Young Thug Shares His Process From Start To Finish On Instagram

It’s hard not to wonder how Young Thug comes up with his lyrics. They’re always strange and sometimes very, very good. The first lines his verse on “Scoliosis” are illustrative:

The movement between these ideas is best charted through the progression rhyming words at the end each line: mama, karma, Obama, condom. The words are about as unrelated as it gets. Thankfully, Thugger went on Instagram Live the other day to show exactly how he makes a song from start to finish. The process is reminiscent a certain someone.

Thug begins the video in his tour bus, where he finds the hook by bouncing ideas f his friends, settling on “rich n***a live” which becomes the title for the song. He then moves to the studio where he sets up a still camera that films him spit and revise lines over and over. 

He then went goes on Live after the song is completely finished to show it to fans. Enjoy “Rich N***a Live” below: