Reese's Halloween Candy Converter Will Exchange Disappointment For Reese's

Reese’s (the cups not Witherspoon), has created an answer to the issue the individuals who give out apples and granola bars at their doorways on halloween. It’s a vending-machine-sized contraption that ingests the sweet you do not need and spits again out what the nice folks at Reese’s assume everybody desires: Reese cups. 

According to a Hershey’s spokesperson, Reese’s is “the #1 Halloween sweet (with over half sweet patrons buying Reese’s).” As for the issue folks giving out something aside from peanut butter cups: “Reese’s has give you an answer — give us your undesirable sweet, and we’ll provide you with what you truly need — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”

The machine itself appears to work routinely, with two slots: one for dumping your disappointing sweet and one other for receiving your peanut butter cups, for which the machine has a capability 10,000. Beneath the slots is the Reese’s brand and their slogan for this little promoting stunt: “Not Sorry.” Where the previous sweet goes is a thriller. 

The machine was initially showcased at a parade just a few days in the past in Tarrytown, New York, however tonight shall be stationed within the New York, New York, in Washington Square Park between four and 9 pm.