House Passes $2 Trillion Stimulus Package To Fight Coronavirus

United States history has been made amid one its darkest crises in recent memory, the coronavirus pandemic. The House Of Representative has ficially passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, complete with the appropriate acronym CARE. The stimulus package, which consists $2 trillion dollars, has now moved to the White House to be signed by President Donald Trump. 

House Passes $2 Trillion Stimulus Package To Fight Coronavirus

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Naturally, coming to a conclusion took hours debate, as is ten the case when politicians are forced to gather. Yet they did manage in the end, coming up with a solution designed to provide $1,200 to every American citizen, with hundreds billions dollars reserved for businesses both small and large. Apparently, $50 billion has been designated to assist the struggling passenger airline market, which has taken a major hit since the coronavirus rendered recreational travel all but impossible. $367 billion has been designated for small businesses with an employee count fewer than 500. 

CNN reports that the package’s creation was nearly stymied by the Republican representative, Kentucky’s Thomas Massie, whose insistence in calling an in-person vote had to be thwarted by House leadership — but not before several fellow representatives were forced to travel to Washington to mobilize against his effort. The move led to a scornful tweet from Donald Trump, who called for Massie’s removal the Republican party. 

In any case, the historic package is all set to be made ficial. The economic effects the stimulus package have yet to become evident, though it should go a long way in providing some much needed financial stability to an economy on the verge an unexpected collapse. 

Nav & Pop Smoke Have Another One

Your favorite Learjet passenger came back with a vengeance last night, with Nav‘s long-awaited Travis Scott and Gunna collaboration “Turks” finally getting an ficial release. The first peddle to start a full-scale avalanche, the Canadian rapper’s latest banger suggests big moves to come. Nav recently hit up the Beats 1 studios to talk shop, teasing some his future plans and collaborations, including a posthumous release from the late Pop Smoke

After playing coy for a moment, Nav opens up about his upcoming music with Pop, which was recorded during the Meet The Woo 2 studio sessions. “That night we did ‘Wolves,’ we did that song ‘Wolves,’ we squeezed out another song,” he reveals. “You know? Yeah. It kind gives like a different kind vibe to it. It’s kind a melancholy vibe to it.”  

Nav & Pop Smoke Have Another One

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Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown his trajectory out whack — for now. When asked if he has a release window for his new album, Nav speculates that it will be coming within a few months. “We don’t have a date for it, but yeah, the world situation right now kind switched up everybody’s game plan,” he reflects. “Yeah. We were kind all in shock. You know how you supposed to do a release party, how you supposed to do all that stuff now? It’s kind weird, right? We just play it by ear day by day. Yesterday me and Travis Scott were making beats at Cash’s house. He live down the street from me. He got a studio, so we were doing that. You never know what that’s going to lead to.”

From the sound it, Nav isn’t about to lose momentum. At least, not when there’s still work to be done. “For me there’s always a pressure to work,” explains the rapper. “You know what I mean? I always keep pressure on myself to work. I always feel guilty when I’m relaxing.” 

Coronavirus Survives 17 Days On Cruise Ship After Passengers Left

The CDC reports that coronavirus RNA, the genetic material the virus that causes COVID-19, survived for 17 days on surfaces the Diamond Princess cruise ship, after passengers had already left. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the study on Monday, after examining the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan and the Grand Princess cruise ship docked at the Port Oakland in California. Both ships had been quarantined prior to docking, after folks on board each ship had tested positive for COVID-19. According to the study, coronavirus RNA was found on multiple surfaces in the Diamond Princess cabins up to 17 days after passengers had vacated the ship, but before the disinfection process had commenced.

However, it was determined that transmission largely occurred between passengers prior to quarantine, and researchers could not determine if initial transmission occurred from these contaminated surfaces. As for crew members, they were mostly infected during or after quarantine. The Diamond Princess was previously reported as the site with the most cases coronavirus outside China. 621 people had tested positive for COVID-19, with two passengers—an 87-year-old man and an 84-year-old woman—dying from the virus. On the Grand Princess, 21 people had tested positive for coronavirus, including 19 crew members and 2 passengers. The vessel had 2,400 passengers on board.

“The results provide key information about the stability the virus] and suggests that people may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects,” the National Institute Health said in a press release. It had previously been found in a study by the New England Journal Medicine that coronavirus can survive for 3 hours in aerosols (liquid droplets in the air, from coughs or sneezes), 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard, and 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel. To prevent contracting coronavirus from one’s fingertips, the CDC recommends washing one’s hands for at least 20 seconds each time, and to avoid touching one’s face.

NYPD Officers Caught Planting Marijuana Multiple Times

Bodycam footage and additional cell phone footage obtained by The Intercept, exposes two New York Police Department ficials planting marijuana in a patron’s vehicle as they were conducting a search. This is the second time in a two-month span that NYPD ficers Kyle Erickson and Elmer Pastran have been caught on camera planting illegal substances in and on the property innocent civilians. This footage comes just days after a Jefferson Parrish Police ficer was caught visibly planting narcotics on a man in Louisiana. NYPD Officers Caught Planting Marijuana Multiple Times

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In the most recent footage blatant law enforcement corruption, Officers Erickson and Pastran pulled over a vehicle for allegedly having a broken a taillight. The passenger, Jason Serrano, and the driver, an unidentified young woman, rolled down their windows and argued that they couldn’t have been accused having a broken taillight being that the ficers were coming from the opposite direction and had to make a U-turn in order to obstruct them from reaching their destination. 

Instantaneously, the Staten Island ficers claimed that the vehicle “smelled like weed,” and asked if they could conduct a search. Serrano revealed that he was recovering from a stab wound and “could barely move,” exposing his surgery scar for the ficers to see. Eventually, the young man and his associate obliged allowing the ficers in the young woman’s car to search for the decriminalized substance, but that didn’t stop the ficers from forcing Serrano to the ground and handcuffing him after he, himself, refused to be searched. 

During the footage, ficer Erickson can be heard telling Pastran “We gotta find something,” as they illegally searched Serrano’s jacket. After unsuccessfully finding anything incriminating, Erickson can be seen placing a small amount cannabis near the vehicle’s cup holders on his bodycam footage before pretending to search other areas the car. The NYPD ficial then stated “I smell a little weed,” before reaching for the marijuana he just placed near the cup holders. 

The same chain events took place in Feb. 2018 arrest New York citizen, Lasou Kuyateh. Kuyateh spent a total two weeks in a New York state jail after bodycam footage ficer Erickson mysteriously shut f before discovering a marijuana cigarette in his car. In his testimony, the corrupt cop claimed his bodycam “malfunctioned”  due to a “technical difficulty” which later led to Kuyateh’s possession marijuana charges being dropped. NYPD Officers Caught Planting Marijuana Multiple Times

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NYPD’s internal affairs department investigated the 2018 case and discovered that any accusations  misconduct by Erickson and Pastran are “unfounded.” Last year, Kuyateh filed a suit against the city New York for his wrongful arrest for $1 million. As for the fraudulent encounter, Jason Serrano and the unnamed young woman in the footage had to endure, there has yet to be a determination on whether or not the couple will take legal action against Erickson, Pastran, and the NYPD. 

Over the course the last year, the New York Police Department has gotten hip-hop artists dropped from performing in festivals in their hometown, been caught on tape ordering ficers to shoot rappers on-sight, shut down back-to-school drives, and more. 

Check out the sickening footage the encounter in the video provided below. 

Jay Electronica & Jay-Z’s "A.P.I.D.T.A" Was Made The Night Kobe Bryant Died

Last night marked the arrival Jay Electronica‘s A Written Testimony, an album many have been unficially dubbing Watch The Throne 2 over its heavy Jay-Z presence. And while there have been many opinions shared about the long-awaited album, some the biggest impact arrived by way the powerful closer “A.P.I.D.T.A.”

A melancholic and emotional dedication to Jay Electronica’s late mother, the opening moments are evident within the song’s opening guitar riff. “I can’t stop my mind from racing, I got numbers on my phone, pictures on my phone,” raps Electronica, in the song’s emotional climax. “The day my mama died, I scrolled her texts all day long. The physical returns but the connection still stay strong, now I understand why you used to cry sometimes we ride down Claybourne /  You just missed your–you just missed your mama / Now I just miss my mamas.” 

And while there’s no direct correlation, it was recently revealed during a livestream listening event that the song was recorded on the same night that Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and seven other passengers passed away in a tragic helicopter crash. It’s uncertain whether the somber news, which seemed to settle over the entire nation when it occurred, had any effect on Jay Electronica’s studio session. But given the fact that somber bit tri was mentioned to begin with, it’s entirely possible that the additional sorrow bled into Jay’s creativity.

Check out the song above, as well as the revelation made in the live-stream clip below. Is “A.P.I.D.T.A” the most powerful track on A Written Testimony? 

Days Of Summer 2020 Is Latest Festival Cancellation Over Coronavirus

The Days Of Summer 2020 cruise has ficially been canceled in wake the growing Coronavirus pandemic. The cruise ship festival was expected to launch in Miami on July 1st. As health ficials continue to share updates surrounding Coronavirus, the festival announced that they will be putting the safety guests, staff, and artists.

After careful consideration the health risks posed by the spread the COVID-19 virus, Days Of Summer announces that its third annual hip-hop cruise and music festival, scheduled to embark from Miami on July 1st, 2020, will no longer occur. The Days Summer Cruise Fest prioritizes the safety its passengers and with the rapidly-developing situation surrounding the virus, the fest has determined that appropriate course action is to preventatively cancel the event.

More and more concerts and festivals have been forced to announce there cancelation. Coachella revealed that the COVID-19 has made them push the festival back to October 2020. SXSW, on the other hand, has canceled its annual festival and conference altogether and won’t be giving out refunds for tickets. Additionally, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami has also announced that they’d be canceling the festivals with no refunds being fered to ticket buyers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not only prevented festivals from moving forward but tours as well. YBN Cordae announced earlier today that has postponed the remainder for the European tour dates in wake the scare. “Europe ! Man this kills me. Unfortunately due to the travel ban, I have to go back home to the States, and PostPone the European Tour. Later dates will be provided. can’t wait to give y’all this live experience,” he wrote on Twitter.

We’ll keep you updated on any more Coronavirus-related news. Stay safe and clean out there. 

Tom Hanks & Wife Rita Wilson Test Positive For Coronavirus

The coronavirus panic has caused stores to run out items and thousands people to be quarantined worldwide. Italy has shut down completely and reportedly suspended mortgage payments, while schools and universities have sent students home without a word on when they’ll reopen their doors. Companies have told employees to go home, sports games will carry on with crowds, and airlines are flying planes with only a handful passengers. People worldwide are doing what they can to avoid contracting and spreading coronavirus, but Tom Hanks shared that he and his wife Rita Wilson were recently diagnosed.

Tom Hanks & Wife Rita Wilson Test Positive For Coronavirus
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According to Hanks, the acclaimed Hollywood couple were in Australia when they began experiencing coronavirus symptoms. “We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches,” Hanks wrote in a caption to an Instagram post. “Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive.”

He added that they’ll do whatever is asked them by medical ficials as there are “protocols that must be followed.” He added, “We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?” We send our prayers to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson! Check out the Instagram post below.

Natalia Bryant Snaps Photo In Front Of Kobe & Gianna Mural

Kobe and Gianna Bryan tragically passed away in a helicopter accident on January 26th. The helicopter had six other passengers and a pilot, who also lost their lives. It’s quite possibly one the biggest tragedies in the history sports and fans are still trying to figure out how this could happen to such a huge legend. Ever since the accident, there have been numerous tributes from artists, athletes, and fans who were touched by Kobe’s legacy.

This loss has been incredibly hard on Bryant’s family. Vanessa Bryant has been active on social media since the passing her husband and daughter and always makes sure to pay tribute to them whenever she can. This past weekend, Bryant and her daughters visited a mural in which Kobe is depicted kissing Gianna on the top the head. In the photo posted below, Kobe’s oldest daughter, Natalia, can be seen posing in front the mural with a smile on her face.

These tributes to Kobe and Gianna have been quite beautiful and it’s great to see the Bryant family interacting with them. Kobe and Gianna meant so much to a lot people and their legacies will forever live on.

Meek Mill Blames Private Jet Search On Racial Profiling

Since Meek Mill was released from prison in 2018, he has dedicated himself to criminal justice reform. In particular, he has been drawing attention how mass incarceration disproportionately targets people colour. On Saturday (Mar. 8), Meek showed on his Instagram Story that he still experiences this targeting himself even though he is a wealthy celebrity. 

Meek was travelling in a PUMA-emblazoned private jet when he had to land in Miami for gas. What was supposed to be a quick stop turned into over-an-hour-long delay because security decided to search his jet and all the passengers’ luggage – a decision which Meek attributed to racial priling. “How many times we gotta be searched being black, man?” Meek said while filming security on the tarmac. “I be telling them the least y’all could do is give us an explanation for being searched. Y’already know we black – we be getting searched too much. All this shit, all our bags and shit got laid out. We just landed in Miami to pick up food and gas. Now they making us take all our bags out.” 

Fortunately, it seems Meek got to resume his trip without further trouble, as his next IG Story showed him dancing to Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign aboard the PJ

Coachella's Fate Hangs In the Balance as Officials Assess the Situation

A local health official remains noncommittal on Coachella; says he can cancel the much-anticipated music festival if needed.

Coachella is still on, but Riverside County’s health officer, Dr. Cameron Kaiser, has made clear that he, city officials, and Coachella organizers won’t hesitate to call off the much-anticipated music festival if it appears that the coronavirus (COVID-19) will pose a substantial threat to attendees.

During a recent press conference, Dr. Kaiser emphasized that there haven’t been any confirmed cases of COVID-19 spreading in Southern California, and that Californians’ overall chance of becoming infected is still low.

Moreover, he indicated that the health risks at Coachella and other larger gatherings will mainly depend on where attendees are from, with a predominantly local crowd being preferable to one comprised of travelers.

If the infection’s trends remain unchanged in the coming weeks and Coachella organizers take the appropriate preventative steps, Dr. Kaiser said that he “would certainly support their [Coachella’s] decision to continue the operation.”

Coachella is scheduled to take place between April 10th and April 19th, on two separate weekends.

Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, Lana Del Rey, Calvin Harris, and other well-known artists have been booked to perform at this year’s edition. These and other Coachella acts haven’t commented publicly on the festival or the COVID-19 epidemic.

Fans on both sides of the issue — those who believe that Coachella should be canceled and those who believe that it should go on — haven’t hesitated to make their opinions known. A cancellation petition had garnered approximately 7,000 signatures at the time of this piece’s writing, while an anti-cancellation petition had been signed by about 500 people.

An array of music festivals, including  and , have been scrapped due to coronavirus concerns. Moreover, , , Green Day, , and others have altered their tour schedules in response to the outbreak.

Perhaps the most significant of the recent coronavirus-fueled cancellations was announced Friday, when South by Southwest (SXSW) 2020 organizers  to the pressures of  and fan outrage by putting their mega festival on ice.

It was also announced yesterday that a New Zealand man had  while infected with COVID-19, possibly infecting hundreds. He is currently in self-quarantine, and his condition is said to be stable.

Coronavirus fears prompted California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, to declare a state of emergency this week. A cruise ship containing at least 21 individuals who’ve come down with COVID-19 is expected to dock in the state this weekend; medical professionals are preparing to screen and treat passengers as they disembark.

To date, 69 Californians have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Tool Concert Attendee Diagnosed With Coronavirus In New Zealand

New Zealand’s fourth coronavirus (COVID-19) sufferer attended a Tool concert last week, potentially infecting hundreds of guests. The show in question took place on Friday, February 28th, in Auckland’s Spark Arena.

Because the Tool fan purchased a general admission ticket and was part of the corresponding crowd, health officials believe he may have transferred the infection to other attendees. COVID-19 transmissions typically involve close contact and the airborne exchange of bacteria, including by coughing and sneezing.

Consequently, those who were at the concert have been encouraged to monitor themselves for symptoms of the infection, including difficulty breathing and nausea, and to contact Healthline (New Zealand’s medical-care support resource) if they believe they’re in danger.

The coronavirus carrier is said to have been in self-quarantine since Wednesday, and Ministry of Health professionals are in the process of contacting and screening his family members, friends, and coworkers.

Stateside, it was recently confirmed that 21 passengers and crew members on a cruise ship have tested positive for COVID-19. The ship had been required to stay at sea, off California’s coast, as its occupants underwent testing, and additional COVID-19 screenings (approximately 3,500 individuals are on board) will be administered once the vessel docks this weekend.

To say that the music world has been impacted by the coronavirus would be a gross understatement.

, Green Day, , , , and a multitude of other artists have altered their touring plans because of the epidemic. Plus, much-anticipated festivals like  and  have been scrapped in response to the risk presented by COVID-19. Some have  that Coachella will be called off next.

Yesterday, South by Southwest (SXSW) organizers  to put their 10-day mega festival on ice. Though a strong effort was given to carry out this year’s edition, a number of  and concerned fans, in coordination with ever-heightening coronavirus fears, prompted officials to pull the plug.

At the time of this piece’s writing, Tool hadn’t commented publicly on the infected individual who appeared at their concert, nor had they altered their tour schedule. The four-piece rock band is slated to play in Spokane this Monday. Washington has reported the most COVID-19 cases and deaths of any U.S. state.

Slipknot Suspends Entire Asian Tour on Coronavirus Concerns

Citing health concerns over the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, Slipknot has indefinitely postponed the Asia portion of their upcoming tour.

The eight-piece heavy-metal band took to Twitter to announce the news, writing that “while decisions like this are not easy,” they felt obligated to protect the “safety and well-being” of fans, crew members, and venue employees. Ending on an optimistic note, the message indicated that the group intends to rebook Knotfest and return to Asia “very soon.”

The five affected shows—in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, in addition to two Knotfest performances in Japan—were scheduled to take place later this month. Moreover, Slipknot isn’t the only artist that’s nixed Asia tour dates because of the coronavirus; , Green Day, and even  have been forced to issue refunds to ticketholders in the region.

Sources have claimed that Florida’s 2020 Ultra Music Festival will be rescheduled because of the coronavirus epidemic, but the event’s organizers have yet to release an official statement on the matter.

Yesterday, Ultra Music’s long-awaited Abu Dhabi debut was .

Slipknot’s next performance is scheduled for May 16th, at Columbus’s Sonic Temple Festival. Beyond that, the Iowa band has booked shows through the end of August, including stops in Mexico and several European states.

Many health officials have suggested that COVID-19, like SARs, will probably subside—and eventually disappear—with the onset of warm weather. SARs originated in China in November 2002 and was chiefly contained by July 2003. The world’s last case of SARs was diagnosed in 2004.

Stateside, it was revealed this morning that two new cases of COVID-19 have appeared in New York City; both affected individuals are being treated in isolation. Notably, neither person has recently traveled abroad or knowingly come into contact with a coronavirus sufferer.

California officials are currently preventing passengers on a cruise ship from disembarking into San Francisco, as a portion of these individuals are said to be showing symptoms of COVID-19. Governor Gavin Newsom emphasized that doctors must “appropriately assess the passengers” before they return to land.

The Game Brags About Budapest Police Giving Him A Pass

Budapest, Hungary – The Game’s face got him out of a speeding offense in Budapest, Hungary. The West Coast rapper took to Instagram immediately after his interaction with the police, boasting about how easily they let him off the hook.

In the video posted earlier on Monday (March 2), Game addresses his audience from the front passenger seat of a red Ferrari. He begins to explain what just went down.

“Ayo, police just pulled us over in a ‘rari. Guess what? Niggas saw my face, they say, ‘Yo, get the fuck out of here Game, you Gucci!’ Game then throws up a gesture to the stationary flashing police vehicle behind him, saying, “We outta here; deuces baby!”

“No matter where I’m at, baby, this face good, aight?” he continues. He then shows the police vehicle driving off, saying, “Look at PoPo. Yeah, they out. We Gucci.” He later adds, “Niggas pulled us over – they ain’t know who we was. Saw the face, they like ‘Skrrt skrrt’. Foreigner, foreigner!”

The veteran MC explained in the caption that they were “doing 90 on a main street.” The speed limit in Budapest is 50km/hour in urban areas.

After his smooth encounter with local authorities, Game posted several photos of himself and the Ferrari in question.

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The Game performed in Budapest on Sunday (March 1) as part of his Born To Rap album tour.

Coronavirus Detainee Coughs On Daughter During Interview

A Pennsylvania native who was recently quarantined and detained at a military base after returning from China was interviewed on Fox News, but couldn’t help himself from coughing on his toddler daughter. The man by the name  Frank Wucinski, and his three-year-old daughter, Annabelle, appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom on Friday morning (Feb. 28), to discuss he and his family’s experience being quarantined at Miramar Marine Corps. base in San Diego, CA. Coronavirus Detainee Coughs On Daughter During Interview

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According to Fox News, Wucinski and his wife, who is a Chinese citizen, have been living in China for fifteen years and recently relocated to Wuhan, the epicenter the novel coronavirus, in order to take care his father-in-law after his wife’s mother had passed away. Unfortunately, his father-in-law perished to COVID-19, the ficial name the coronavirus, which prompted Wucinski and his family to make their way back to the United States. 

During his brief appearance on America’s Newsroom, Wucinski appeared to be in good spirits detailing his experience during the quarantine process, in the midst trying to hold back a cough, the former detainee stated:

“Fortunately from what I understand. It is contagious but the death rate is pretty low.”

Wucinski proceeded to cough then drink from the same water bottle his daughter was attempting to raise to her own lips. He continued, saying:

“Yeah, I’m fine. I got tested twice. Um, negative both times. The cough, probably just nerves.”

In recent weeks, outbreaks in countries like Iran and Italy have sent the world into a panic and now, with several unconfirmed cases in San Francisco have many wondering if the spread the virus can potentially cause massive outbreaks throughout the United States. While a US citizen has passed away from the virus, more common diseases like influenza are far more deadly than the novel coronavirus according to the CDC. 

Check out the clip  Frank Wucinski’s appearance on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom where he awkwardly coughs on his daughter in the video provided below. 

"The Amazing Race" Production Shut Down Due To Coronavirus Scare

The current Coronavirus epidemic has been affecting pretty much every aspect our lives, whether it be the way we groom our facial hair, what beers we drink — yes, people are scared to drink Corona — and most definitely how we travel as Summer Walker made evidently clear earlier today. However, fans the hit reality competition series The Amazing Race will have to suffer too, as  production on Season 33 has been halted by CBS for safety reasons.

"The Amazing Race" Production Shut Down Due To Coronavirus Scare

Coronavirus worries are at an all-time high recently after a new strand, COVID-19, has been spreading worldwide, as a passenger just this morning was trying to fend f with a mask (seen above) after arriving to Mexico City from a flight coming from South Korea. Variety is exclusively reporting that although the virus hasn’t made anyone sick on the show so far, CBS is halting production as a cautionary move. A spokesperson for CBS told Variety, “All contestants and production staff are in the process returning home.” The statement went on to add, “At this time, no Racers or anyone on the production team traveling with them have contracted the virus, or shown symptoms, and we are not aware anyone being exposed to it. Out an abundance caution, everyone involved in the show will continue to be monitored when they return home. The health and well-being the Racers and the production team are our top priorities.”

Season 33 The Amazing Race was only a few weeks into production and hadn’t even been announced yet, with only three episodes filmed so far. Ironically enough, this wasn’t even the season scheduled to premiere anytime soon; Season 32, which has already been filmed, is the most current season scheduled to broadcast. A similar fate happened on the set Mission Impossible 7 along with other films in production around the world.

As now, a new date to start production on The Amazing Race has not been announced, nor has a premiere date for Season 32. Stay safe out there, y’all.