Netflix's "Dark Tourist" Ventures To Places Where You Need A Special Convoy

Netflix’s latest fering Dark Tourist, does exactly what it sets out to do: explore the seedier practices several “shadow economies.” The big idea came to David Farrier as he was going about his job as a journalist in New Zealand. The eight-part series self-appoints Farrier as its host, on an anthropological mission to find crazy tourist destinations would never seek from a travel agent, most which bordering on the side danger.

In its inaugural season, Dark Tourist takes the viewer on a tour a nuclear fallout zone, behind the scenes a voodoo ritual, on a friendly jaunt with Pablo Escobar’s most trusted hitman, and on tour Jeffrey Dahmer’s old torture chamber. If any that sounds palatable, by all means start your binge watch Dark Tourist at the earliest convenience. The series was uploaded in its entirety on Friday.

Farrier can be judgy, and he does comes across a bit cringeworthy, especially he veers on either side moral relativism. But Farrier would be the first to own up to his garish reputation, and that’s partly what makes the show enjoyable on some level. Farrier confessed that ten sees himself as the “cheap version Louis Theroux,” a reputed documentarian for the BBC.