7 Horrific True Crime Stories That Americans Are Still Obsessed With

It’s been nearly a quarter a century since O.J. Simpson was tried for the murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman — but the American public is still over obsessed with the brutal double murders.

But the Brentwood murders ’94 isn’t the only true American crime story that folks just can’t seem to get enough . No matter how many years have gone by and how many new details emerge, these wicked, twisted still generate various theories and public speculation

Andrea Yates: Mother From Hell

On June 20, 2001,  Houston Native Andrea Yates (who suffered from postpartum psychosis) drowned all her children — one-by-one— in a bathtub. Her husband, Rusty Yates returned home to see Noah, Luke, Mary, Paul and John laying lifeless in the tub. In 2006, the mother five was found not guilty by reason insanity. The public was outraged.


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O.J. Simpson Reportedly Confessed 1994 Murders To Book Publisher

After years nonchalantly alluding to the brutal 1994 murders Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, O.J. Simpson appears to have finally confessed to his crimes 24 years after the fact. The confession was allegedly made directly from OJ’s lawyer when calling the book publisher for If I Did It, saying that the former football star was ready to admit that he had murdered his ex-wife Nicole and restaurant server Ron Goldman. The news was revealed to TMZ through an outtake the upcoming television special “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?” which is set to air on Fox this Sunday. 

The video will not be aired along with the rest the episode, but, if true, the age-old question if O.J. committed the crimes can finally come to a close. Simpson’s lawyer allegedly called the publisher his book, If I Did It, and said that he would be ready to confess to the murders on one condition: that the title the book remained the same instead the proposed “I Did It.” The publisher, Judith Regan, shared the news herself, stating that O.J. wanted to keep ‘If’ in the name to cover in dealing with his kids.

The development is remarkable, albeit probably not for some, and it certainly makes us curious to tune into the show to see if any further information is released. View Regan’s interview below, which will not be aired on Sunday and read more here.