50 Cent Begins Feud With Adrien Broner: "I Blocked Your Ass"

Whenever 50 Cent‘s “Fty” senses start to tingle, you know there’s some bad news around the corner. The New York rapper has been on a tear as late, crossing paths with some the world’s most entertaining celebrities and demanding a percentage from them. During his new role as hip-hop’s resident debt collector, Fiddy has taken aim at Teairra Mari, Young Buck, Randall Emmett, Jackie Long, and so many more. His most recent spat against Bow Wow appears to be nearing an end so Fif needed to find a new target. He ended up settling on his good friend Adrien Broner, realizing that he might owe him some money.

The boxer took to social media to call out 50 Cent for blocking him on Instagram, telling him that he might need to borrow a million dollars soon. When news got back to Fiddy though, he was not impressed. “Fuck you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on the fight,” joked Curtis on his own page, rubbing in the loss. “Yeah I blocked your ass because you fucking up the money.” 

Commenting on his own post, Fif added some more, thinking it’s about time he gives Broner an ultimatum. “IM STARTING TO FEEL LIKE YOU OWE ME AB. So have something for me by Monday,” he wrote.

Uh oh. You better pay up AB because when it comes to 50 Cent’s wrath, you don’t want to be on the wrong side. Broner does pack a powerful punch though…

"Surviving R. Kelly" Takes Home Best Documentary At 2019 MTV Awards

It has been roughly six months since the premiere the controversial documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. The multiple allegations sexual abuse and more surrounding the shamed actor have finally culminated to an explosive two-part series that shocked viewers and sparked outrage across social media platforms. Ever since the documentary’s release, the justice encouraged by the #MeToo movement was served to R. Kelly in the shape several lawsuits and legal issues meant to investigate the claims made. While the documentary both successfully and powerfully managed to hold R. Kelly accountable for his alleged actions, it also shed light on the remnants sexual abuse on its victims. Moreover, due to its success and ability to reach viewers on a deeper level, a series follow up was announced and aired last month on May 4th. 

Most recently, the widely talked-about docuseries snagged a nomination at the MTV Awards 2019 ceremony for Best Documentary. And now, it appears the series has won, beating out At The Heart Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandals–another documentary shedding light on the sexual assault and molestation claims tied to Dr. Larry Nassar over the years–McQueen, Minding the Gap & RBG. A big congratulations to all involved in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. 

LeBron James & AD Won’t Be Given Another Max Player: Report

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers were able to make a huge trade to bring Anthony Davis to their squad. They ended up giving up Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, and the fourth overall pick in the draft which compromises their future for short term success. Now, the Lakers will have to fill the holes in their roster throughout free agency which has led some people to speculate their ability to pick up a max contract which would certainly make the squad a super team. As ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski explained yesterday, that just simply isn’t possible as the team won’t have enough salary cap space once their Davis trade goes through.

Per Woj:

“They needed a July 30 completion this deal with that No. 4 pick in it to be able to have around $32-33 million in cap space — enough for a max deal. Right now they’re closer to $24 million and there’s no A-list star who is going to take that kind discount, really not even a B-list big star. So right now it looks like they might want to break up that $23-24 million to bring in multiple players. And given how barren the rest their roster is, they don’t even have a starting five. That’s probably the better route for the Lakers to go.”

If the Lakers can’t find a superstar or some depth to put on their roster, they might have to begin the season with Alex Caruso as a starter, which would truly be the icing on the Lakers dysfunction cake.

Stay tuned for the latest information on free agency and player signings throughout the league.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" Director Takes Blame For Movie’s Box Office Flop

We’ve been actively reporting on the numbers tied to the recent installment to the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix. And from the beginning its roll-out in theatres, it has been doing poorly. To begin, the disappointing box fice number related to Dark Phoenix’s debut meant the movie had the worst opening in the franchise’s history with a meager $14 million dollars nationwide and $33 million over the weekend. Moreover, the L’s continued being taken upon the movie’s second week wherein sales plummeted by 83%, only bringing in $2.438 million dollars during its second week. Many have blamed the movie’s underperformance as a result “franchise fatigue,” something Men In Black: International slightly experienced but not as badly. Moreover, the director behind the movie has now spoken and is taking full responsibility for the movie doing so badly

According to People, Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg took blame during an interview with The Business Podcast: “This weekend for me was certainly more disappointing then I’d anticipated, but I was anticipating or bracing for a tough weekend. I’d always felt like we had a tough date for this particular movie.” In addition, Kinberg adds that Avengers: Endgame’s huge success did not help, “Coming out 5-6 weeks after what will be the biggest, or second biggest movie in the history cinema that happens to also be in the genre superheroes was tough for us. But I wouldn’t blame it on the weekend, like it clearly is a movie that didn’t connect. That’s on me.” 

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Ghosted The Celtics Ahead Of Free Agency

Along with players like Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving will be one the most sought after free agents this Summer. Irving has made it clear that he no longer wants to play with the Boston Celtics and will be looking to sign with a new team. Rumors state that Kyrie wants to join the Brooklyn Nets and that he would even be interested in playing with Anthony Davis and LeBron James in Los Angeles. Wherever Irving goes, he will surely make that team better so it’s no surprise that teams are lining up to sign him as quickly as possible.

Irving can still sign with the Celtics but according to a report from Adam Himmelsbach the Boston Globe, it seems like Kyrie isn’t interested even talking to them.

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Ghosted The Celtics Ahead Of Free Agency

Maddie Meyer/Getty s

Per Himmelsbach:

“The strangest part the Irving situation right now is that it appears he has essentially ghosted on the Celtics. The people within the organization I have spoken with have made it clear that they have had little, if any, communication with Irving in recent weeks.”

Teams will ficially be allowed to have conversations with players as June 30th at 6 P.M. EST so it will be a couple weeks before we know what Irving’s ficial decision. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest on free agency and player signings.

Kawhi Leonard Explains His Plans For NBA Free Agency

Heading into free agency, one the most intriguing stories will involve Kawhi Leonard the Toronto Raptors. Leonard just helped win the NBA Championship for the Raptors and picked up NBA Finals MVP honors in the process. He is a free agent this summer and the whole league is wondering if he will come back to Toronto or if he will go to Los Angeles where he grew up. There have been reports that the Lakers and Knicks are looking into the superstar while the Raptors are doing the most to keep him with the team.

During the championship parade yesterday, Leonard was asked about his plans for free agency and as you would expect from the Board Man, he’s not divulging too much information just yet.

Kawhi Leonard Explains His Plans For NBA Free Agency

Ezra Shaw/Getty s

“I’m going to take the right time,” Leonard told Ian Harrison  the Associated Press. “You don’t need too many days to figure it out. We’ll see what happens. Once that time comes, then we’ll all lay the pros and cons out.”

If Leonard stays with the Raptors, the team has the opportunity to reach dynasty status especially with the Warriors depleted heading into next season. If he goes to the Clippers or Lakers, both those teams would become instant contenders.

OJ Simpson Threatens Parody Twitter Account With 16 Knife Emojis

OJ Simpson made a Twitter account recently and he’s already out here doing the absolute most. Since being released from jail a couple years ago, the former Buffalo Bills running back was living a pretty quiet life but now, it seems like he wants to be back in the spotlight again. Over the weekend, he explained how he never had an affair with Kris Jenner and now, it appears as though he’s threatening parody accounts.

An account by the name  @KillerOJSimpson received a pretty harrowing DM from OJ himself, urging the parody account to shut down or he would get his lawyers after him.

“Like I said, delete this ‘Parody’ account as you call it or face serious consequences by me. I’ll find your ass one way or another so don’t mess with me. I got nothing to lose. Grow up!” OJ wrote. That’s when the parody account replied with a thumbs up and knife emoji. OJ immediately hit back with that same knife emoji which was truly frightening.

The man posted the interaction to his Twitter account and received yet another threatening DM from Simpson. “Seen that video you posted about me. You think I’m playing? Tired all your bulls–t. I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND CUT YOU — Don’t believe me? Just watch and see bitch,” Simpson’s account wrote back. He then hit the man back with another text that contained 16 knife emojis and the words “you next.”

There has been no confirmation as to whether or not the DM’s are real and OJ himself hasn’t addressed the controversy on his Twitter page. If the messages are in fact real, he could be in violation his parole.

XXXTentacion Died One Year Ago Today

One year ago, news broke that Jaseh “XXXTentacion” Onfroy had been shot after shopping at Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida. A disturbing video began circulating amidst panicked speculation. Sadly, the clip revealed a bleak reality. The shooting was fatal. XXXTentacion passed away that afternoon, at the age 20. Though relatively new to the game, Triple X left behind a notable legacy.

His work with Members Only paved the way for a new lane SoundCloud rap. His pair released studio albums, 17 & ?, revealed an artist unafraid to take stylistic risks. He was an XXL Freshman. He contributed to charity, donating toys, musical instruments, and video games to foster homes. Despite his dark past and the disturbing allegations that loomed over him, XXX appeared ready and willing to change for the better. One tracking his career from the get-go would have noticed an upward trajectory; his petty feuds and mindless beefs were ultimately squashed, including a brief estrangement with his longtime best friend Ski Mask The Slump God.

XXXTentacion Died One Year Ago Today

Jason Koerner/Getty s

Like many controversial figures, XXX proved divisive in life. During his brief yet impactful career, few prominent artists openly co-signed him, with the exception Kendrick Lamar (he praised 17 and fought Spotify’s decision to remove X’s catalog), Joey Bada$$ (the pair were working on a collaborative mixtape) and PnB Rock, who forged a genuine friendship with the young Floridian. Upon his death, many seemed to publically sten toward him, as indicated by posthumous collaborations on albums like Tha Carter V and Kanye West‘s upcoming Yandhi.

Yet his followers remained loyal from the jump, emerging in droves to pay respect to the fallen rapper. To this day, Triple X is seen by many young fans as an era-defining legend, with his murder marking their first experience with losing someone from afar. Case in point, his single “Sad” is nearly eligible to go Diamond, a monumental feat in itself. Today, take a moment to look back on XXXTentacion and his brief yet impactful run. Rest in peace to another young rapper gone too soon. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Has Son Jaden By Her Side As She Receives MTV Award

There were many honors being given at the MTV Movie & TV Awards Monday evening. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave an inspirational speech after he was presented with the Generation Award, and Jada Pinkett Smith received the Trailblazer Award for her work with the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Foundation. 

Comedian Tiffany Haddish presented her Girls Trip co-star with the trophy as Jada, donning a shimmering, silver suit, graced the stage with her son Jaden Smith by her side. The 47-year-old said, “Often we applaud the trails people blaze in the external world that we can see, but very rarely do we applaud the trails that are blazed in the hidden rooms the mind that are full uncertainty, false beliefs, and pain. And it’s these internal obstacles that must be challenged in order to muster the courage to forge new paths that we can see in the world.”

Jada Pinkett Smith Has Son Jaden By Her Side As She Receives MTV Award
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

And then I thought a little more deeply,” she continued. “I was thinking, every last person in this room must do that at some capacity. So that means that every single person in this room is trailblazing, whether it’s within or withoutSo as you honor me tonight, I want to honor all you. And I want to say, here’s to us for all our trailblazing. Keep it up and thank you!

Amy Doyle, general manager MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo praised Jada in a statement. “Jada has been a powerhouse since the beginning her career and has achieved multi-hyphenate status throughout,” she wrote. “She is the epitome someone who is not afraid to challenge the status quo and we are thrilled to present her with this year’s Trailblazer Award.”

Bill Cosby Gives Lectures On Life Lessons & Parenting In Prison: Report

Regardless his location and the convictions against him, Bill Cosby continues to operate as a moral authority. The 81-year-old is currently serving a three-10 year sentence in state prison after being convicted three counts aggravated indecent assault. Nevertheless, Cosby has been able to communicate with the outside world telephone and social media. 

For decades, fans equated Cosby’s “Heathcliff Huxtable” character with the real-life Bill Cosby, therefore his image has always been steeped in wholesome memories. The comedian’s recent scandals have tarnished that image, but while millions fans have turned their backs to him, Cosby still sees himself as America’s favorite father. 

Cosby’s representative, Andrew Wyatt, chatted with TMZ to share what life has been like behind bars for the elderly entertainer. According to Wyatt, Cosby may be keeping a busier schedule nowadays, considering that he’s reportedly giving four lectures per week to fellow inmates. As many as 100 prisoners show up to hear Cosby give life advice about parenting. Subjects include advising inmates on how to help their children stay out prison, and for those being released, how they can re-bond with their children.

The actor reportedly is also giving inmates interview techniques for those who looking for work after their sentence is up, and he’s also advising addicts on how to stay sober. Wyatt says, “These are the types men he has wanted to get his messages across to for years, and now he has a totally captive audience.”

Tory Lanez’s Claims Of Colorism On Set Are Untrue According To Directors: Report

Tory Lanez has been the center controversy over the last few days after a video surfaced that showed him standing against colorism. The clip shows Lanez on the set  Nafe Smallz’s “Good Love,” a track where he lends his vocals. In the scene, Lanez shares space with a dark-skinned model until someone asks her to step out so that she can be replaced with a lighter-skinned model. Lanez calls a time-out before bringing the original model back in. 

As the video circulated throughout social media, the response was divided. Some people applauded Lanez for acknowledging colorism while others suggested that it was a staged act. Lanez received a bit backlash following his Ayesha Curry trade joke, and some fans felt as if this was his way making up for it. However, Lanez put those rumors to rest when he took to his Instagram Story and shared that he wasn’t faking or staging anything. 

“The internet has a funny way tryna make the light f truthful shit. If this was a publicity stunt, why would I be doing it for someone else’s music video,” Lanez said. “Mind y’all this video shoot happened 3 months ago and a behind the scenes camera man DM’s it to me the other day,” he continued. “All parties that were involved know exactly what happened in the 30 minutes that I was at the shoot. Whether or not they wanna be truthful.”

That was to be the end the conversation, but TMZ caught up with one-half the duo directors the music video and he wasn’t happy about the suggestion that he favored one model over the other. Capone Capone x Giuse told the publication that they don’t discriminate when it comes to featuring black women with darker skin, especially because they’re heavily involved in the Afrobeats scene and most their work features women with dark complexions. Capone was adamant that no one on his team called for the women to be traded out, noting that most the people on set during that particular scene were from Lanez’s crew.

Nicki Minaj Clears Up Rumors Regarding Blac Chyna & MEGATRON

Every since Nicki Minaj teased “Megatron,” fans have been impatiently waiting for her to drop new music. “My name is #Megatron,” Minaj tweeted on Monday. “What’s your #TronName? I’ll shout out some my faves on #QueenRadio this Friday.” The Barbz swarmed her with their new names, all fitted to help increase the hype around her next single. Days ago, Minaj also shared behind-the-scenes clips and images her next music video—and things looked as if they were getting a little steamy.

One series photos showed the rapper in a red room with a man as they were filming a sexually-charged scene. Matching with the red light theme those photos was Blac Chyna who, on Monday, dropped a few images herself on a similar looking set and captioned one photo with the word “Megatron.” This left many fans to wonder whether or not Chyna had linked with Minaj for the video, but before the rumors spun too far out control, Minaj made it clear that her video would roll on sans Chyna.

“Chyna isn’t in the MEGATRON video,” Minaj wrote on Instagram. “She was just showing love, which I greatly appreciate. Congrats on the new show mama!” The rapper sent out kissing emojis before ending her message by saying she may have Chyna as a guest on Queen Radio this Friday.

Toronto Raptors Parade Shooting Leaves Four Wounded

Tens thousands people gathered onto the streets Toronto to watch their NBA Championship team be honored with a parade. The Raptors—and Drake—drove through hoards screaming, adoring fans who wore their favorite Raptors gear and clamored for a glimpse the famous sports figures. It was a cheerful, light-hearted afternoon until gunshots rang out in the crowd. Original reports stated that one person was injured, but NPR now sayd that emergency responders tended to the wounds four individuals.

Thankfully, none the injuries reported were life-threatening and the four people were treated at local hospitals. According to police, they were able to quickly identify and arrest three suspects in connection with the shooting. “We do have people arrested with firearms, and that’s the start the investigation,” Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders told reporters. He then asked witnesses to come forward with any information. The motivation behind the shooting was not revealed.

When the gunshots rang out, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Toronto Mayor John Tory, and Raptors players were onstage. Sportscaster Matt Devlin was hosting the event and alerted the crowd that something serious had happened. “I want to make sure everyone stays calm,” Devlin said. “This is serious. Everyone stay calm…There is an emergency being dealt with.” Andrew Singh, a witness, said “we just saw the girl drop to the floor and the guy running f,” Singh told the AP. “All I heard was, ‘bop bop bop.'”

Anderson .Paak Delivers Freestyle While Visiting Funkmaster Flex At HOT 97

His soulful singles have captured the hearts R&B lovers worldwide, but don’t get it twisted: Anderson .Paak’s freestyle skills are nothing to play with. The hip hop artist has visited his share radio stations where he’s fered to show f his lyrical abilities, and the latest to get a taste what Paak’s working with was New York’s Hot 97. Paak visited Funkmaster Flex to drop some bars and his flow seemed flawless…aside from a few hiccups on the beat.

While Paak was spitting his freestyle, there were some jumps on the tempo. The rapper was able to recover on multiple occasions, but he couldn’t hold in his frustration. Some have argued that it was just the song and no fault to DJ Juanyto who was in the booth and responsible for playing the beat, while others have slammed Juanyto for messing up Paak’s performance. On Funk Flex’s blog, they shared that the loop was downloaded from the internet so it wasn’t necessarily the DJ’s fault.

Meanwhile, Paak has been tearing up festival stages and performing non-stop since the release his last record Ventura. Check out his freestyle with Funkmaster Flex below and let us know your favorite lyrics.

Nelly Says New EP Will Be Produced By Country Group Florida Georgia Line

It’s about time that we received new music from Nelly, and the “Country Grammar” rapper has revealed that his next project is in the works. During a recent interview with Atlanta’s hit radio station V-103, Nelly announced that he’s readyinig the release a new EP. He didn’t give up too many details regarding what fans can expect with the album, but he did share that country duo Florida Georgia Line would have a hand in it.

Before speaking on the project, Nelly shared his plans for the next few months. “This summer I’m going on tour with me, TLC, and Flo Rida. We got the Whole Lotta Hits tour coming out real soon. We’re gonna have a whole bunch fun with that. I also got an EP coming out that’s on a whole ‘nother side that’s executive produced by Florida Georgia Line. It’s on some whole other stuff, so yeah. We still movin’.”

One can only speculate that fans will receive a sound that’s more in line with Nelly’s 2004 Tim McGraw collaboration “Over & Over.” The rapper worked with Florida Georgia Line in the past when he hopped on the remix to their single, “Cruise.” Considering how Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has dominated the charts, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more artists step into the country game. Nelly was one the firsts, so if he does go that route, it won’t be unfamiliar territory.

Back in 2015, it was announced that the rapper was working on his Heartland EP. “He’s a free agent on the label side now, and is working on a country-based Heartland EP, which should be really interesting,” Nelly’s manager told Billboard at the time. “He may be one the first hip-hop artists to jump into that space in an authentic way with Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw, so we think he has an opportunity to grow that base even more.”