Browns’ Myles Garrett Issues Statement Following Lengthy Suspension

Cleveland Browns’ star defensive end Myles Garrett has been suspended indefinitely, including the rest the regular season in the playfs, for attempting to cave in Mason Rudolph’s head with his own helmet.

In case you missed it:

Following the Browns’ 21-7 over the Steelers victory, Garrett told reporters, “What I did was foolish, and I shouldn’t allow myself to slip like that,” Garrett said after the game. “That’s out character, but a situation like that where it’s an emotional game, and I allowed myself to fall into those emotions with what happened.”

Garrett issued the following statement on Friday following news his indefinite ban.

“Last night, I made a terrible mistake. I lost my cool and what I did was selfish and unacceptable. I know that we are all responsible for our actions and I can only prove my true character through my actions moving forward. I want to apologize to Mason Rudolph, my teammates, our entire organization, our fans and to the NFL. I know I have to be accountable for what happened, learn from my mistake and I fully intend to do so.” 

Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi was also suspended one game for shoving Rudolph in the back after the helmet-swinging incident took place. Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was hit with a three-game ban for throwing punches and kicking Garrett during the melee. Both teams were also fined $250,000 each.

“At that point, it’s bigger than football,” Pouncey said after the game, per ESPN. “It’s protection. … He could have killed him. What if he’d hit in him the temple?”

Antonio Brown’s Meeting With The NFL Was Reportedly A Success

Antonio Brown has been going through a lengthy battle with the NFL recently as he is currently being investigated for some ual assault allegations that were made earlier this season. Since these allegations were brought forward, Brown has been without a team and has been waiting on the NFL’s investigation to be wrapped up before he can join another team. Yesterday, Brown finally had has his meeting with the league’s front fice and it seems as though it went much better than some would have anticipated.

In a report from Dan Graziano ESPN, it was revealed that Brown gave all the information that was asked him. He was extremely compliant with everyone in the room and it went “as well as it could have.” Considering Brown’s recent antics, this is some incredibly positive news that could potentially get him out trouble sooner than later.

Brown has been antsy about wanting to get back into the league and has felt disrespected by the way the media has treated him during this entire saga. At this point, AB’s worst enemy is himself so if he just refrains from getting into any trouble, he will be fine.

What team would you like to see AB link up with?

Damian Lillard Reacts To Carmelo Anthony Blazers Signing

Carmelo Anthony had been having a lot problems cementing himself in the NBA over the last two seasons and coming into 2019-2020, he was without a team. It seemed for the longest time that Melo was being blackballed and that he would never be able to leave the game on his own terms. This all changed last night when Melo was signed by the Portland Trail Blazers to a non-guaranteed contract. 

Players around the league have proclaimed their joy over this news and many are glad to see Melo back out on the court. Recently, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols spoke to Damian Lillard about the signing and he gave his thoughts on his new teammate.

“I believe he can help us,” Lillard said. “Obviously I’d like to see our early-season struggles turn around, and hopefully we can be part a great bounceback for Melo as well.”

The NBA has been pretty wild so far this season and we’re only 11 games in. If this keeps up, we are going to be in for one wild ride. Not to mention, we have no clue how this partnership with the Blazers will work out. The team is struggling right now and Melo isn’t exactly the person to change things overnight. Fun times are ahead.

Clockenflap Hong Kong Music Festival Canceled as Violence Escalates

Organizers of the Clockenflap music festival, which is Hong Kong’s largest, announced that they are cancelling the event, citing the increase in the violence in the city because of the ongoing political protests.

The festival was to take place on November 22-24.

In conjunction with the announcement, the festival organizers issued the following statement: “Due to the escalation of the crisis this week, and therefore the uncertainty this creates for the coming weeks, Clockenflap 2019 will be cancelled. Until this week we were fully committed to delivering the festival. Unfortunately the situation has now made this impossible.”

Established in 2005, Clockenflap has grown to be not only the largest music festival in Hong Kong but also one of the biggest throughout Asia. In addition to over 50 local acts, this year’s festival was to include the following performers:

  • Mumford and Sons
  • Halsey
  • Lil Pump
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • David Boring
  • Kevin Kaho Tsui

Clockenflap is not the first music festival in Hong Kong to be canceled because of the protests.

Last month, Rolling Loud Hong Kong also for the very same reason. Other event cancellations have included the CineAsia film industry conference and trade show, the Asia Video Summit and the Hong Kong Tennis Open. The tennis event was scheduled to take place in Victoria Park, which has been one of the meeting points of the protests.

The protests began about 5 months ago, in response to a new law that would have given the mainland Chinese government the ability to extradite criminal suspects from the enclave, which has enjoyed great autonomy since being returned to China from the British a few decades earlier.

While the law was eventually withdrawn, the protests and ensuing violence have only risen. Recently, all schools in the city, including universities, have closed, and clashes between protesters and police have gotten even more intense.

Suge Knight "Arranged" For Tupac & Biggie To Be Killed, Actor Told FBI: Report

It’s been over two decades and the murders Tupac and Biggie are still unsolved. Each year, new information comes out on who murdered the rappers while conspiracy theories waft through the Internet. Suge Knight’s son even suggested that Tupac was alive before retracting his statement.

Suge Knight "Arranged" For Tupac & Biggie To Be Killed, Actor Told FBI: Report
Actor Tom Sizemore. (Ethan Miller/Getty s)

The latest revelation, according to The Sun, comes from a statement made by Black Hawk Down actor Tom Sizemore who told the FBI that he would wear a wire to prove Suge Knight, who he recounted meeting Knight once before at an AA meeting, arranged to have Tupac and Biggie killed. Apparently, Tom Sizemore told the FBI he had met with a gang member who tipped him f about Suge’s involvement in the rap stars’ murders. Sizemore reportedly had connections to another gang member who had more information on Suge’s involvement and said that he’d pass their number to the FBI. 

“Sizemore will wear a wire or provide any information to help solve the Biggie Smalls murder,” the paperwork reads. It was retrieved by producer Don Sikorski who used the files for research on the film City Of Lies that revolves around the deaths both Biggie and Tupac. 

“There is a lot information out there about this case but I think these documents really tell a huge story,” Sikorski said. “When I was researching this case I found it very disenchanting because at the end the day someone is dead – which is Biggie – and these documents exist but no one has seemed to care enough to look into them or put them out there into the public.”

Antonio Brown Hits Colin Kaepernick With An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Colin Kaepernick will be embarking on a huge opportunity Saturday as he heads to Atlanta for a private workout in front NFL teams. Kaepernick is trying to get himself back into the NFL and this will be a huge event that could give him the opportunity to do just that. It remains to be seen if anyone actually signs him but considering how many teams are in need a quarterback, you really never know. 

Antonio Brown is currently in a similar situation to Kaepernick although for entirely different reasons. Kap will be in need some receivers for his workout and Brown is now throwing his hat into the ring. In a recent post to Instagram, Brown asked Kaepernick if he would be interested in having Brown be at the workout.

Kaepernick didn’t reply to the post, at least not publically. This private workout is already eliciting a ton publicity and having AB there would probably turn it into a bit circus that the league just isn’t ready to go through with yet. As NFL fans, we can only hope that this actually happens because it would truly be an interesting sight to behold.

Who knows, maybe these two will both be back in the league next season.

Teyana Taylor’s Lap Dance Has Tammy Rivera Questioning Her Sexuality: Watch

Teyana Taylor is known for whipping out her lap dance moves during her performances making the crowd and any given individual in the chair go wild. The latest lap dance Teyana showcased for her fans was for Tammy Rivera during her Atlanta show and needless to say, Waka Flocka‘s wife enjoyed every moment it. 

Teyana Taylor's Lap Dance Has Tammy Rivera Questioning Her Sexuality: Watch
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

In the clip below, you can see Tammy laid out on a bed while Teyana does the damn thing on top her body. “@teyanataylor show was amazing! y’all don’t wanna miss her next one! She make me wanna #PlayWithaBitchToo,” Tammy captioned an image to Instagram, prompting Waka to comment: “O fucking really.”

Teyana previously opened up about her beloved show trick, making it clear that it’s all apart her job. “I’m very pressional, and after every lapdance anybody I’ve ever given a lapdance to, it’s never been anything more than that,” she said. “I’m very like, ‘Lapdance. Alright, on to the next song.’ It ain’t no kiki-ing. Next record. This s**t is a job. It’s a job and I think that people don’t understand that. But when you’re passionate about your job, and you’re passionate about entertaining people and this is your show, it is what it is.”

Young Money’s Mack Maine Responds To Omarion’s Former "Business" Problems

Yesterday we posted about Omarion’s VladTV interview where the B2K singer opened up about his short time with Young Money records. Omarion cut ties with the label after Lil Wayne simply wouldn’t cash his check and give him his signing advance. “Basically, long story short, what happened was when I signed my deal I was supposed to get my advance. And the lawyers were talking, and basically, upon signing you’re supposed to get the advance in a specific time. Within that time, my check didn’t come,” Omarion explained.  

The “Ice Box” singer said he chatted with Lil Wayne and Young Money president Mack Maine but still didn’t get his cut forcing him to leave. Mack has since responded to the interview on Twitter, shedding light on the whole situation and kind- confirming that the story is true.

“10 years since “Bedrock” dropped? Wowwwww Crazy story I don’t think has ever been told the original version was a song called “Way She Walk” with Omarion on the hook. We signed Omarion to YM for like a week and that’s another story,” he wrote. 

Mack even revealed more about the creation “Bedrock” and how Neyo submitted and verse but Lloyd‘s won the placement. 

Even Omarion put his name in the hat and submitted a verse that Mack still remembers to this day. “Omarion version? His version was dope would’ve still been a hit! I still remember it word for word… 10 years later!” he wrote.

Myles Garrett Fight Leads To Lengthy & Uncertain NFL Suspension

Myles Garrett had the whole NFL world talking spicy last night after he hit Mason Rudolph over the head with a helmet. It was a pretty spectacular moment that NFL fans couldn’t believe at the moment. There was talk that this would end up resulting in a pretty hefty suspension and now it seems like that has come to fruition. 

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, Myles Garrett’s suspension is not set in stone although he is out indefinitely and is guaranteed to miss the rest the season and even the playfs should the Browns make it that far. Not to mention, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey has been suspended three games for his role in the debacle.

Garrett has yet to release a statement regarding his suspension but he can’t be too surprised by all this. What he did was a violent act that the NFL would never want to see. It’s been a bit a PR disaster this morning and the league wants to make sure all matters this stature get delt with quickly.

It will be interesting to see what the NFL decides moving forward and whether or not Garrett will be missing time next season as well.

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Rumored To Drop In New Black Colorway: First Look

Nike and Japanese fashion label Sacai have even more sneaker collabs in the works, coming on the heels their recently released Nike LDWaffles and Nike Blazer Mid collections. The Sacai x Nike LDWaffle will be featured once again next year, with reports suggesting that one the colorways will come dressed in a classic black and white design.

A release date has not yet been announced but it is believed the sneakers will be arriving for the S/S 2020 season.

Just like both the previous runs Sacai x Nike LDWaffles collabs, the newly unveiled sneaker represents a combination two iconic Nike sneakers, fused together for a hybrid, double-themed design. As a result, the special edition sneakers come equipped with double tongues, shoelaces and swooshes with a co-branded Nike x Sacai logo on the heel tab.

Check out some additional images the forthcoming Sacai x Nike LDWaffle below, and stay tuned for release updates.

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Rumored To Drop In New Black Colorway: First Look

Via @Aleclvn

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Rumored To Drop In New Black Colorway: First Look

Via @Aleclvn

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Rumored To Drop In New Black Colorway: First Look

Via @Aleclvn

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Rumored To Drop In New Black Colorway: First Look

Via @Aleclvn

Kobe Bryant Shows Off His Daughter’s Mamba-Like Fadeaway Jumper

Kobe Bryant has kept himself busy since retiring from the NBA by doing a little bit everything, including writing children’s novels, launching a body care company called “Art Sport,” and hosting an invite-only camp for select NBA stars. Kobe has also been coaching up his daughter Gianna and it certainly looks like she’s got that Mamba blood in her.

The future Hall Famer took to instagram this week to share a quick video 13-year old GiGi’s recent game, during which she drained a fadeaway jumper over two defenders just like dear old dad. Kobe captioned the footage, “I hate seeing my #teammamba girls play against each other. This is GREAT defense by our mamba pg Alyssa Altobelli and a familiar looking fade by our 2gd the #Mambacita

Just last year, Kobe explained to Reggie Miller that his daughter is “hellbent” on going to UConn and if she’s hitting fadeaways like this at age 13 she’s already well on her way.

Tinashe Reveals ‘Songs for You’ Tracklisting

Tinashe is coming.

A year-and-a-half since her sophomore album Joyride, the R&B songstress is set to release Songs for You on Nov. 21. She has revealed the tracklisting and y cover art, which finds Tinashe in a black bikini and sheer gloves.

The 15 tracks include appearances from 6LACK (“Touch & Go”), Ms Banks (“Die a Little Bit”), and G-Eazy (“So Much Better”).

She previewed new music for fans at intimate listening parties in London, Los Angeles, and New York. “Creatively, I just feel like I needed to go through what I went through in order to be the person that I am today and to get back to my roots,” she said.

Songs for You marks Tinashe’s first album since splitting with RCA Records and signing a management deal with Roc Nation.

Songs for You Tracklisting

1. “Feelings”
2. “Life’s Too Short”
3. “Hopscotch”
4. “Stormy Weather”
5. “Save Room for Us”
6. “Story of Us”
7. “Die a Little Bit” (feat. Ms Banks)
8. “Perfect Crime”
9. “Cash Race”
10. “Link Up”
11. “Touch & Go” (feat. 6LACK)
12. “Know Better”
13. “You”
14. “So Much Better” (feat. G-Eazy)
15. “Remember When”

Knicks’ Reasoning For Not Pursuing Anthony Davis Revealed In New Report

Over the last few decades, the New York Knicks have proven themselves to be an incompetent franchise that hurts itself at every turn. Whether it be signing awful contracts, making terrible trades, or failing to sign big-name players, it has become clear that the New York Knicks are truly one the most sad-sack teams in the entire NBA. It seems like every month, we get a brand new report that goes deep inside the team’s incompetence and most recently, it was Brian Windhorst ESPN who went in-depth on the Knicks’ biggest struggles. 

One the biggest revelations from the piece was that Anthony Davis was interested in being traded to the Knicks but in the end, the team decided not to go after him. Of course, the idea Davis on the Knicks would have had fans pretty excited but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Knicks' Reasoning For Not Pursuing Anthony Davis Revealed In New Report

Christian Petersen/Getty s

“Unlike other major stars recently, Davis had expressed interest in playing for the Knicks,” Windhorst wrote. “But Mills and Perry told people they were turned f by the Pelicans’ high asking price multiple first-round picks plus multiple young players, even though the Knicks had that type package thanks to their Porzingis trade. They said it would have undercut their long-range plan building through the draft and developing picks into stars.”

If you’re a Knicks fan, news like this must make you feel numb at this point.

Orlando Magic Reveal Orange-Inspired “City Edition” Uniforms: First Look

The Orlando Magic ficially introduced their 2019-20 “City Edition” uniforms on Thursday night, giving the team a whole new look from the familiar blue, black and white design. As a nod to the city’s connection to the citrus industry, the new threads are highlighted by splashes orange set against an anthracite gray base color.

The general idea behind the “City Edition” uniform makes sense, but the execution has us thinking more Phoenix Suns than Orlando Magic.

The special edition uniforms, which will only be worn this season, will make their on-court debut on Friday, November 29 when the Magic host the Toronto Raptors at Amway Center. The hardwood will also be transformed to mirror the new uniforms during those select “City Edition” games.

“We’re really excited about it,” Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins said. “We really wanted to come up with a jersey that’s really reflective our city and our market, and we think we’ve hit on it. This representation really the history Orlando and Orange County, and our citrus industry, in particular, and focusing on the orange. Orange is in the roots our entire area, whether it’s the citrus industry or Orange County or Orange Avenue, and we really wanted to be reflective that. So we’re excited about it.”

As is typically the case with any new uniform, the reviews were mixed. Check out some the additional photos and reactions below.

Myles Garrett’s Actions Lead To Police Presence In Browns Locker Room

Everything was going smoothly last night in the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. Overall, it was a pretty boring game that had the Browns winning, 21-7. What really brought this game to an uncontrollable level was near the end when Myles Garrett the Cleveland Browns got into a huge fight with Mason Rudolph the Pittsburgh Steelers. Essentially, Garrett tackled Rudolph which led to a bit a grappling session. That’s when Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet f and smacked him over the head with it.

Garrett’s actions immediately sparked outrage amongst those connected to the league and according to ESPN’s Matt Fontana, there were police in the Browns locker room after the game. The presumption is that they were there to interview Garrett about his actions but it’s impossible to tell for sure. After all, it’s an incident that happened on the football field and when you consider this is a contact sport, it’s hard to justify pressing charges, even if it was an awful act.

Now, the NFL is investigating the incident and many are claiming Garrett will be out for the rest the season. It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward but it doesn’t look good for anyone involved.