Lil Yachty Shares "Disrespect" Tour Dates With "Little Sister" Bhad Bhabie

It’s normally a good sign when social media stans are running up angrily to voice their frustration over an omission. This is exactly what occurred when Lil Yachty announced his Disrespect Tour on Instagram to a chorus : where’s ____ at?. Incidentally, you can’t please everybody, and even if you could, who’s to say your vindinctive side wouldn’t win you over.

The Disrespect Tour will take him and his guest Bhad Bhabie all across the United States beginning on October 24th in Baltimore, Maryland. The young emcee whom he considers “his little sister,” just completed a mini tour her own, in which the turnout over exceeded expectations, at least in my mind.

After commencing the tour in Baltimore, Yachty and his sis will cover the rest the North East, before turning their attention to the Mid West in November. By the end the month, barring any logjams, they hope to be on the West Coast, where the tour is expected to wrap up in Santa Cruz, California.

Yachty’s music is ubiquitous with younger fans, so the bulk order tickets will be charged to parent’s credit cards. Those who wish to secure tickets, no matter the age, must wait until tomorrow at 10 am. Best luck.