Twitter Thinks Grover From Sesame Street Dropped The F-Bomb During Telecast

All it takes is one whistleblower to fireside f a series response. Take this current prevalence on Sesame Street as proof. A mum or dad a baby watching the nationally syndicated present thought she heard “Grover” situation the F-Bomb on a current episode, and it did not take lengthy for her criticism to succeed in the Twitterverse. Her allegation is that Grover shouted, “Yes, sure, that is a f*cking glorious concept,” and to be fairly sincere, it certain as hell appears like Grover dropped the F-Bomb, when the operating transcript truly calls for “Move the digicam, sure, sure, that appears like a wonderful concept,” as a deliverable.

Even although Sesame Street’s showrunners have the incipient script to fall again on, when you program your self in live performance with the unintentional F-Bomb, it is onerous to take away the fixed F-loop out of your headspace. Even if the F-Loop may very well be forcibly eliminated, it is rather more enjoyable to play cuss-word revisionist with all of the characters from our childhood. If Grover had been to develop into the degenerate model himself, would he lose his Super Grover privileges within the course of?

Is there anyone within the Sesame Street universe with a nasty sufficient rap sheet to compete with Grover’s record transgression, aside from perhaps the Cookie Monster’s historical past theft, and Oscar’s street-level curmudgeonry? Likely not: this could be Sesame Street’s all-time low, and we’re all the higher for it, I am afraid.