Amber Rose Invites Fans To Call & Text Her: "Wishing I Had Someone To Talk To"

Amber Rose is keen on building a tightly knit community. Her efforts extend past her annual SlutWalk. The social media star is now giving her fans direct access to her through a mobile application.

Rose announced her new initiative on Instagram in a short clip. Her following is invited to call and text her through the Collide app.

Although her Collide prile welcomes users with a message that states that Amber Rose is “bored” and yearning for company, the phone calls and text messages entail fees. Still, this is just one the elements that comprise her connection to her growing fanbase. 

The model is also fering financial assistance to women ambition. She promises financial support for those who are working towards specific projects that will benefit them long-term.

Her honesty about her own struggles in another factor that attracts stans. She recently opened up about overcoming trauma caused by abusive relationships. After experiencing three toxic romantic connections, Amber Rose warns others the red flags they can be aware in order to avoid the same cycle abuse.  She is here for y’all, mind, body and soul.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Pulls A Cardi B And Fixes His Teeth

If you thought smile makeovers were reserved for Instagram influencers and YouTube make-up artists – think again. 

Tekashi 69 has recently been snapped in a Colombia dental establishment flashing his signature grin – only this time, he’s rocking a new and improved shine. It seems the rapper was able to set aside some time from blasting his haters on Instagram, and celebrating his recent contract with Create Music Group to visit the dentist. The recent changes in Tekashi’s life come at a time where the rapper is being heralded as a maverick and a force in the industry, a notion further strengthened by the success his Spanish, Billboard charting hit “BEBE.” 6ix9ine took to his social to remind his doubters how great a feat this accomplishment truly was posting,“To all you fuckin dick riders. Don’t act like I forget y’all niggas were talking about that this Spanish song was not going to be a hit. ‘It’s 8 for 9. It’s not going to be on the Billboard.’ Nigga I made a full fuckin’ Spainsh record and the shit made it onto the English Billboard.”

The music industry is not the only area the rapper is set on conquering however. He recently begun branching out into the realm Fashion with a venture in New York which saw his Tr3way Entertainment label and online retailer collaborate in hosting a clothing pop-up. Unsurprisingly the event was received positively upon announcement, who better than Kanye West to co-sign an undertaking in fashion?  

The rapper’s got big things popping; take a look at his transformation below.

Marshawn Lynch's High School Photo Becomes Hilarious Meme Over Night

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is known as one the most devastating running backs in the NFL, dishing out just as much punishment as he receives on any given Sunday. Even at age 32, which is considered old for running backs, Lynch has shown that he still has the quickness to hit a hole and the force to move a pile 300-pound linemen.

Just take his 10-yard TD run from last night’s game against the Los Angeles Rams for example:

That said, Marshawn wasn’t always as intimidating. He was a different beast during his days at Oakland Technical High School and during last night’s Monday Night Football broadcast, ESPN revealed a shocking photo what “Beast Mode” used to look like. 

Naturally, the photo took the internet by storm and by this morning there were plenty memes comparing Marshawn today vs Marshawn in high school. Scroll through the tweets embedded below for some twitter’s best memes.



Paul McCartney Clears The Air About Working With Kanye West

Earlier this summer, it was reported that Beatles legend Paul McCartney was warned against working with Kanye West, by none other than Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn. At the time, Albarn claimed that “Kanye West trapped Paul McCartney,” dubbing the collaboration “abusive,” and essentially using McCartney’s name for clout. Though he claimed to have texted McCartney, advising against the idea, Sir Paul decided to throw caution to the wind. Now, McCartney has sat down with GQ to open up about Albarn’s comments, explaining his perspective on the Yeezy studio sessions. 

“I love the respect someone like Damon is attributing to me, but I’m not that fussed,” McCartney says. “If I want to go somewhere else from where I normally go or where I’m expected to go, I’ll go. And if I enjoy it, that’s enough for me. The great thing is, all sorts hysterical things come out it. I mean, there’s a lot people think Kanye discovered me. And that’s not a joke.” When asked whether he actually received a cautionary text from Albarn, Paul essentially shrugs it f. “He might have. I don’t remember. But I wouldn’t listen to him. I don’t listen to people.”

He proceeds to explain his rationale for using autotune on a new song, which caused him a fair moment anxiety. “I know people are going to go, ‘Oh no! Paul McCartney’s on bloody Auto-Tune! What have things come to?” Still, he managed to provide a welcome explanation, and one that few Beatles fans can deny. “You know what? If we’d had this in the Beatles, we’d have been—John, particularly—would be so all over it. All his freaking records would be…”

For the whole interview, be sure to head over to GQ here. 

McDonald's Drops $250 Million On Crazy New Headquarters In Chicago

McDonald’s has returned to Chicago to establish it global headquarters with the creation  an innovative space  epic proportions. The fast food giant was based in Chicago between the years  1955 and 1971 so it seems only appropriate that they return to Chicago to establish the new $250 Million dollar Headquarters. After opening a sleek, flagship in the same city early this year, McDonald’s continues to illustrate to the world just how unprecedented their vision the future is. 

The space is reportedly designed to optimize the productivity and collaboration staff members featuring an open plan layout, numerous outdoor terrace spots and McCafé spaces, as well as “work neighborhoods.” Museum-like displays honoring McDonald’s culture and memorabilia such as Happy Meal toys and other vintage trinkets are also slated to be featured. In addition to this, the space will also be geared towards increased sustainability incorporating various ‘green’ elements. It is said that kitchen waste products will be composted and used on the building’s green ro. 

The ground floor the fice will house a one a kind McDonald’s restaurant entitled the “Experience the Future” restaurant. It will serve a changing menu McDonald’s specials from around the world and a menu staple items. A number developments such as mobile order and payment, self-order kiosks, table service, and enhanced hospitality will also emerge as defining additions.

Who’s trying to get hired?

Look inside McDonald’s new Chicago headquarters from CNBC.

Don C x Converse ERX-260 Releasing This Fall: First Look

Fresh f the release the Jordan Legacy 312, Don C has shifted his focus to a classic Converse sneaker – one that was worn by Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

The Converse ERX-260, which made it’s debut in the late ’80s, is set to return this Holiday season in multiple colorways including a premium rendition made by Don C featuring materials such as pony hair, snakeskin, and leopard print. Additional details the Don C x Converse ERX include multi-color “DONS” branding in place the traditional “CONS” logo, as well as subtle “88” eyelets on the ankle collar as a nod to the year the Converse ERX-260 made it’s debut.

According to Sole Collector, The Just Don x Converse ERX collection will release this holiday season in four colorways – including black leather, white leather and red leather – alongside apparel and accessories.

Take a look at some additional shots Don C’s latest sneaker collab in the videos and tweets embedded below.

Kit Harrington Calls Out Marvel For Not Yet Casting A Gay Man As Superhero

Let’s face it, Hollywood has a less than impressive track record representation and equality. Game Thrones actor Kit Harrington is one the latest in a slew  industry members expressing their frustrations with the disparity in opportunity. 

While at the Toronto International Film Festival with The Death and Life John F. Donovan co-stars Thandie Newton and Emily Hampshire, Harrington discussed the topic Marvel casting a gay actor as the lead in one their films saying, “There’s a big problem, I think, with the idea masculinity and homosexuality that they can’t somehow go hand in hand..that we can’t have someone in a Marvel movie who’s gay in real life and plays some super hero. I mean, when is that gonna happen?”  

The discussion was part promotional exploration the upcoming Xavier Dolan directed film. Hailing from the multilingual city Montreal, Dolan has yet to partake in an English-language feature and the Drama will be his first. The film takes a critical look at the events that shaped the life American Television and film star John F. Donovan and his clandestine correspondence with an 11 year-old fan.

A release date for the film has yet to be announced but you can catch the trailer below. 

Kim Kardashian Says She Cries About Her "Big Butt" Everyday

Kim Kardashian’s fame is her ass, no doubt. Her come up from a sex tape with Ray J reached an unparalleled height thanks to the creative displays her curvy figure. The fact that the social media star is now claiming to dislike her own tush is mindboggling.

During the last episode Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim shocked her family with her feelings towards her plump assets. Her sister teased her about the size her badonk, and although it was meant as a friendly joke, Kim was quite unhappy with the remark.

Kourtney Kardashian pointed out how Kim’s butt appeared in a particular position: “Kim, when you sit down your butt looks so huge”

Their mother, Kris Jenner, came to the rescue, defending Kim K’s sensitive soul. She told Kourtney that her comment wasn’t “very nice.” Kourtney was taken aback, course. She assumed like most their audience that Mrs. West is fond her booty: “She likes having a big butt, I’m not saying anything fensive.”

Then Kim comes through the confirm the sentiment: “No I don’t! I cry about it on the daily.”

The goodies Kim flaunts on the daily also cause tears as ten. Her work is a sacrifice that should be cherished.

September 11: Annual Memorial Held At Ground Zero

The date September 11th is one that has carried deep significance for the American public, and countless citizens across the world for over a decade. It marks the day that 2983 people perished in an attack on the World Trade Center in New York back in 2001, and for the past 17 years has been the day that thousands set aside to gather at Ground Zero and mourn the lives that were lost.

During the early morning hours, a moment silence was observed at 8:46 ET to commemorate the moment the first plane hit the North Tower. In line with tradition, 5 more moments silence were observed, each marking a different event such as the falling the towers, the crash hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the attack on the Pentagon. Subsequently, the names those who lost their lives in the attack were read aloud.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump commemorated the tragic event in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where a memorial was erected in memory the brave men and women who attempted to take control the hijacked plane. Despite beginning the day with several tweets attacking the Russia Investigation, President Trump took some time to share a tribute tweeting, “17 years since September 11th!”

Further acts tribute are slated to take place throughout the day, including the “Tribute in Light.” A writer for the New York Times once wrote its importance musing that it “succeeds because it fers no narrative, no interpretation, no mediation. At a distance, it is not even clear whether the shafts are soaring upward or beaming down from the heavens.”

What does this day mean to you?

Kanye West Talked Lily Allen's Ear Off One Christmas Morning

It comes as no surprise that Kanye West would call someone on such a day that is Christmas to talk about his creative ideas and ways to collaborate. Maybe now that Kanye was three children and a very large extended family, he may no longer make such a call, but back in the day when he collaborated with Lily Allen on Common’s “Drive Me Wild,” he did the damn thing. 

Lily recently chatted with Brisbane’s Hit105 Radio and explained a time she had to politely get Kanye f the phone one Christmas morning “a long time ago.”

“He wanted to speak about for like an hour and a half, and I was like ‘ahhh I’m kind busy Kanye. I have some presents to open and turkey to cook and stuff, but thanks for calling!'” she said, NME. She later praised his work ethic since witnessing it first-hand calling him “very focused”.

In other Ye news, he’s ficially back on Instagram. No one really knows how long his Insta-returns will last but he’s posted a few things that make give clues to his next creative idea. Check it out here. 

Nicki Minaj & Her Mom Look Like Twins In NYFW Photos

Nicki Minaj has been all over the place during this year’s edition New York Fashion Week, making headlines for her insane episode Queen Radio yesterday where she ripped into Cardi B, and for her fight with the artist at an exclusive event. On yesterday’s radio show, Nicki found a soundbite the “Bodak Yellow” singer saying that nothing is f limits in a beef, even children, revealing her as a possible hypocrite. With their feud centering around how family should never be brought into a beef, this may have been the perfect opportunity for Nicki to step out with her mother, attending the Oscar de la Renta show with Momma Minaj.

Nicki held hands with her mother, Carol Maraj, as they posed for some quick photos and the resemblance is truly uncanny. You can tell that Nicki picks up a lot her facial features from her mom and the “Chun-Li” singer even inspired her matriarch to rock a similar hairstyle. The two looked stunning in their gowns at the show and Nicki made sure to publish a few the shots they took together.

Cardi B has been pretty silent since the Queen Radio tirade yesterday, choosing to remind everyone her influence in an indirect fashion. This feud is likely nowhere near finished and we’ll keep you posted throughout.

Marvel Is Leading A "Black Panther" Oscar Campaign

While superhero movies don’t always fare well at the Academy Awards, barring exceptions like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight or James Mangold’s Logan, perhaps the winds change are blowing. Disney is willing to hedge their bets on it. Today, the studio has revealed their For Your Consideration list, which reveals intentions pushing Black Panther for damn near every available category. The move marks the first time Marvel has made a serious Oscar push, and it’s hard to say whether or not such designs will yield tangible results. In any case, Marvel clearly values Black Panther’s chances for the following:

Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Chadwick Boseman), Best Supporting Actor (Michael B. Jordan, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke, Sterling K. Brown, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis), Best Supporting Actress (Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, and Angela Bassett), Best Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing, Costume Design, Visual Effects, Original Score and Original Song for “All The Stars.” The latter would mark an Oscar nomination for both Kendrick Lamar and SZA, which would tick f another box in’s EGOT checklist. 

Despite Black Panther’s status as a fan favorite, it’s hard to say whether or not a Marvel film can successfully reign supreme in such a ceremony. The Academy historically tends to value a certain type film, though they have broadened their horizons late. It’s still a little too early to tell which films are shaping up to clean house at the upcoming Oscars. Do you think Black Panther has a chance?

Drake Once Asked Out Heidi Klum But She Completely Ghosted Him

Drake may be the most eligible bachelor in all North America. There are women around the world that would kill to get with the international superstar, whether for one night or the rest their lives. When it comes to Heidi Klum though, she’s just not feeling it. The model and television personality was on the Ellen DeGeneres show a few months back where she played a game “Who Would You Rather?” sticking with Drake for nearly the entire session. However, when Drizzy actually sent her a text message, Klum left him on read. In her own words, he was about “a week too late.”

In her defense, she had started dating “the love her life” seven days prior to the text message being sent. The star was back on Ellen to discuss her current plans and, course, her relationship with current boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. She revealed that Drake had actually reached out to her to go on a date but that she never answered him, issuing an apology directly to the camera in case he was watching. Drizzy apparently went to serious lengths to reach out to her, asking one their mutual friends for her number so he could slide into her messages but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Ellen seemed dumbfounded about how somebody wouldn’t respond to Drake’s messages but considering she was just starting out in a new relationship, she likely wanted to prove her loyalty. And is there a better way to do so than by ghosting Drake?

Watch the full clip below and chime in.

Post Malone Targeted In Home Robbery After Jake Paul Exposed Address On YouTube

Yesterday we reported on the burglary that took place at Post Malone’s former home, where two armed robbers broke into the residence, pistol-whipped the tenants and yelled “Where’s Post Malone?!” before stealing $20K worth  merchandise. The robbers didn’t realize that Post does not live there anymore and the new owners have no connection to the rapper. 

According to The Sun, the burglary only took place after Jake Paul (Logan Paul’s brother) posted a video on YouTube showing where Post Malone lived (address and all) as he dropped f a box merchandise, filming one his many vlogs. Cops are investigating if this break-in has anything to do with the numerous other robbings that involve Wiz Khalifa, Christina Milian and John Mayer.

This misfortune is Post’s third traumatic situation that has happened in just a short number weeks. First, his plane had to make an emergency landing, then he seriously crashed his Rolls-Royce and now this targeted robbery gone wrong. Luckily he’s lived to tell the tale each. 

Jim Jones Shares Tracklist For New Diplomats Reunion Project

The Capo has spoken. With the anticipated Diplomats reunion still in the works, Jim Jones has come through to provide an update on the project. The veteran rapper took to Instagram to reveal a tracklist, which may or may not be complete. In any case, we’re looking at nine songs, and contributions from Jim Jones, Cam’Ron, and Juelz Santana. As for features, it seems like Belly is the only supporting player on deck, set to appear alongside Santana and Jones for “On God.”

It’s strange, but it doesn’t appear to feature any songs in which Cam, Juelz, and Jim Jones grace the mic as a unit; the majority selections appear to feature two artists, unless the tracklist is incomplete. Either way, with Heatmakerz on deck for production, this one should be some nostalgia-inducing fire. The tracklist reads as follows:

1. Intro (Juelz)
2. Live Forever (Jim Jones x Cam’Ron)
3. Sauce Boss (Jim Jones x Juelez)
4. On God (Juelz x Jim Jones) ft. Belly
5. Big Deal (Cam’Ron x Jim Jones)
6. Oh Lord (Cam’Ron x Jim Jones)
7. Celebrating Life (Julez x Jim Jones)
8. By Any Means (Julez x Jim Jones)
9. Sets Back (Cam’ron x Jim Jones)