Adrien Broner Says: "If Blac Chyna Can Date 18-Year-Old" He Can Beat One Up

Adrien Broner premiered his latest “bit” on Instagram early this morning. While he may be on his last legs as an elite level boxer, don’t think for a second, that he won’t show you the ropes if you step out line. AB posted his views on Instagram, inferring that if Blac Chyna can date an 18 year old, he should be allowed to “punch the sunny delight” out a youngster.

The much maligned boxer doesn’t appear to be alluding to any confrontation in particular in his post, but I gather he attracts lot attention whenever he steps out in public, sometimes the negative variety. Such is the life a Pay-Per-Villain villain, a role he certainly chose for himself. Even relative good guys in the sport like Peter Quillin deal with loudmouths who want blood. It ten doesn’t end well, as you can imagine.

Most Adrien Broner’s documented skirmishes have resulted in the boxer picking fights with more or less “defenseless” opponents. In 2016 he was charged with misdemeanor battery for choking a waitress at a nightclub, and in February 2018 he was booked for “manhandling” a woman in an Atlanta shopping mall. Broner and transgressive behavior kind go hand-in-hand.