Nike Called Out For Selling "Menacing" Balaclava

Nike is under fire for selling a “menacing” balaclava, which some critics say could incite gang violence. The item, currently unlisted on Nike’s website, was part Nike’s recent collaboration with designer Matthew Williams. That said, the Nike x MMW balaclava is still listed on the Alyx website at $92.

Since the release the Nike x MMW balaclava, numerous people have expressed concern, including one twitter user who accused Nike “targeting the current gang culture for prit.”

According to CNBC, another commentator, Paul Mckenzie, posted a video on Facebook and stated: “You know these young people on the street adore these manufacturers, they buy everything that they sell. We look at images young people on the street and they look menacing already, and so Nike decides to bring out a balaclava range which looks absolutely menacing. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe I’m a dinosaur, but this balaclava range looks like it’s quite inciteful.” The video has been watched 26,000 times.

CNBC reports that a Nike spokesperson issued the following statement email: “These products were part a wider Nike Training collection, styled on different models and available in multiple markets around the world. We are in no way condoning or encouraging the serious issue criminal and gang culture.”