Porn Producers Join Forces With Hollywood To Stop Deepfake Craze

The Deepfake AI porn phenomenon has been sweeping the Internet since late 2017, which effectively replaces the faces pornographic actors with that noted Hollywood celebrities. However, this new strain adult entertainment has been criticized for its creepiness and unauthorized misuse the image and likeness public figures. 

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Adam Grayson, the chief financial ficer adult production company Evil Angel has spoken out about how highly problematic this Deepfake phenomenon has become. “Everything we do at Evil Angel and in the core the adult industry is built around the word consent. Deepfakes by definition runs contrary to consent.”

Deepfake porn began its proliferation on a forum, which saw the likes Emma Watson and Star Wars heroine Daisy Ridley “performing” in sex scenes they had obviously never been a part . A number online platforms, including and Twitter, have banned the use Deepfakes from their servers, but those infatuated with this new strand pornography have found other methods to share their disturbing obsessions. 

Hollywood celebrities are obviously staunchly opposed to having their faces superimposed in situations that they have not agreed to be a part . However, their only chance at having these videos removed may come from those involved in the adult entertainment industry, who can bring forth copyright concerns for illegal use their content. 

Xavi Clos, who is the head production at virtual reality porn company BadoinkVR reveals that “if there is ever an instance though where someone’s privacy is being violated, or the law is being broken, we will absolutely take the necessary steps to take down any such clips. If a celebrity called us asking for help, course we’d do everything in our power.”

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However, there may be a lull in removing this content from the Internet, as pornography studios are in a constant battle to effectively hinder their pirated material from public consumption.