Chrissy Teigen Calls Padma Lakshmi Her "Hero" After Flawless Bikini Post

It’s not every day that model Chrissy Teigen calls someone their hero or presses her love for certain acts on social media. The mother two and wife John Legend definitely runs in the same circle some the most successful celebrities, since she is one herself, but it looks as though none compare to Top Chef host, Padma Lakshmi.

Chrissy Teigen Calls Padma Lakshmi Her "Hero" After Flawless Bikini Post
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

Padma recently shared an image on her social media that sees her sporting a two-piece bikini while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. “Feelin’ fine at 49,” she wrote. Chrissy commented on her beloved photo calling Padma her “hero” and reflecting on a past encounter. “I remember seeing you at a party in Miami like 10 years ago. Everyone was miami decked out but you were in a long dress and barefoot with barely any makeup on, and just floating like you were on skates. I was like “that. is my hero,”” Chrissy wrote. 

Padma’s hot share arrives just weeks after she admitted to being over dieting. “At the end the day it’s just about feeling comfortable,” she said. “I am done trying to squeeze my bum into something that is too small. I don’t care — it shouldn’t be about what I look like at this point in my career.”

"Power" Recap: Tommy’s Episode Is The Most Revealing Yet


Tommy and Ghost have been boys since day one, which is why their time as enemies has been so dramatic. This week’s episode  Power mends the relationship between the two brothers, and also gives fans a hint as to who shot Ghost. Entitled “It’s All Your Fault,” the thirteenth episode the season focuses on Tommy. After last week’s somewhat slow episode, this week Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent deliver the strongest episode mid-season yet. “It’s All Your Fault” begins back at the moment that Tommy kills Proctor’s cousin Benny. At this time, Tommy has one goal in mind: Kill Ghost.

Tommy disposes the body very easily, but Benny’s disappearance worries Elisa Marie and her guardian, Aunt Dolores. Proctor’s family was apparently mob royalty, which leaves Elisa Marie in the care some very dangerous people. This works to her advantage though. Dolores and Vincent have a meeting where the former accuses the latter fing Benny. In order to save face, Vincent gives Dolores two bodyguards and promises to get to the bottom things. Elisa Marie, being a smart young girl, monitors all the mob talk and also listens to the recording her dead father left her. Dolores walks in just as the recording gets good, and the two ladies have a bonding moment. Dolores fills Elisa Marie in on the truth the family, and Elisa identifies Tommy as the voice on the tape. This sets in motion the motivation behind Tommy leaving town, which we saw at the end the last episode. 

Elisa Marie and Dolores take the recording to Tariq, who denies knowing anyone named Tommy and Ghost. His slick act doesn’t work on Dolores, who puts two and two together and quickly calls Tariq out for helping Tommy kill Proctor. Elisa Marie tries to defend Tariq, but Dolores isn’t buying it. She’s a smart woman, because moments later Tariq runs to Tommy, alerting him the recording. Tariq’s movements seem shadier than usual in this episode and the further we get into the show, the more guilty he begins to look. 

Tommy heads over to Truth to presumably kill Ghost for murdering Lakeisha and shutting down his base operations. His plan is foiled, but before he can exit the area Blanca approaches him. The law enforcement ficer hands Tommy Lakeisha’s belongings, and Mr. Egan immediately identifies Tasha’s earring in the bag. Putting the pieces together rather quickly, Tommy heads over to Tasha’s apartment to kill her. Their confrontation is brief, with Tasha admitting to killing Lakiesha within seconds. She gets Tommy to read the papers his deceased lover signed to snitch on him, and reminds him that all her bags were packed in the house. Tommy almost kills her, but decides to let her live at the last moment. This scene is crucial to Tommy’s relationship with Ghost. After he realizes that Ghost did not kill his girl in revenge for killing Angela, Tommy begins to make a 180-degree turn. 

Viewers are brought back to the scene Tommy and Ghost meeting up, somewhat reconciling, and then getting shot at. Tommy discerns that Ghost did not know about the recording Proctor kept either, which is another moment that helps him rebuild trust with his frenemy. After fleeing the scene and escaping a still unknown third party trying to kill Ghost, Tommy heads to Dolores’ house to seize the audio recording. He kills the guards, kidnaps Elisa Marie, and proceeds to pry her for more information. Tommy, who was raised in a harsh environment, ends up empathizing with the daughter the man he murdered. Elisa Marie vents about her drug addict mother and protective father, and asks Tommy if he killed Proctor. Tommy won’t admit his guilt, but his non-answer is an answer enough for the sharp young girl. While Tommy is interrogating Elisa Marie, 2Bit calls and confirms that it was Dre, not Ghost, who snitched out his operation to the police. This is the final moment revelation for Tommy, who decides he needs to reconcile with Ghost. Tommy brings Elisa Marie back to Dolores, unharmed, and goes to speak with Tariq. 

When Tommy tells Tariq that Ghost is innocent these crimes, the younger St. Patrick cares not. Tariq tells Tommy that he believes Dre is trying to kill Ghost, but he refuses to help. If his father dies, he will not be the man to try to stop the situation. The grim outlook from Tariq makes him look suspicious, or at least complicit, in the murder his father. Couple that with the scene last week where Tasha doesn’t answer Paz when asked who killed Ghost, and it makes things seem like Tasha and Tariq had a hand in Ghost’s undoing. After leaving Tariq behind, Tommy attempts to get to Truth to save Ghost from his fate. Unfortunately, Vincent catches up with Tommy and a shootout occurs. Tommy murders the Italians, giving Vincent a particularly gruesome death, and speeds f to Truth. 

Here is our heartbreaking moment: Tommy arrives too late. He walks in to find a dying Ghost, bleeding on the floor, and he looks up to get a clear look at the killer– the camera remaining closely on Tommy’s visage. Tommy looks shocked, he clearly recognizes the killer but a dying Ghost tells him to “let it go.” This is a very important moment. Whoever the killer is, for Tommy to allow them to live means he has some type love or connection to the shooter. Ghost telling Tommy to “let it go” means the dying St. Patrick doesn’t want his killer to die either. That makes Tariq a prime suspect at this point, since Tommy would have extra incentive to kill Tasha, considering he let her live in an earlier scene. It couldn’t possibly be Saxe, because Tommy would shoot him immediately. Ghost dies in Tommy’s arms, also ridding any hope viewers had that he was still alive. The episode wraps with Tommy being viciously shunned by his grieving mother, who gifts him with a present from Ghost’s will before she writes him f as the killer. Tommy takes what he’s given, clears his apartment, and heads on the road. First though, he meets up with Elisa Marie, who gives him the last the recordings. Next, Tommy kills Spanky after a tip from 2Bit about his snitching ways. It’s good to see Tommy make it to the end alive, driving out into the sunset as it were, but this episode raised just as many questions as it answered. It’s a fitting end to Tommy’s storyline, and gives enough room for him to appear in the spinf series. The reconciliation and moment fate between he and Ghost was an integral moment for the final season. We’re one step closer to finding Ghost’s killer. 

Read The Emotional Tribute Mac Miller’s Brother Penned For His Birthday

This weekend, many took to social media to honor what would have been Mac Miller‘s 28th birthday. The date landed on Saturday on the heels the arrival the late rapper’s first posthumous album release and equated to a bittersweet moment for both fans and those that knew him best.

Among those using their platform to express their love for the artist, born Malcolm McKormick, was his brother Miller. The older McKormick took the opportunity to reflect on a “good first memory,” going back to the day that his younger brother was born.

“sitting by the window in the hospital after your birth is a good first memory,” wrote Miller in an old photo Mac Mas a child. “mom’s nurse brought mint jelly. man i’m so proud you. and i miss you. i’m mad that we won’t be sitting on a porch talking about baldness. and babies. maybe there’s a version that still. hard to let go. wish you were really here. bet they throw a good party. you’re the best, hope you know it. funny, kind, messy. old tender wisdom. love you, love you. big smelly bear hug.”

The tribute arrived early Sunday evening as listeners continue to consume Mac Miller’s Circles project. With his family’s supervision, the effort arrived on Friday in completion the work that Mac had already begun late in his life. 

Halsey & Evan Peters Are Officially Living Together

After Halsey broke up with her British rocker last year, she and her cyber crush Evan Peters finally got together and debuted their relationship on Halloween, attending a party together. “Petition for Evan Peters to date me,” Halsey wrote in 2013 way before she and Evan linked up. New reports now suggest that the couple is still going strong since they have ficially moved into together. 

Halsey & Evan Peters Are Officially Living Together
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

Before Halsey, Evan dated actress Emma Roberts and apparently he “took a long time figuring himself out again before he was ready to date.” Now that they’re together, Evan’s friends approve and his “friends think they’re the perfect duo.”

In other Halsey news, the “Without Me” singer previously opened up about the paparazzi and how violent they’re getting. “What’s crazy to me, is if a guy camped outside your house and hid in a bush and took photos you with a long lense camera every single day, without you knowing, you would be so creeped out and scared you would call the police and say you’re being harassed,” she wrote. “But when ur famous it’s just like ‘LOL U ASKED FOR THIS!!!!’ Some FUCK SHIT.”

Hopefully, they paparazzi cool f now that Evan is around. 

DaBaby Seen Assaulting Hotel Employee In Newly-Surfaced Report

DaBaby has been struggling to stay out trouble. He’s been arrested for two separate incidents in the past month-span and now he may be caught in hot water again. On Saturday (Jan. 18), TMZ shared security camera footage that reportedly shows DaBaby roughing up a hotel worker. 

While the clip is pretty grainy, the Charlotte rapper can be seen following a male worker into the lobby a Beverly Hills hotel on December 19. Once they enter, DaBaby grabs the worker and throws him into a wall to have him fall into a chair. He then looms over the victim, sticking his finger in his face while presumably giving him some sort warning or teaching him some sort lesson. According to TMZ, this footage captures the aftermath the hotel worker following DaBaby out the hotel in an attempt to get a photo with the buzzing artist. Sources say DaBaby turned down the guy’s request, which may have incited a rude comment that led DaBaby to retaliate. However, we’ll have to wait to hear more details about this incident. DaBaby and crew apparently left the hotel without further incident. Cops were not called at the time and there has been no report pressed charges. 

In a statement released to TMZ, DaBaby’s attorney, Michael Heiskell, said: “Any actions taken by DaBaby were likely in self defense based upon his recall the events and until the video is thoroughly reviewed we have no further comment at this time.”

DaBaby is currently being threatened with lawsuits by a party promoter he and his crew beat up in Miami earlier this month

Pop Smoke Arrested for Transporting Stolen Rolls-Royce

Pop Smoke was busted for allegedly transporting a stolen Rolls-Royce.

According to TMZ, the “Welcome to the Party” rapper was arrested Friday morning in New York on a federal charge of interstate transport of a stolen 2019 Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Law enforcement sources say that Pop Smoke met the owner of the car at an L.A. recording studio in November. In exchange for giving the owner the VIP treatment at a future show, he agreed to let him use the vehicle in an upcoming music video. The car’s owner told Pop Smoke to return the car the next day. When the vehicle went unreturned, the owner tracked it to Arizona using GPS and reported it stolen.

In December, the owner noticed the Rolls in one of Pop Smoke’s social posts with a location tagged in New York. The post has since been deleted.

Pop Smoke was arrested at JFK Airport after returning from Paris Fashion Week. He is set to be arraigned Friday afternoon in Brooklyn.

Earlier this week, Pop Smoke released his new single “Christopher Walking” and can also be heard on “Gatti” off Travis Scott’s Jack Boys compilation.

Report: Rihanna and Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Break Up

Rihanna is single again.

The global superstar and her boyfriend Hassan Jameel have reportedly split after nearly three years of dating, according to Us Weekly. The singer and Saudi businessman, both 31, were first linked in June 2017.

The couple kept their relationship mostly private, but Rihanna opened up about their romance in the November 2019 issue of Vogue. “Yeah, I’m dating,” she told the magazine. “I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.”

When asked whether she wanted kids, she responded, “Without a doubt.”

Last fall, Rihanna addressed pregnancy rumors during an interview with Anna Wintour. “Rihanna, do you hope to have a baby soon?” asked the Vogue editor-in-chief, to which Rihanna responded, “I don’t think about stuff like that. But, I don’t know … God’s plan.”

Rihanna previously dated Chris Brown and Drake. In October, she reunited with the “Life Is Good” rapper at his 33rd birthday party in L.A. Jameel was previously married to art critic Lina Lazaar.

Future Can’t Help But Thank God For Lori’s Bikini Body On His IG Story

Now that their romance has been confirmed, Future is enjoying sharing photos his lady Lori Harvey. The pair have made headlines for months over their rumored relationship, but after the rapper apparently went above and beyond for Lori’s destination birthday party, the happy couple is sharing their love with the world.

Lori and a couple dozen her loved ones descended on Jamaica for her birthday celebrations that included a luxury mansion and an elaborate party. The 23-year-old hasn’t ceased in sharing images and videos from her bikini-heavy lavish vacation as she struck model poses alongside her friends Normani, Ryan Destiny, Taina Williams, and Jordyn Woods. 

Lori couldn’t help but show f a few more hot shots from Jamaica over on her Instagram Story. After she wished stepdad Steve Harvey a happy birthday, Lori uploaded two more images herself with her friends in bikinis. Then she added another that showed her in a cave, a photo that she wrote was taken immediately after she went cliff-diving. 

Future publicly admired Lori’s physique and reposted the photo over on his Instagram with the words, “Thank u god.” He added a red heart emoji to let everyone know just how thankful he truly is. Check out the photo below with a few more y poses from Lori and her girls.

Safaree Samuels Rocks Fur & Stands On Billboard To Promote "STRAITT" Project

He’s been called “extra” over the years for a few his antics, so it’s no surprise that Safaree Samuels went to these great lengths to promote his forthcoming album. The Love & Hip Hop New York star is not only preparing for the birth his first-born with his wife Erica Mena, but he’s getting ready to release his next project, Straitt, as an independent artist.

Safaree Samuels Rocks Fur & Stands On Billboard To Promote "STRAITT" Project
Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty s

With the release date approaching, Safaree decided to buy out billboard space in his hometown. That’s not enough for the flashy artist, so he decided to throw on a fur and stand on the billboard for good measure. People didn’t know exactly what was going on, but a person filming the scene noted that Fire & Rescue arrived because they believed that Safaree was someone who wanted to take their own life by jumping.

Safaree shared clips the traffic-stopping even and wrote, “Respect the grind that’s all! Flatbush Junction in Brooklyn. I was raised here. So this one feels different. I could write a long speech but if you know you know…. BROOKLYN.. Jan 24th I’m independent so imma do what I gotta do‼️🔥.”

He added, “Jan 24th it’s STRAITT BANGERSS!! The crazy thing is when I thought to do this it was completely normal to me until I woke up this morning and spoke to some people.. 😂😂😂 for real tho any1 who knows me knows I been this extra and this is Normal for me! For the ppl who love me thank you. And to the ones who don’t keep looking up ☝🏾☝🏾.” Check out Safaree being Safaree below, and read more from him on why Flatbush Junction holds a special place in his heart.

Snoop Dogg Will Open For Guns N’ Roses During Pre-Super Bowl Performance

Super Bowl season is upon us, and lately, it seems as if there’s more chatter about the musical acts surrounding the events than there has been about the actual game. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been rehearsing overtime for the Halftime Show making it the first time to Latinas have shared the stage for such a Super Bowl performance. However, there are plenty other acts lined up for the Super Bowl pre-show, and the latest artist to add his name to the list entertainers is Long Beach legend Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg Will Open For Guns N'  Roses During Pre-Super Bowl Performance
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty s

Miami is already a hotspot for celebrities and tourists alike, but during the Super Bowl festivities, the city will become a magnet for everyone looking to party day and night. The Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest features rock icons Guns N’ Roses as its headliner and Snoop will take to the stage right before the legendary group on January 31. 

It’s reported by Loudwire that DJ Khaled (and Friends), Meek Mill, DaBaby, and Megan Thee Stallion will perform on January 30, while Dan + Shay will grace the stage on February 1. The Music Fest’s co-executive producer, Amit Dhawan, said that they were looking to mix things up with artists from differing genres because the Super Bowl is “America’s biggest cultural moment.” 

Meanwhile, Guns ‘N Roses are more than happy to have Snoop on the bill with them as their special guest.

Quavo Goes Into Punching Frenzy At Paris Nightclub

Paris, France – Migos rapper Quavo brought fight night to a Paris club on Thursday (January 16), throwing blows after bouncers refused to let him enter a fashion week after-party.

According to TMZ, the 28-year-old ATLian  got into a brief altercation with the staff at Palais Maillot night club over a case of mistaken identity. Quavo showed up for an event celebrating Offest’s Paris Fashion Week debut. By the time he arrived, Offset and Cardi B had already left the venue.

Sources say club security didn’t recognize Quavo and stopped him at the entrance. He was only allowed to enter after one of the brothers from Les Twins — the male dance duo who work frequently with Beyoncé — told security to let him pass.

Quavo didn’t take the slight lightly, lashing out at the event staff once he entered the venue. Fan videos taken of the incident show Quavo punching a few people inside the party and pushing several others once outside. Witnesses report he even landed a punch on the Les Twins dancer who vouched for him.

Quavo, who has his own clothing collaboration with boohooMAN, was in France to support his fellow Migos member’s new clothing line.

Offset designed his new fall/winter 2020 menswear line himself, collaborating with creative director Chaz A. Jordan to execute his vision. There’s no word on when the Laundered Works Corp capsule collection will be available for purchase.

Chuck D Calls Out Grammys For ‘Same Old Jive’ Following Deborah Dugan Ousting

Five months after Deborah Dugan joined the Recording Academy as its CEO and president, the powers-that-be at the Recording Academy have placed her on administrative leave — and Chuck D has something to say about it.

The news of Dugan’s departure was announced on Friday (January 17).

“The Board of Trustees felt this action to be necessary, due to serious concerns that recently were brought to our attention,” interim Recording Academy President and CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said in a statement. “While we are unable to share the details of the concerns to protect employee privacy, please know that the Board has retained two independent third-party investigators to conduct independent investigations into allegations that have been made.”

Dugan’s attorney Bryan Freedman responded to the ousting on Twitter, writing, “What has been reported is not nearly the story that needs to be told. When our ability to speak is not restrained by a 28-page contract and legal threats, we will expose what happens when you ‘step up’ at the Recording Academy, a public nonprofit.”

Freedman added, This is what happens when you step up. #grammys #thisiswhathappenswhenyoustepup #stepup #deborahdugan #grammyssomale #fixgrammysnow #oldboysnetwork #grammysstepup.”

The “step-up” is a jab at former chief executive Neil Portnow’s suggestion following the 2018 Grammys that female artists should “step up” in response to a lack of awards representation.

The Public Enemy frontman, who is preparing to accept a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in April, has issued an open letter to the Grammys and Hip Hop. He makes it abundantly clear he applauds Dugan’s efforts while shaming the “ignorant, testosterone-fueled, usually old white men” who tend to thwart any real progress.

“They want to keep it the status quo and make sure things like Hip Hop stay the poster child of their fuckery,” he wrote in part. “In 1989 we protested the Grammys because they refused to acknowledge a new art form called Hip Hop/Rap. I responded with the lyric, ‘Who gives a fuck about a goddamn Grammy.’ We fought to be recognized and for things to change. We kicked that door in for others to come through.”

Chuck D Calls Out Grammys For 'Same Old Jive' Following Deborah Dugan Ousting

The pioneering Hip Hop legend also applauded Dugan’s efforts to affect serious change and expressed his disappointment in the “same old jive,” noting he was aware Dugan was “having her own struggles” within an academy “that thinks Public Enemy ended in 1992.”

“After 35 years in this industry, folks should know that I always defer any individual accomplishment, always giving salutes to those before me and trying to open the door for those after me,” he continued. In agreeing to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award when Deborah called me was no different.

“We discussed these issues and what need to change. Hip Hop can’t be judged by a bunch of old corporate guards who rewrite history to serve their corporate bottom line.”

Chuck also condemned the Grammys for questioning DJ Lord’s position in the group. Lord has been behind the 1s and 2s as part of Public Enemy for over two decades.

“We had to haggle, to educate, to justify why a core member of our group for the past 22 years, DJ Lord, should be a part of this award,” he added. “We had to question why our biggest UK hit and the them to the global Paralympics Games ‘Harder Than You Think’ was left out.”

Chuck ended his letter by stating he isn’t surprised Dugan is out.

“Never could I have imagined that pushing for the recognition our art form deserved would turn into artists being coerced into disrespecting the craft, themselves, the culture and other people only to chase the bag and validation from corporations and award shows who don’t care about you. I hope this letter will be a wake-up call for them. New folks but the same ol bullshit pattern doesn’t change a thing.”

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards take place on January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Boosie Badazz Candid About What He Would Change In His Life: "Fewer Baby Mothers"

Baton Rouge legend Boosie Badazz is one the funniest men in the entire music industry, speaking candidly on just about anything he’s asked during interviews. If you’re tasked with formulating questions for the man, you better come up with some good ones because he can give you a whole bunch quotes in just one sitting. From his lust for Rihanna to his comments about the infamous cucumber party this summer, Boosie is never not entertaining. During a recent conversation with self-proclaimed radio guru Terri Thomas, Boosie entered the chat with yet another goldmine, noting that the only thing he would change about his life is “fewer baby mothers.”

Boosie Badazz Candid About What He Would Change In His Life: "Fewer Baby Mothers"
Paras Griffin/Getty s

When asked what he would alter about his life’s trajectory, Boopac noted that he would keep things relatively consistent. “I’d probably take the same route with all my troubles and stuff because that’s what made me,” admitted the rapper. “I would keep everything else. Probably my same kids, just fewer baby mothers. I feel like I should have skeeted in the same woman and put ’em all in her instead being so young. You gotta watch out for that, you know, having kids at a young age.”

He went on to explain the type advice he gives his children, noting that he wants them to finish school and chase their dreams. Words wisdom from Boosie Badazz. Never change, Boo. 

Gervonta Davis Slams His Ex Ari Fletcher’s New Bae, Moneybagg Yo: "I’m Richer"

Gervonta Davis recently shared some photos himself and his new lady friend sitting courtside at a Lakers game, and some folks really took it upon themselves to drag the boxer’s new relationship. Gervonta posted some happy shots himself and his new boo, who is reportedly Floyd Mayweather‘s ex, expressing his disbelief at how lucky he is.

“When you know you not supposed to be sitting court side or next to her but I’m here bitch I’m here..shittin meee!!” he wrote in the caption. Gervonta couldn’t escape the mentions his past for long, though, as someone decided to point out, “ARI & MONEY BAG YO LOOKS BETTER🙄.” The comment refers to Gervonta’s ex, Ari Fletcher, who has recently entered a relationship with rapper, Moneybagg Yo. The two made waves when they went public earlier this month, and have been putting their affection on display ever since.

Gervonta clapped back at this hater by reminding them what’s really important, replying, “I’m richer what now 🤯.” Another negative user chimed in on the photos Gervonta and his girlfriend, Yaya, pointing out that she was recently involved with Floyd Mayweather (not to be confused with Floyd’s daughter, Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather). “🤣Y’all n*ggas love a passaround….. ain’t she f*ck money may? Y’all make me sick.” Gervonta responded to this comment, “she mine now b*tch..problem??” Gervonta and Yaya were recently spotted getting arrested together in L.A.

Eminem’s "Music To Be Murdered By": Dre Beats, Lord Jamar Disses & New Friends

Today, Eminem surprised the world and dropped his tenth studio album Music To Be Murdered By. Here are some the key takeaways. 


Like Kamikaze, Music To Be Murdered To brought several new collaborators into Em’s circle, including three placements from D.A. “Got That Dope” Doman. For the most part, however, the album find Em reconnecting with many longstanding collaborators, including the main musical core behind Relapse. For the first time in a minute, Dr. Dre blessed Slim with four instrumental contributions, not including skits: “Premonition,” “Never Love Again,” “Little Engine,” and “Lock It Up.” Alongside the Good Doctor stood producer Dawaun Parker, the clutch behind-the-scenes MVP behind much Relapse. 

Another recurring presence is Luis Resto, a multi-instrumentalist responsible for working on many Eminem’s best beats all time. A perusal through the credits reveals Resto’s name on fifteen the album’s twenty cuts, providing “additional keyboards” as well as deeper compositional contributions. As one his most loyal collaborators behind-the-scenes, it’s time to start recognizing Resto’s impact on Em’s sound.  

Though Music To Be Murdered To found Em collaborating with many new friends, he also made sure to connect with some former collaborators. Former D12 associate turned hype-man Denaun Porter lays down a kinetic beat for the lyrical banger “Yah Yah,” which marks Em’s first ficial collaboration with Q-Tip. Not to mention his first ficial collaboration with Black Thought following their turn on the 2009 BET cypher. He even brought Slaughterhouse out retirement on “I Will,” though old friend-turned-foe Joe Budden was a notable snub. Naturally, longtime friend and collaborator Royce Da 5’9 held it down with three verses and a few production credits, and it wouldn’t be an Eminem album without a hook from Skylar Grey. Even Alchemist, who spent a longstanding run as Em’s touring DJ, came through to co-produce on “Stepdad.”

Eminem's "Music To Be Murdered By": Dre Beats, Lord Jamar Disses & New Friends



Since declaring war on his enemies in 2018, Em spent the majority the following year fielding petty shots and deeper critiques from the likes Lord Jamar, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nick Cannon. And while many fans openly prayed for Em to rain fire and brimstone upon him, it seemed unlikely that he would dedicate a full diss track to one singular party. It’s no surprise to see Slim address each one individually on Music To Be Murdered By, to varying degrees intensity. 

Lord Jamar catches the most bars, as delivered on Slaughterhouse collaboration “I Will.” As his verse nears its conclusion, he reverts back to the “hip-hop-as-a-house” analogy that has been a throughline throughout their war words:

I am far more worse than a forty-some bar Lord Jamar verse
Nothing means more than respect, so when I curse
You could say I swore to protect
My image I have zero time or regard for
A never-was-been claiming rap when it’s not yours
If it was anyone’s house G Rap and Rakim would be having you mop floors
Run-DMC would be havin’ you cleanin’ sinks
Yeah your group was f the chain, but you were the weakest link

Given that Jamar will likely respond to this by the time next Monday rolls around, it’s likely this particular cycle will continue until it simply dissipates. On that note, Em also addressed Machine Gun Kelly twice, leaving fans unpacking his motive through mixed signals. The first arrived on the Young M.A. collaboration track “Unaccomodating,” as Em seemingly moved to call a halt on the once-heated duel between Rap God and Rap Devil. “But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is / I cleansed him his mortal sins, I’m God and the Lord forgives — even the devil worshippers,” raps Em, in the second verse. “I’m moving on but you know your scruples are gone when you’re born with Lucifer’s horns.” 

While this confident declaration victory could easily be seen as — at the very least — mildly antagonistic, it still feels like an armistice. And yet, merely eight songs later, he’s letting f another jab. On a track with Royce Da 5’9”, Black Thought, and Q-Tip all place, Em took a moment to son the Gunner, spitting a dexterous scheme equating him to a premature baby born in his image: “Me and this game we got married already, had the prenup ready, fucked on her, should’ve seen her belly / she barely was three months pregnant, Bitch had to give me a baby, we named it Machine Gun Kelly.” One big happy family. 

And course, the trilogy wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Nick Cannon, who has been doing his damndest to elicit a response from his longtime sparring partner. His wish, albeit a diluted version, was granted on “No Regrets.” “For some adversaries, I carry big guns,” he spits, in what feels like a spiritual successor to “Fall.” “So some targets’ll get the kill shot, some, I just barely nicked ’em.” 

Eminem's "Music To Be Murdered By": Dre Beats, Lord Jamar Disses & New Friends

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If there’s one thing that has remained important to modern-day Eminem, it’s the preservation hip-hop history. In an age that finds many young voices glossing over the cultural forefathers, Em has made it his personal mission to shout out his peers and chief influences alike. One the first mentions arrives on the opening track “Premonition,” as Em shouts out three his former collaborators; by his estimation, Tech N9ne, 2 Chainz and Jay-Z are kindred spirits, inevitably plagued by some the more frustrating critiques. “Instead us being credited for longevity and being able to keep it up for this long at this level, we get told we’ll never be what we were,” he vents. “Bitch, if I was as half as good as I was, I’m still twice as good as you’ll ever be.”

A proud student the school “Notorious, Puba, Cube and The Poor Righteous Teachers,” Em also takes a moment to shout out his old pal Sticky Fingaz on “Godzilla.” And while quick homages are scattered throughout, the centerpieces arrives on golden-era homage “Yah Yah.” It’s only appropriate that a gathering elite lyricists is home to Slim’s love-letter to his formative influences: 

Now here’s to LL, Big L and Del
K-Solo, Treach, and G Rap
DJ Polo, Tony D, ODB, Moe Dee, Run-DMC
Ed OG, and EPMD, D.O.C., Ice-T, Evil Dee
King Tee, UTFO, and Schoolly D, PE, and BDP
YZ and Chi-Ali, Rakim and Eric B., they were like my therapy
From B.I.G. and Paris, Three Times Dope, and some we’ll never see, and PRT
N.W.A and Eazy-E, and D-R-E was like my GPS
Without him, I don’t know where I’d be

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