘lou the human’ represented anymore. I didn’t complain though I just exercised my right to say ‘no’ more, which left me with the reputation of ‘being difficult and dysfunctional.’”

Lou explained how he intended to change personas with each project he dropped, but Interscope allegedly kept pushing him to stick with horrorcore content and provided him “Eminem-style” cover art. He claimed he began hearing “less and less” from the label and his management, eventually getting to the point of little to no contact.

“The label I am signed to has all but given up on me,” he asserted. “No type of help releasing my music, project pushed back literally years, no pr work, press, simple things a label does. To be honest I have no fucking idea what a label does at this point. All I’ve gotten was ignored, maybe one photoshoot where my idea was slaughtered anyway lol, can barely get video budgets or another budget to start my album, I literally can’t even get anyone on the phone lol.”

Lou claimed he spent his whole advance on August’s Painkiller Paradise project and used his own money to fund videos. He then declared he’s retiring his stage name and may never release music again.

“I am not releasing anymore music under ‘Lou The Human,’” he wrote. “I may not release anymore music period. But whatever you know me from I’m sorry to inform you but this is the end.”

On Sunday, HipHopDX reached out to Interscope for a comment on the allegations made by Lou. The label hasn’t responded to the accusations as of Tuesday (November 12).

Read Lou’s message in its entirety below.

Fabolous Claims Kid Cudi Was Upset He Wasn’t Credited On "You Be Killin Em"

Artists are serious about collecting their checks and anyone who thought they were going to mess with Kid Cudi‘s coins were sadly mistaken. Although rapper Fabolous has been in the rap game for decades, he released his first EP in 2010 when he dropped There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP. On that project was a song titled “You Be Killin Em” featuring Ryna Leslie, the only single to be released from the album. Amber Rose even made an appearance in the music video and the track would go on to become certified Gold.

However, Kid Cudi wanted to know why he wasn’t credited with helping produce the song. During a recent chat with Drink Champs, Fab shared that back in the day, Kid Cudi called him up asking where his money was because he helped Ryan Leslie during production. Fabolous said he didn’t know what to tell him other than to hit up Leslie because it wasn’t his problem.

“I guess he chased down and found my number and hit me up and was like, ‘Yo, I’m ‘posed to have credit or money or somethin’.’…You gotta relax Kid Cudi,” Fab said while everyone laughed. “You blocked on everything right now. Now you can’t even like…now I gotta unfollow you. I don’t even know why you callin’ me. The song is a hit already. What you talkin’ to me for?” The production credits for “You Be Killin Em” are listed as Ryan Leslie and DJ Clue, so hopefully, Cudi was able to get his money right behind the scenes. 

Watch Fab share his Kid Cudi story around the 38:00 minute mark below, but there are a few gems in there, so feel free to check out the interview in its entirety.