Eminem Hits Instagram For "Pac Man" Session, Prompting MGK Diss Theories

By now, fans are waiting with bated breath for Eminem to return fire. Both Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden seem likely recipients for his wrath, with the former’s “Rap Devil” turning a variety heads. In fact, the history between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly is rich and full passive aggression; read up on the sordid tale here. Though some may say Em is ficially on the clock, given “Rap Devil’s” potency, others opt for a “patience is a virtue” approach. Still, it seems likely that Em’s response is on the way, especially if friend and collaborator Mr. Porter is to be believed. 

We can only assume that Em is hard at work recording his retort. Such theories were given slight credence last night, when Eminem made the rare foray onto Instagram Live. Those tuning in were treated to a lengthy clip Eminem playing “Ms. Pac Man” with zenlike focus. While it’s unconfirmed, it’s entirely possible that the session took place in a recording studio breakroom; where else might it be? In any case, Em and his team are clearly aware the hype surrounding his reply, and an impromptu IG session from a habitual recluse is bound to cause stirrings. 

One particular video, as seen below, has even taken their theory-crafting to levels ten reserved for Game Of Thrones and Lost aficionados, pointing out that Machine Gun actually has Ms. Pac Man tattoos. Could everything be connected? We shall wait and see.

Antonio Brown, Dwyane Wade & Others Show Support For Le'Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl running back Le’Veon Bell won’t be on the field for their season opener against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and it’s anybody’s guess when he’ll rejoin the team. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports people involved in the situation “guess” Bell will end his standf Saturday, to avoid missing out on his $850K check, though comments from Bell’s agent suggest the 26-year old back might wait as long as Week 10 until he shows up.

Amid the holdout, multiple Steelers fensive linemen have criticized Bell, including Maurkice Pouncey who told reporters earlier this week, “Why play hide-and-seek? Why let your agent say this? Just man up and tell us what you’re going to do.” Guard Ramon Foster said  Bell, “He’s making seven times what I make twice as much as (left tackle) Al (Villanueva) is making and we’re the guys who do it for him.”

While it’s clear some Bell’s teammates are pissed he has yet to report to camp, other current and former athletes have shown him support, including Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown. AB took to social media last night with a message for Bell that reads, “We all we got, we all we need. Ready to roll whenever you get back with us, family @LeveonBell.”

Dwyane Wade also hit up Bell on twitter: “get what you deserve my brother!✊🏾 If you don’t look out for you no one else will!” Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Stokley and ex-Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew called out the Steelers linemen for getting involved in Bell’s personal business, especially as it pertains to his money.

Check out some the Bell supporters’ comments in the tweets embedded below.

Twitter Reacts To Boyz II Men's National Anthem Rendition

Prior to last night’s NFL season opener between the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia natives Boyz II Men performed a harmonious rendition the national anthem that momentarily made fans forget about the league’s issues. 

As conservative radio talk show host Michael Berry put it, “Hey @BoyzIIMen, an entire nation is applauding you right now. Beautiful rendition the anthem our nation. One the most glorious presentations it I’ve ever heard, gentlemen.”

Another wrote, “The @NFL should fly @BoyzIIMen around the country so they can sing the National Anthem at every 1 and 4pm game. That was awesome.”

In case you missed it, you can check out the performance here:

Scroll through the tweets embedded below to see what others had to say about Boyz II Men’s top notch anthem.

Cardi B Proves She's A "Whole Lotta Woman"

Cardi B is living her best life sitting front row at the numerous fashion shows that are happening in New York for this year’s fashion week. Earlier in the week, she was at Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer reveal and last night she hit up Jeremy Scott’s show with her sister by her side. At the end the night (and after the after party) Cardi went back to her hotel, stripped down and posed for a photo in front her hotel door that sees her rocking a black body-hugging one piece. 

“Whole lotta woman,” she captioned the post. 

A couple weeks back Cardi shared a nude photo on Instagram and after receiving some backlash she hopped on Instagram live and defended her choice. “Let me be free,” she said. “If I wanna be half-ass naked, why not? A bitch used to be a whole motherfucking stripper. If I wanna feel sexy, if I want ya all to see my motherfucking body, why the fuck not?”   

See Kanye West's Pornhub Merchandise In Full NSFW Glory

In one 2018’s strangest, yet altogether not-unexpected pairings, Kanye West teamed up with Pornhub to direct their annual awards ceremony. The event, which transpired last night, found Kanye West premiering a new song with Lil Pump, designing various trophies, and bringing a new line merchandise to life. The exclusive clothing line, which celebrates the night’s big winners, can be seen and purchased at Yeezy Supply. In truth, one has to wonder which demographic the line is targeted for; it takes a truly brazen individual to rock a “Splash Zone: Top Squirting Performer” sweater.

In any case, Kanye West’s newest line will surely find a willing crowd, who have come to cherish his additions to the fashion industry. In case you were wondering which ladies earned the change to be immortalized in Yeezy history, the list goes as follows: Mia Malkova, Riley Reid, Lena Paul, Abella Danger, and Kendra Sunderland. A word warning, however; the shirts are highly NSFW, so if you’re doing your shopping on company time, do so at your own peril.

Peep the full line designs here. 

Nike LeBron 16 "What The LeBron" Colorway Unveiled

Nike typically reserves their “What The” colorways signature shoes for the end that sneaker’s run, mashing together all the past colorways and designs on one gaudy piece footwear. That isn’t the case with the Nike LeBron 16.

Last night Nike introduced ficial images the Nike LeBron 16 “What The LeBron,” which will reportedly be one the first colorways the sneaker to release. The kicks have previously only been revealed in a black and red colorway, slated to drop on September 20, as well as a women’s exclusive collaboration with Harlem’s Fashion Row.

The latest “What The LeBron” sports the traditional mis-matched theme, with the left shoe featuring a multi-color flyknit while the right opts for a predominately black build. Nike has not yet announced release details for the LeBron 16 “What The LeBron,” but is believed they’ll be releasing shortly after the black/red colorway on September 20.

Take a look at the first images the LeBron 16 below and stay tuned for more details.

Post Malone Crashes Rolls-Royce Wraith, Escapes Uninjured

Post Malone crashed his Rolls-Royce Wraith in a high speed crash on Santa Monica Boulevard, nearly two weeks after his near brush with death up-up in the sky. Pictures the collision taken in the wee hours the morning show the driver’s side panel to be in complete disarray. The Kia involved in the collision was completely smashed in on the front end. thankfully, no one involved, including Post Malone, was injured in the crash. 

According to the preliminary investigation, neither driver was judged to be under the influence. Since neither driver came down with any injuries, no police report was administered, nor was either person held for questioning. Post Malone’s Rolls-Royce did none-the-less pass through city-owned property, flustering a few shrubs and damaging a fence. After the incident Post Malone tweeted: “god must hate me lol,” in reference to his recent run bad luck.

Malone’s white Wraith was towed away from the crash site on a lorry. As you might expect, Post Malone took the knock like a true victor. The same camera roll from the crash site shows Malone puffing a cigarette nonchalantly as he barters with a cop. you can view the half-dozen images right here at The Sun.

Mike Dean Talks Working With Kanye West, Travis Scott & More

It’s safe to say that Mike Dean can get it done, even if the time constraints are dubbed unreasonable. Such grace under pressure is one the integral reasons behind his prolific 2018 campaign, which found him working on Kanye West’s Ye, Kids See Ghosts’ eponymous debut, Pusha T’s Daytona, Travis Scott’s Astroworld, Teyana Taylor’s KTSE, and more. Now, Entertainment Weekly has sat down with Dean for an extensive conversation, in which he breaks down some his memorable experiences and practices. 

“That’s what usually happens. People come with the record done but just need a little more sauce on top,” says Dean. “That’s what I’m good at.” Clearly, Kanye West agreed, bringing Dean into the fold for his jam-packed summer run, which found five albums released consecutively; apparently, Dean found out about the ambitious release schedule when Yeezy tweeted about it. ” “I was like, that’s a lot work, but I’m used to it. I might have a few panics, you know, but it’s all got to keep moving.”

He reflects on making last-minute revisions the night before Ye’s big Wyoming premiere, which was almost thwarted by a dying phone. “I was literally making revisions that Kanye asked for right before we got in his car,” explains Dean. “We always get shit done, so I was not worried.” Upon arriving to the launch party, Dean premiered Yeezy’s album with twelve percent battery. “They were like, ‘Play it again.’ I was like, ‘Uh…” 

Dean also reflects on Travis Scott’s “Stop Trying To Be God” studio session, which found Stevie Wonder walking into a veritable fog weed smoke. His reaction? “I can see!’” Peep the whole story right here. 

Childish Gambino Confirms "This Is America" Tour Will Be "Last Ever"

Looks like it’s ficial. Thursday night (Sept.6th) Childish Gambino kicked f his “This Is America” tour in his hometown Atlanta at the city’s Infinite Energy Arena. While fans piled in to enjoy the show, Gambino made sure they left with a little something—no matter how devastating.

“Number one, if you’re at this show, then you know this is the last Gambino tour ever,” he said before the crowd in a clip uploaded by a user. “I love you forever for supporting me and coming out for this shit. Second, if you’re in here, that means you bought a ticket. So, you don’t need to film this shit. Experience this shit. This is not a concert. This is fucking church. If you’re not here to celebrate life, if you’re not here to enjoy your time here, if you’re just here to hear your favorite song, you should go home right now and do that. I’m here to have an experience with y’all tonight, you feel me?”

Of course, this echoes previous sentiments brought forward by the multi-hyphenate within the last year. After a period “will he or won’t he” debates, he’s put it in the plainest terms. Of course, it isn’t the final nail in the cfin. The Atlanta tour stop was host to a couple new tracks debuted live during the showand the “This Is America” trek will continue well into the end October as he weave through cities like Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, and wraps up at the Voodoo festival in New Orleans on October 26th.

Elon Musk Smokes A Joint On Joe Rogan's Podcast And Tesla Shares Drop

In the latest in a string  recent out–character behavior, founder billion dollar company Tesla, Elon Musk smoked weed during a live taping a podcast. 

While on air with comedian Joe Rogan, Musk discussed various topics ranging from flamethrowers, social media, and the consequences artificial intelligence. In between topics, Musk took a moment to take a hit a joint which reportedly contained a blend tobacco and weed, substances which can be legally consumed for recreational purposes in California. Of his past experiences with smoking, the actor had this to say:“I’m not a regular smoker weed,” he mused. “I don’t actually notice any effect … I don’t find that it is very good for productivity.” It appears that investors were not particularly pleased with Musk’s foray into recreational marijuana use as shares Tesla dipped 8.2 percent in pre-market trading following the interview.

Spectators have been quick to point out this act as one many on a recent timeline Musk’s peculiar exploits. You may recall that Musk got into a beef with a British cave diver by the name  Vernon Unsworth dubbing him a “child rapist” and has recently been in the news for and social media spat with infamous artist Azealia Banks. This is definitely an interesting and trying time for the billionaire, watch the podcast below.

Machine Gun Kelly Dubs Eminem Beef "A Battle Between Past & Future"

Machine Gun Kelly has been making the best out his “Rap Devil” fallout. Arguably his most popular song in recent memory, the scathing diss has many looking at Gunner in a new light, from occasional crossover rapper to formidable foe. In fact, some circles have even taking to calling “Rap Devil” Eminem’s biggest challenge to date. While Em has yet to respond, Machine Gun Kelly has been taking his crusade on the road, touring alongside Fall Out Boy. Last night, MGK hit up Em’s home state Michigan, where he proceeded to put Em’s hometown love to the test. 

Standing on Grand Rapids soil, MGK proudly proclaimed the raison d’etre behind his cause. “This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio,” proclaims Kelly, before delivering a heated rendition “Rap Devil.” “This is a battle between the past and the motherfuckin’ future!” He proceeds to drop his infamous diss to the sound uproarious applause.

Say what you will about the man, but Machine Gun Kelly’s diss is certainly worthy respect. Peep footage below. If you’re still confused as to why these two are beefing in the first place, look no further. 

ScHoolboy Q Is Peforming A Free Concert In Chicago On September 14th

ScHoolboy Q has once again teamed up with House Vans for a free concert, well free for those in attendance. You know damn well ScHoolboy is getting his in tens and twenties. In May, House Vans organized two ScHoolboy Q pop-up sessions in Brooklyn and Chicago, drafted into the contract for his September 14th concert in Chicago, once again.

Vans has initialized a contest where the winner gets to grace the stage with ScHoolboy. The show itself is the first come, first served variety. Doors will be closed once the House Vans Chicago chapter hits capacity. Those who show up without an RSVP will be turned away, at a limit 2 tickets per application. RSVPs can be placed on the event page here.

Although it’s far too late to submit to the contest, we wish the recipients the best luck in their showcase with Q. The winner will be handpicked by a team made up TDE reps, including ScHoolboy himself. The shortlist was even published by The Fader. Among the nominees are a five piece band from Calgary, Alberta, and a Pomona, California band called Insecure Alex, which is no doubt based around the weaker half our very own Alex Zidel.

Ex-Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Reportedly Arrested For Rape

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was reportedly arrested for rape early Friday morning in Kansas, according to TMZ Sports. Details surrounding the arrest remain scarce, but TMZ reports jail records in Sedgwick County, Kansas show the 26-year-old was booked for rape at 3:43 AM on September 7 and he’s being held without bond at a local detention center.

Randle has been in trouble with the law numerous times since he broke into the NFL in 2013, including a stint where he was arrested six times in a 17-month span. During that time period, while he was still a member the Cowboys, he was booked for stealing underwear and cologne from a department store.

Randle, who has spent most the past two years in jail, had been convicted aggravated burglary, aggravated battery, criminal threat and marijuana possession after he allegedly hit three people with a car after being asked to leave a housewarming party, according to Pro Football Talk. In June, a Kansas judge accepted the recommendation Randle’s attorneys and gave him five years probation stemming from that incident. 

The Cowboys selected Randle in the fifth round the 2013 NFL Draft and he was named the starting back during the 2015 season, but was waived later that year and never played in the league again. 

XXXTENTACION Shooting Suspects Give DNA Samples In Court

Despite initial rejections, the murder suspects in the shooting death XXXTENTACION have had their fingerprints and DNA taken in court according to a Fort Lauderdale ABC affiliate. It was Wednesday morning that the four men—Trayvon Newsome, Robert Allen, Dedrick Williams, and Michael Boatwright—were led into a Broward County courtroom. Last month the county’s state attorney’s fice filed a motion asking the judge for fingerprints and DNA samples from all four the suspects.

Lawyers for Boatwright, Allen and Williams protested the motions saying that the fingerprints the three suspects were already taken, and asserting that their clients’ rights were protected against “any illegal search or seizure.”

Ultimately, Judge Michael Usan allowed for the fingerprints to be taken for Boatwright, Allen, Williams, and Newsome. Newsome’s legal team never objected to the original motion.

All four men were indicted for the alleged roles in the June 18th robbery and murder 20-year old XXXTENTACION. Authorities believe that Newsome and Boatwright were the two gunmen, with Boatwright being the one who actually fired a shot while Williams is believed to have been the getaway driver.

Boatwright was arrested on July 5th on an unrelated drug charge and was subsequently served with a warrant on July 10th for first-degree murder while in custody. Allen was caught after a task force intervened while he was hiding out at his sister’s home in Georgia while Newsome turned himself into police at the top August.

Nicki Minaj Salutes Winnie Harlow For "Breakthrough Model Of The Year" Win

Nicki Minaj and Winnie Harlow subsequently posted the same image them posing at the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards held at the Park Hyatt in New York on Thursday night. The NY rapper was on hand to watch her friend take away the “Breakthrough Model Of The Year” title ahead a steady stream candidates.

Not only was Nicki Minaj on hand to support her friend, she even handed Winnie the award on stage. The “Breakthrough Model Of The Year” was one many awards handed out to the field nominees, accounting for the last 12-months industry activity. Winnie thanked her friend Nicki for making the trip to NYC (yes, Nicki has abandoned ship) by way Los Angeles. “Wow.. I can’t believe you did this. NickiMinaj you came all the way to NYC to present me with BreakThrough Model the Year award at DailyFrontRow,” wrote Harlow on Instagram following the special occasion.

Winnie showed up to the Gala in a backless silver dress that showed f her slender figure. Nicki Minaj did acquit herself too, in an Alexander McQueen dress, which proved quite the traffic hazard, as you can see below.