Siri Is Not Your Friend—And Here’s The Proof

We’ve long suspected that Siri is working for the opposition and now we know the truth.

A young woman by the name Cecilia (@CeciMula) hit Twitter with a super quick story about her most recent embarrassment—which happened at the hands her iPhone. Apparently, in a very vulnerable moment, she’d asked Siri if her crush would ever text her and Siri took it upon herself to find out.

What’s worse? His response:

Is it just us, or are you in your settings trying to shut Siri down too?

Gangsta: Watch This Dog Scare A Crocodile Back Into The Water

It’s always the small dogs with the loudest barks. But what can come f as annoying to some can be straight terror for other creatures in the animal kingdom. We just never thought a crocodile would be the one to break.

Check out the video below to watch a dog’s bark turn into a full on chase a crocodile!


Too Funny: One Customer Was Heated When Their Sandwich Wasn’t Cut Right

We all know people can be picky about how they cut their sandwiches. The horizontal vs. vertical argument can cause controversy alone.

One customer at a RSL Club eatery in New South Wales was so picky about their sandwich, they had to return it when it wasn’t cut equally.

“It was a bingo lady, in her eighties,” Corowa RSL CEO Peter Norris told ABC News. “Kelsey, who works in our cafe, passed it on to our duty manager who passed it on to me,” he said. That’s when Norris actually measured the sandwich slices and discovered that they were indeed f. Check it out below.

Employees eventually just made the customer a new sandwich, but the patron definitely left their mark on the restaurant and the rest the Internet.

Smh, next time get those measurements right!


You Won’t Believe The Shocking Secret This Woman Revealed To Her Best Friend On The Train

It’s easy to say what you would do if you were ever in an embarrassing situation, like the one in the video below. But when confronted with the news that your best friend is pregnant by your husband (while on the train), it’s almost against human nature to not think about dragging said friend up and down the train car.



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Here’s What Happens When You Catch Your 47-Year-Old Mama Feeling Herself

Mama’s still got it! As if she ever lost it!

Here’s another awesome video to set your Friday mood f right. This 47-year-old mother got a glimpse herself in the mirror and couldn’t help but to shake what grandma gave her. If you ever wonder why it takes us so long to get ready, let this video be the answer to all your questions.

Check it out.


Watch Actress Christina Vidal Drop It Like It’s Hot While Going Into Labor

Many folks might remember Christina Vidal as Taina from the Nickelodeon show, and for her roles in Disney films like Brink! and Freaky Friday.

Now, Christina continues her TV career with appearances in shows like Blue Bloods. Oh, and she’s also giving birth too.

Her sister, fellow actress Lisa Vidal, posted a video to Instagram the two jamming out right in the middle Christina’s labor period. Check it out below!


That’s one way to give birth. It’s probably safe to say this baby will be turnt when they come out. Here’s another dancing video below for your pleasure!

When You Realize You’ve Successfully Made It Through Another Week….

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve made it through another week in 2018 without having some sort breakdown.

These dance moves by Jay Versace, Deja Carter (Zendaya‘s backup dancer) and Taylor Hatala (Janet Jackson‘s backup dancer) are perfect to celebrate the end another week and the start a weekend. Which mood are you?


Hit the flip to pick your celebration dance.

"Den Of Thieves" Narrowly Beats "12 Strong" During Thursday's Box Office

Variety reports that  Den  Thieves is f to a robust start at the box fice, as it scored a $950,000 in ticket sales on Thursday, ahead its wide release today. The film, whose cast includes Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. edged out the weekend’s other notable debut 12 Strong, which grossed $900,000 during advanced Thursday night screenings.

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Den Thieves depicts the intersecting lives an elite unit working for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and a successful bank robbery crew who are devising a lucrative heist on the Federal Reserve Bank. The film is based f an original screenplay by writer/director Christian Gudegast, which has received particularly abysmal reviews, is projected to gross around $9 million in its first weekend release. 

However, people are taking to Twitter to reveal that they are excited to see the film:

12 Strong, which sees Thor’s Chris Hemsworth going to war after following the aftermath 9/11, is seen as the weekend’s top contender to overthrow Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle‘s continued box fice domination. The film may end up in the $14-$17 million range, while Jumanji is expected to rake in an estimated $15-$20 million within the same frame. This will put the Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart blockbuster’s domestic gross at $320 million since debuting in December 2017. 

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12 Strong is based on Doug Stanton’s bestselling novel Horse Soldiers, which depicts the CIA parliamentary operations ficers and U.S. Special Forces enlisted in Afghanistan to combat the reign terror caused by the Taliban. The film also stars Michael Shannon and Moonlight‘s Trevante Rhodes.