Drake Ties The Beatles With Yet Another Billboard Sales Milestone

 Heavy lies the crown. As Drake continues to plot his next musical endeavor, the Canadian icon has achieved yet another major sales milestone. After his and Chris Brown‘s “No Guidance” debuted in the ninth spot Billboard’s Hot 100, Drizzy locked down the 34th Top 10 single his impressive career. The latest win ties him with the legendary band The Beatles, whom many still measure as a benchmark success, legacy, and songwriting prowess.

Drake Ties The Beatles With Yet Another Billboard Sales Milestone

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At this rate, Drake will likely find himself surpassing the quartet, given that he’s actively recording new music. In fact, we recently received a pair new singles, spurred on by a bout Canadian pride. After all, the man wants his chips with the dip. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Drizzy ride the momentum the historic Raptors win, delivering some new music before the year is over. But can he seize the number one spot?

As it stands, Madonna currently holds the record with 38. Should Drake continue along his current trajectory, his ascension feels inevitable. One does not simply forget how to make hits, especially after thirty-four bonafide successes. Not bad, considering the entirety his journey transpired in less than a decade. Congrats to Drizzy, and let this be a win for hip-hop culture in general. Seeing a rapper at the top would solidify the genre as a dominant force in North American culture, especially to those who feed f statistics. Here’s to Drake’s next hit. 

XXXTentacion Died One Year Ago Today

One year ago, news broke that Jaseh “XXXTentacion” Onfroy had been shot after shopping at Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida. A disturbing video began circulating amidst panicked speculation. Sadly, the clip revealed a bleak reality. The shooting was fatal. XXXTentacion passed away that afternoon, at the age 20. Though relatively new to the game, Triple X left behind a notable legacy.

His work with Members Only paved the way for a new lane SoundCloud rap. His pair released studio albums, 17 & ?, revealed an artist unafraid to take stylistic risks. He was an XXL Freshman. He contributed to charity, donating toys, musical instruments, and video games to foster homes. Despite his dark past and the disturbing allegations that loomed over him, XXX appeared ready and willing to change for the better. One tracking his career from the get-go would have noticed an upward trajectory; his petty feuds and mindless beefs were ultimately squashed, including a brief estrangement with his longtime best friend Ski Mask The Slump God.

XXXTentacion Died One Year Ago Today

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Like many controversial figures, XXX proved divisive in life. During his brief yet impactful career, few prominent artists openly co-signed him, with the exception Kendrick Lamar (he praised 17 and fought Spotify’s decision to remove X’s catalog), Joey Bada$$ (the pair were working on a collaborative mixtape) and PnB Rock, who forged a genuine friendship with the young Floridian. Upon his death, many seemed to publically sten toward him, as indicated by posthumous collaborations on albums like Tha Carter V and Kanye West‘s upcoming Yandhi.

Yet his followers remained loyal from the jump, emerging in droves to pay respect to the fallen rapper. To this day, Triple X is seen by many young fans as an era-defining legend, with his murder marking their first experience with losing someone from afar. Case in point, his single “Sad” is nearly eligible to go Diamond, a monumental feat in itself. Today, take a moment to look back on XXXTentacion and his brief yet impactful run. Rest in peace to another young rapper gone too soon. 

Tory Lanez’s Claims Of Colorism On Set Are Untrue According To Directors: Report

Tory Lanez has been the center controversy over the last few days after a video surfaced that showed him standing against colorism. The clip shows Lanez on the set  Nafe Smallz’s “Good Love,” a track where he lends his vocals. In the scene, Lanez shares space with a dark-skinned model until someone asks her to step out so that she can be replaced with a lighter-skinned model. Lanez calls a time-out before bringing the original model back in. 

As the video circulated throughout social media, the response was divided. Some people applauded Lanez for acknowledging colorism while others suggested that it was a staged act. Lanez received a bit backlash following his Ayesha Curry trade joke, and some fans felt as if this was his way making up for it. However, Lanez put those rumors to rest when he took to his Instagram Story and shared that he wasn’t faking or staging anything. 

“The internet has a funny way tryna make the light f truthful shit. If this was a publicity stunt, why would I be doing it for someone else’s music video,” Lanez said. “Mind y’all this video shoot happened 3 months ago and a behind the scenes camera man DM’s it to me the other day,” he continued. “All parties that were involved know exactly what happened in the 30 minutes that I was at the shoot. Whether or not they wanna be truthful.”

That was to be the end the conversation, but TMZ caught up with one-half the duo directors the music video and he wasn’t happy about the suggestion that he favored one model over the other. Capone Capone x Giuse told the publication that they don’t discriminate when it comes to featuring black women with darker skin, especially because they’re heavily involved in the Afrobeats scene and most their work features women with dark complexions. Capone was adamant that no one on his team called for the women to be traded out, noting that most the people on set during that particular scene were from Lanez’s crew.

Nelly Says New EP Will Be Produced By Country Group Florida Georgia Line

It’s about time that we received new music from Nelly, and the “Country Grammar” rapper has revealed that his next project is in the works. During a recent interview with Atlanta’s hit radio station V-103, Nelly announced that he’s readyinig the release a new EP. He didn’t give up too many details regarding what fans can expect with the album, but he did share that country duo Florida Georgia Line would have a hand in it.

Before speaking on the project, Nelly shared his plans for the next few months. “This summer I’m going on tour with me, TLC, and Flo Rida. We got the Whole Lotta Hits tour coming out real soon. We’re gonna have a whole bunch fun with that. I also got an EP coming out that’s on a whole ‘nother side that’s executive produced by Florida Georgia Line. It’s on some whole other stuff, so yeah. We still movin’.”

One can only speculate that fans will receive a sound that’s more in line with Nelly’s 2004 Tim McGraw collaboration “Over & Over.” The rapper worked with Florida Georgia Line in the past when he hopped on the remix to their single, “Cruise.” Considering how Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has dominated the charts, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more artists step into the country game. Nelly was one the firsts, so if he does go that route, it won’t be unfamiliar territory.

Back in 2015, it was announced that the rapper was working on his Heartland EP. “He’s a free agent on the label side now, and is working on a country-based Heartland EP, which should be really interesting,” Nelly’s manager told Billboard at the time. “He may be one the first hip-hop artists to jump into that space in an authentic way with Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw, so we think he has an opportunity to grow that base even more.”


The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

Do you remember the days waiting months for your favorite artist’s newest record? Do you remember the build up? What about waiting for their newest music video to debut on MTV, or first hearing their singles on the radio? Those days are long gone. Brevity has permeated throughout the music industry in a way that, for the most part, has made these archaic methods album promotion inefficient. In response, artists have turned to spontaneity, oversaturation, and snippets. You’ve had to have noticed; it’d be impossible not to, but do you realize how we got here, or where exactly we are?

“Hello everyone. Well, the new album is finished, and it’s coming out in 10 days; we’ve called it In Rainbows.” That was all the warning Radiohead would give before the release their 2007 album, In Rainbows and, in turn,help redirect album promotion for the next decade. They ignored making the traditional rounds on TV, radio, and print, instead, opting only for the internet. They delivered the succinct announcement in a blog post; nothing more, nothing less. This wouldn’t be the only unusual aspect to their release; they also sold the album with a “pay what you want” model. This allowed users to get the album for whatever price they’d like and was intended to compete with the unstoppable force that was music piracy. In a sense, this model predicted streaming services but, at the time, it was considered an acceptance defeat in the battle against piracy and a devaluation music.

The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

Beyonce performing during the 59th Grammy Awards, 2017 – Christopher Polk/Getty s 

Beyoncé took brevity and made it her mantra with the way she released her eponymous fifth album. At one instant, there was nothing, then next, there was an entire Beyoncé album for fans to consume. The album hit iTunes in the wee hours the morning on December 13th, 2013; a complete surprise to fans and critics alike. Excluding leaks, this was virtually unheard . Beyoncé sold over 800,000 digital copies in its first three days after hitting streaming services.Its success is pro that spending months going through a circuit promotion is no longer necessary for big artists.

Artists took note. From 2013 on, releasing albums with little to no warning has almost become the norm. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Blonde, and more all used this strategy to surprising success. The influence concision didn’t end with just announcements and releases; the way with which artists promote their album in between was bound to change as well.

Snippets are the pinnacle brevity. Artists now distribute– although sometimes leaked unintentionally– brief bite-sized rations a song to their fans; in effect, leaving them starved, begging for more like Oliver Twist until the full track is released. This model can be traced back to iTunes previews, but it truly gained steam as a marketing force during the height the SoundCloud era with artists like Playboi CartiLil Uzi Vert and more. It’s further bolstered by the format platforms such as Instagram and Twitter which limit users content to one-minute videos or character controlled tweets.

The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

Lil Nas X performing at 2019 Stagecoach Festival – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

For a time, Playboi Carti’s career was, in essence, a personified song snippet. He existed as an enigmatic figure behind the curtain Soundcloud loosies. No one could predict the power snippets; his ficial mixtape was so far f, it was considered mythical. Now, snippets have grown into something more. They have become one the most effective ways marketing, not just an album, but even a single. Look to the number one song in the country right now, “Old Town Road.” This song found its virality after fans on TikTok used a snippet the track as the basis the “Yeehaw Challenge” way back in December 2018. Yes, the number one song in the country, rode its way to the top f the power a (viral) snippet.

All these moments have led us here, but where is here? To find out, look no further than Tyler, The Creator’s Igor, and it’s battle for the top spot againstDJ Khaled’s Father Asahd. Tyler knows exactly where we are; in fact, Tyler has such a tight grip on marketing an album in 2019, that Igor won the fight against Father Asahd, landing the number one spot on the Billboard charts. Igor dropped on May, 17th, but we only have to turn back seventeen days, to May 1st to find the inflection point, where Tyler, yes literally transmogrified into another character, but also began promoting his album. Igor was ficially announced on May 6th, in an even more curt fashion than In Rainbows, with a post reading simply, “Igor – 5/17.” The announcement gave fans (almost) the same number days to prepare for the album. Throughout the next eleven days, Tyler would abandon singles altogether, instead opting for snippets (all which garnered at least two million views on Instagram) to promote the album. The first ficial single, “Earfquake” was only released after the album was available.

The Album Rollout Is Shrinking

DJ Khaled and his son Asahd Khaled at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards – Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

Compare Tyler’s strategy to that DJ Khaled. You’ll have to dig last year’s calendar out the trash (ironically where you’ll find Father Asahd as well)  and turn back to March 2018 to find the announcement for Father Asahd. While turning back, take note what you find in between. Over the course thirteen months, Khaled released five singles for his album, teased an endless number collaborations and even released a trailer for the album. This all sounds great, and even just ten years ago, it would likely have been enough to earn him the number one spot regardless how terrible the project is; however, spontaneity garners excitement in 2019, snippets garner excitement in 2019, and most importantly, brevity garners excitement in 2019. Khaled failed where Tyler succeeded. Where Tyler transformed into Igor, Khaled transformed into an old man yelling at a cloud.

It’d be impossible to determine exactly why the trend towards concision refuses to slow down, but it’s undeniably had its impact on the music industry. Perhaps it’s a shorting attention span worldwide, or the allure refreshing ways to engage with music; regardless, the music industry, as we know it today, exists within a zeitgeist dominated by brevity.

Akon & Partner Tricia Ana To Join "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood": Report

Could Akon be the latest rapper to join Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? The hit VH1 reality show has been shaking things up a bit with the cast, hoping to bring in some fresh blood in order to attract new viewers—and new drama. Over the last few days, there have been rumors floating around that the St. Louis singer was planning on making his reality TV debut on the upcoming season the show.

As soon as social media caught wind the information, the news spread like wildfire and was believed to be truthful. However, Akon adamantly denied the gossip and shared an image on his Instagram page that reads, “I am not joining Love & Hip Hop.” In the caption, he wrote, “Social Media is the Devil!!!”

Meanwhile, The Jasmine Brand claims to have exclusively reported that they’ve confirmed Akon and his partner, Tricia Ana, will be featured on the show. According to TJB, it hasn’t been revealed whether or not the 46-year-old artist will be a regular fixture, but he and Tricia Ana are set to make appearances. The status Akon’s relationship with Tricia Ana hasn’t been made clear as some people have called her his girlfriend while TJB states that she refers to herself as his wife and works with Akon’s Konvict Music as an A&R representative.

Snoop Dogg Says He "Likes The Energy" He Gets From New Generation Of Young Fans At Live Shows

Snoop loves the kids! Rapper Snoop Dogg recently performed at KROQ radio station’s annual Weenie Roast concert at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California. The Long Beach rapper hosted a gig as DJ Snoopadelic as artists like Limp Bizkit and 311 took to nearby stages. While Weenie Roast isn’t necessarily for children per se, many people use the festival as a day to get their entire family together to watch some their favorite live bands. 

Snoop caught up with Billboard while backstage at Weenie Roast where the father four discussed what it’s been like performing for a new generation audiences, especially those that are barely in their teens. “I like the energy that I get from the kids, believe it or not,” the rapper said. “There was a lot kids that was here today. I seen like some 4-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 14-year-olds, and when they look at me, that’s what I’m looking for — the energy I get from them. Are they in amazement? Are they in tune? Are they energetic? Or are they just watching? The ones I seen today were into it. It’s like their parents was teaching them about good music and not having no boundaries and just playing good sh*t for kids, like my parents did for me.”

Snoop Dogg Says He "Likes The Energy" He Gets From New Generation Of Young Fans At Live Shows
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

He also shared that he’s “universally accepted” when it comes to music because he was raised to admire a wide variety genres. ” I grew up with rock music, rap music, reggae music and whatever sound was in my neighborhood. If it was some Latinos that lived right here, we heard some Latino music,” Snoop said. “If it was some rockers I went to school with, we heard some rock music. And it was like all that collectiveness. And then coming to an event like today and seeing parents with their kids and seeing kids get a dose it, it’s only gonna breed the kid that understands music is the universal language all people. And there are no boundaries on music.”

Snoop’s next studio album—his 17th—is set to hit the streets on July 12 is rumored to be titled I Wanna Thank Me.

Ciara Shuts Down Fan Who Criticized Her For Officiating Gay Wedding In Music Video

Celebrities are showing their support for the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month, but Ciara‘s inclusion in a music video rubbed a few fans the wrong way. Taylor Swift recently released the star-studded visual to her single “You Need To Calm Down,” a video that includes Ciara ficiating a wedding between actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family) and lawyer Justin Mikita. In real life, the couple were married back in 2013.

Ciara shared a clip the wedding scene on her Instagram page with the caption, “Wedding is Lit #Equality #YNTCDmusicvideo.” A fan thought that the singer was doing her religion a disservice by supporting gay marriage as Ciara has been vocal about her Christian beliefs. “Ciara. You shouldn’t be doing this,” the person wrote. “We respect u too much, Being at a gay wedding is one thing and joining them together is even more a greater sin. We love you but this is wrong.”

The Beauty Marks singer usually doesn’t respond to critical comments, but she made time to reply in a way that some called a classy clapback. “Firstly, Christians don’t judge,” she wrote. “Secondly, #YouNeedToCalmDown.” 

YBN Cordae Teams With Chance The Rapper For "Bad Idea" Video

YBN Cordae has enlisted the help of Chance The Rapper to provide some visuals for their collaborative single “Bad Idea.” The track, which features a sample of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway’s “Be Real Black For Me,” recently debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show.

“My brother Chance did it — killed the verse, murdered the verse,” Cordae told Lowe. “I really loved the song. It’s one of my favorite songs. We was both in Coachella. He just came up to me, showed love. I just told him he’s one of the people that inspire me. Took each other’s numbers down. I flew to Chicago actually to get the song done.”

He continued, “The opening lines to the song is, ‘I know myself far too well to be a stranger of pain.’ I freestyled that line. That’s like immediately what I thought of when I heard that beat. Meaning like I know what I’ve been through. Everything that I’ve witnessed, everything that I’ve been to act like I don’t know myself. And that’s really essentially what the song is about. It has like good home vibes, good summer vibes, like good nostalgic feeling to it. But like, not in a forceful way, ’cause I feel like now everybody’s bringing back the nostalgic way, but in a force. Like, it’s got to come natural.”

Cordae’s debut album The Lost Boy is expected to drop later this year. Fans can currently catch the Atlantic Records artist on his first headlining tour.

Watch Cordae’s “Bad Idea” video above. Purchase the track here.

Chris Brown & Drake’s "No Guidance" Launches To Top 10 On Hot 100

When Drake brought out Chris Brown last year on the Aubrey and The Three Migos tour, the two finally squashed a beef that’s been going on for years. Mind you, this came after Rihanna admitted that she hasn’t been in contact with either one her exes who presumably were beefing in the first place over her. After squashing their beef, the two have teased new music together but they kept the anticipation high until last week when they unleashed “No Guidance” which now serves as another top 10 single for both artists.

Congratulations are in order for both Drake and Chris Brown as their new collaboration, “No Guidance” launched to number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song hit #4 on the Streaming Songs chart with 28M streams and 15K sold in its first week. This single marks Chris Brown’s 15th top 10 single on the chart and Drake’s 34th. The single also ties Drake for the second most amount top 10 singles on the Hot 100 with Madonna holding the record with 38.

“No Guidance” ties two other Chris Brown singles for his highest debuting singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with 2008’s “Forever” and Lil Dicky‘s “Freaky Friday.”

Chris Brown and Drake’s collaboration is set to appear on Breezy’s forthcoming project, INDIGO which is set to arrive later this month. Keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Taylor Swift Breaks Apple Music's 'Pre-Add' Streaming Record

Taylor Swift’s upcoming Lover album has broken the record for most ‘pre-added albums’ by a female artist on Apple Music.

Pre-adds are Apple’s unique lingo for pre-orders of a streaming music album.

Swift’s album achieved 178,600 pre-adds worldwide in the first day of availability, starting June 13th. The album breaks the previous record held by Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next.

Since pre-adds opened on the platform, Lover’s number of pre-adds continues to grow. It is up to 222,400 at the time of writing and is increasing exponentially.

Lover will release globally on August 23rd, so there’s plenty of time to push that number above 500k or even one million.

Back to the definition: a single ‘pre-add’ occurs when an Apple Music subscriber registers their interest in a full album ahead of release. This happens when a user schedules the album’s arrival on their account.

racked up over 800,000 pre-adds in one week ahead of her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? That release broke the all-time pre-add record for at the time.

Will Taylor Swift manage to shatter Eilish’s record? She’s got nearly two months to do so.

Apple says it still emphasizes the value of albums as a storytelling tool for artists to create context around their music.

“Pre-adds are great early indicators of engagement around an artist and the intention of the fans. To actively pre-add an album, much like the pre-order we invented with iTunes, means that the fan is excited about the content and wants to be among the first to enjoy it the moment its available. That kind of engagement is very valuable to an artist and to us.”

Last week Taylor Swift dropped her new single, “You Need To Calm Down” to celebrate Pride Month. Swift gave a shout-out to LGBT-friendly organization GLAAD, which caused a spike in donations for the organization.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Available July 12th

Rockstar Games has announced The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack is now available for pre-order.

The original soundtrack will drop on July 12th.

Fans who pre-order the soundtrack receive access to “Crash of Worlds” by Rocco DeLuca and “Table Top” by Daniel Lanois immediately. The collection of vocal tracks will release digitally on July 12th in collaboration with Lakeshore Records. Rockstar hasn’t announced any plans for a limited edition vinyl release like with the first game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the hottest video games released in 2018. Imagery from the game featured on Lil Nas X’s .

The RDR2 soundtrack is produced by 11-time Grammy winner Daniel Lanois, who created these tracks exclusively for the game. Lanois has worked with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson. Lanois says he was thrilled to work on the game, as it provided “a terrific compositional space, vast and covering a range of emotional textures.”

Vocal performances on the soundtrack include those from D’Angelo, Willie Nelson, Rhiannon Giddens, Josh Homme, and David Ferguson.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the first two songs for the original soundtrack below.

Back when Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption in 2010, they also revealed an exclusive red vinyl soundtrack release. Hopefully, something like this will be available for fans of the sequel who prefer Arthur over John.

So far no plans have been revealed to do something similar for Red Dead Redemption 2, but there is another original score soundtrack on the way.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Available July 12th


Meanwhile, fans who are looking for something new to sample might be interested in Lil Nas X’s latest EP. The explosive country rapper is dropping a 7-song EP in collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus. The new EP and will be released by Columbia Records on June 21st.

Troy Tomlinson Ditches Sony/ATV to Lead UMPG Nashville

Troy Tomlinson is ditching his home since 2002 at Sony/ATV Nashville for Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville. He has been named UMPG Nashville’s first chairman/CEO.

Tomlinson’s appointment will take effect on July 15th, and he will report to UMPG chairman/CEO Jody Gerson. Tomlinson will also join UMPG’s global senior management team and will be responsible for all of UMPG’s Nashville operations.

Industry rumors have suggested Tomlinson was in line to head up UMPG Nashville, despite renegotiation talks reported last week.

Tomlinson’s departure from Sony/ATV makes him the to leave the company. Former co-president Rick Krim and Guy Moot exited in March and April respectively.

Tomlinson oversaw the songwriting careers of many artists, including Taylor Swift. Swift continues to be Sony/ATV’s most prominent songwriter, and speculation suggests she may exit after her music publishing contract expires.

Taylor Swift with Universal’s Republic Records last fall, leaving her long-time label Big Machine Records. Swift’s move away from country music may explain some of that, but her ties to Nashville’s publishing scene are very tight.

Tomlinson’s move coincides with the departure of Kent Earls from the company. Earls headed up the Nashville division as EVP and General Manager since 2012.

Tomlinson is credited with steering the careers of Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, and Thomas Rhett. He also helped guide the careers of songwriters such as Josh Osborne, Chris DeStefano, Jon Nite, Jaren Johnston, Lindsay Rimes, Luke Laird, and Jim Beavers.

Oak View Group Pacts With Live Nation to Build an Arena In Milan

Oak View Group (OVG) has partnered with Live Nation to build the first music and sports arena outside the United States.

The venue will be built in Milan, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Italy.

The privately funded venue will be built and run by OVG and Live Nation in a joint partnership. It will be located in Milan’s Santa Giulia area.

A ‘head of terms’ agreement has been signed with Risanamento S.p.A to construct the new venue, according to the parties.

Development of the new area will likely commence in 2021 as part of a regeneration project of the Santa Giulia district. The venue is expected to open in 2024. Capacity for the arena is slated to be around 17,000 seats.

Milan already has its share of large-scale venues for entertainment, but OVG hopes the new arena will host an upcoming Olympic event. The 12,700-capacity Mediolanum Forum and the 80,000-capacity San Siro Stadium are both nearby. San Siro Stadium will hold concerts from and Muse later this summer.

Milan is in the running to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games alongside Stockholm. If the city’s bid is successful, OVG says the new arena would host the ice hockey tournament. OVG co-founder and CEO Tim Leiweke said Live Nation is the ideal partner to deliver and run the arena.

“The new arena will be an exciting addition for the city and an important part of hosting what would be an inspiring 2026 Winter Olympics.”

Just a few months ago, OVG opened its first European office in London. When that office opened in March, Leiweke confirmed they would explore arena and stadium development opportunities in Europe.

OVG has several development projects underway in the United States. That includes Key Arena in Seattle, Belmont Arena for New Yorkers, and a new arena facility for The University of Texas in Austin.

Drake Announces OVO Festival Revival During Toronto Raptors Parade

Drake was front and center during today’s Raptors parade that took over the city streets Toronto in celebration the team’s historical NBA Championship. Drake, the team and all the league’s affiliates cruised through the streets on top a double-decker bus, before coming together at Nathan Phillip’s Square where speeches were held with the winning team. 

Drake Announces OVO Festival Revival During Toronto Raptors Parade
Vaughn Ridley/Getty s

Once Drake got on the mic, he gave his city more than they could have asked for when he announced the revival his beloved OVO Festival. The music festival is lead by a number surprise musical guests and started in 2010 and ended in 2017. “I hope all these guys will join me this year ’cause we bringing OVO Fest back so I hope we can go crazy!” he announced to the crowd, pointing to the Raptors roster. 

The parade was a historical moment for the city and even saw Drake’s new OVO airplane, dubbed Air Drake, circling the sky and coasting over the CN Tower.

Around two million people were downtown for the parade, taking city pride to a whole new level. “I’m living a dream right now,” Serge Ibaka told CBC, while Pascal Siakam added: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”