Kanye West, EMI Music Publishing Officially Settle Out of Court

EMI’s on-again, off-again lawsuit with Kanye West has officially drawn to a close.

According to a stipulation of dismissal submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the matter has been settled; a  was reached on January 13th, and both sides had until February 14th to raise any objections.  The filing was shared with Digital Music News earlier today.

No objections were raised, and besides requesting that the case be dismissed with prejudice, West’s lawyers and EMI’s lawyers indicated that neither party would be held responsible for the other’s legal fees.

One of EMI’s lead counsel members (from Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, a Los Angeles law firm) signed the filing with a mark, and one of West’s lead attorneys, Grace W. Kang (of Bird Marella, another LA legal group), lent her full signature to the document.

This agreement ends what has been a long, drawn-out legal battle between EMI and West. Kanye attempted to negate a publishing deal that he signed with EMI in 2003 (and that had been extended several times) over what he felt were unnecessary restrictions and requirements; parent publisher Sony/ATV refused to sell the songs’ rights to West. His arguments were made as part of a California law, and EMI fired back by indicating that, per the original contract, all disputes were to be tried in New York courts.

In 2018, Sony/ATV Music Publishing became the world’s largest music publisher by purchasing a  in EMI; the buyout set Sony/ATV back $2.3 billion.

Kanye West is in the process of recording a follow-up to his debut gospel album. This sequel, entitled Jesus Is King Part II, doesn’t yet have a release date. However, Dr. Dre and Dawaun Parker, a prominent rap producer, are contributing to the work.

As of late, West and his gospel group, the Sunday Service Choir, have been revealing surprise performances just before their scheduled dates; the most recent of these concerts took place last Sunday, February 16th, having been announced days before. The concert coincided with the NBA All-Star Game, which West attended.

Billie Eilish Warns That Instagram Can Ruin Lives

Grammy Award-winner and bonafide superstar Billie Eilish understands that we’re living in a society, and with that comes peril. As any artist her stature can attest, social media has become an important part image cultivation and building a connection with fans. Yet sometimes the darker side-effects social media can begin to overpower the positive ones to the point where one’s mental health stands at risk. Eilish recently admitted that Instagram comments were actively “ruining her life,” to the point where she made the decision to stop reading them altogether.

Billie Eilish Warns That Instagram Can Ruin Lives

Speaking with the BBC, Eilish explained that “It’s way worse than it’s ever been right now,” lamenting the unfortunate correlation between status and hate. “It’s weird: the cooler the things you get to do are the more people hate you. It’s crazy. It’s a bunch trolls. And the problem is a lot it is really funny. I think that’s the issue. That’s why nobody really stops. Because it’s funny.”

Given that social media has become ingrained in modern-day culture, particularly within the entertainment industry, it’s unlikely the problem will halt anytime soon. Perhaps Billie might consider cutting Instagram and Twitter out her life altogether, allowing her critically acclaimed music and live performance to speak on her behalf. Given the pround effect it appears to be having on her, and so many other young people, it may very well prove beneficial in the long run. Don’t feed the trolls.

Lizzo Stuns In Chocolate Bar Dress

Lizzo, arguably the hottest pop singer on the scene right now, is stealing fashion headlines again — someone please give her a permemnant spot at New York Fashion Weeks from here on. She won’t disappoint. 

After turning heads earlier this year at a Los Angeles Lakers game in her “thong dress,” on Tuesday she showed up at the 2020 Brit Awards in London in a full-length, Hershey’s chocolate wrapper-inspired gown. The brown satin dress, designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino, was emblazoned with the words “milk chocolate” and even featured product details such as nutritional facts and a giant barcode on one side. Adding some serious bling to the quirky outfit, Lizzo carried a diamond-encrusted Judith Leiber purse that resembled a partially-unwrapped candy bar. She finished f the look with a deep brown lip color, brown eyes, and nails that looked as though they were dipped in molten chocolate.

Lizzo Stuns In Chocolate Bar Dress

Jim Dyson/Redferns/Getty s

The fashion diva posted a series photos in her chocolate dress on Instagram as well as a full post with the racy caption: 

“The best kind chocolate. If you ever wondered what I taste like…”

We’re melting, Lizzo!

Air Jordan 1 Low Gets Dressed In Tropical Patterns: Official Photos

Warmer months are finally within reach which means sneaker brands are looking to drop some shoes that fit the occasion. Jordan Brand is no different and is looking to make the Air Jordan 1 Low one the hottest silhouettes the summer, no pun intended. We’ve seen quite a few colorways over the last little while and one our favorites is this patterned fering, below.

As you can see, the sneaker has a white base while beige overlays and a Yellow Nike swoosh add some much-needed contrast. From there, the toe box and side panels are filled with tropical patterns, such as palm trees. It’s a dope look that definitely fits the summer aesthetic the sneaker is going for. For those who prefer the low-top Jordan 1 to the more high-cut models, this is shaping up to be a smart cop.

According to Sneaker News, these will be dropping in a few months from now for the modest price $100 USD. Let us know in the comments below what you think these and whether or not you plan on copping. If you’re looking for some summer-ready kicks, these will certainly be a great option.

Air Jordan 1 Low Gets Dressed In Tropical Patterns: Official Photos
Air Jordan 1 Low Gets Dressed In Tropical Patterns: Official Photos
Air Jordan 1 Low Gets Dressed In Tropical Patterns: Official Photos
Air Jordan 1 Low Gets Dressed In Tropical Patterns: Official Photos
Air Jordan 1 Low Gets Dressed In Tropical Patterns: Official Photos

SZA Will No Longer Complete "Video Interviews Or Photos"

Rolling Stone just featured SZA alongside Megan Thee Stallion and Normani for their “Music’s Next Superstars” cover and social media can’t stop talking about the trio. Fans have flooded SZA‘s social media accounts to share their enthusiasm, but it seems the attention has prompted the singer to announce that she’s created new boundaries for herself in the media.

“Not doing any videos Interviews or photos for the rest my life lol don’t ask .👍🏾,” SZA tweeted. “S/o Normani and meg tho . My sisters who I love very much and respect deeply . Honored to be apart ANYTHING w the two those BLACK QUEENS . 🥺❤️🙏🏾👑.” The singer added that the court public opinion isn’t what fueled her decision.

“My anxiety has .03% to do w outside opinion,” SZA continued. “I was bullied all through high school I could care less . It’s my OWN THOUGHTS THAT HIT DIFFERENT 🥴.” A fan chimed in and wrote to SZA that they love her, but they were confused as to why it seemed as if “new celebs” were using anxiety as some sort trend.

“Lmao new ? ‘Celebs’ been out here dying addiction and depression for DECADES,” SZA plied.” Be glad Ppl are TALKING to eachother and sharing rather than hiding. Also errbody dying on tv an the government broke the 4th wall ..pretty sure everyone’s fed up rn lol.” Check out her tweets below.

Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock

Virgil Abloh’s highly coveted Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 collab, which originally released as part “The Ten” collection in the fall 2017, is reportedly headed back to retailers sometime this year. 

According to sneaker sources @Ovrnundr.io and @Sneakerjamz (H/T House Of Heat), the crispy Air Max 97 collab has gone into production again fuelling the belief that a restock is on the way for 2020. That said, @Sneakerjamz reports that the release will be extremely limited to the tune just 8,000 pairs.

The kicks are highlighted by a mostly white colorway, featuring black Nike and Off-White branding throughout. As is tradition for Virgil’s sneaker collabs, the Air Max 97s come equipped with a red zip-tie, an orange tag stitched onto the upper and green lace tips. The Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 was also fered in Black and “Menta” colorways, but the OG white pair is the most valuable, selling for over $1,500 on the resale market.

Continue scrolling for the ficial photos, and click here to check out an alternate colorway Virgil’s Air Jordan 5 collab.

Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Rumored To Restock


Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Is A Porn Star

Mikaela Spielberg is ficially getting started in the film industry but, instead making blockbusters like her father Steven Spielberg, she’s going the adult entertainment route, taking advantage her body and self-producing flicks.

23-year-old Mikaela Spielberg, who was adopted as a baby by the legendary film director, has begun self-producing her own solo movies, taking an interest in becoming a stripper as well. After contemplating how she wanted to live her life, Spielberg decided that she wanted to embrace her status as a “ual creature,” telling The Sun about her life goals. 

“I got really tired not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired being told to hate my body,” she said in an interview with the publication. “And I also just got tired working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul. I feel like doing this kind work, I’m able to ‘satisfy’ other people, but that feels good because it’s not in a way that makes me feel violated.”

The Nashville resident informed her parents her career move recently, shortly after making the announcement on social media. “This is a positive, empowering choice, I realized there is no shame in having a fascination with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sane, consensual,” she said.

Spielberg notes that she would be open to self-producing fetish videos but she will not be engaging in ual intercourse with another man on-screen, out respect to her 47-year-old fiancé Chuck Pankow. She will be using the name Sugar Star on websites like Pornhub, where she has already shared some her clips.

What do you think her decision to start a career in ?

2 Chainz Shares The Dangers Of Success Following Pop Smoke’s Death

Artists ten want to be apart the entertainment industry as a way to use their talents to get away from the violence and depravity the neighborhoods they grew up in, but that doesn’t always work out for them. It’s been argued that as soon as rappers become successful their lives are placed in even more danger, and in recent years, we’ve seen lives like XXXTentaion, Nipsey Hussle, and now Pop Smoke taken due to senseless acts violence.

2 Chainz Shares The Dangers Of Success Following Pop Smoke's Death
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty s

Rapper 2 Chainz recently reflected on the harrowing experiences he’s dealt with since becoming famous. “Success is dangerous, you sure you want this sh*t,” the rapper wrote in a text photo in response to the news Pop Smoke being murdered during a home invasion in the Hollywood Hills. Then, 2 Chainz added a few more thoughts in his caption.

“Been shot at in San Fran , got arrested in Maryland , La , New York and Oklahoma,” 2 Chainz wrote on Instagram. “Had a so call stand f with police in Oklahoma , Cali spot got broken into 4 times alll on tape and one them even left they phone 😯😒ALLL SINCE I BEEN A ‘RAPPER’ you literally gotta Pray 🙏🏿that you make it back home safe !! But then you not even safe at home.. 🙏🏿🙏🏿 my condolences.” Check out his post below.

Jadakiss Recalls Pop Smoke Showing Love To Him, Calls Death "Senseless"

The shocking news Pop Smoke’s murder rocked hip hop on Wednesday (February 19). The rapper was killed during a home invasion robbery in the affluent Hollywood Hills community Los Angeles, and artists have come forward to share their grief over the news his death. Jadakiss stopped by BET’s studio to share his thoughts about the 20-year-old New York artist who lost his life too soon and shared that being young and successful shouldn’t make you a target for violence.

After fering condolences and prayers to Pop Smoke’s family, Jadakiss revealed that he’d spoken to the young rapper in the past. “It’s just senseless, we’re losing too many young artists,” The Lox rapper said. “I spoke to him a few times on the phone. I was gon’ have him rock at my daughter’s Sweet 16, but he was overseas. He was very… He showed wild love.”

Jadakiss revealed that Pop Smoke was still willing to show up and make an appearance for free. “He got tied up, but then I bumped into him at Barclays, that show they had at the Barclays,” Jadakiss recalled. “Same thing, nothin’ but love backstage… I was just telling somebody today, we lost probably many young artists in the last year or two than I lost my whole career. That’s not good. That’s not good at all. We gotta just cut it out.”

He then quoted a social media post from Irv Gotti that said hip hop is the only genre where you become a target as soon as you become successful. “That’s damn sure true with this,” said Jadakiss. “That don’t happen with nothin’ else. He was a young, successful black man. Just got over being a teenager. Twenty-years-old. He had a lot living to do. He was able to be successful in this game to get himself out doing some other dumb stuff. He didn’t have to sell drugs. He didn’t have to put his family in jeopardy for doing something else senseless. For him to lose his life like that? I just… Horrible.”

Watch Jadakiss reflect on the loss Pop Smoke below. We continue to send out heartfelt condolences to Bashar Barakah Jackson’s loved ones through this sorrowful time.

Amie Harwick’s Alleged Killer Released On $2 Million Bond

Dr. Amie Harwick’s ex and alleged killer has been released from jail on a $2 million bond, following the celebrity therapist’s death on Saturday. Amie’s death was reported as a suspected murder after her ex, Gareth Pursehouse, was accused throwing her f the balcony her third-floor apartment in a heated attack. Gareth was released on Tuesday night at 10:25pm, and has been ordered to return to court for suspicion murder on March 10th, according to records obtained by Page Six. Amie was previously engaged to comedian and game show host, Drew Carey, who revealed that he was “overcome with grief” upon hearing the news  her death.

Amie Harwick's Alleged Killer Released On $2 Million BondMichael Bezjian/Wire/Getty s

According to the Los Angeles Times, Amie had accused Gareth stalking her and had even obtained restraining orders against him in the past. In ficial court documents, Amie disclosed, “he has suffocated me, punched me, slammed my head on the ground, kicked me. This has resulted in bruises, inability to walk, bleeding, broken blood vessels around face, whiplash, sore neck and back.” Amie and Gareth had a run-in at a awards show a few weeks before he allegedly murdered her. Fellow therapist and friend Amie’s, Hernando Chaves, claimed that the exes’ encounter “seemed to reignite his obsessive preoccupation with her.”

Amie Harwick's Alleged Killer Released On $2 Million BondPaul Archuleta/Getty s

“He was irate, angry, aggressive, verbally abusive, distraught, under duress. She was trying to calm him down, she was trying to help him soothe, she was trying to be compassionate and empathic.” Authorities arrested Gareth after Amie was found underneath a third-story balcony with injuries consistent with a fall following reports  a woman screaming. Los Angeles County coroner ficials determined that she eventually died blunt force injuries to her head and torso. Evidence at the scene the crime suggests that forced entry was used and that a struggle ensued within the home. Surveillance footage revealed that the suspect was a white male dressed in black.

Megan Thee Stallion, SZA & Normani Drop Jaws On Rolling Stone Cover

Megan Thee Stallion, SZA, and Normani have had an incredible past few years, marking major milestones and innovating the game while they’re at it. It should come as no surprise to you then that the trio incredibly talented women will be covering the Rolling Stone’s second annual “Women Shaping The Future” issue. Rocking all-black attire, Meg, SZA and Normani absolutely stun on the front cover the upcoming issue.

Just after the cover made its way on the Internet, SZA made it clear that this could very well be the final cover spread she’ll ever do. “Not doing any videos Interviews or photos for the rest my life lol don’t ask,” she wrote on Twitter. “S/o Normani and meg tho . My sisters who I love very much and respect deeply . Honored to be apart ANYTHING w the two those BLACK QUEENS.”

Although there isn’t any word on whether all three have a collab in the works, you can’t deny the impact all three them have had within a short period time and the impact they will continue to have. Meg and Normani have everyone waiting on their debut albums but in the lead-up, they’ve continued to keep their foot on the pedal. As for SZA, we’re still waiting on her sophomore album and/or the CTRL deluxe edition.

Demi Lovato’s Eating Disorder Relapse Led To Overdose

Demi Lovato has gained some perspective on how all her demons coincide, as she explained on Ashley Graham’s podcast, “Pretty Big Deal,” that eventually, relapsing from her eating disorder by over-exercising and heavily dieting would come to play a part in her near-fatal overdose in 2018. Demi has been very open about her struggles with alcohol, cocaine, and Oxycontin addiction as well as bulimia, and she firther addressed all these issues on Graham’s podcast on Tuesday.

“I’m tired running myself into the ground with workouts and extreme dieting,” Demi expressed. “I thought the past few years was recovery from an eating disorder, when it actually was just completely falling into it. And I just realized that, like, maybe my symptoms weren’t as obvious as before, but it was definitely an eating issue.” Demi further explained how elements like her disordered eating habits as well as her toxic environment led to her overdose a year-and-a-half-ago, which nearly killed her.

Demi Lovato's Eating Disorder Relapse Led To OverdoseElsa/Getty s

“I think when you have certain people around you that are telling you certain things, that you should look a certain way, it makes it harder. I was in that situation, and I was just running myself into the ground. And I honestly think that’s kind what led to everything happening over the past year. It] was just me thinking I found recovery when I didn’t, and then living this kind lie and trying to tell the world I was happy with myself when I really wasn’t.”

Demi Lovato's Eating Disorder Relapse Led To OverdoseEmma McIntyre/Getty s for The Recording Academy

Demi spent two weeks in the hospital after nearly losing her life, before entering a long-term treatment centre. The singer made her comeback at the Grammys last month, where she performed her new song, “Anyone,” that she wrote just a few days before she overdosed. “‘Anyone’] represented that period in my life when everything hit the fan,” she told Andy Cohen on his radio show following her incredible Grammys performance. “I thought if I ever come back from this—I was in the hospital, I didn’t know—if I ever come back from this, if I end up going back to music and I’m onstage and I get a first performance, I want it to be at the Grammys and I want it to be this song.” Following her powerful Grammys moment, Demi had the honour  singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Drake Pays Respect To Pop Smoke

The Pop Smoke tributes have been pouring in on social media today following the tragic death the “Christopher Walking” rapper. Drake hit the ‘Gram earlier today to pay his respect. Although it’s unclear if the two had a relationship, Drake issued a message to his followers in wake the young rapper’s death and paid his respects at the same time.

Drake Pays Respect To Pop Smoke

“Sit by some good energy tonight in these unwelcoming times,” Drake wrote on his Instagram Story. “Be with some good people and express how grateful you are for whatever it is you have… RIP POP.”

Along with Drake, other artists like Meek Mill, 50 Cent, and Nicki Minaj paid their condolences to the late rapper on social media. 

Pop Smoke was shot and killed this morning during what police said was a home invasion at a rental property in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, four masked men broke into the rapper’s home and fired shots at Pop Smoke, leaving him with critical wounds. The rapper was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Pop Smoke was one the leading figures in Brooklyn’s drill scene. Fresh f the release his debut album Meet The Woo 2, the rapper’s debut album launched to number 7 on the Billboard 200. The project cemented him as one New York’s next biggest stars. 

WWE Venues Reveal Brock Lesnar’s Upcoming Schedule

WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has been uncharacteristically present on numerous episodes Monday Night Raw to start the year, and there are a couple more appearances lined up in the coming weeks. 

For instance, Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has announced that The Beast Incarnate will be in the building on February 24th ahead his title defense against Ricochet at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, The Barclays Center in Brooklyn is advertising Lesnar for Monday Night Raw on March 2nd.

Lesnar’s next match will take place at International Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, February 27th. The build to Brock’s latest “David vs Goliath” matchup started back in January, prior to the annual Royal Rumble PPV, when Ricochet interrupted Paul Heyman’s in-ring promo. Lesnar delivered one his patented low-blows once Ricochet entered the squared circle and they’ve been on a collision course since then. 

Things escalated during the 30-man Royal Rumble event, when Ricochet reciprocated with a low-blow his own, which helped Drew McIntyre eliminate Brock en route to becoming the last man standing. Lesnar and McIntyre will do battle at Wrestlemania 36 in April, but first Brock has some unfinished business to settle at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.

WWE Venues Reveal Brock Lesnar's Upcoming Schedule

Ethan Miller/Getty s

Kehlani Angry With Joe Budden After He Critiques Her YG Breakup Song

Kehlani and Joe Budden traded contentious tweets following Budden’s comments about her latest single, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful), which appeared to suggest a nasty breakup with her ex-boyfriend YG.

Budden and his co-hosts discussed the song on Wednesday’s episode (February 19) of The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal and questioned the validity of her claims, considering the song arrived only days after her reunion collaboration track with YG, “Konclusions.”

“I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked, ‘cause it was just last week we came on this podcast, Rory made me listen to a YG [and] Kehlani song [‘Konclusions’],” Budden began. “I hated it on the first listen and then by the second listen, I loved it. I was in [with] this new image of YG being in love and making songs while he’s in love.”

The former Slaughterhouse MC continued, “But this record right here — I have never heard Kehlani enunciate words this way, drag out words this way,” Budden said of “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).” “She really wants us to know how much of a piece of shit YG is, but she’s hiding behind the thin veil of, ‘I’m not telling you guys who I’m talking about.’”

“Somebody explain the woman’s brain to me … you was immature three days ago?” he joked, referring to the song’s lyrics.

However, after combing through Kehlani’s bars, the podcast trio did deem the track to be “fire.”

“I love you Kehlani,” Budden concluded between laughs. “If she doing this on there — lying on dudes — I’m buying [her next album]. That’s my bag — music that’s lying about somebody.” 

Soon after the episode aired, Kehlani responded to the commentary with a series of since-deleted tweets.

“Joe budden is a joke,” she wrote in one tweet, followed by, “the amount of misinformation and lies and lameness in this episode about me and you used my face is … lol gotta love it.”

Retweeting a fan who shared her sentiment, the Oakland-bred crooner also called Budden’s comments “disgusting.”

Budden then attempted to diffuse the situation with his own tweet.

“We love you, it’s jokes … feel better,” he responded to Kehlani.

However, the cease-fire only lasted 15 minutes.

“I’m bout sick of you artists … never a peep through years of praise but wanna jump outta windows when you hear something you don’t like,” Budden tweeted. “Newsflash, i am not friends with you niggas.”