Amber Heard Reveals Johnny Depp's Nickname For His "Abusive Alter-Ego"

It has been months since any new developments have come about between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The former couple is at present concerned in a authorized battle after Amber accused her ex-husband bodily abusing her. Their relationship was extremely poisonous and particulars have been shared by Heard about what occurred inside their family. According to a brand new 471-page deposition obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Amber and Johnny even have a nickname for Depp’s alter-ego, which comes out when he will get violent. 

Amber Heard Reveals Johnny Depp's Nickname For His "Abusive Alter-Ego"
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“Johnny and I discuss with his different character, the half him that’s current when he beats me up — we name that the monster and have known as that] the monster for a few years,” recounted Heard throughout a deposition taken as they had been getting divorced. She added, “I used to be petrified the monster.” Amber has beforehand been pictured exhibiting bruises on her face from when her ex-husband would beat her. The intensive paperwork element much more the disgusting issues that occurred throughout their marriage. Heard reportedly speaks a couple of time when Depp threw a cellphone at her and pulled her hair as she tried to flee his grip.

According to THR, the deposition might be utilized in Depp’s defamation lawsuit towards The Sun, who referred to him as a “wife-beater” in a single their articles. 

TDE's Top Dawg Gives Kendrick Lamar The Best Nickname After "Power"

At the rate Kendrick Lamar has been collecting awards, we might as well already name him “Best Actor” at the Golden Globes after Kenny’s performance on Power. The recording artist played a crackhead on the most recent episode and for an appearance that generated so much hype, we have to say the TDE member’s performance lived up to it. The Compton rapper already has a handful nicknames from K. Dot, Kung Fu Kenny, King Kendrick, Cornrow Kenny and others but the one Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith has just given him is possibly the best yet.

Flexing his acting chops, Top Dawg must have been reminded a young Denzel because he coined the latest the star’s monikers, referring to him as “Kenzel Washington.” There’s definitely a nice ring to it as the Pulitzer Prize winner entertained audiences through his chemistry with 50 Cent in the episode. Tiffith reposted a clip from the show on Instagram before crowning Kendrick with the new name, encouraging folks to tune into Starz to catch the full version.

At this point, Kendrick is just oozing talent. Anything he does is bound to be critically acclaimed and his appearance last night was no different. The artist put aside his regular personality to portray something completely opposite, proving that he could have a future in acting should he choose so. Check out our review the episode here if you haven’t already.

The Weeknd Dubs Himself The "Goat Whisperer" During Weekend On The Farm

Perhaps The Weeknd is hinting to us all that he’s really the GOAT. In a recent video posted to Instagram, he communicates with a goat in the oddest fashion, stomping on the ground only for the animal to recreate his movements. In the video, Abel looks to be having the time his life, dubbing himself the “Goat Whisperer” during a weekend at the farm. However, it wasn’t only goats that he got close to while stepping out the city lifestyle.

The Toronto recording artist shared several memories from his time at the farm, posting the cute video with the goat alongside a few other photos. Weeknd posted up with a very majestic white horse and crouched to caress a few adorable ponies. Maybe the next step is for Weeknd to make a country album?

The singer has recently rekindled the flame with model Bella Hadid, making their love Instagram ficial last week. Rumors have been swirling on and f about the potential further projects dropping soon to complement My Dear Melancholy, and although nothing has materialized yet, Weeknd may just be waiting for the right moment. The star launched his “Memento Mori” radio show on Beats 1 last month, exclusively for Apple Music subscribers. Is Abel the GOAT all goats?

Young Thug Reveals Why He Changed His Name To "SEX"

Young Thug is one the most fascinating people in hip hop. Musically, he’s ahead the game and his f-kilter flow has evidently shifted the way that the new generation rap is. His gender-fluid fashion sense has stirred both controversy and praise. Over the past few months, he hasn’t been out and about as he usually is but he did shock fans when he announced that he’ll be changing his name to Sex. No one really knew why he decided to change his name and for the most part, people still refer to him as Young Thug, Thug or Thugger. Today, he revealed where the name derives from.

Young Thug’s decision to call himself Sex isn’t as complicated as you might think. Earlier today, his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae asked him why his name is Sex. Young Thug revealed that Sex is simply a short for sexy.

“Cause I think I’m SEXY… and it’s short for sexy,” he wrote.

It’s not as complicated as one may think but it does make one wonder if he’ll ever use the name Sex for an album instead Young Thug. 

In other Young Thug news, the rapper alluded to releasing his new project Slime Language in the near future. In a since deleted tweet, he wrote, “#SlimeLanguage 15th” which seems to suggest it’ll drop next Sunday.