Derrick Rose Details Jimmy Butler’s Strange Antics During Bulls Tenure

Throughout his NBA career, Jimmy Butler has always been known to get into altercations and arguments with his teammates. When Butler was playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, there were times where he got into full-blown screaming matches with teammates during practice and eventually, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Derrick Rose got to play with Butler in Minny and even played with him in Chicago. In Rose’s new book called “I’ll Show You,” he speaks to some the issues Butler had in Chicago and even reveals how he used to get into arguments with Joakim Noah.

Derrick Rose Details Jimmy Butler's Strange Antics During Bulls Tenure

Jonathan Daniel/Getty s

Per Rose:

“Lots weird stuff was going on, though. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but Jimmy didn’t dress with us. That season he was always dressing with the coaches, didn’t stay in the locker room. Got to say, I never did see that before. To separate yourself from the team. How the hell do you think we’re a team when that’s going on?

Of course, I got the blame. But Jo saw it, he and Jimmy were at it. There was a lot fracturing.”

For the first time in his career, Butler will become the number one option in Miami so it will be interesting to see how he interacts with his teammates in that capacity. He’s a hard man to please and if any the young guns have questionable performances, there could be some trouble brewing.

LeBron James Delivers Shout Out To Lamar Jackson After Heroic Performance

Lamar Jackson received a ton criticism last season in his first year as quarterback the Baltimore Ravens. Some pundits felt as though his throwing ability wasn’t good enough to be a starting quarterback and that he should be played as a running back or receiver instead. During the Ravens’ first game the season against the Miami Dolphins, Jackson proved the doubters wrong as he threw five touchdown passes. picked up 324 yards and completed 85 percent his passes.

While the Dolphins are a pretty horrendous team, there is no denying that Jackson’s performance was exceptional and if you’re a Ravens fan, you have to be encouraged by what you saw. One person who was impressed by Jackson was none other than LeBron James who took to his Instagram story to fer some praise. LeBron said, “not bad for a running back” which is what Jackson jokingly said in his postgame press conference. James ended the shoutout by saying “keep going young king.”

Unfortunately for James, his hometown Cleveland Browns lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score 43-13. It was a shocking result considering people legitimately thought the Browns would be better this season. Either way, this bodes well for Jackson and the Ravens who also play in the AFC North.

Only time will tell whether Jackson can keep up this exceptional pace.

Mitch Trubisky Savagely Roasted By NFL Fans After Abysmal Debut

Last night, NFL fans across the world were in pure bliss as the first game the regular season took place. Unfortunately, the game was only entertaining if you’re a defensive coordinator or enjoy the painstaking process watching paint dry. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears by a score 10-3 and neither quarterback had a phenomenal game. Aaron Rodgers had one touchdown pass in the second quarter while Bears QB Mitch Trubisky finished with an interception and nothing else.

Trubisky made 26 45 passes while throwing for 228 yards. The quarterback couldn’t seem to get anything going and it forced the Bears to rely way too much on their defense. Fans were starting to get incredibly frustrated with Trubisky as he couldn’t muster up a single productive drive. With just four minutes left in the game, he led the team down deep into Packers territory but threw an interception to effectively end it.

The Bears were Super Bowl contenders heading into this season but Trubisky’s performance against a questionable defense has people rethinking their predictions. NFL supporters flocked to Twitter last night and this morning where they have been roasting Trubisky for his play.

You can find some the more entertaining comments below.

Rams QB Jared Goff Signs Record-Setting Contract Extension: Report

Jared Gf and the Los Angeles Rams had a dream season in 2019 as they finished with a 13-3 record and went all the way to the Super Bowl where ironically enough, they lost 13-3. Despite the poor Super Bowl performance, the Rams were easily one the most feared teams in the entire league thanks to their incredible defense and high-flying fense led by Gf and head coach, Sean McVay. With Gf established as one the premier QBs in the NFL, the Rams are looking to keep him locked in longterm. According to Adam Schefter, Gf and the Rams agreed to a four-year deal worth $134 million last night.

This deal makes him one the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league and will keep him on the squad through the 2024 campaign. This deal is actually a record-setter as he is being given $110 million guaranteed. This is the most guaranteed money ever awarded to a player in NFL history so it’s clear the Rams mean business.

With a contract such as this one in place for Gf, you have to wonder what will be in store for Patrick Mahomes the Kansas City Chiefs once his negotiations begin sometime within the next year. Needless to say, quarterbacks are eating right now.

Pete Davidson Supports New Girlfriend Margaret Qualley At Venice Film Festival

As each year passes, Pete Davidson inches closer towards his goal dating every woman in Hollywood. According to Us Weekly, the Saturday Night Live star is now romantically involved with Margaret Qualley. 

You may recognize the actress from her stellar performance as Pussycat in the newest Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She plays a 1960’s hippie who lures Brad Pitt’s character to the home the Manson Family, Spahn Ranch. 

“They’ve been seeing each other for a couple months and Margaret is really excited about him,” an unnamed source told Us Weekly. With it was initially rumored that the two would make their public debut yesterday on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, Davidson actually decided to skip on an appearance on the red carpet. He did, however, join Qualley to watch the premiere her newest film Seberg

The two also arrived in Venice together. Another source caught Davidson and Qualley at Venice’s Marco Polo Airport. “Pete and Margaret were standing and chatting and] laughing,” an onlooker told Us. “There wasn’t much PDA, but he was in a good mood and the two them were joking around.” It seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for their ficial public debut.

Tomi Lahren Slams Jay Z’s NFL Partnership: “How Do You Spell Sellout?”

It appears Tomi Lauren isn’t a fan Jay Z. Not only did she discredit him as a “former drug dealer” last week, but she also slammed him for his partnership with the NFL on Friday. Shortly after news surfaced online Hov becoming a part owner a NFL team, the Fox News host decided to hop on twitter, and call Jay a “sell out” while adding that the hypocrisy his move is a “joke.”

“How do you spell sellout?….J-A-Y-Z. Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything right, Hova? #whatajoke,” she tweeted.

This all comes just days after Tomi voiced her opinion Jay consulting the Super Bowl halftime show, which she didn’t approve . “Jay-Z will be consulting with the NFL for the Super Bowl halftime show and other performances because apparently the league doesn’t hate America and law enforcement ficers at a level satisfactory enough for the former drug dealer,” Lahren tweeted

Unlike Cardi B or Wale, it’s unlikely that Jay Z will even waste his time or breathe with someone like Tomi Lahren, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if he or she continue to do.

It's Happening: Khalid Reveals Details of El Paso Benefit Concert

Khalid that he’d like to hold a benefit concert in El Paso.  Now that the logistics and details are ironed out, the show has been made official.

On September 1st, Khalid will be part of A Night for Suncity, which will feature performances both from him and from supporting artists (the supporting artists will be revealed in the near future).

The concert will take place in the Don Haskins Center, and revenue from ticket and merchandise sales will be donated to the El Paso Shooting Victims’ Fund and the El Paso Community Foundation. The event is being sponsored by The Great Khalid Foundation and The Right Hand Foundation.

Tickets will be available to preorder on August 14th.

Though Khalid was born in Georgia, he spent his junior and senior years of high school in El Paso, and he considers the western-Texas city to be his hometown.

Though Khalid’s willingness to hold a charity concert is impressive in its own right, it’s made that much more special when his busy schedule is considered.

Khalid’s Free Spirit World Tour kicked off in May.  Khalid’s calendar is booked through December, during which time he’ll stop all over North America, Europe, and Oceania.  Even so, he’s found time to help others.

The Right Hand Foundation provides multiple forms of community support, with an emphasis on aiding single mothers.  The Great Khalid Foundation also provides community support, albeit with an emphasis on giving children the resources and tools they need to reach their full potential in adulthood.

At just 21 years of age, Khalid is already making a positive difference in many lives, and it’ll be interesting to see all the good that he’s able to do in the coming decades.

Michael Irvin Rushes To The Defense Of Dak Prescott, Calls Criticism "Insane"

Over the last few years, the Dallas Cowboys have been one the biggest teams to watch in the NFL but at this point, that should be expected. Everybody knows about just how important that franchise is to the league and at the helm it all, is quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott came in a replaced an injured Tony Romo and showed incredible poise and promise. There have been a ton expectations placed on Dak and he hasn’t been able to live up to all them, unfortunately. Early playf exits and lackluster performances have plagued Prescott, although Cowboys legend Michael Irvin isn’t so quick to place any criticism on him.

“(People) don’t appreciate the charisma as a talent and gift,” Irvin said in an interview with USA TODAY Sports. “It’s got to be the greatest talent in this business we don’t count. This is why Tom Brady has six rings. Rarely, rarely do you get the heart and soul the football team at the quarterback position.”

Michael Irvin Rushes To The Defense Of Dak Prescott, Calls Criticism "Insane"

Harry How/Getty s

Irvin also spoke about Prescott’s ability to win and that people are overanalyzing him to a point where they’ve forgotten how good he is. 

“It’s insane sometimes when I hear the analysis on Dak Prescott and this man has won as many games as he’s won,” Irvin said. “It’s like everyone’s looking for a reason not to believe, instead opening their eyes for all the reasons they should believe.”

Do you agree with Irvin or is Prescott simply not cutting it for the Cowboys?

Damian Lillard Blesses Kids With Free Shoes And Gets Sweet Reaction: Watch

Over the past few years, NBA players have learned not to mess with Damian Lillard. He’s been one the best point guards in the league and his playf performance this past year was a testament to that. Lillard hit one the best buzzer-beaters all-time while playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder and fans have given him his respect ever since. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Lillard is in high demand when it comes to fan interaction and just general basketball matters.

This past weekend, Lillard went out and about to a local sneaker store where he got to speak to some his younger fans. The kids looked pretty excited to see Lillard, especially when he hit them with a surprise. He told each kid to pick out five sneakers and he would hook them up for free. As you can imagine, the kids were ecstatic and seemed to be in disbelief at the gesture.

Considering how much money Lillard makes, he can certainly afford to do things like this, but either way, it’s a great gesture that should absolutely be applauded. It’s great to see NBA players remember where they came from and give back to the community.

Hopefully, we see even more players follow suit throughout the fseason.


Adidas UltraBoost 19 Releasing In Multiple New Colorways This Week

Adidas has a range all new UltraBoost 19 colorways dropping this Thursday, July 18 in celebration their “Feel The Boost” campaign. The campaign, featuring Adidas athletes and creators, encourages consumers to fall in love with the iconic running sneaker all over again – which won’t be all that difficult if you’ve ever experienced the cloud-like Boost cushioning. 

According to Adidas, the latest Ultraboost 19 update fers the continued benefits the revolutionized silhouette that was inspired by, and redesigned for, a new era running and fitness.

Adidas designers and product developers worked with thousands runners worldwide to completely reinvent the beloved running shoe. Together, they simplified the original Adidas Ultraboost from 17 pieces to just 4 performance-driven components, creating a lighter reimagined silhouette with more energy return, and 20% more Boost, for a new running experience.

The Ultraboost 19 colorways releasing on July 19 include the following men’s colorways: “Triple Black,” “Active Maroon,” and “Core Black/Solar Orange,” as well as women’s “Triple Black” and “Glow Blue.” 

Adidas UltraBoost 19 Releasing In Multiple New Colorways This Week


Adidas UltraBoost 19 Releasing In Multiple New Colorways This Week


Adidas UltraBoost 19 Releasing In Multiple New Colorways This Week


Adidas UltraBoost 19 Releasing In Multiple New Colorways This Week


"Game Of Thrones" Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Defends Showrunners From Haters

To call Game Of Thrones’ final season hated would be an understatement, given the sheer vitriol and rampant backlash. At the center said hate are showrunners David Benif and Dan Weiss, who have since fallen f the face the Earth. Though they are scheduled to appear at the upcoming Thrones Comic-Con Panel on Friday, Jule 19th, actor Nikolaj Coster Waldau has since spoken up in their defense during an appearance at Con Of Thrones. 

"Game Of Thrones" Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Defends Showrunners From Haters

Emma McIntyre/Getty s

Alongside actors Jerome Flynn, Miltos Yerolemou, and Hannah Murray, Coster Waldau took questions about the series for nearly an hour, and it wasn’t long before the elephant in the room was brought up. “Every season has been intense in terms the attention and discussion, but it was extraordinarily intense for a final season,” explains Coster-Waldau, who turned in a standout performance as Jaime Lannister. “And we have this WhatsApp group, the actors, and I saw some people getting a little upset because some the stuff is vicious…It’s just fun for you, but course some got a little upset. There was that kind weird feeling , ‘What the hell? We worked so hard. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry, by the way. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying how it was to get through that whole thing.”

“For anyone to imagine or to think that the two creators the show are not the most passionate, the greatest, the most invested all, and to for a second think that they didn’t spend the last 10 years thinking about how they were going to end it is kind silly,” he said, during an appearance at another panel. “And also know that they too read the comments. And it is, even though you sit on your own and go, ‘Fucking stupid writers. Assholes.’ They really ― like everyone on ‘Game Thrones,’ every single person and there are thousands ― we worked our asses f to make the best show we could for the ending.”

For more from Nikolaj, be sure to check out the full panel video below. Are you feeling salty about how GoT concluded?

Nicki Minaj Faces Stepped-Up Pressure to Cancel Her Gig in Saudi Arabia

The Human Rights Foundation is calling on Nicki Minaj to cancel an upcoming performance at the Jeddah World Fest.

The festival takes place in Saudi Arabia later this month.

The HRF sent Minaj an open letter describing what it calls a “human rights crisis” in Saudi Arabia.  Minaj is slated as one of the headliners for the festival along with Liam Payne, Steve Aoki, R3 Wire & Varski.

The event will take place on July 18th.

The open letter implores Minaj and other performers to think about what performing in the country will mean.

“If you move forward with this performance for a festival sponsored by the Crown Prince, you will be in league with the people who respond to freedom of expression and thought with murder.”

Lawyers for Minaj have not directly responded to requests for comment.

The HRF’s open letter criticizes Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  The Crown Prince is financing the event and authorized Minaj’s performance, probably with a big fat check.

HRF also draws a stark contrast to Minaj’s support of the LGBTQ community .

“You recently celebrated Pride Week to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community. Yet, if you move forward with this performance, you will be condoning, and serving the public relations needs, of a government that executes homosexuals for the ‘crime’ of being who they are.”

The HRF says the performance would be disastrous for a public figure of Minaj’s standing.

It will be interesting to see how she responds to the pressure.  Several high-profile singers and performers have faced public scrutiny over performing in Saudi Arabia.  , Enrique Iglesias, OneRepublic, and are just a few names who have performed in the Kingdom.

The Human Rights Foundation has been leading the charge on each of these call-outs, though they seem to be falling on deaf ears.

You can read the rest of the open letter here.

The Lawsuit Over Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" Is Heading (Back To) Court

We thought this one was over.

But Led Zeppelin’s heavily-watched “Stairway to Heaven” lawsuit is now slated to be reheard in a federal appeals court.

The original lawsuit was filed back in 2014, when a descendant of Randy Craig Wolfe, a former performer and songwriter for the band Spirit, claimed that the guitar introduction used in “Stairway to Heaven” was ripped off from a 1968 instrumental piece written by Wolfe, entitled “Taurus.”

After an extensive trial, a jury found no glaring similarities between the specified portion of “Stairway to Heaven” and “Taurus,” and Led Zeppelin won the case.

Following continued interest in the case from some legal professionals (because of its impact on copyright law) and Randy Craig Wolfe’s estate, for obvious reasons, it seems as though both sides are prepared to rehash the matter, albeit before a federal appeals court; the Ninth Circuit court cited the original jurors’ alleged misunderstanding of copyright law as the reason for the retrial.

The anticipated date for the legal duel is September 23rd, and it’s unclear exactly how long the matter will be argued before a second decision is reached. Led Zeppelin’s legal team released a statement stating, in effect, their belief that this retrial is unnecessary and unlikely to change the initial verdict.

If any introduction is needed, Led Zeppelin is an English rock band that formed in 1968. Spirit, the band whose song was allegedly stolen by Led Zeppelin, has been active since 1967.  Spirit hails from Los Angeles.

Randy Craig Wolfe, known professionally as Randy California, played guitar, sang, and wrote songs for Spirit, which he also co-founded.

Though California noted the similarities between “Taurus” and “Stairway to Heaven,” he didn’t seem to entertain the idea of pursuing legal action at any point during his life.  Previously, Spirit opened for Led Zeppelin, and Led Zeppelin covered one of Spirit’s songs (from the same album as “Taurus”) during a live performance.

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

The Nike React WR ISPA (abbretion for Improvise, Scavage, Protect, Adapt)  is returning to retailers in a trio colorways, featuring a perforated mesh upper in place the deconstructed water-resistant bootie for the summer months.

The kicks come in the following colorways: “Ghost Aqua,” “Platinum Tint/Volt” and “Dusty Peach.” All three the runners will be up for grabs starting this Thursday, June 6, at 10am ET.

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA/Nike

Per Nike:

ISPA, which sits within Nike Sportswear’s special projects, adds to its philosophy utility and performance for the built environment with a seasonal update in the Nike React Runner ISPA. The key difference is in the upper construction: Perforated mesh replaces a deconstructed water-resistant bootie for the summer months.

Again, the Nike React Runner ISPA will be available in three different colorways starting tomorrow and at select Nike retailers. Continue scrolling for a closer look at each the upcoming colorways.

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Ghost Aqua/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Ghost Aqua/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Ghost Aqua/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Dusty Peach/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Dusty Peach/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Dusty Peach/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Platinum Tint/Nike

Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow

Nike React WR ISPA Platinum Tint/Nike
Nike React WR ISPA Releasing In Three Colorways Tomorrow
Nike React WR ISPA Platinum Tint/Nike

Kanye West and Kid Cudi Cite Firein Copyright Infringement Case, Citing Fair Use

Last March, actor Ronald Oslin Bobb-Semple filed a lawsuit against Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Ty Dolla Sign.

Filed at the United States District Court for the Central District of California, he claimed the artists, along with their collaborators, allegedly featured his voice without permission from his 2002 recording, ‘The Spirit of Marcus Garvey (Garvey speaks to an all-Black audience).’

Bobb-Semple performs a 45-minute one-man cultural and educational presentation around the world based on the life of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

His original recording opens with a speech originally from the deceased activist, spoken by the actor.  The lawsuit claims the artists used his version, “[exploiting] the actual voice, words, and performance of Bobb-Semple, without authorization.”  Kanye, Cudi, and Ty Dollar sampled his work on the track ‘Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)’ from Kanye and Cudi’s album, Kids See Ghosts.

The actor had registered the copyright of his track on December 18th, 2002.

The original lawsuit reads,

Bobb-Semple’s voice and authorship is heard in the introductory words of Freeee.  Defendants have not acknowledged Bobb-Semple’s contribution nor obtained permission to use his copyrighted voice and performance, nor provided him compensation.  While Defendants and others have received many accolades and substantial profits from Freeee, Bobb-Semple has received nothing – no acknowledgement, no credit, no remuneration of any kind.

He filed the lawsuit to vindicate his rights “for the deliberate taking of his work and voice.”  Further attacking Kanye, Cudi, and Ty Dollar, Bobb-Semple wants the court to force the artists to “disgorge their ill-gotten profits attributable to their infringement.”

Firing back against the actor’s claims in a filing on Monday, Kanye West’s lawyers wrote the use of Bobb-Semple’s work falls under ‘fair use’ and is also defended by the First Amendment.  In addition, his claim remains disqualified as he’s failed to state a specific claim, has no legal standing, his filing constitutes misuse of copyright and is barred by the doctrine of laches, waiver, estoppel, and acquiescence.  Finally, Kanye, Cudi, and Ty Dolla’s use of the sampling was “innocent and non-willful.”

You can view the original lawsuit, followed by Kanye West’s filing, below.



Featured image by Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra (CC by 2.0).