Amber Rose Goes Fully Nude On Instagram & Nearly Breaks The Internet

Amber Rose is a well-known activist, businesswoman, and entertainer. She rose to prominence throughout her relationship with Kanye West and he or she’s managed to stay related since then. After spending time with Wiz Khalifa, 21 Savage, and others, Amber Rose is now in a critical relationship with a label govt, always displaying f their love on social media. It’s not out the bizarre to witness some partial nudity on her web page – in spite of everything, she is a former stripper – however her most up-to-date shot would be the most risqué up to now.

Amber Rose Goes Fully Nude On Instagram & Nearly Breaks The Internet
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At this level, many us have seen Amber Rose baring all of it. She loves to point out f the physique she’s labored so onerous for. Of course, she’s most well-known for her voluptuous behind and he or she determined to share a little bit bit extra it for the general public to ooh and aah over. Captioning the shot “Peach Fuzz,” Amber Rose uploaded a photograph herself totally nude to start out out 2019 with a bang, knocking down her high to disclose her breasts and her behind. People are going loopy within the feedback because the picture has already racked up over one million likes.

Obviously, the image is way too NSFW for us to incorporate right here. However, you may test it out on her web page right here. Is Amber nonetheless one the baddest within the recreation?

Amber Rose Goes Fully Nude On Instagram & Nearly Breaks The Internet
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Pete Davidson Rumor That He Sent Mac Miller Photos Of Ariana Grande Is False

You know that when a celeb couple breaks up, you may be listening to loads gossip surrounding them. Right now, there are such a lot of tales going round about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s cut up that individuals simply aren’t fairly certain what to imagine. They known as f their engagement just a few days in the past and it was reported that the turning level for them was Mac Miller’s demise. Because his passing, Ariana may not focus all her consideration on her then-husband-to-be. A nasty rumor has been flying round that Pete Davidson despatched intimate photographs Ariana to Mac Miller earlier than he handed to provide him no hope a possible reconciliation. Thankfully, contemplating how tousled the rumor is, we’re glad to listen to that it is false.

Page Six is reporting that there isn’t any fact to the story going round that Pete despatched photographs Ariana to her ex-boyfriend. A supply near Davidson instructed them that it is false info, and we’re certain respectable quantity the gossip surrounding their state of affairs can be unfaithful.

Obviously, each Ariana and Pete are having a troublesome time with this. Hopefully, the rumors dwindle down to allow them to work out their futures in peace. 

Since the break-up, Ariana has returned her practically $100Okay ring to Pete however she will likely be retaining full custody the couple’s pet pig.

50 Cent Continues Feud By Posting Nude Photo Of "Busta Rhymes"

These days, 50 Cent is more relevant for his use Instagram than for any music he puts out. Other than “Get The Strap,” Fiddy hasn’t put out much to his name this year. Of course, he’s working hard behind-the-scenes on Power and his numerous business ventures but we’d like to hear the New York legend more on the mic. We’re not entirely sure how 50 decides to go after his opponents but his trolling ways seem to always be fresh, going after a different subject on a near-daily basis. This week, he chose to clown Busta Rhymes for having the “strongest neck” in hip-hop. Bus wasn’t entirely fond the award though as they began a back-and-forth session with Fiddy updating the feud with his latest upload: a fake nude photo Busta.

Due to the nature the image, we can’t exactly include it in this post but 50 posted a photo a fully nude man from behind, overlooking a waterscape. The man has his hands on his hips, fully enjoying the view and Fiddy took it upon himself to call up his graphic designer to edit Busta’s head onto his body. Of course, the rapper used his signature “get the strap” line to close out the post, reminding everybody just how ruthless he can be online.

Hopefully, he keeps the same type energy if the two meet up in person. We’ve included a link to the post here.

Kendall Jenner’s Nude Photos Leak Online: Twitter Reacts

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to nudity. The world renown model has tastefully been a part several nude photo shoots that free the nipple and expose her body, most recently doing so for Love Magazine last month. Well on Tuesday, another couple photos leaked online prematurely Kendall running naked on a beach & riding a horse, which course has sent twitter into a frenzy over.

The photos are taken from photographer Russell James upcoming book “Angels,” which Kendall striped bare for. It’s reported that the book, which isn’t out yet, will feature a lot more photos naked Kendall, including her climbing a tree, lounging in a pool and riding a horse bareback, the latter which leaked online Tuesday. The pictures are done tastefully and from a credible photographer too. James’ “Angels” collection was celebrated last week in NYC at a party co-hosted by Cindy Crawford and Candice Swanepoel, so don’t expect to see any mirror selfies here.

Unfortunately, HNHH is unable to share these photos with you, but if you simply search on Twitter or Instagram you can easily find them.

Of course, people are having a field day the pictures, mostly confused as for why she’s riding a horse naked with no saddle, but we went ahead and compiled some the best reactions from Twitter for y’all to peep (below).

Jennifer Lawrence’s Nude Photo Hacker Sentenced 8 Months In Prison

Do you remember a couple years ago when Jennifer Lawrence and a slew other celebrities had some inappropriate nude photos themselves leak online? It was a part a massive hacking scandal dubbed “The Fappening.” Well it turns out one the guys responsible for leaking all those nude photos is about to serve some jail time unsurprisingly.

According to TMZ, a judge has sentenced George Garano to 8 months in federal prison for his contribution in the leak. In addition to his prison time, the judge also hit Garano with 3 years supervised release once he gets out too.

The 26-year-old pled guilty back in April and admitted he’d posed as a member Apple’s online security to access usernames and passwords. Garano was just one four people charged in the massive celeb hacking scandal, which began in 2014 and saw photos published online claiming to show Jennifer, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst and others. Those other hackers have already been sentenced, with terms ranging from 9-18 months in prison.

In other related news, Jennifer was just spotted holding hands with her art-dealer boyfriend Cooke Maroney in NYC this past weekend, solidifying that they’re still going strong.

Iggy Azalea Uses A Single Rose To Cover Herself In New Photos

Iggy Azalea loves to show f her body. Has there been a week this year that she hasn’t posted risqué photos herself on Instagram? Probably not. One scroll down her prile and you’ll see just how much Iggy feels herself on a daily basis. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. They say that if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it and the Aussie rapper has definitely got it. Iggy has been open about any operations she may have had to modify her body but she has kept the same stance on her famous behind since coming up. Her tush is 100% real according to her and she will show it f on any occasion she gets. 

Just a few days ago, the singer went fully nude for a new Fashion Nova campaign and today, she’s baring it all again. Laying in a field flowers, Iggy poses with her bright pink hair, proving that she can easily go up against any contestant from America’s Next Top Model. In one  the photos, the rapper is wearing no bottoms, covering up her goodies with a single rose. The photo is understandably a little too NSFW for us to post for you guys here but you can navigate through the web to find it here.

In case you’ve stuck around and you want to see the other photos, feel free to scroll down. With Surviving The Summer dropping at the beginning next month, Iggy is certainly making sure she has everyone’s attention.