LeBron James Praises Bronny James Jr. After Candy Was Thrown At Son During Game

When your father is arguably one the best NBA players to ever step in the paint, it’s going to be difficult to follow in his footsteps. Nevertheless, Bronny James Jr. is carving out his own lane in the basketball world as the Sierra Canyon School sports star carries on the James name. LeBron is front and center at Bronny’s games when he can make it, but even with the championship basketball player in attendance, his son is a target for abusive behavior.

On Monday (January 20) Sierra Canyon went up against Paul VI Catholic High School from Virginia in front a packed auditorium 4,000 people. LeBron reportedly entered the room to roaring applause, but even with all the support, someone thought it was appropriate to throw something at Bronny during the game.

According to Yahoo Sports, it was near the beginning the second half when someone in the stands tossed a piece candy at Bronny, causing the referee to interrupt gameplay. As LeBron shook his head in disgust, security escorted the person out the auditorium. The young James’s teammate Ziaire Willaims told Yahoo Sports, “You’d be surprised by all the stuff Bronny has to go through. It’s not fair, but he doesn’t let it faze him at all. I’m learning how to be more like that from him and he’s younger than me.”

Later, LeBron took to Instagram to publicly declare how proud he is his son. “Know I got your back and front throughout it all! I’d die for you and your siblings,” the Los Angeles Lakers star wrote. “Never waver no matter what disrespect, hate, envy, jealousy, etc comes your way! Only push forward and continue to be the great kid/young man/person you are! Love you kid!! ❤️ #JamesGang👑.”

LeBron James Cops Diamond Lion Doorknocker Pendant With Red Lit Eyes

He’s a modest, hard-working family man who is one the most respected basketball players on and f the court. Yet, just because he likes to be humble doesn’t mean that LeBron James doesn’t drop a few stacks now and then on some serious ice. Iceman Nick is well known in celebrity circles for creating one–a-kind pieces that can catch your attention from across a room, and TMZ reports that he recently helped craft a standout pendant for Bron.

LeBron James Cops Diamond Lion Doorknocker Pendant With Red Lit Eyes
Joe Scarnici / Stringer / Getty s

The Los Angeles Lakers star reportedly commissioned Iceman Nick for a large “Lion Gatekeeper” pendant that boasts “130 grams 14k gold, encrusted with 35 carats VS1 diamonds.” Bron is a fan the King the Jungle because he’s referenced lions in campaigns, logos, and apparel. 

The crowned “Lion Gatekeeper” is also a fully functioning doorknocker with blazing red eyes that light up. TMZ didn’t share how much this piece set Lebron back, but we’re sure he spared no expense. Other clients Iceman Nick include Rap-a-Lot Records, Carmelo Anthony, Nelly, Lonzo Ball, Boosie Badazz, Megan Thee Stallion, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Baby, and many more. Check out Bron’s new bling below along with a few other celebrity pieces Iceman Nick has crafted.

Porsha Williams Dodges Questions About Recent Dennis McKinley Cheating Rumors

Reality star Porsha Williams’s relationship was back in the headlines after another accusation infidelity surfaced. The Real Housewives Atlanta star’s storyline for the current season is centered around the rebuilding her relationship with fiancé Dennis McKinley. It was revealed that Dennis cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant because he claims he wasn’t as ually attracte to her whicle she was with child. The couple broke up only to reconcile months later, and now there are reports that he was spotted at a diner in Atlanta with multiple women at four o’clock in the morning.

Porsha was in the hot set when she visited Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and things got awkward when she struggled to answer questions about her romance. “You know, we’re working on our relationship,” she said with a smile. Andy then asked her if she trusts Dennis. “Huh?… I think you ask that every time I come here.” It seems as if she was trying to avoid the question as she laughed. “I think every relationship is a work in progress. We have a daughter together and just pray for us.”

Later, Andy questioned Porsha about the recent rumors that Dennis was spotted at a diner. “Was that blip in your relationship when you read about that?” Andy asked. Porsha replied, “Um, uh, I don’t know.” Andy wanted to know what she meant. “What do you mean, I don’t know,” Porsha stated. “I don’t know!… The blogs, you know, he was out, I don’t know. Can y’all juts continue to comment and speculate and let me just figure out my life?” 

Meanwhile, Dennis recently openly apologized to Porsha’s family for his previous infidelities. Check out Porsha’s Watch What Happens Live clip below.

Trippie Redd Explains To Kids Why He "Sings Bad Words": "It Feels Right"

It’s been a while since All Def Music has released a new episode  Arts & Raps, but they recently returned with Trippie Redd. The online digital giant has undergone some restructuring, so it’s expected that they’ll be sharing much more content in the upcoming year. The Ohio-born rapper sat down for their kid-centered series that features an artist at a craft table with two children who peg them with questions. Trippie was sweating from after a little girl asked him if he’s ever caught the Holy Ghost. Thankfully, the little boy came to his rescue. “I got you covered,” the boy said. “Every black person gets the Holy Ghost every day.”

Trippie Redd Explains To Kids Why He "Sings Bad Words": "It Feels Right"
Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty s

Trippie couldn’t help but laugh. “It just runs in our community,” he joked. The trio had the task making stress balls for the day because they know that the music industry can be overwhelming. Things jump around as Trippie reveals that his first face tattoo was the number “14” in the middle his forehead. The boy wanted to know what the 14 meant. 

“It’s a spiritual number,” Trippie said. “It’s an angel behind the number. I’m a very spiritual person, that’s why I believe in ghosts and stuff like that. I like that type stuff.” The little girl wanted to know why he “sings bad words a lot.” Trippie responded, “It’s the way I express myself. In the moment it feels good. It feels right. Necessarily what I’m saying might not be right, but it feels right.”

Watch below as Trippie Redd tries to answer why he likes scary things, reveals the most expensive gifts he ever bought a girl, and see what he chooses between money, women, or the ability to rap.

Aaron Hernandez Doc "Blindsided" Murder Victim’s Family & They’re Now Receiving Hate Mail: Report

Former football star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez is the topic conversation worldwide following the release  Netflix’s docuseries, Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez. In 2017, while in prison serving out a life sentence after he was convicted first-degree murder over the shooting death his friend Odin LloydHernandez was found dead in his Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center cell. He was hanging from bedsheets attached to a window.

Aaron Hernandez Doc "Blindsided" Murder Victim's Family & They're Now Receiving Hate Mail: Report
Jared Wickerham / Staff / Getty s

There has been much speculation regarding Hernandez’s life since his suicide, including rumors that he was secretly homoual. Over the last few days, news reports have surfaced that Hernandez took his own life because his uality—an assertion that his lawyer would later reject. The docuseries goes into intimate details about Hernandez’s life, career, and alleged crimes, but as thorough as this all seems, TMZ reports that victim Odin Lloyd’s family was “blindsided” by the feature.

The publication states that Lloyd’s family feels as if they have to relive a traumatic time in their lives that they’ve been trying to move on from since 2013. The family reportedly didn’t want anything to do with the production  Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez and have repeatedly rejected fers from filmmakers interested in documenting Hernandez’s story. Although members Lloyd’s family are seen in the recently released Netflix series, they didn’t participate nor did they grant Netflix access to use their photos.

The internet can ten be a cruel place, and it’s reported that there have been fans Hernandez who have tracked down and reached out to Lloyd’s family members to insult the murder victim. Lloyd’s family reportedly isn’t seeking legal action against Netflix or production because they just want all the attention to dissipate.

DJ Khaled Celebrates Birth Of Baby No. 2: "ANOTHER ONE !!!"

Something is in celebrity water because Monday (January 20) is a day famous baby delivery announcements. DJ Khaled has been counting down the days until his second bundle joy arrived with wife Nicole Tuck. Finally, that special day has came as Khaled revealed on Instagram that Baby #2 has entered into the world.

The famed producer shared multiple images on social media that hinted that Nicole was ready for delivery, including a photo with their physician, Dr. Jin. Then came two more pictures a worried, and impatient, Khaled waiting on the news that his newborn had been birthed. “THANK YOU ALLAH ! THANK YOU MY QUEEN NICOLE !BLESS UP DR JIN ! 🤲🏽 ANOTHER ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he wrote after the delivery was over.

A slew congratulatory messages followed from the likes Chance The Rapper, DJ Envy, Nene Leakes, Busta Rhymes, Cool from Cool & Dre, and tens thousands others. Baby Khaled will have plenty friends to play with as Ray J and Princess Love, Christina Milian and Matt Pokora, Cassie  and husband Alex Fine, Keke Wyatt and husband Zachariah Darring, and Chris Brown and Ammika Harris have all welcomed babies recently. Last year, Yung Miami, Tokyo Jetz, Chance The Rapper, Keyshia Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kehlani, and Eva Marcille also added little ones to their family tree. Check out a few snaps from DJ Khaled below.

Young M.A Isn’t Pressured By "OOOUUU" Success: "[It’s] A Classic"

It wasn’t like Young M.A wasn’t working hard at her rap career prior to her 2016 hit “OOOUUU,” but that song definitely made the world pay attention. Artists whose introductions are as monumental as “OOOUUU” was for the New York rapper ten have difficulty keeping on track with the upward momentum. Some rappers continuously chase the success their first hit, but for Young M.A, she’s not trying to compare her present with her past.

Young M.A Isn't Pressured By "OOOUUU" Success: "It's] A Classic"
Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty s

The Herstory in the Making artist recently stopped by the Trick & Trina Morning Show and was asked if she feels pressured trying to live up to the success “OOOUUU.” To begin, Young M.A said that she’s “tired this damn question.” She admitted that there was a time when she did, but it’s so long ago that it’s not something that bothers her today.

“‘OOOUUU’ is a classic, you can’t take away a classic,” she said her single. “This was my first introduction to the game. People ain’t know if I was a girl or a boy, like, this record came with so much more than it being a record. It came as an introduction who I am,” even though she already generated a buzz in the underground scene.

“You can’t compare that because now people know who I am from that record,” she added. “At one point, yeah, course I felt pressure], because you come into the game unaware things, unaware how things work. You learn as you go. So, now, I’m at a space in my life where I know for a fact that record is always gon’ stand out on its own. Even if I had another record that overpowered that, like streams, anything, that record is always gonna be known.” Watch Young M.A talk about her first big hit below and jam to “OOOUUU” one more time.

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K. Michelle Won’t Join "Love & Hip Hop Miami": "I Don’t Do Crackheads"

There’s always some sort beef brewing with reality stars, especially those that are known as VH1 Veterans. K. Michelle saw a resurgence in her popularity after joining the cast  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta years ago, and since then she’s moved on to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and had a few spin-f series her own. The accomplished singer is a fan favorite that viewers love to hate, and it seems as if that’s also a sentiment shared by many her fellow cast members. 

K. Michelle Won't Join "Love & Hip Hop Miami": "I Don't Do Crackheads"
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty s

Millions watched as K. Michelle’s relationship with Joseline Hernandez went from friendly to downright nasty, and it doesn’t look like the former castmates are done taking verbal shots. Recently, Atlanta Black Star caught up with K. to discuss her forthcoming album All Monsters Are Human that’s slated for release at the end the month. While they had a few moments with the singer, they asked if she would be joining the cast  Love & Hip Hop Miami now that she’s living in the home the Heat.

“Absolutely not,” K. Michelle said. “I just don’t do well with crackheads. I don’t. I don’t do well with drug addicts. I can’t… They don’t take no responsibility. I’m at a new place in life and I dont’ do it. If I know you on some stuff, I’m just gone leave you there with the stuff.” For years, K. has publicly accused Joseline Hernandez being a drug addict. Although this time around she didn’t name Joseline outright, fans assumed that’s who she was referring to now that the Puerto Rican PRincess has added her name to the Miami cast.

Wifisfuneral Called Russ A "Trash Rapper" Due To Insensitivity Over Lil Peep

In their series Arts & Raps, All Def Music features a rap artist who answers questions from kids as they break out the crafts and spark conversation. On Wififuneral’s February 2018 episode, he was asked who he thinks is a “trash rapper.” Without much hesitation, the New York artist said “Russ,” and thus ignited a back-and-forth feud between the two.

Russ later sat down with Joe Budden for his Pull Up series and spoke about the beef. “Wifisfuneral] is one these rappers, I’ve never met,” he said. “I don’t know you and you’re talking sh*t. It’s kinda one those things where like you’re joining in on, ‘Oh wait, we’re all making fun Russ. Cool, here’s my joke too.’ You don’t realize there are consequences to that.”

In a recent chat with VladTV, Wifisfuneral was asked why he mentioned Russ’s name in the first place. According to the rapper, it all stemmed from Russ’s alleged insensitive remarks and behavior toward Lil Peep after the late rapper’s overdose. “I think he’s very misconstrued on what exactly my issue is with him,” Wifi began. “I really don’t got a problem with his music at all. I personally, from the bottom my heart, I don’t really care for his music. I know he doesn’t care for mine, so we don’t lose on that end at all. Second all, I never knew that somebody would feel so fended by my words. Never thought that I would have that much power to fend somebody.”

“Third all, the reason why I actually said that was not because it was a trend and not because you know, people were at the time saying like, ‘Oh, f*ck Russ.‘ Imma drug addict. Straight up and down. We’re just gon’ address it like that,” Wifi said, before adding that Russ’s anti-drug Twitter rant following Peep’s death upset him. Russ also reportedly wore a shirt that said, “How much Xans and Lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a f*cking loser.” 

Wifi continued, “So you mean to tell me that people who have problems like me, people who have problems like Peep, people who have problems like, you know…we’re legit losers? So me expressing my pain because every form or way that I’ve tried to do it is just not working for me, I’m a loser for that? Alright, well f*ck you then.” Watch his full explanation below.

Apple Releases Groundbreaking Trailer For LGBTQ Docuseries "Visible"

As society continues to progress, the rise representation from all facets culture is now being encouraged to be put on display. Representation from race, religion, subcultures, and ual orientation have seen a massive spike in mainstream media and television. And now, Apple TV’s new docuseries, Visible: Out On Television, will examine the presence the LGBTQIA+ community in film and television. 

The five-episode series will explore the history the queer community in media and television dating back nearly 50 years when the first openly gay sitcom character appeared on the 1971 show, All In The Family. Visible will also investigate the early taboos, homophobia, and early censorship the LGBTQ community was forced to endure throughout the rise influential television programming. 

Visible will touch on everything from historical events like Stonewall and the AIDS epidemic to the rise queer influence with shows like Queer Eye and Pose. In recent history, we’ve seen popular personalities like Kid Cudi and Pete Davidson reach out to the stars Queer Eye for their expertise, and the hip-hop realm openly accept the gay community. And now, Visible will provide the masses an introspective look into the on-screen gay community. 

Visible will also feature a line-up interviews from some the relevant entertainment icons in the queer community including Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, Billy Porter, Indya Moore, Anderson Cooper, Lena Waithe, Asia Kate Dillon, and Oprah. 

Check out the groundbreaking new trailer for Visible: Out On Television below and be on the lookout for the docuseries to hit the Apple TV+ streaming service on Feb. 14. 

Alicia Keys Announces "A.L.I.C.I.A." Release Date & Colorful Cover Artwork

It’s safe to say 2020 is shaping up to be an incredible year for music. Artists are coming into the “Year Vision” with a strong arm as they’ve announced that they have new music on the way, and course, there will be surprises from those like Eminem who step onto the scene without warning. Alicia Keys is returning with a new project this year and she’s ficially announced the cover art and release date.

Alicia Keys Announces "A.L.I.C.I.A." Release Date & Colorful Cover Artwork
Terry Wyatt / Stringer / Getty s

Judging by the artwork and title, the singer will be getting even more personal and showing all sides herself with A.L.I.C.I.A. The album will hit the streets on March 20, and while that seems a far way f, these weeks will fly by before we know it. Weeks ago, Alicia shared her latest single “Underdog,” the third in a trifecta releases that include “Show Me Love” featuring Miguel (along with a 21 Savage-assisted remix) and “Time Machine.”

“The Best the Best hands down‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️” an excited Swizz Beatz wrote about his wife’s forthcoming record. “Let’s go this Album is crazyyyyyyyyyy‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️” A.L.I.C.I.A. will make for the singer’s seventh studio album that will be added to a list multi-platinum releases by the award-winning artist. There has been much chatter through the rumor mill lately about Alicia and her relationship with Swizz baby mama Jahna Sebastian, so it’ll be good to see her refocus and set her sights on rolling out this project. Are you looking forward to new music by Ms. Keys?

The FBI Tweets Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Social Media Wasn’t Having It

There were plenty quotes, tributes, speeches, and remembrances shared on Monday (January 20) to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. All across America, millions people enjoyed a day f from work as some attended parades and special events dedicated to the assassinated Civil Rights leader, but when the Federal Bureau Investigation honored Dr. King on social media, the internet was quick to call out the organization’s hypocrisy.

The FBI Tweets Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Social Media Wasn't Having It
Hulton Archive / Getty s

“Today, the FBI honors the life and work the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” the institution tweeted. “A quote from Dr. King is etched in stone at the FBI Academy’s reflection garden in Quantico as a reminder to all students and FBI employees: ‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ #MLKDay.”

Ironically, when Dr. King was fighting for equity and equality, the FBI targeted him and his family, harassing and threatening them for years. There was a special team that focused on Dr. King that reportedly bugged his home, sent him threatening letters, and exposed his alleged infidelities to discredit his movement. The National Archives holds the “FBI-King Suicide Letter,” a note sent to Dr. King from the bureau encouraging him to take his own life under the direction J. Edgar Hoover. The letter called the Civil Rights leader “an evil, abnormal beast.” The FBI’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. is named the J. Edgar Hoover Building.

“Your headquarters is named after J. Edgar Hoover, who used all his resources to not only destroy King’s reputation, but to get him to kill himself,” Marc Lamont Hill tweeted to the FBI. “If you want to ‘do what is right,’ you should denounce Hoover’s attacks on The Black Freedom Movement and rename the building.” Check out a few more responses below and let us know if you think people are overreacting.

Beyoncé Thanks Fans For Ivy Park x Adidas Support Amid Backlash Over Sizes

It came to no surprise that Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collaboration with Adidas sold out instantly. For weeks the world has watched as the rich and famous shared their unboxing experiences after Beyoncé and her team gifted the collection to some her friends. However, after Ivy Park x Adidas was made available to the public, there were more than a few potential customers who were upset that items didn’t come in their sizes.

The collection was available in extra small to extra large, the largest being a 16/18. Some took issue with that because the average size an American woman in a 16/18, causing many to criticize the accomplished singer for excluding a particular demographic.

We can love her and still say Bey is wrong for Ivy Park’s size exclusion,” writer Candice Marie Benbow tweeted. “You can’t celebrate the inclusivity your other projects, having plus size dancers and background singers, but ignore us *again* when it comes to this.” She added, “Big girls deserve more than only being able to rock a hat, socks and shoes when you dropped an entire damn clothing line. And we deserve more than having to wait to be included in the next release phase that never comes. Do better, Bey. Sh*t. Just do damn better. The exclusion is intentional and I’m tired.”

Meanwhile, Beyoncé thanked supporters for making her Adidas collaboration a success. “I want to say a huge thank you to all the incredible human beings who stood in those long lines in the snow and rain,” Bey wrote on Instagram. “All the beautiful people who waited in the waiting room online. All the friends and family who took the time to film videos and dress up in the unboxing. I am humbled, grateful and proud. Y’all look so good in your IVY PARK. I love you deep. B.”

Bhad Bhabie Goes In On Her Father: "You Ain’t Do S**t"

It’s no secret that the relationship between Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, also known by her artist moniker Bhad Bhabie, and her father Ira Peskowitz has been quite turbulent over the years. In the past, she’s taken shots at her father on records and even took legal action to cut ties with her estranged father. And now, after footage surfaced on the internet Bregoli’s mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, allegedly getting into a physical altercation with the “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper, Bregoli’s father is publicly stating his disapproval how his daughter is being raised. 

Bhad Bhabie Goes In On Her Father: "You Ain't Do S**t" 

Gregg DeGuire/Getty s

After finding out her father was speaking about the relationship between herself and her mother, Bregoli quickly utilized her platform to speak out about her personal relationship with her estranged father in an Instagram post to which she captioned:

“I want a restraining order against this man This is my biological father but is also the same man who walked out on my mother when I was three months old for some stripper that he met in Canada then got married to her March 27 2004 the day after my first birthday which he wasn’t EVEN THERE FOR. He never wanted to see me the one time the court was making him see me he decided to “cancel”. This man did not want a damn thing to do with me until I got famous. Not to mention also signed his rights away in exchange 20k. This man makes a big deal out everything I can’t even post a video as a joke without this man making it seem more than it is. All he wants is spot light when he really needs mental help! This man is mentally ill. Wasn’t only cheating on my momma with strippers but men too #seekhelp.”

She later took to her Instagram Live to voice her frustrations with her father angrily declaring, “You ain’t did a godd*mn, motherf*cking thing for me my whole life.” She later continued, “As my mother got breast cancer, she stopped working to take care me. What the f*ck was you doing?”

Ira Peskowitz supposedly left Danielle and her mother while she was an infant and have maintained a minimal relationship since then. However, that hasn’t stopped Bergoli from successfully living the life she wants to lead. Check out the heavy clip Bhad Bhabie going in her father her Instagram Live in the video provided below. 

Joe Budden Won’t Work With Slaughterhouse Until They’re "Away From Shady"

 It was back in Spring 2018 when the ficial announcement came that Slaughterhouse was ficially over, but fans are still hoping that the quartet rap group will link up just one more time. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, and Kxng Crooked don’t have any ill-will toward one another, but there are some clear-cut reasons as to why they refuse to reunite. Over the years there have been rumors feuds with Shady Records or tensions with Eminem, and many those whispers centered around Budden.

Joe Budden Won't Work With Slaughterhouse Until They're "Away From Shady"
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty s

While visiting the My Expert Opinion show, Budden was in the hot seat and asked about Slaughterhouse. “Those are my brothers and I love them,” Budden said his relationship with his former collaborators. He did admit, however, that he doesn’t speak to them regularly. “Royce just did the podcast, I spoke to him,” Budden added. “I haven’t spoke to Joell, but he just like a picture a few days ago and I liked one back, so I know me and him are fly. The same with Crook, man. Those are my guys forever.”

“I’m not a worker, anymore,” he said how his mentality has shifted over the years. “I’m not going to work for something that didn’t exist before I got here. And that’s how I feel about wordsmiths. We can put this together, y’all can’t monetize it until we do, and that’s how I act. So, nah, I’m not putting nothing out with Slaughterhouse unless Slaughterhouse is away from Shady and we own our own sh*t.”

When questioned about Eminem, Budden shut down that line conversation. The podcast host was the only member Slaughterhouse to not be featured on Eminem’s recently released Music To Be Murdered By. “That has nothing to do with me. Don’t ask me about Em. Has zero to do with what I just said. He is not a factor in what I am saying. What I am saying is solely related to my brothers. Now, how it gets wherever it gotta go is not on me. It’s lawyers and things for that to happen but that’s a me thing.” Watch the conversation below.