Nike Sued For Allegedly Using Pirated Software

Quest Stware, an Orange County, California-based stware company specializing in database management, has filed a lawsuit against Nike for breach license agreements and copyright infringement.

The suit alleges that the company sold Nike stware and The Swoosh agreed to a stware licensing agreement (SLA). The contract limited which licenses and versions the stware the Swoosh was able to access. However, Nike is accused making illegal copies that stware, and then downloading and using illegally cracked keys. Quest reportedly discovered Nike had used its products “far in excess” what was outlined in the SLA.

According to TNW, “Nike breached and continues to breach the SLA by failing to pay Quest the required license fees for Nike’s full deployment Quest Stware Products, which far exceeds the scope the rights granted to Nike under the SLA.”

“Despite further communications between the parties, Nike has refused to purchase the additional licenses necessary to bring its deployments the Quest Stware Products into compliance with the parties’ SLA,” reads the filing, according to Sole Collector.

In addition to claims breach the SLA and copyright infringement, Quest says Nike also violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.