Cardi B Calls For "Tiger King" Joe Exotic’s Freedom

It seems like everyone has been tuning into Netflix’s Tiger King this week. Viewers have been hashing out their thoughts surrounding the incarcerated Joe Exotic ever since Netflix debuted the docuseries recently. Joe Exotic’s found some pretty famous supporters, as well, including Cardi B.

Seeing as how she’s been practicing social distancing, Cardi B has clearly had some time to dive into Netflix. Though she admitted on Thursday that she was lost in the second episode because she was having , she clearly caught up on all the details. “Carol you think you slick bitch,” she wrote on Twitter. She later retweeted a fan meme that read, “Carole Baskins fed her husband to the tigers.” That’s been a running theory throughout the series that Carole has denied. 

Exotic is currently locked up for allegedly trying to set up the murder Carole Baskin, who serves as the onscreen antagonist in the series. However, Cardi pledged to free the man. She even went as far as vowing to launch a GoFundMe in his honor. “Bout to start a gundme account for Joe .He shall be free,” she wrote. Chances are she’s joking, though, but she clearly got invested in the series. 

Joe Exotic has filed a $94M lawsuit against the federal government claiming that they’ve discriminated against and conspired against him to have him locked up. 

Tyga Made A Banger About Quarantine Bordeom

It’s already started to happen. The sunshine burns the eyes a little bit more. The Netflix menu is starting to become an old friend. Underwear is feeling more optional than necessary. Menial tasks have become the centerpiece a given day. This is quarantine life, a life we are all experiencing as one. Even artists like Tyga, once known as hip-hop’s reigning ass-connoisseur, an extroverted young bachelor hellbent on sowing his wild oats by any means necessary. Coronavirus prevention measures do not discriminate.

Tyga Made A Banger About Quarantine Bordeom

 Pascal Le Segretain/Getty s

As such, T-Raww is as bored as the rest us. True, his mansion may be a playground unto itself, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t already exhausted any and all options. It’s no wonder the antics have begun to sink in. Late last night, Tyga hit his home studio to reflect on his current state affairs, whipping up a banger tentatively titled “Bored In The House.” To emphasize said boredom, he made sure to accompany the snippet with a playful video revealing his quarantine blues in action.

What’s strange about the whole thing is — the song actually kinda goes. Maybe it’s just the quarantine talking, but I think Tyga is onto something with this one. Perhaps he oughta release the full version while we’re still on collective lockdown. Who knows what type antics-fuelled mayhem can go number one in this delicate climate?

"Tiger King" Joe Exotic Files $94 Million Lawsuit Against Feds

Surely you’ve been on the internet lately and noticed that everyone is talking about Netflix’s new docu-series, Tiger King. Netflix has ramped up it’s coverage both comedy shows and documentaries, and it’s generally-agreed upon that they’re killing it in the process. Netflix has blessed us with many in-depth, stranger than fiction documentaries on people and things we really may have never known about without them, at least not the general public en masse — from Wild Wild Country‘s expose on Bhagwan Rajneesh to Don’t Fuck With Cats, and Tiger King is just the latest in their documentary exploits.

The documentary explores the Game Thrones-esque relationship between several prominent big cat breeders and safari/zoo owners. Among them, there is Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and Doc Antle. Joe Exotic, who is currently incarcerated in a murder-for-hire plot, is now using his new-found fame to shed more light on his situation. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the series yet (but also, get on it, it’s amazing).

"Tiger King" Joe Exotic Files $94 Million Lawsuit Against Feds

Mark Kolbe/Getty s

In new legal documents, Joe Exotic is claiming he was falsely arrested and imprisoned, and the victim discrimination. Joe is suing the U.S. Department Interior and the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service for putting “the generic tiger” on their endangered species list, which he says is a move that directly affects his livelihood and was targeted at him. He states that it is the same as “stealing my property and promoting an animal rights agenda.”

Exotic goes on to allege that he was “discriminated against because he is the only person charged with this statute because he] is an openly gay male with the largest collection generic tigers and crossbreeds.”

He’s demanding $78,840,000 for the loss his personal property and the almost-two-decade’s worth effort he put into working with his tigers.

It doesn’t end there, he’s seeking an additional $15 million when it comes to his criminal conviction, going after former business partner Jeff Lowe for allegedly lying and planting evidence, as well as another former colleague whom he claims was an informant and directly contributed to the death his mother, Shirley.

Have you watched Tiger King yet? Sound f.

Sony Aims For PS5 To Be "As Easy As Netflix"

Though Sony has yet to unveil an ficial release date for the upcoming Playstation 5 console, opting to keep the “holiday 2020” window open barring any coronavirus-related delays, fan excitement remains at an all-time high. All the more so following a recent reveal the PS5’s tech specs, which include a solid-state drive and a 10.28 TFLOP GPU. Not to mention the inevitable sequels to games like God Of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, as well as the ever-lingering hope for a second visit to the world Bloodborne’s Yharnam. 

Sony Aims For PS5 To Be "As Easy As Netflix"

Justin Sullivan/Getty s

Today, a new report has shed a wider light on Sony’s intentions for their upcoming console, which centers around general quality life changes to the gaming experience. Citing testimony from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Sony aims to make playing the PS5 as “easy as Netflix,” alluding to the possibility instantly loading up a game and foreseeing exactly how long a given session might take. The main goal thereby being to open the door for smaller gaming windows, rather than the typical multi-hour burst that so ten feels like a requirement. 

Given that load-times are said to be borderline non-existent in this console generation, it’s easy to picture a world where PS5 gamers can load up multiple games in the blink an eye, should the Netflix comparison prove apt. As we have yet to see anything ficial surrounding the dashboard menu, there’s really no telling how far Sony intends to go with their next operating system. One thing is for certain — it seems they’re going for broke with this one, and we can’t wait to see the PS5 in action.


YouTube Downgrades to SD Video Quality by Default Worldwide

YouTube downgrades its video quality to SD amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, YouTube decided to reduce Europe’s streaming default to SD quality. This move comes as more people are staying home to avoid spreading coronavirus. Now by default, videos on YouTube will play at SD (480p) quality.

You can still watch high-definition videos on YouTube, but you need to choose HD every time.

A YouTube spokesperson told Bloomberg they are working closely with ISPs and governments.

“We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the globe to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation,” the statement reads.

YouTube isn’t the only company to reduce its video quality over bandwidth concerns.

Netflix reduced its streaming bitrates in Europe, estimating a 25% reduction in network burden. Both Apple and Amazon are also taking similar steps in the EU. Both companies may follow suit in the US if the situation calls for it. Netflix says it may consider bandwidth reduction globally if it receives enough local authority requests.

The stress placed on our broadband networks continues to grow as people are told to stay home. More people are working from home, streaming movies, playing games, and listening to music than ever before.

Even Sony is getting on board with reducing bandwidth game downloads consume. It will slow down PlayStation Network downloads for all players in Europe to “preserve internet access for the entire community.” But online gaming isn’t even the most prominent data hog, compared to streaming YouTube and Netflix.

Playing Fortnite and Minecraft uses about 100MB of data per hour. Streaming in HD on Netflix or YouTube uses about 3GB per hour.

No wonder YouTube downgrades video quality among the outbreak – streaming videos is a bandwidth-hogging activity. Music streaming is right now, as more people turn to games and streaming.

TikTok Donates $10 Million to WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Relief Fund

TikTok has donated $10 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) Solidarity Response Fund, which is being used to help WHO combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and deliver medical supplies to first responders and sufferers.

TikTok also pledged $3 million to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After-School All-Stars charity, which is working to distribute meals to children who rely on schools’ food programs for sustenance. (Many U.S. colleges have made classes remote for the remainder of the year, while a substantial number of elementary, middle, and high schools have announced long breaks for students.)

Additionally, the Chinese video-sharing app is “matching employee donations to a range of local and global initiatives,” including WHO and Red Cross.

Besides announcing these multimillion-dollar donations and voicing support for health professionals and first responders, TikTok President Alex Zhu highlighted the other ways his company is helping during the pandemic. Specifically, TikTok has hosted “a number of livestreams with WHO experts,” created a WHO information page on the app, and directed users towards “trusted information.”

The message concluded with a reminder that social distancing and thorough hygienic practices will curb COVID-19’s spread, prevalence, and impact.

A multitude of companies and professionals have stepped up to assist those who’re suffering—medically and/or financially—because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the music community, Rihanna and her charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation, have to relief efforts, and the Recording Academy and its charitable branch, MusiCares, have provided $2 million to the COVID-19 Relief Fund that they established.

And yesterday, Netflix created a $100 million relief fund of its own, which will benefit out-of-work film and television set staff members.

The Senate is currently negotiating a $1.5 trillion stimulus package that’s expected to provide, among other things, funds to small businesses, $1,000 or larger checks to most American adults, and aid for certain industries and professional spheres. However, lawmakers’ disagreements about the legislation’s specifics have delayed its passing.

President Trump has made clear that he will sign the bill into law once it reaches his desk.


Netflix, YouTube Cut Streaming Quality In Europe Over COVID-19 Crisis

We can only imagine that those you who haven’t had to work remotely in the midst the quarantine has been running up the YouTube and Netflix streams. In Europe, where the Coronavirus pandemic has hit extremely hard, there seems to be a continental crisis surrounding Netflix and YouTube with both companies announcing that they’ll be reducing the streaming quality for the next 30 days.

Netflix, YouTube Cut Streaming Quality In Europe Over COVID-19 Crisis
Ken Ishii/Getty s

CNN reports that the increase in streaming on both YouTube and Netflix could crash the Internet in the next month in Europe if they don’t act immediately. That being said, EU ficials have already asked the public to stop streaming in HD when necessary to ease the internet. However, both reps for Netflix and Google, who owns YouTUbe, issued statements regarding the use their platforms moving forward.

“We estimate that this will reduce Netflix traffic on European networks by around 25% while also ensuring a good quality service for our members,” a rep for Netflix said.

A rep for Google stated they’re trying to ease the stress on the system without rendering the quality for their users. “We will continue working with member state governments and network operators to minimize stress on the system, while also delivering a good user experience,” a rep said. 

Well, for those you in Europe, try to go for 1080p instead 4K. I promise it isn’t that bad. 

Netflix Sets Up $100 Million Film & TV Workers Relief Fund

Netflix is stepping forward to help workers in the entertainment industry who are temporarily out work after most television and film productions were shut down as a result coronavirus, by setting up a $100 million relief fund. As coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, the threat contraction has caused tons industries to virtually shut down as a temporary measure. The inability to work from home or adjust to these changing conditions has caused tons people around the world to be out work, including those in the entertainment industry. Plenty film and television productions have closed down until the pandemic settles down, leading plenty workers on these sets to lose their jobs. According to Uproxx, an estimated 120,000 people in the entertainment industry have had their jobs impacted by these production shutdowns around the world.

Netflix Sets Up $100 Million Film & TV Workers Relief FundDavid McNew/Getty s

In an effort to relieve some the financial burden facing unemployment as a result coronavirus, Netflix has set up a $100 million fund for entertainment industry workers. As a major player in the industry, the Netflix team feels a responsibility to fer assistance to the people who keep the business running. As The Guardian points out, much  this fund will go toward employees that have been affected by Netflix’s own production shutdowns.

Netflix Sets Up $100 Million Film & TV Workers Relief FundChris McGrath/Getty s

“The Covid-19 crisis is devastating for many industries, including the creative community,” Ted Sarandos, the chief content ficer at Netflix, said in a statement. “Almost all television and film production has now ceased globally – leaving hundreds thousands crew and cast without jobs. These include electricians, carpenters and drivers, many whom are paid hourly wages and work on a project-to-project basis. This community has supported Netflix through the good times, and we want to help them through these hard times, especially while governments are still figuring out what economic support they will provide.” According to The Guardian, in addition to the fund, Netflix has agreed to pay two weeks’ worth wages to workers. They will also be donating $15 million to various non-prit organizations that fer emergency relief to out–work cast and crew members in countries where Netflix has major productions.

YouTube Drops HD Streaming Amid Streaming Surge Joining Netflix

YouTube is dropping HD streaming in Europe amid the coronavirus outbreak – joining Netflix.

Both streaming services are self-regulating and complying with a request from the EU. The move is temporary in response to calls from the European Commission for platforms to help ease demand. As more people stay home to work – infrastructure is being stress-tested.

Users can still switch to HD streaming – this move only applies to default streaming.

Even just that move could save lots of bandwidth; most people can’t tell the difference above 720p quality on small screens. A YouTube spokesperson confirmed the news, saying they had seen a few usage peaks.

“We have measures in place to automatically adjust our system to use less network capacity,” the statement says. “We are in ongoing conversations with the regulators, governments, and network operators all across Europe and are committing to temporarily default all traffic in the UK and EU to SD.”

YouTube did not say whether these changes would affect people in other regions, like the US Yesterday, it would do the same, defaulting to SD streaming in Europe for 30 days. Millions of Europeans are being encouraged to stay home as part of proactive quarantine measures.

The European Commission says it is concerned about the impact the sudden rise in demand may have. YouTube HD streaming is the very definition of a non-essential service.

Many people are now working from home, and their kids are attending online classes. A significant spike in demand for digital entertainment services could impact those essential use cases. The move is a smart one, and one both YouTube and Netflix will likely comply will if US infrastructure ever becomes overwhelmed.

Google says they haven’t seen much change in regional traffic peaks, but usage patterns are changing. More people are at home and using YouTube at a time when they would otherwise be at work, extending usage hours.

Beyoncé Co-Signs Netflix "Homecoming" Watch Party Amid Social Distancing

Streaming numbers will surely go up in the next few weeks as the majority people practice social distancing in the comfort their home. Thanks to Netflix’s new plug-in, friends can have watch parties without having to leave their homes. Bringing unity at troubled times, it appears that Beyonce fans are joining forces to have a watch party for Bey’s 2019 documentary, Homecoming. Editorial member Netflix and Strong Black Lead tweeted, “Can we all watch Homecoming as a group some time this week and relive that again???” Following an overwhelming response, she later added a time and a date for this plan. “Alright, let’s do this thing! How’s Wednesday at 6 PM PST (9 EST)??? We can use the hashtag #HOMEcoming,” she tweeted.

Beyoncé Co-Signs Netflix "Homecoming" Watch Party Amid Social Distancing
Larry Busacca/Getty s

It appears that this caught enough traction to get Beyonce’s attention who retweeted the original tweet. Of course, OP was struck with excitement after getting acknowledged by Beyonce. “I AM ON THE FLOOR!!!!! BEYONCE RTED ME!!! WHAT THE HELLLLLL!!!! I AM DYIIIIIINNNGG SEND HELP!!!!! I AM CRYIIIIIIIIIIIIING,” she wrote before adding that Beyonce barely tweets from her account, let alone retweeting fans.

Following the watch party, Beyonce fans proved that there’s strength in numbers as it became the #1 global trend on Twitter within 45 minutes the watch party. With 500K tweets surrounding Beyonce’s Homecoming in total within the span 24 hours, the Beyhive have found a way to lift their spirits during these difficult times. 

Vanessa Hudgens Under Fire After Coronavirus Comments

Vanessa Hudgens is under fire for comments she made about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the 31-year-old said that the July timetable for the coronavirus’s dying down (which some medical professionals have suggested) “sounds like a bunch of bull—t, I’m sorry.”

The High School Musical star then stated: “Even if everybody gets it, like, yeah, people are gonna die, which is terrible, but like…inevitable?”

Finally, the video message closed with a bit of foresight that would prove eerily accurate, as Hudgens said, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now.”

Social-media users were quick to push back against and criticize Hudgens’s comments, and she promptly issued an apology. In the text-only response to the controversy, Hudgens wrote: “I realize my words were insensitive and not at all appropriate…I’m sending safe wishes to everyone.”

Despite striking a tone of regret, Hudgens has hardly been let off the hook by those on social media; an array of users, seemingly from both sides of the political spectrum and many walks of life, have been quick to condemn her words.

One Twitter user wrote: “As someone who has supported some of your work, it’s [the coronavirus video is] deeply disappointing.” Another individual emphasized that the apology was insufficient: “Never will go see anything you ever do again.”

Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t been without supporters, however. Chrissy Teigen defended her on social media, writing: “sometimes people, especially famous people, are gonna say really stupid s–t. & so are you. and they, and u, will learn from it & hopefully their history says they’re good. it’s ok. and at the same time, wow they really had a dumb f—-n moment. but u don’t have ruin their lives.”

Predictably, Teigen’s initial message was followed by multiple expansions and conversations with concerned users. At the time of this piece’s writing, Hudgens hadn’t publicly responded to Teigen’s support.

Vanessa Hudgens is currently filming a Netflix film adaptation of Tick, Tick… Boom!, which is being directed by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Kristofer Hivju Of "Game Of Thrones" Tests Positive For COVID-19

Krister Hivju, known for playing the beloved Tormund Giantsbane in Game Of Thrones, is the latest high prile celebrity to confirm a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The Norwegian actor, who was recently cast in Netflix’ hit series The Witcher, took to Instagram to issue a PSA. 

Krister Hivju Of "Game Of Thrones" Tests Positive For COVID-19

Rich Polk/Getty s

“Greetings from Norway! Sorry to say that I, today, have tested positive for COVID19, Corona virus. My familiy and I are self-isolating at home for as long as it takes,” writes Hivju, in full bearded glory. “We are in good health – I only have mild symptoms a cold. There are people at higher risk for who this virus might be a devastating diagnosis, so I urge all you to be extremely careful; wash your hands, keep 1,5 meters distance from others, go in quarantine; just do everything you can to stop the virus from spreading.”

Prior to his diagnosis, Hivju was in the process filming The Witcher, where he was tapped to play the character  Nivellen, an aristocratic nobleman suffering from a monstrous curse. Deadline recently revealed that The Witcher’s set has since undergone a thorough “deep clean,” with production being halted as a result. It’s unclear how this will affect the series moving forward, but Hivju’s health is certainly the priority. Game Of Thrones fans already know how resilient the man can be. We wish him and his family all the best throughout this trying time. 

Netflix Extension Allows Users To Have Watch Parties With Friends

Millions people across the world are self-isolating themselves right now because the coronavirus outbreak, but thankfully there’s always Netflix to keep us entertained while we’re bored at home. If you didn’t know, the streaming giant now has a “Netflix Party” Google extension which allows you to watch the same show along with your friends.

The extension, which is called “Netflix Party,” lets you watch the same Netflix shows at the same time as all your friends and adds a group chat to the screen so that even when you’re in isolation you can still feel as though you’re all watching together. The extension has been around for years, but it’s currently surging in popularity due to the pandemic, and it recently received an update that added seven extra servers, Business Insider reports.

How it works is that one person picks a program to stream, and they can then send a link to friends (who must also have the extension) to “invite” them to watch at the same time. Additionally, the extension lets users type messages to each another while watching their show as well.

So if you’re stuck at home for the next couple weeks, be sure to give this a try if you’re wanting to watch some shows with your friends.

Netflix Partners With John Boyega To Produce African Films

Netflix has signed a new deal with John Boyega’s UpperRoom Productions to deliver non-English language feature films with a focus on West and East Africa. The Star Wars star announced the partnership Twitter on Tuesday, expressing his excitement to embark on this endeavour. “I am thrilled to announce that my production company, UpperRoom Productions, will be partnering with Netflix International, to develop a slate non English feature films,” he tweeted.

“We are proud to grow this arm our business with a company that shares our vision,” he added. The aim is to develop projects that include stories, cast, crew, characters, mythology, literary properties, and screenplays that are focused on African countries. “Africa has a rich history in storytelling and for Netflix, this partnership with John and UpperRoom presents an opportunity to further our investment in the continent while bringing unique African stories to our members both in Africa and around the world,” said Netflix’s VP International Film, David Kosse.

For UpperRoom Productions, the partnership is about a commitment to “sourcing stories and creating content” that will allow audiences to see the world through “a new lens.” Boyega’s production company was founded in 2016, with Pacific Rim: Uprising serving as its first production credit in 2018.

Mark Wahlberg Joins HBO Max For "Wahl Street" 8-Part Docuseries

Fresh f releasing his new film Spenser Confidential on Netflix, veteran actor Mark Wahlberg is diving deeper into the streaming service world with an upcoming eight-part docuseries on HBO Max titled Wahl Street.

Mark Wahlberg Joins HBO Max For "Wahl Street" 8-Part Docuseries
GP/Star Max/GC s

According to Variety, the premise  Wahl Street will simply be a day-in-the-life series that shows the many sides  Wahlberg’s career, from actor and entrepreneur to his personal life and the people within it. As an added bonus, each episode will also feature many entrepreneurs, inventors and aspiring business owners that will be pitching Mark on new opportunities in an attempt to gain his endorsement, almost sounding like a Shark Tank-style component thrown into the mix. The ficial HBO Max description says “viewers will learn about his successes and failures and glean powerful business and life lessons while also getting to know the cast colorful characters that make up Wahlberg’s real-life entourage.” In short, we probably can expect this to play out a lot like Entourage, the hit HBO fictional series that was loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s rise in Hollywood, except this time IRL. Let’s just hope Post Malone makes a cameo appearance in at least one episode!

Wahl Street ficially began filming in December 2019. Unrealistic Ideas, Wahlberg’s production company alongside Stephen Levinson and Archie Gips, will serve as executive producers in addition to Liz Bronstein.