Kanye West Allegedly Almost Quit Rap Because It’s "The Devil’s Music"

As if the Sunday Service events aren’t enough of an indication, Kanye West appears to be heavily leaning toward being a full-time Christian rapper. In July, Nicki Minaj told her Queen Radio audience Ye was now a born-again Christian. 

According to a new Apologia Studios interview with Kanye’s pastor Adam Taylor, he was also a Hail Mary away from quitting rap because it’s “the devil’s music.”

“One time, he told me that he wasn’t going to rap,” Taylor says near the 23:30-mark. “I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, ‘That’s the devil’s music.’ I said, ‘Hey, man. Rap is a genre. You can rap for God.’

“I think he was already thinking about it a little bit, but I definitely said, ‘Hey, bro. I think you need to use your talents that God’s given you and use that platform for God.’”

Taylor and Ye began their spiritual work together in May when Kanye became a member of the West’s Placerita Bible Church parish.

In a new trailer for his upcoming IMAX movie Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film, he says, “I’m not here for your entertainment. I’m an evangelist,” a clear indication of where his head is these days.

The Latest Music Industry Gigs: Copyright Royalty Board, LiveXLive, TaP, AWAL, More

Here’s a recap of recent executive shuffles — including both hirings and in-house promotions — from across the music industry.

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We begin at the U.S. Copyright Office, where Librarian of Congress Carla D. Hayden slotted Steve Ruwe as the latest Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) judge.  So far, it looks like major DSPs like the guy: “He will be a tremendous addition to the Board and we congratulate him on his appointment,” DiMA emailed Digital Music News this morning.

Also this morning, LiveXLive Media is preparing to announce that CNBC cofounder Bridget Baker will be joining their board of directors. Baker is also the former president of content distribution at NBCUniversal, and will head LiveXLive’s compensation committee, according to details shared with DMN.

Elsewhere, TaP Music announced that it has promoted Wendy Ong to president of both TaP Records and TaP Management. In 2018, she joined the company as head of marketing, and she now will direct all label and management activities at the company’s U.S. offices.

The Fader Label has also announced 3 hires: Carson Oberg has become the company’s general manager, Josh Hymowitz has become its label coordinator and Yasmine Panah has become a project manager. Oberg will also work as an artist manager at the company.

Berklee College of Music announced that its longtime president, Roger H. Brown, will step down from his role on May 31st of 2021. Brown has been president of the prestigious performing arts school since 2004, and amazingly, he is only the 3rd president in the school’s 75-year history. No replacement for Brown has yet been announced.

AWAL has promoted Aaron Bogucki as its vice president of marketing at the company’s U.K. office. They have also promoted Nicki Shamel as the company’s vice president of digital sales & account management in the company’s North America office.

Spirit Music Group has appointed Nancy Matalon, who is a longtime A&R executive, as vice president of A&R. They have also hired Tamar Wax as its senior director of Film/TV and promoted Melanie Santa Rosa as its senior vice president, global administration.

Lastly, Sentric Music Group announced that Rosie Hill, who began working at the company in 2017, has been promoted to global head of synchronization. The company has also promoted Patrick Cloherty, who has been with the company since 2012, as the head of U.K. synch services. The company has further hired Ryan Williams-Reid as a synch executive while promoting Laura Duke as a synch assistant and Philip Morris as a synch executive.

Lizzo Faces Another Plagiarism Accusation from Cece Peniston

Lizzo is now battling multiple accusations of plagiarism.

But is this really ‘plagiarism’ and ‘copyright infringement,’ or simply similarities and well-known memes?

Over the weekend, 90s dance music singer CeCe Peniston claimed that Lizzo’s song “Juice” contains ad-libs from her 1992 hit, “Finally.” It’s the second infringement accusation against Lizzo in less than a week.

In an Instagram post, Peniston provided videos of both songs, which she insists use the same ad-libs in the choruses. While indicating that she loves Lizzo’s music, Peniston wrote that “this is a clear example of #copyrightinfringement.”

Peniston went on to say that about 40 seconds of Lizzo’s “Juice” uses ad-libs from “Finally.” So, according to her, this is an infringement of her copyright, as she believes that the threshold of fair use is 7 seconds.

“this is a clear example of #copyrightinfringement.”

Peniston is still touring successfully, largely based on her super-success from the 90s. During this time, she clocked multiple top-charging songs, with “Finally” easily the biggest of the lot.

Peniston is the second person within the past week to accuse Lizzo of plagiarism. The first person was producer and songwriter Justin Raisen, who is claiming that the opening line from Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” hit was taken from a song that he, Lizzo and others co-wrote called “Healthy,” which was recorded as a demo.

However, Raisen is not the only person claiming to have written the line. A British singer named Mina Lionesss also insists that Lizzo stole the line from a tweet that she wrote, which subsequently went viral. Raisen even confirmed that the tweet was the inspiration of the lyric that they wrote together.

“Juice” was a single from Lizzo’s hit album Cuz I Love You. The song was a minor hit, especially in comparison with “Truth Hurts,” which went viral two years after it was initially released. Ironically, the searing success of “Truth Hurts” helped to raise awareness of other tracks, including “Juice” and a slew of lesser-known cuts.

Chris Brown Reacts To Rihanna Video Listening To One Of His Songs

The majority Rihanna‘s fanbase does not want the pop star to ever think /mention/listen to/date Chris Brown ever again in her life. They’ve made that very clear but, for some reason, the Virginia-based singer isn’t making it easy for them to forget about his existence. After all the controversies they lived through as a couple, Breezy is still seemingly still fiending for his ex-girlfriend. Some would consider them to be soulmates but, right now, Rihanna is spending time with her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel. That’s not stopping CB from shooting his shot any chance he gets though.

A few weeks ago, the star could be found in RiRi’s comments section, wishing he were the lamp in her lingerie photo. He earned some backlash for the remark but then joked that he would be capitalizing on the hatred by marketing a lamp with his face on it. Things got even more complicated this weekend when the head Fenty Beauty shared a video to promote a new collection lip glosses and, in the background, she was playing a CB record. According to The Blast, Brown’s song “Come Together” was playing in the background and, course, the singer responded with another flirtatious note.

Coming through with a simple heart emoji, Chris didn’t have much to say. He later added the following though: “For life. Keep winning QUEEN.” Chris is fully aware that Rih is still keeping up with his musical releases and he’s clearly happy about that. 

Chris Brown Reacts To Rihanna Video Listening To One Of His Songs

Azealia Banks Shares Message For Fans: "I Wish You Would All Shut Up"

Many would argue that Azealia Banks’s career and incredible musical talent have been tainted by her tendency to take shots at literally everyone. Many artists have been subject to Bank’s wrath, either being accused  stealing her style or simply not being too good at what they do. She even recently came for the universally-adored Rihanna for her weight gain

One can fantasize about an alternative universe where Banks hadn’t incessantly made such caustic comments and people would be able to stan her free any guilt. However, that is certainly not the reality we’re living in and there have been no signs that we’re heading in that direction. On Sunday, the “212” artist posted photos from her Elle Russia photoshoot and announced that she would be changing her Russian stage name. Banks has been spending time and recording in Russia, which seems to have been the birth place her recently-released mixtape, Yung Rapunxel II.  

After a fan commented on one her IG posts that they “just wished] she would shut up” so that her words would stop interfering with her work, Banks clapped back with a lengthy response. She even took a screenshot her response and posted it so everyone hears her message loud and clear. “I wish you would all shut up too!,” she wrote. “It’s really hard to focus and concentrate when the Internet allows non-ARTISTS and people with zero talent to have an opinion about anything.” The rest the reprimand follows along these lines telling people that their constant commenting on her life is responsible for the stifling  her career and output. “Music doesn’t come from me just because you demand it. Once you understand how you as an audience member need to stay in your place, stay in your seat, be quiet and not disturb the show on stage THEN… Azealia Banks will be the goody two shoes world wide phenom you want her to be.” 

Read the full message below. 

Nicki Minaj Explains Her Controversial Retirement Tweet

When Nicki Minaj told the world that she was retiring from music earlier this year, her fans begged her to reconsider. The legendary female rapper is considered one the best all time and to see her depart from the game would be heartbreaking to her legion fans. She still has so much to fer but, these days, she’s more concerned with starting a family with her husband-to-be Kenneth Petty. Since last summer, she and Petty have been flaunting their relationship goals across social media and they’re expected to tie the knot within fifteen days. During a sit-down conversation with The Shade Room, she confirmed as much, stating that the paperwork side their marriage will be completed soon. She also had something to say about her controversial decision to quit music.

“When I posted that retirement tweet, I knew that I still had music that I already had recorded that was still gonna come out,” said the Queen. “The retirement was talking about my album, meaning do I want to go back and record my fifth album. That’s what I was talking about. But I knew that, course, features… you know I always get asked to do features and I like features. So, it was really about the fifth album.”

Nicki says that she didn’t know her fans would react the way that they did but, considering how big a name the artist is, she should have seen that coming. Are you hoping for new music from Minaj soon?

NBA YoungBoy Gets New Tattoo While Cuddling With His Girlfriend

When your name is YoungBoy Never Broke Again, you have your tattoo artist come out to the crib to get some new ink. Even if he wasn’t on house arrest, this is likely a perk being one the hottest rappers in the entire world. Right now, NBA YoungBoy is unable to go on tour or perform any shows, being restricted to his hood for the next year as a result his probation violation. Thankfully for him, he’s still striving musically, netting his first-ever No. 1 album with AI YoungBoy 2 and getting some new ink to celebrate

NBA YoungBoy Gets New Tattoo While Cuddling With His Girlfriend
Paras Griffin/Getty s

The star’s new girlfriend, who is also Kodak Black’s ex, shared a video them cuddling as the rapper got his torso tatted up. They looked comfortable, perhaps even taking a quick nap, with the needle going in and out YB’s skin. The soothing sounds Future Hendrix played in the background. 

The superstar’s girlfriend, who is known as Dej Rose Gold, has been criticized for her connection to the rapper but she swears their bond is real. Commenting back to a fan who asked which rapper she would be going after once she finishes up with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Dej joked that Tupac Shakur was next on her list. Clearly, she plans on roughing things out with YoungBoy.

Read our review the rapper’s new mixtape here.

Future’s "Crushed Up" Kicks Off HBO’s "Watchmen" Premiere

The influence Future‘s The WIZRD is only now beginning to manifest. Considered among the year’s lowkey best albums, Future’s darkest project in a minute featured plenty mysterious and hazy imagery. It’s no wonder that the team behind HBO and Damon Lindel’s Watchmen series, a “remix” Alan Moore’s iconic graphic novel, looked to Big Future for sonic inspiration. In what may very well prove to be the crossover event 2019, the series premiere kicked f with Future’s “Crushed Up,” sending social media into a celebratory uproar. 

The premiere, titled “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out Ice,” was directed by Nicole Kassell. She revealed that it was actually Lindel who co-signed the Future placement, speaking with Complex about the showrunner’s visionary status. “I think one my favorite things about Damon’s work is his use music,” she revealed. “And he’s so good at finding a song that is a perfect contradiction to a scene yet then it somehow works. And the words that song is actually really relevant to the theme the episode or the title the episode.”

Clearly, the wisdom Future knows no bounds. May his presence continue to infiltrate HBO in the coming months. Have you watched The Watchmen yet? 

Future's "Crushed Up" Kicks Off HBO's "Watchmen" Premiere

Paras Griffin/Getty s 


Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Stylist Sues Her For Allegedly Not Returning Expensive Clothes

Everyone seems to want a piece Nicki Minaj lately. Besides her feud with Tracy Chapman over copyright infringement, the rapper’s ex-stylist Maher Jridi is suing her over designer clothes. The stylist worked with Nicki in 2017 and claims to have spent thousands on rented outfits from a wardrobe company, but was never reimbursed. According to Maher, Nicki Minaj refused to give back expensive clothes that he borrowed from a third party. The company that fered him the clothes then sued him for $74k and won. Maher is, therefore, suing the rapper for refusing to pay the bill, and causing him emotional distress. 

Nicki Minaj's Ex-Stylist Sues Her For Allegedly Not Returning Expensive Clothes

Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

Nicki Minaj didn’t hesitate to counter-sue him, claiming she overly compensated him with $12k in the past, and although he promised to repay her, he never did. She also denied his claims refusing to return clothes and demanded the dismissal this suit. Nicki Minaj also recently pleaded for the judge to seal her videotaped deposition with ex-stylist from September 20th. She claimed she has the right to privacy due to confidential information being exchanged in good faith. The motion included, “given Maraj’s fame as a world-renowned rapper and entertainer, she fears the Plaintiff intends to publicly disseminate confidential document discovery and pre-trial testimony in order to embarrass or otherwise damage her.”

Minaj’s lawyer is fighting hard to keep this video deposition sealed, but Maher’s counsel keeps demanding that the judge refuse the motion. Maher is stating that Minaj should not get special privileges only because she’s a celebrity. The judge has yet to rule. In other news, Nicki Minaj was really proud to launch her Fendi collection, which exploded in countries that live for designer brands, such as Saudi Arabia. It seems that the lawsuit over expensive clothes did not tarnish Minaj’s partnership with the expensive brand.

Danny Brown Blasts Male Fan Who Heckled Opening Act Ashnikko

Danny Brown recently embarked on the Uknowhatimsayin¿ tour in support his latest album with opening acts ZelooperZ and Ashnikko. Unfortunately, during a recent show in Dallas, Ashnikko had to deal with a heckler who was undoubtedly doing the most to upset her. “last night some lame ass dude was heckling me n shouting that my “music sucks” while I was onstage. put his own headphones on & nearly had me in fuckin tears midset,” she tweeted.

The heckler didn’t go unnoticed and Danny Brown made a concerted effort to address it during his set. “Aye, my n***a. I heard that hoe ass sh*t you said to my niece, my n***a. How you think I’m ‘posed to handle that?” He asked the concert-goer before directly pointing him out. “Yeah, you. I heard what the fuck you said. I heard you, my n***a. I heard the fuck you said my n***a. Ain’t no mothafuckin’ jokes. We respect women.”

“You see me come out here with people, you respect them the same way you respect me if you a fan me, you know what I’m sayin’? Grow the fuck up, my n***a. You was wrong for that shit,” he continued. “Respect women, man. Regardless what, that’s a mothafuckin’ female. What the fuck she supposed to do? You know what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause now, we gotta beat you the fuck up,” he concluded before jumping into “Dirty Laundry.”

Ashnikko thanked him on Twitter for stopping his show to address the heckler. 

Rihanna Upsets Fans by Using Chris Brown Song in Fenty Beauty Video

It’s been a decade since Rihanna and Chris Brown split, but RiRi is still a fan of his music.

The singer took to social media on Saturday to promote her Fenty Beauty products, but it was her song choice that raised eyebrows. The clip shows her Glossy Posse lip gloss products in a pool, soundtracked by Chris Brown’s H.E.R. collaboration “Come Together.”

“Gang Gang. just me and my #GlossyPosse !!! @fentybeauty,” tweeted RiRi.

Fans took to social media to voice their disapproval based on their troubled past (The couple split in 2009 after Brown physically assaulted Rihanna). “Years of an abusive relationship brought about by the man singing this song,” tweeted one user, while Rihanna reportedly blocked another fan for their comment.

But not everyone was mad. Others, including members of Team Breezy, shared their support for her Indigo song selection. “That’s why I love you!! I knew that u we’re not a person that carries bad memories from others,” wrote one fan.

It wasn’t long before Chris himself noticed the post and left a heart emoji in Rihanna’s comments. He also showed his approval by reposting the clip on Instagram Stories with the praying hands and smiling face with hearts emojis.

Kanye West Considered Quitting Rap Because It’s the ‘Devil’s Music’

Kanye West almost turned his back on rap.

The rapper’s pastor, Adam Tyson, recently spoke with Christian-based media outlet Apologia Studios ( XXL) about Kanye’s religious rebirth and how its affected his music.

“[Kanye] started visiting our church back in mid-May,” said Tyson, who is the senior pastor at Placerita Bible Church in Newhall, Calif.

After showing up to service a few times, he requested to speak with Tyson. “[Kanye] said, ‘About five weeks ago, I got radically saved,’” shared the pastor. “He just started telling me a little about his testimony.”

Kanye told Tyson that he turned to Christianity after feeling the “weight of sin” from fame and the music industry. “The guilt of sin brought him down low,” he said. “He would say the devil basically brought him to a place where he just felt like he was in bondage to his sin. So he said, ‘I got delivered.’”

At one point, he even considered giving up rap altogether. “One time, he told me that he wasn’t going to rap,” Tyson revealed. “I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, ‘Well, that’s the devil’s music.’ I said, ‘Hey, man. Rap is a genre. You can rap for God.’ I think he was already thinking about it a little bit, but I just definitely said, ‘Hey, bro. I think you need to use your talents that God’s given you and use that platform for God.’”

Ye ultimately decided not to abandon his craft, but use it as vehicle to spread his beliefs. He continues to host his gospel-themed Sunday Service performances, which made a recent stop in Jamaica. His religious-themed album Jesus Is King is reportedly now due Oct. 25, while his film of the same name arrives in IMAX theaters the same day.

#DXHitList: Yo Gotti, Casanova & Kash Doll Top This Week’s Spotify Playlist

Spotify – Following a long hiatus, the #DXHitList is back with new music to kick off your week. This edition is fully rebooted with new bops from Yo Gotti and Youngboy Never Broke Again as well as new tracks from Casanova and Kash Doll.

A remixed version of Yo Gotti and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Pose” with a fresh verse from Megan Thee Stallion tops off this week’s #DXHitList. It’s been two years since Gotti has released an album, but he’s currently gearing up for the release of his 10th studio LP.

Next up, Casanova’s “Woah” featuring Jeremih off his debut album Behind These Scars. The R&B-tinged ZALE and Beat Butcha-produced track fits perfectly between Jeremih’s crooning and Cas’ hard-hitting Brooklyn style of spitting.

Also making the cut this week is “No Lames” by Kash Doll and Summer Walker off the former’s debut album Stacked. The two joined forces to deliver a fire track to make it clear that under no circumstance will lames be tolerated.

The #DXHitList also features new music from R&B singer Allyn, Frank Ocean and Ghetto Sage‘s debut single “Häagen Dazs.”

Press play and follow the #DXHitList below.

Drake’s Dad Seemingly Has A Thing For Tiffany "New York" Pollard

Drake and his father were involved in a public spat a few weeks ago and now, Dennis Graham is back in the news after he was seen cozying up to a reality star after a “magical” night.

A recording artist in his own right, Dennis Graham is the father one the world’s biggest musicians ever. He’s got himself a signature look with his mustache and round shades, attracting attention wherever he goes in the Los Angeles area. He’s a regular on the club scene and last night, he was spotted getting comfortable with former Flavor Of Love star Tiffany Pollard. If you don’t remember the entertainer, who ten goes by “New York,” we recently caught up with her here

Drake's Dad Seemingly Has A Thing For Tiffany "New York" Pollard
Jerritt Clark/Getty s

Drake‘s dad and the self-proclaimed HBIC seemingly hit it f right away and, at the end the night, they were missing each other dearly. They both posted photos with one another on their socials and Pollard’s post made it clear that she’s down for a second date. “@therealdennisg you made the night MAGICAL,” she wrote as her caption. In the comments section, Dennis Graham came through with some flirtatious vibes. “Thanks sweetheart so did you, I just tried calling you from a 901 number,” he revealed.

Do you think we’ve got a new couple forming? What do you think these two?

Suge Knight Has Officially Sold His Life Rights To Ray J

It was only a matter time before the story Suge Knight graced the screen. Straight Outta Compton notwithstanding, as he was a peripherary character with limited screentime. Given that the infamous mogul helped birth one hip-hop’s longstanding musical dynasties, Suge’s biopic would make for a compelling and interesting cinematic journey. Not to mention, it might serve to provide a little bit insight into one the game’s most feared and (occasionally) revered figures. Now, according to a report from TMZ, the time may very well be upon us.

Suge Knight Has Officially Sold His Life Rights To Ray J

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Apparently, the incarcerated Suge has ficially sold his life rights to none other than Ray J. A decision spurred by financial foresight, Suge seems to have deemed Ray J the perfect catalyst to deliver his message, an objective party capable doing his story justice. Citing their longtime friendship and mutual trust, Suge has given Ray J carte blanche to handle any and all dealings regarding to Suge’s life story. And that goes for all mediums, from the big screen to the page.

For now, it would seem a documentary is among the first projects in the works, with rumblings a 2Pac-related project to follow. All well and good, though it feels like a missed opportunity for an arthouse-inspired Suge Knight biopic. Perhaps that’s yet to come. Are you trying to learn more about Suge Knight’s life story?