The Who Is Releasing Their First Album In 13 Years — Just Like Tool

The legendary rock band the Who seems to be following in the footsteps of Tool, who recently released their first album in 13 years — and immediately topped the charts.

The Who will be releasing their first album in 13 years, too. It will be entitled “WHO,” and Polydor Records will be putting it out on November 22.

The album will have 11 tracks, including “Ball and Chain,” which is a politically-infused song that the band has already performed in live shows. Co-produced by D. Sardy and Who guitarist Pete Townshend, the album was recorded in the spring and summer of this year in both Los Angeles and London.

Roger Daltrey, who is the Who’s legendary singer, insists that the album is the band’s best effort since “Quadrophenia,” which came out in 1973. He was particularly effusive in praising Townshend’s work on the record. He says Townshend is “still a fabulous songwriter” and that he has “still got that cutting edge.”

Townshend also commented on the album. He says that, unlike some of their previous classics, there is no theme or concept to the new album. It is just a collection of songs that he wrote with his brother Simon that he hopes will mesh with Daltrey’s “revived singing voice.” He also says that — because he and Daltrey are no longer young men — the songs stay away from both romance and nostalgia.

Famed artist Sir Peter Blake, who is a friend of the Who, created the artwork for the album, which was unveiled September 12 at New York City’s Pace gallery.

“WHO” is already available for preorder on the band’s website, and American fans of the ageless rockers can see them perform live this fall, with several shows scheduled in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. Next year, they plan to tour the United Kingdom as well.

The Who’s last album was “Endless Wire,” which came out in 2006.


Vinyl On Track To Outsell CDs For First Time In Over 30 Years

As the Recording Industry Association  America (RIAA) generates its mid-year report, it looks like vinyl records are on the way to outselling CD units for the first time in over 30 years.

Currently, vinyl records have earned $224.2 million f 8.6 million units sold in the first half 2019 getting close to the figure $247.9 million that CD sales made f 18.6 million units sold. The report reveals that vinyl revenue grew by 12.8 percent in the second half 2018 and by 12.9 percent in the first half 2019 while CD revenue remained practically stagnant.

Should vinyl continue on its upward attend, it will soon generate more revenue than CD sales. Last year, the RIAA reported that CDs sales were dropping three times as fast as vinyl sales were growing with the latter accounting for more than one-third the revenue coming from physical releases.

The last time that vinyl records ever outsold CDs was in 1986 when LPs moved 58.8 million units compared to 18.6 million CDunits. Once the paradigm shifted, it was former RIAA spokesperson Patricia Heimers who assured the masses that the LP wouldn’t be so easily forgotten. 

“The compact disc is not going to kill the LP,” Heimers told the Orlando Sentinel in ’86. “Everyone is acting prematurely in predicting the LP’s demise. It’s going to be around for a long time. All these choices can live comfortably alongside each other.”

Now, thanks to an increasing interest in the aesthetics nostalgia, Heimers’ prediction is ringing true.



U.S. Recording Industry Booms 18% to $5.4 Billion In the First Half of 2019

Despite anxiety over a streaming slowdown, the US-based recording industry is still posting double-digit gains.

This is nowhere near the U.S. recording industry’s glory days of 1999-2000, when annual revenues were  — even adjusted for inflation.  But for an industry that almost got digitized out of existence, a $10 billion year is a lot to celebrate.

But can this pie keep growing?

According to stats just shared by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), first-half recording revenues in 2019 jumped a strong 18% to $5.4 billion.  Once again, streaming subscriptions stole the show, with every other format except vinyl continuing to plunge.

It’s important to note that last year, the first-half year-over-year growth was 10%, on a smaller recorded revenue base.

Just a few years ago, the industry marveled when digital formats tipped the scales and started outselling physical.  But tell that story in 2019, and you’re dating yourself: according to the RIAA’s latest first-half data, streaming now accounts of 80% of all recorded music sales, across all formats.   That includes both paid subscriptions and ad-supported free accounts, with subscriptions driving a lion’s share of the revenue.—

In total, streaming revenues ballooned 26% to $4.3 billion over the half, according to the stats.  Last year, streaming accounted for 75% of the total recorded music pot.

In terms of paid subscriber growth, the RIAA says roughly 1 million new subscribers are joining services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music a month.

Overall US-based streaming subscriptions now stand at 61.1 million, with Apple Music commanding the lead over Spotify in the States.

Now, the $10 billion question is how many new paying subscribers will enter the fold in the coming years.

And what about the industry’s other surprising success story — vinyl?

Amazingly, vinyl LPs continue to grow, despite similar concerns of a slowdown — or, worse, a fading fad.  Instead, the decades-old format continues to grow: during the first half, sales of LPs jumped another 6% to 8.6 million units.  That equates to $224 million in retail sales volume, which accounts for a whopping 46% of total physical sales.

That’s just 4% of the total pie, with CDs (and perhaps a sprinkling of cassettes) accounting for another 5%.  But physical sales are no longer plunging, and CD sales remained level over last year.  That suggests that the shiny disc may have finally hit its bottom (at least until a Generation Z nostalgia boom hits).

For now, physical formats account for fewer than 10% of all recorded music sales in the U.S.  Astounding when you consider that CDs once accounted for more than 95% of all recorded music sales.  Which also helps to explain why the industry once enjoyed $20 billion in annual recorded music revenues.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all format sales for the first half, year-over-year (click to enlarge).

If you’d like the full PDF report, grab it .

(click to enlarge)


Disney Plans To Rerelease Classic ’90s "Lion King" and "Aladdin" Video Games

Disney is making all the right moves this Fall. They’ve already got their new streaming service going live in a few months, which is having a remarkably good sale right now, and they’ve just announced they will be re-releasing a pair their classic games from the 1990’s. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Aladdin and The Lion King will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as a package deal called Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King. The updated version will be playable in HD quality.

The two games were originally released back in 1993 and 1994 on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo consoles. They were very popular at the time, selling millions copies each, so Disney is hoping the capitalize on the nostalgia that wide fan base as well as a new generation fans. The release comes at the perfect time for Disney. They are still fresh f the release a live-action remake TheLion King as well as a live-action adaptation Aladdin. Both films were able to surpass $1 billion in earnings at the box fice.

Be on the lookout for The Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King bundle for $29.99 this Fall.

"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Multiplayer Details Revealed

Call Duty is back. Thursday, Activision and Infinity Ward revealed an extensive look into a new and improved multiplayer mode. In a sense, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be a reboot the fourth game in the series; however, it’s far more than just nostalgia bait. The new multiplayer will support two-versus-two, six-versus-six, ten-versus-ten, twenty-versus-twenty, but most impressively a Battlefieldesque 100 player Ground War mode featuring tanks, helicopters and more. 

"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Multiplayer Details Revealed

 Paula Bronstein /Getty s

Rather than revamping the create-a-class system, it’s been reverted to a nearly identical model Call Of Duty 4. In addition, a new “Gunsmith” method customization is available. Players will now be able to customize almost every detail their weapon. Each gun will have between thirty and sixty different varients. 

One interesting feature showed f in the trailer is the addition interactive doors. Players will be able to nudge open doors to glance in a room or drop a grenade in before entering. This will certainly help counter ambushes. The game will be released on October 25th but fans will be able to get their hands on it even earlier. There will be an open beta available on Playstation 4 on September 14-16, and on Xbox One and PC on September 21-23. 

Check out the ficial reveal trailer from the event below.

Daniel Craig Is Back In Action In New "James Bond" Teaser

Has Daniel Craig solidified himself as the definitive James Bond? With four films under his belt and a fifth on the way, many have come to view Craig as the preferred face the long-running franchise, a title that once belonged to actor Sean Connery. Of course, Craig’s position in the Bond hierarchy is certainly debatable, but few can deny his impact in bringing a notable ruggedness to the t-debonnaire and refined 007. Now, with his fifth turn as James Bond currently in the production stages, a new teaser has surfaced to kick f the hype-train. 

The brief clip finds Craig once again stepping into the signature getup, partaking in the classic Bond opening sequence. The iconic visual is enough to spark waves nostalgia, and many are hoping the upcoming film rectifies some the missteps in Spectre. We won’t have to wait much longer to find out, with Bond 25 set to arrive in April 2020. 

Check out the clip now, and sound f below. Are you excited to see another James Bond film with Daniel Craig in the titular role? And more importantly, where do you rank him within the greater hierarchy bygone Bonds? 

Daniel Craig Is Back In Action In New "James Bond" Teaser

Adam Berry/Getty s

Nike Air Max 95 Brings The Vintage Windbreaker Vibes With New Colorway

One the most iconic Air Max models all time is the Nike Air Max 95 thanks to its chunky dad shoe aesthetic that features some pretty incredible potential colorway combinations. Now that dad shoes are all the rage these days, the Beaverton Brand has brought back some the more chunky silhouettes in its library and the Air Max 95 certainly fits that bill. To further the 90s nostalgia throwback vibes that the shoe conveys, Nike has come through with a multicolor version the shoe that makes it look like a vintage windbreaker.

The toe box and top layer the shoe are white all while blue, turquoise, and yellow stripes make their way throughout. Meanwhile, there is Nike Air branding written in red on the side as the tongue is black. 

If you’re looking to cop these shoes for the summer, you can do so right now at Nike’s online store for $170 USD.


Nike Air Max 95 Brings The Vintage Windbreaker Vibes With New Colorway


Nike Air Max 95 Brings The Vintage Windbreaker Vibes With New Colorway


Nike Air Max 95 Brings The Vintage Windbreaker Vibes With New Colorway


Nike Air Max 95 Brings The Vintage Windbreaker Vibes With New Colorway


The "Tamagotchi" Pet Toy To Relaunch After 23 Years: Report

The name Tamagotchi may spark feelings nostalgia for most millennials. The toy pet resulted in an epidemic wherein children, teenagers and even adults took their parenting duties extremely when it came to caring for their digital pet. While the original toy launched almost 23 years ago today, in 1996, the company behind the virtual pet craze have announced they would be bringing it back. Bandai America precisely revealed there would be a revamped take the plastic egg toy, set to ficially hit the market on May 13th.

Just like the 1996 toy, the refurbished item will allow users to raise a virtual pet from an egg to maturity, altogether while providing it with the food and care necessary for its appropriate growth. The creators have also linked the toy to a joint app, which will give players access to seasonal events and games. They will also have the chance to earn Gotchi Points which may be used in a virtual store to make purchases for their pet child. The Tamagotchi On app will thus fer users the ability to share their Tamagotchi-love with fellow players.

Moreover, the app will grant a space to “communicate with friends, trade gifts, and find characters for your Tamagotchi to marry and create a new generation virtual pets with.” Furthermore, the latter even lets you meet up with other players through a cross-device feature so your Tamagotchi can get boo’d up. 

"Detective Pikachu" Teaser Reveals Closer Look At Mewtwo

Though many Pokemon fans have long awaited a live-action film rendition the beloved series, few could have expected Detective Pikachu. Borrowing from the Deadpool formula throwing as much Ryan Reynolds into the mix as humanly possible, the upcoming film features Reynolds in the titular role. Though decidedly less risqué than the Merc With The Mouth, Pikachu appears to be a wise-ass a milder nature, consistently busting the balls his human sidekick Tim.

Now, with the film set to drop on May 10th, another TV spot has been released. While largely rehashing footage from the original reveal trailer, Detective Pikachu’s newest teaser does provide a closer look at Mewtwo, who was previously revealed in the full-length trailer. Though his appearance is brief, it would appear that Mewtwo’s origins as a scientific breakthrough will remain intact, likewise will his steely gaze. See for yourself by checking out the ficial teaser trailer below.

While some may have “outgrown” the series, it’s likely that Detective Pikachu will prove a box fice success, capitalizing on a shared love for nostalgia. Anybody who can remember copping either Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue likely has fond memories the series, and may very well come out the woodwork to see the Pocket Monsters realized like never before. By the way, if you used your Master Ball on Mewtwo, hold this L. 

"Aladdin" Looks To Have Guy Ritchie’s Action Touch In TV Spot

By this point, some have likely made up their minds about Disney’s upcoming Aladdin remake. Nostalgia is a powerful tool in that sense, and the beloved animated original is heralded by many fans as a Top Five Disney film. Clearly, the bar is high, and while Beauty And The Beast served as an admirable homage to the original’s legacy, the recent Dumbo appears to have had the adverse effect. Where will Aladdin shake-up, once all the dust settles? The jury is still out on that one, though some new footage has emerged to sway your opinion in a favorable direction. 

While brief, the clip seems to take a more action-oriented approach, drawing back to some director Guy Ritchie’s earlier flicks. Remember, prior to being tapped for Al, the man has helmed movies like Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Sherlock Holmes, and the messy yet action-packed King Arthur. While the decision raised a few eyebrows at first, perhaps Aladdin might benefit from an action-savvy director; after all, the OG certainly had no shortage elaborate setpieces. 

Check out the clip now, and see for yourself. Do you think this one will live up to the hype?

Google Maps Introduces The Snake Game To Celebrate April Fool’s Day

Whether you’re an April Fools person or not, or even if you forgot that the day existed then Google Maps is here to remind you in the best way with a simple game Snake. The older game (that was made popular for anyone who had a Blackberry around 10 years ago) just follows a digital snake as they take over the world and collect points from picking up objects on your screen. 

“Google Maps shows you how to get around on foot, car, train and bicycle, and now, you can ssslither to your destination too,” Omar Abdelaziz, Product Manager Google Maps, said in an ficial statement. “Starting today, you can play a twist on the snake game in different locations across the world—including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo—right from Google Maps.”

As for how to launch the game, it’s simple: “To start playing, simply open the Google Maps app, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner, then select “Play Snake” to get your daily dose 90s nostalgia (boy bands, fanny packs and slap bracelets not included).”

Birdman Declares Himself "King Of Hip-Hop" With Throwback Pic

Though his repute and integrity have been questioned occasionally, few can deny that Birdman, aka Baby, aka the Numba One Stunna, is a hip-hop legend. Having constructed the Cash Money from the bottom up, Birdman found Lil Wayne, and helped deliver Juvenile, Turk, BG, and Mannie Fresh into the mainstream eye. The classics are quite a few, likewise are the developments set by the Cash Money Millionaires. To this present day, their impression stays felt, with Birdman sitting someplace on the prime the genealogical household tree. Now, the enduring rapper has come ahead to declare himself royalty. 

Birdman Declares Himself "King Of Hip-Hop" With Throwback Pic

Earl Gibson III/Getty s

“Really been doin this shit,” writes Birdman, IG. “#stunnaman unique uptown shit #king  hip hop yung Stunna.” The accompanying image finds Birdman when he was only a Birdboy, posted up alongside some ornamental vegetation. From the look it, it will seem some networking is at play, no shock given his nature as a businessman.

The throwback pic paints an image easier occasions, and it is arduous to not really feel a bit pang nostalgia for some these early Cash Money tunes. Say what you’ll about Birdman, however he is accomplished some huge issues for hip-hop. Upon declaring himself King, would you pledge fealty to Birdman? 

Adidas Originals Debuts A New ZX Model: The ZX 10000C

Adidas Originals has immediately launched an all new ZX mannequin, dubbed the ZX 10000C, which is able to make its retail debut on February 23. 

According to Adidas, the ZX 10000C, retailing for $160, diverges from the same old Adidas Consortium means working, in that it was created in-house by Adidas. The closing consequence was solely made potential – and elevated to such nice heights – as a result of enter former adidas Director Footwear Creation, Jacques Chassaing.

Adidas Originals Debuts A New ZX Model: The ZX 10000C

(Adidas ZX 10000C: Via Adidas)

Chassaing is the designer chargeable for the ZX working shoe collection, which utilized an equally enduring know-how additionally designed by Jacques, the Adidas Torsion system.

Per Adidas:

“The ZX 10000C is the lengthy awaited reply to many collectors query ‘what occurred after ZX 9000?’ The ZX 10000 C retains the Torsion system that is still a proud half adidas’ efficiency capabilities to at the present time, in a shoe that at the beginning look reads like a by no means earlier than seen mannequin from the unique ZX archives that has solely simply been unearthed. Its aqua, orange and impartial coloring conjures up nostalgia for a really particular period efficiency footwear, utilized throughout a various mix pure and technical fabrications that embrace mesh underlays, webbed Three Stripes, premium suede overlays and strengthened TPU on the ghilly and heel.”

Adidas Consortium ZX 10000C shall be accessible for buy on February 23 for $159.95.

Adidas Originals Debuts A New ZX Model: The ZX 10000C

(Adidas ZX 10000C: Via Adidas)

#DXCLUSIVE: Large Professor, M-Dot, Elzhi & Ras Kass Unite For "Reaganomics" Single

HipHopDX Premiere – Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot and Large Professor have joined forces for “Reaganomics,” a brand new single from producer B Leafs’ upcoming debut album, The Horizon. With cuts offered by DJ Slipwax, the monitor faucets into that golden period Hip Hop nostalgia for 4 superb minutes.

“‘Reaganomics” is a legacy that’s endured nearly 4 many years and is extra related now than it was again within the ’80s when the [Anti-Robin Hood] idea was scribbled down on Bonzo’s serviette,” M-Dot tells HipHopDX.

“For these at midnight concerning the system, it’s the place companies/rich lined their pockets from the taxation of the center class, creating large nationwide debt and unredeemable price range deficits which pressured future administrations to chop funding for social packages.”

The Horizon is anticipated to reach on January 29.

Until then, take a look at “Reaganomics” up prime.

Tiny Reflects On Her & T.I’s "Lit" Fairytale Wedding Day

While many hip-hop have earned “beloved” standing, few can press to be as appreciated as Tip and Tiny. Though their eight-year marriage has gone by many ups and downs (like many, many marriages, albeit with an added dose public scrutiny!), it will seem that the pair is trying again from a spot safety, mutual respect, and deep-seated love. Today, the Xscape singer took a second to replicate on the day their union, which came about on July 31st, 2010.  Perhaps the dose  fond nostalgia has one thing to do with Tip’s current relocation again into Tiny’s house. In any case, Tiny took to Instagram to reminisce, doe-eyed, in regards to the massive day.

Sharing a good looking aerial shot the mansion, Tiny described the ceremony as a “fairytale,” probably referring to the modernized Disney variant and never the extra macabre tales Grimm. “I used to be scrolling on my timeline & ran throughout the home I acquired married in!!” she writes. “One the most effective days my life!” She additionally described the reception as one for the ages, dubbing it “lit,” “star-studded,” and “extravagant.” It actually seems like a spectacle to behold, and you’ve got gotta admire Tiny for injecting a bit romance into the sport. Respect to her and T.I. for maintaining it actual throughout the years, and looking out again on their recollections with affection.