Koncept Talks Upcoming LP & Revisited Royce Da 5’9” Collaboration: “He Murdered It”

New York City, NY – Having been blessed to spend the past two years on the road — with much of that time spent in Asia — Brown Bag All-Stars alumni Koncept is preparing to drop his new album this summer.

Fresh off of a sold-out tour in South Korea/Japan with Scoop Deville, the Queens (New York) native tells HipHopDX about the first single “Watch The Sky Fall 2” featuring elite MC Royce Da 5’9”.

“Obstacles, problems, and fails … you have to roll with them and use them to better yourself and make you stronger,” Koncept says of the song’s message.

“When The Sky Falls 2” is an updated revisit of the original 2011 version (also featuring Royce) which was produced by Marco Polo. The update, as he explains, was him tapping into where it all started — but with a zest for new life

“Working with Royce was a blessing,” he says of the collaboration. “[He’s] undeniably one of the best and definitely one of my biggest inspirations as a rapper … so to have him on my song is an honor. He murdered it.

The song is the first taste of Champagne Konny, due out this August. Having been able to let the smoke settle after the past few years, he says the album is an evolution of himself as an artist.

“This new album [Champagne Konny] is the new improved better me … after being on the road for so long out of the country, and reflecting on everything leading up to this point,” he says. “I feel recharged and more inspired than ever before.”

Stream “When The Sky Falls 2” by Koncept featuring Royce da 5’9” below.

Brooklyn Is Officially Naming a Street After Notorious B.I.G.


The Brooklyn intersection that the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. called his stomping grounds will be renamed in his honor.

The announcement was made by the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation yesterday, on what would have been Biggie’s 47th birthday. The Fulton Street intersection between Gates Avenue and St. James Place will be renamed to ‘Wallace Way’. Biggie’s family is expected to be in attendance at the ceremony on June 10.

The ceremony will be open to the public and will start around 12 PM EST. Biggie’s mother, Ms. Voletta Wallace, his children, and some of his closest friends are expected to be in attendance. The initiative to rename the intersection in honor of the rapper first got approval in November of last year.

The Brooklyn Community Board approved the proposal on November 2nd, saying that honoring Biggie goes beyond just one man.

“Honoring Biggie symbolizes more than just one man. It symbolizes a culture. It symbolizes a borough. It symbolizes a people, and hip-hop is worldwide.”

Born Christopher George Latore Wallace, the rapper later went by many names. Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, and Big Poppa were just some of the rapper’s nicknames. Wallace met his untimely death on March 9th, 1997, when he was only 24-years-old.

Fans of Biggie and hip-hop are expected to show up to the ceremony. Biggie’s music will be on the speakers during the hour-long event with fans repping Biggie “in a horde like he still on St. James.”

Perhaps the ‘golden age’ of hip-hop is getting memorialized by its New York birthplace.  Just recently, Staten Island’s Park Hill neighborhood was ‘The Wu-Tang Clan District’ to honor the legendary rap group. The New York City Council first announced the decision in December of last year.

NYPD Officers Confused Cremated Ashes For Heroin During Raid: Report

A Brooklyn family has been making some serious allegations against the New York City Police Department lately. Based on reports from the New York Post, the Santiago family were disturbed by “six or seven” ficers in their Bushwick apartment for a surprise raid. Lucia Santiago was precisely taking a nap when she woke up and noted the ficers. She recalls: “When I opened my eyes I saw . . . six or seven police ficers] in my room. They told me, ‘Get out the bed.” Shortly thereafter, the ficers placed Lucia, her son, and grandson in cuffs as they raided the home. The raid itself was fuelled by a tip which proclaimed that one Lucia’s grandson was involved in a gun sale. As such, the ficers kept requesting to know where “the guns and drugs” were. 

NYPD Officers Confused Cremated Ashes For Heroin During Raid: Report

Drew Angerer/Getty s

As the search led to the cremated ashes Lucia Santiago’s husband, who had died years ago natural causes, the authorities snagged the capsules because they believed it contained heroin. “I said, ‘That’s the ashes my husband,” further adds Santiago, to which an ficer responded: “No, that’s drugs.” Quickly afterward, all present members the Santiago family were charged with possession a controlled substance and ammunition. Though, the charges were since dismissed. 

The family then tried to get the ashes back but were told it was possibly discarded. To make matters worse, it’s been a full year now and the family’s next course action is to hit up the district attorney’s fice in hopes the ashes from the city’s property. Of course, that is considering they are still there. Evidently, the NYPD messed up really badly. 

Serena Williams Gifted Upcoming Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Collab

Virgil Abloh has a couple different Nike sneaker collaborations set to release in the coming weeks and months, including the all-new “Athlete In Progress” Pack, as well as the blue Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low. Speaking the latter, Abloh recently shared new images the special edition pair that he gifted to tennis icon Serena Williams.

Serena Williams Gifted Upcoming Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Collab

Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low/VirgilAbloh

The exclusive blue Off-White x AF1 Low is reportedly set to release in limited quantities this June, with proceeds from the sale going towards the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Similar to the black Off-White x AF1 collab that dropped exclusively in-store at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City, the blue MoCA rendition comes equipped with metallic silver swooshes, white laces, and all the familiar Off-White branding, accessories.

Release details have not yet been announced but we’ll keep you posted once a date is revealed. In the meantime, check out the special edition pair designed “For Serena Only.”

Serena Williams Gifted Upcoming Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Collab
Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low/VirgilAbloh

Serena Williams Gifted Upcoming Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Collab

Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low/VirgilAbloh

PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court

PUMA Basketball is giving local ballers in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Miami a chance to secure a free pair the exclusive “Summertime” colorway the Clyde Court. All you need to do is find the green “Summertime” basketball nets located at some the most iconic courts in the country.

In celebration the change seasons, and the shift to outdoor basketball, PUMA Hoops has placed 100 “Summertime” nets at courts such as Rucker Park in New York City, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, 16th and Susquehanna Court in Philadelphia, Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park in Chicago and Flamingo Park in Miami.

Each these nets is marked with a limited edition PUMA Hoops tag to confirm authenticity and serve as a voucher for a free pair “Summertime” Clyde Court sneakers when cut down and posted to the participant’s Instagram story tagging @pumahoops.

The shoes, priced at $120, can also be purchased at PUMA.com and other select retailers. Check out the kicks, and some the matching PUMA apparel, below.

PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


PUMA Hoops Announces Scavenger Hunt For Exclusive "Summertime" Clyde Court


Foxy Brown Booed Off Stage During NYC Performance

New York City, NY – Foxy Brown was a special guest at Kandi Burruss’ Welcome to the Dungeon Tour in New York City on Saturday night (May 18). But rather than go out in a blaze of glory, the veteran rapper was booed off stage following what was deemed by the crowd a less-than-stellar performance.

As Foxy started to perform her 1996 cut “I’ll Be” originally featuring JAY-Z, she struggled to spit out the lyrics and was quickly ushered off the stage. Burruss, who attempted to do a little damage control, attributed the lackluster display to Foxy’s attire, which included a ornate mask covering almost her entire face.

“Y’all gotta respect my girl,” she said in a clip posted to Twitter. “Let her take the mask off.”

Adding insult to injury, the DJ jumped in and began to play a Lil Kim song as the crowd went wild.

Foxy has been relatively inactive on the rap scene since her last solo album, 2001’s Broken Silence, the follow-up to 1999’s Chyna Doll. She did, however, release a mixtape in 2008 called Brooklyn’s Don Diva that was intended to be the Broken Silence follow-up.

Last September, she was accused of pocketing $10,000 from a promoter and failing to deliver the show as promised.  The organizers of the event issued an ultimatum — either Foxy paid back the money or they’d sue. It’s unclear if that matter has been resolved.

Teyana Taylor Gives Iman Shumpert A Lapdance While BB Junie Sits In Attendance

Teyana Taylor performed the Red Bull Music Festival in her hometown New York City last night. Along for the ride, was her husband, Iman Shumpert, granting himself a “red shirt” for the immediate Spring-Summer, after losing out to the Golden State Warriors in the playfs. The difference for Shump is that the conditions set by an excitable Teyana Taylor, ready to soothe his ego, make for a consolation prize like no other – One he likely pines for in secret while his teammates are busy doing their reps.

During last night’s performance at the Manhattan Center, that homely display I fell short describing became a public one in a matter seconds. “I need my husband out here,” Taylor exclaimed during a dire moment her set, paving the way for Iman Shumpert to resume his duties as the human prop all props. Get this: while Teyana Taylor is burying her crotch in her husband’s face, their lovechild Junie is seated in the front row taking it all in. Aside from recreating “Fade” in gore-tex regalia, Teyana did save a good portion her set for her guests, Method Man, and Fabolous. She also ushered in a moment silence for Nipsey Hussle – may he rest in power.

#ThrowbackThursdays: Ice Cube Drops Debut Solo Album "Amerikkka’s Most Wanted" In 1990

May 16, 1990 – It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 30 years since Ice Cube unleashed his explosive solo debut, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. Released on May 16, 1990, the 16-track project boasted production from Dr. Dre’s cousin Sir Jinx, Cube himself and Public Enemy’s longtime production team The Bomb Squad.

Unsurprisingly, it featured iconic P.E. duo Chuck D and Flavor Flav as well as Compton queen Yo-Yo, who unapologetically gives men a piece of her mind on “It’s A Man’s World.”

In 1991, they performed the song together in at the Apollo Theater in New York City, something she’ll never forget.

“One of the best performances ever was our trip to the Apollo in New York,” she tells HipHopDX. “We came out on stage and the crowd went ballistic! It was a historical show! New York never welcomed N.W.A like they welcomed Ice Cube at that time.

“Cube came out and had a bat in his hand, swinging it and talking shit about women and here I come gracing the stage talking shit right back. The crowd went crazy! They threw money on the stage. It was a night to remember.”

Samples included on the Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ranged from James Brown and Marvin Gaye to N.W.A and Eazy-E, which was incredibly ironic considering Cube had just left the pioneering West Coast gangsta rap group — and it wasn’t exactly amicable.

In fact, Cube’s exit from N.W.A would prove to be the catalyst for Dre’s 1991 assault on Dee Barnes. She’d interviewed Eazy-E for her former television show Pump It Up! and later, Cube. Unbeknownst to her, the show aired both interviews in the same episode, which evidently didn’t please Dre. He wound up attacking Barnes at a Hollywood party.

Despite the controversy swirling around Cube’s departure, the album was a commercial success, debuting at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 chart. RIAA certified it gold two weeks after its release and it eventually went platinum in September 1991.

Deontay Wilder Delivers Epic Speech To Elementary School Kids: Watch

Deontay Wilder is one the best heavyweight fighters in the world with many people wanting to see him fight Anthony Joshua. Wilder is also known as the “Bronze Bomber” and has one the heaviest punches in the world right now. On Monday, Wilder was in New York City where he hit up the P.S. 288 Elementary School where he delivered a speech as part the “Game Life” program. Wilder brought a ton energy and spoke with the kind passion you would expect from a heavyweight champion.

“I’m here to say I was just like you young guys, just in a different state, in a different city, different environment. Every time I woke, there was negativity,” Wilder said. “But, with you guys, you guys are powerful. Your words are powerful. The things you speak, the things you think. Your surroundings that you surround yourself around every day is powerful. And, I want you guys to know that.”

In the footage obtained by TMZ, Wilder goes on to say “It took me 11 years to get here. Many people died near me. Many people labeled me as statistics to society. ‘You ain’t gonna do nothing, you’re bad.'”

It’s clear that Wilder has a future in motivational speaking once his boxing career comes to an end. You have to admit it’s pretty admirable that he would go down his road. He definitely delivered a great message to these kids.

Knicks To Offer Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving "Whatever They Want"

The New York Knicks can lay the foundation for an eventful fseason on Tuesday night by securing the #1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Even if the Knicks fail to land Zion Williamson (and there’s an 86% chance that’ll be the case) the team still has enough cap space to sign two superstars this summer, such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

On Monday’s episode “First Take” Stephen A. Smith was adamant about the fact that Irving will be joining the Knicks this fseason along with KD. Additionally, Smith says Knicks owner James Dolan is prepared to give the duo whatever the hell they want.

“But from everything that I’ve been hearing over the last few days, Kyrie Irving is heading to New York City. Kyrie Irving is headed to Madison Square Garden with Kevin Durant. People in his inner circle are trying to bring the Nets into the mix, but clearly, New York is the destination. The likelihood is that it will be MSG and obviously, Max Kellerman], and I will admit, I’m saying this for your entertainment, Max Kellerman, because I know it’s going to get you going after I say this. I am told that James Dolan himself has basically said: ‘Whatever the hell you want. I will move the hell out the way. I will give you whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. I’ll take care you,’ to the Kyries and the Kevin Durants the world.”

Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Collection Makes $1 Million in 24 Hours

Cardi B is making more money moves.

Just 24 hours after launch, the rapper’s spring-summer Fashion Nova collection is nearly sold out and has raked in over $1 million. According to TMZ, Cardi’s second line with the fast fashion retail brand is “vastly outperforming” her first collaboration, which sold out within minutes.

Fashion Nova was prepared for the demand the second time around and produced nearly five times the amount of inventory as the first collection, with the majority of styles already sold out.

To celebrate the success, Nasdaq congratulated Fashion Nova and Cardi with a digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

If you missed out on the initial drop, don’t worry. Fashion Nova plans to add new items weekly. “I might drop new items every week!” Cardi told her fans.

According to Cardi, she wanted to create clothing for all “types of bodies” for all occasions. “Club, brunch, work. I got blazers, I got slacks,” she said. “I got jackets, pants. I literally have everything.”

Earlier this week, she celebrated the launch of her new collection at a star-studded party in Hollywood, where she performed alongside YG, Blueface, and Lil Nas X.

Hip-Hop Super-Agent Cara Lewis Accused of “Bullying, Threats… Improper Conduct"

Marcie Allen’s MAC Presents a lawsuit against former best friend Cara Lewis and her company, Cara Lewis Group (CLG).

Allen’s company filed the controversial lawsuit against the veteran hip-hop music agent this week in New York Supreme Court.  Lewis represents top rap artists, including Eminem, Travis Scott, Pusha-T, Lil Baby, and Chance The Rapper, among others.

Allen claims Lewis has engaged in constant “bullying, threats, false assertions, and improper conduct.”  The veteran music agent did so “out of greed and a clear lack of gratitude for [Allen’s] actions towards them in the past.”

MAC Presents wrote,

[Our dispute] has erupted into this public arena because Plaintiffs, who bent over backward in good faith and with an honorable desire to help Defendants, have learned well the old adage ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.  Plaintiffs have been left with no choice but to file this action…

Lewis has also engaged in “abusive conduct” toward staff members working in MAC Presents and CLG’s shared office space in New York City.  Learning the “true nature of Ms. Lewis’ character,” the veteran music agent frequently bullied people in public.  She would also scream and rant on the telephone as well as demean employees – especially MAC Presents staff – thus creating an “untenable work environment.”

Among other accusations, Lewis created a “pigsty,” thus violating their shared office agreement.  She would also make aggressive demands on Allen and her employees, and openly disparage her former best friend.

The boiling point came on February 8th, 2019, when Allen and MAC Presents demanded Lewis vacate the shared office.  Eighteen days later, Lewis and CLG agreed, but have now outright refused.

Ms. Lewis [now holds] the space hostage in order to leverage unfair demands on Plaintiffs.

Helping Lewis launch CLG, Allen states she “gave her a structure and safe haven, along with a massive amount of support so that she could get her business off the ground.”  Lewis now stands to lose her clientele – and her business – should they side with MAC Presents.

Allen and MAC Presents have demanded $4.5 million in damages.

But the legal nastiness is actually coming from both sides.

In a lawsuit first filed on April 25th, Cara Lewis accused Allen and her company of failing to pay a $325,000 loan in addition to a “material breach of a joint venture.”  She has also sought a declaratory judgment, barring Allen from evicting her company from the shared space.  Lewis seeks damages “no less than” $647,102.

You can view Allen’s lawsuit below.


Featured image by Hans Splinter (CC by 2.0).

Nike Air Force 1 Low Injected With Denim Uppers Courtesy Of 3 X 1

The Nike Air Force 1 Low has worn various different looks over the years so it’s no surprise that it would eventually wind up with a denim upper. Nike has a popular location in New York City which is actually right next to custom denim house  3 x 1. With this connection intact, it’s really no surprise that they have decided to come together on three brand new Nike Air Force 1 colorways which are set to release in a couple weeks from now.

All three models will be covered in premium 3 x 1 denim that appears on not just the upper, but the tongue and Nike swoosh as well. The three colorways are “Black,” “Raw Indigo, and “Stonewash Blue” which means there is plenty variety for those who are interested in copping.

As reported by Sole Collector, each colorway will drop on Friday, May 24th for $130 USD. They will be available at 3 x 1’s New York location, the Nike SNKRS App, and other select retailers.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Injected With Denim Uppers Courtesy Of 3 X 1


Nike Air Force 1 Low Injected With Denim Uppers Courtesy Of 3 X 1


Nike Air Force 1 Low Injected With Denim Uppers Courtesy Of 3 X 1


Michael B. Jordan Spotted On A Date With Victoria’s Secret Model Cindy Bruna

After making his mark at the Met Gala this week, Michael B. Jordan stuck around New York City for a few extra days and after he was caught by the paparazzi, rumours have started to circulate about his dating life. For months, MBJ has been one the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood with the Black Panther star rising the ranks through several star-making roles last year. Jordan is at the top the list for many women and unfortunately for them, it appears as though the actor has found his match.

Michael B. Jordan Spotted On A Date With Victoria's Secret Model Cindy Bruna
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

Jordan was spotted in NYC having a four-hour dinner with Victoria’s Secret model Cindy Bruna. While people can go out to eat as friends, four hours seems like an awfully long time to be making small talk. Especially considering we had never seen this pair together since this week, many are starting to believe that they could be dating. 

According to The Shade Room, Michael has been liking her photos for a minute so it seems like this date is long overdue. Paparazzi was waiting for them outside the restaurant they dined at, taking their photo and sending social media into a tizzy as people asked who she was and if they were an item. Looks like we may be seeing the opening stages a new relationship.

"Amazon Go" Cashier-Free Store Opens In Prime New York Location

While cashiers across the world collectively wipe sweat from brows, the innovators over at Amazon are likely raising their glasses in celebration. The company has ficially brought its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience store to Brookfield Place in downtown New York City. This latest shop marks the twelfth Amazon Go store to open in the United States, and the first to really hit the East Coast in a major way. Should you be in the area, head over to the Brookfield Place later this week to check it out for yourself.
 "Amazon Go" Cashier-Free Store Opens In Prime New York Location

Stephen Brashear/Getty s

In another first-time occurrence, this particular Amazon Go shop will accept cash; the move is a likely response to backlash concerning discriminatory practices against the “unbanked,” as per NBC. The practice will be enacted by an employee’s mobile device, though the exact nature the process has yet to be elaborated upon. Otherwise, transactions will be made by scanning the Amazon app. 

The shop itself will sell plenty “grab-and-go” meal options, which will likely please the leagues fice employees in the surrounding area. How do you feel about the direction the “cashier-free” experience? The future is now, as Non Phixion once said.