Isaiah Rashad Was "Joking" About New Kendrick Lamar Album In 2018

At the onset the week, Kendrick Lamar fans found themselves on the receiving end some tantalizing news. Isaiah Rashad took to Instagram live to steer the winds hype, and while he didn’t exactly provide an update on the state his own album, he did fer up some thoughts on the potential timeline. Aside from teasing new material from ScHoolboy Q, a green-haired SZA, Reason, and SiR, he also claimed to have heard a “damn near finished” Kendrick Lamar album. Naturally, words aired on record will find their way to the headlines, especially when they pertain to surprise K dot albums. In any case, Top Dawg came through to be the bearer bad news, and clear the air once and for all.

“ATTN: KDOT DONT HAVE A NEW ALBUM COMING NOTIME SOON,” he writes, all-caps for emphasis. “So keep playing DAMN until the kid is inspired again.” Isaiah himself slid into the comments section, confirming he was simply taking the piss in-studio. “I swear we was joking in the studio dawg,” he writes. In truth, we’re left wondering what Isaiah actually heard, as truths can ten hide behind so-called jokes. Either way, DAMN has no shortage replay value, so we’re happy to honor Top’s request on that front.

Still, how can Kendrick not want a piece the fertile ground that is 2018? After all, he is a competitor at heart.