DaBaby Gets Into Tussle At Mall; Bloodies & Depants Opponent

In all seriousness, it’d seem to be the logical thing to steer clear anyone who doesn’t think twice to shoot and kill a man in defense his family and/or his honor,m especially when such actions are well documented.

Nevertheless, such a narrative didn’t stop one unlucky rapper from taking his shit as DaBaby recently as he and the North Carolina rapper both patronized a jewelry store. In clips recording and uploaded to social media both on DaBaby’s accounts as well as the other individual in question, North Carolina emcee Cam ColdHeart, it’s quite clear that DaBaby’s lyrics don’t stray much too far from the truth.

In the first clip, we see Cam holding his own phone as he repeatedly calls out DaBaby. “You a bitch,” he exclaims, adding “What you gon’ do? What you taking your shit f for?”

The clip that follows is Baby’s own perspective as the “Suge rapper responds as he inches in closer n Cam. Soon enough Cam throws the first punch and a scuffle ensues. But nothing can quite prepare the first-time viewer for what comes next as DaBaby final piece documentation is Cam ColdHeart on the floor with a bloody nose and his pants around his ankles. Yes, he leaves the man with his pants around his ankles.

“Cam Cold Heart, huh? Cam Cold Heart. I’m the truth, nigga. Knocked him out,” DaBaby declares. “Me, dolo. I’m the truth. Quit playing with me, boy. Pick your pants up, n-gga!”

Cam ColdHeart would soon respond with his own video, asserting that DaBaby wasn’t fighting alone, alleging that DaBaby’s crew jumped in as well–a very plausible situation as the rapper’s security had no problem assaulting a fan who got too close for comfort when asking for a photo.

Universal Music Teams Up With Dolby Atmos For More Immersive Music

Universal Music Group is teaming up with Dolby Atmos to create 3D immersive music content across multiple genres.

Dolby and UMG have struck a partnership that will see several of UMG’s studios outfitted with support for Dolby Atmos Music. Dolby says the Atmos platform allows artists and producers to create 3D soundscapes using an object-based mixing environment.

UMG is working to remix thousands of songs in its catalog, transforming them using technology. Artists from hip-hop, pop, rock, jazz, and classical music are all getting the immersive treatment.

Dolby Laboratories Chief Marketing Officer Todd Pendleton says his company’s technology offers a new way to create music.

“This is a completely new way to create and experience music, freeing artists to be more expressive and experimental with their recordings. Dolby Atmos Music envelops the listener, bringing you inside the music and creating a visceral ‘wow.’”

UMG believes the partnership will give artists the ability to present their music the way it is intended to be heard in the studio. Dolby Atmos is integrated at UMG’s iconic studios including Capitol Records Studios in Hollywood, Abbey Road Studios in London, and Berry Hill Studios in Nashville.

UMG labels around the world are working to create immersive music content using the new tools. While the partnership sounds rosy, the new technology could present some challenges for listeners.

For example, the most recent May 2019 update for Windows 10 featured a buge that disables Dolby Atmos devices. Devices that rely on the Dolby Atmos extension for home theater and headphones cannot listen to music on Windows 10. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has even gone so far as to block the Windows 10 v1903 update for some devices.

Microsoft says the issue is caused by a “licensing configuration error,” preventing the Dolby app from reading the license information. Right now there’s no workaround for the issue, but Microsoft estimates it will be available mid-June.

Kylie Jenner Admits Jordyn Woods "F*cked Up" In Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

We’re in May but it feels like it’s been decades since Jordyn Woods’ little cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. Admittedly, her stock went up since then but on the downside, she likely won’t get an invite to the Kardashians’ Christmas Eve party. Woods’ shared her side the story with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk before and Khloe’s opened up about the matter on numerous occasion. One person who’s been quiet is Jordyn’s (ex?) best friend, Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner Admits Jordyn Woods "F*cked Up" In Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal
Emma McIntyre/Getty s

The latest trailer for the upcoming episode  Keeping Up With The Kardashians focuses on the cheating episode with Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson. It’s only a short teaser but for the first time ever, we actually get to hear Kylie Jenner’s take on the situation. “She fucked up,” she says before it cuts to Khloe Kardashian snapping on the phone. 

Another part the trailer has the moment when Khloe found out about it all. A phone call starts before someone says, “I don’t even know if I should tell you this.” Later on, Khloe breaks down into tears while saying that she’s “not just a T.V. show.”

Even though Travis Scott stayed clear from the Jordyn Woods’ drama, the E! camera people must have caught Kylie Jenner accusing Travis Scott cheating. That’s the real tea here. 

Kevin Hart Explains Story Behind Viral Photo Of Wedding Fall

Kevin Hart’s Instagram, like most people, is used to flex but the thing about the comedian is, he doesn’t shy away from showing more embarrassing sides to himself. Earlier this week, he shared a hilarious photo himself falling at a wedding while all his friends point and laugh at him. “When you get older falling down is the scariest shit ever,” he wrote. “My life flashed B4 my eyes when I went down.”

Jimmy Fallon recently had Kevin Hart on his show where he explained exactly what went down in that photo. The comedian said he was at a close friend’s wedding where he took on the responsibility taking the reception “to the next level fun.” He elaborated further that his friend was in a bit a down mood since he started to rain. 

Hart began to hit ’em with the “heel-toe-hop” despite his wife’s warning. “My wife said, ‘Babe, don’t do it.’ I said, ‘You need to back up and stop being the fun police,'” he recalled. However, he learned the hard way that his wife actually had a point.

“I go heel-toe hop, and you could tell I was comfortable because one hand was behind my back. Now normally when I go to hop, I land and I dip. This time I went to hop, whoop, both feet came f the ground,” he said. 

Unfortunately, this became a wake-up call for Kevin who, at the moment falling to the grounds, realized that his friends took pleasure in his embarrassment after they pulled out their phones to capture the moment. Hart ended up blaming “defective” shoes for the fall.

“I want you to show this picture when all my black friends say, ‘Why you don’t hang out with black people no more?'” Hart said. “Cause I’ma tell you what white people would’ve did. They would’ve helped me up.”

Peep the full clip below. 

Kourtney Kardashian Is "Proud" Of Relationship With Scott Disick & Sofia Richie

Kourtney Kardashian is the latest cover star for Paper Magazine where she shines in an all pink get-up, rollers in her hair with the phone f the hook, looking like she doesn’t have time for your questions. However, she did have time since the 40-year-old chatted about her new blog Poosh, being a Kardashian and her ex, Scott Disick. 

Kourtney’s new website not only shares her favorite products and lifestyle ferings but also shares updates on her family and more recently, she and Scott talked about their co-parenting for their three children. Scott is now dating Sia Richie (who is 20 years Kourtney’s junior) and according to Kourtney, she’s proud the relationship between the three. 

It’s “probably the thing I’m most proud ,” she told the publication. They’ve all gone on vacation together already, where Kourtney added: “I don’t think we’ll go on every trip together, but I love that I’m invited.”

Elsewhere in the feature, Kourtney expressed just how great she would feel if her family’s reality show just stopped filming entirely. “I would be very happy,” shes said, repeating for emphasis: “I would be very happy.”

Kourtney Kardashian Is "Proud" Of Relationship With Scott Disick & Sia Richie
David Becker/Wire/Getty

Shots Fired During YFN Lucci Video Shoot Weeks After His Car Was Targeted

Atlanta, GA – Shots were fired during YFN Lucci and Lil Zay Osama’s video shoot this week. In cell phone footage shared to Twitter, someone recording the clip points out Lucci on the baseball field seconds before shots ring out and everyone scrambles.

The footage is brief, but it’s enough to get the point across. Several kids were on set during the melee.

The shooting comes roughly two weeks after Lucci’s vehicle was targeted in Atlanta.

On May 10, his red Mercedes G-Wagon was riddled with bullets in a drive-by shooting. The car was registered to Lucci’s mother. One person was hit in the shoulder, treated at a local hospital and released.

Details on the latest video set shooting are scarce, but these types of incidents are becoming a disturbing trend as of late.

Migos rapper Offset was also targeted as he was holed up in the Crossover Entertainment Group studio in Atlanta earlier this month. Nobody was injured.

Chris Brown’s "Wobble Up" Video Sparks Backlash From Artistic Community

Chris Brown‘s recent “Wobble Up” single, which features contributions from both G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj, has become somewhat a runaway hit, having already garnered over eight million YouTube views. Unfortunately, not everybody is feeling the track, especially those who feel slighted by the clip’s artistic direction. Highsnobriety recently highlighted that visual artists – including Marius Sperlich, Tony Futura, Vanessa McKeown, and Catherine Losing – felt that “Wobble Up” ripped f their work without even bothering to provide due credit. Not only that, but the article pinpoints the work  Jamie Calderon, including his “censored fruit” series, which also went uncredited. 

Marius Sperlich also spoke with Highsnobriety, explaining that the current artistic landscape leaves artists vulnerable to predatory practices. “At first I was made aware the strong similarities my works with the corresponding scenes from the music video by my community,” he explains. “The funny thing is that I am so used to this, that I wasn’t even surprised. My work is used on album covers, iPhone-cases, clothes, digital designs and so on-without permission. It’s not easy to claim your rights these days.”

Catherine Losing also spoke about “Wobble Up’s” visuals, which she blasts for having lifted from several her peers. “What got me is the number artists that they copied,” Losing says. “I’ve been shooting conceptual still life photography for 10 years and have a really good knowledge my peer’s work. I counted five photographers whose work had clearly been copied.” Tony Futura also took a few shots at Brown and co-director Arrad, stating “I‘m not even that angry. It‘s just sad. Sad for all artists and creatives out there that strive to create original ideas and try to enrich our world with their work. It’s sad that Marius, me and the other artists were not involved in any way and it’s sad that our work gets dragged through some lame ass music video that wouldn’t be worth anything without our genuine work.”

Be sure to check out the full piece over at Highsnobriety; respect to them for giving the artists a voice, and helping raise awareness to stories this nature. We can only hope those who feel slighted can find some compensation for their work, though by all accounts, it may be too little too late. 


FLY Open Air Festival in Scotland Bans Mobile Phones Entirely

The FLY Open Air festival in Scotland completely banned smartphones at its Boiler Room Stage to keep attendees “in the moment.”

The festival took place in Edinburgh over the weekend and organizers tweeted to let fans know phones would be collected. A tweet announcing the policy stated, “NAE PHONES” in true Scottish style.

In an interview with Metro, festival director Tom Ketley said the policy decision was made to keep fans in the moment. He drew comparisons to movie theaters, saying fans don’t film through their phones there. Ketley believes live concerts shouldn’t be any different.

“Dance music is becoming more popular within youth culture, and more and more young people are getting addicted to their phones. It means people are watching the whole show through their screens.”

Ketley says his team felt like there was no other way to handle the phone ban than collecting them. He says putting stickers over people’s cameras isn’t an option because they’ll just take them off.

In the end, attendees had to place their phones in a lockable pouch, a solution now being used by an increasing number of performers. More than 8,000 security pouches were shipped to the festival for the event. Attendees still had access to their phones, but they were locked away in these pouches.

For those who needed access to their phone, unlocking bases were found in the lobby. The security measure was only in use for those acts that took place on the Boiler Room stage. While you would expect some people to be upset by the idea, many attendees expressed relief at the no-phones policy.

This is the first time a festival in the UK has banned phones altogether, but many performers have asked fans for years to simply enjoy the show. The line-up for the FLY Open Air Festival included Kornel Kovacs, Jasper James, Theo Kottis, Eclair Fifi, and Big Miz.

A Smaller Samsung Smart Speaker Passes Through FCC Testing

Several months after revealing the Galaxy Home, Samsung appears to have another smaller smart speaker on the way.

Recent FCC filing documents show a smaller Samsung smart speaker with a design that resembles its larger Galaxy Home cousin.  The smart speaker features AKG branding on the front with buttons for volume and other controls.  It also appears to feature a micro-USB port on the bottom of the device for charging.

The new Samsung smart speaker carries the model number SM-V310, which is similar to the Galaxy Home’s model number SM-V510. Aside from giving us a picture of the bowl-shaped device, not much else is known about it. The FCC filing does reveal that the speaker will support both WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

Pricing for the smaller Samsung Smart Speaker is currently unknown.

It’s sort of strange to see Samsung prepping another model of a smart speaker when the hasn’t gone on sale yet. Samsung has missed multiple deadlines in regards to the Galaxy Home, which was first introduced alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Back in February at the Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung let slip that they expected the speakers to launch in April. Now the South Korean company refuses to address any delay, saying it will launch in the “first half of 2019.” We’ve got about a month left before Samsung misses that deadline and pushes it into the second half of the year.

The Galaxy Home smart speaker is powered by Samsung’s own digital assistant called Bixby, but a recent survey shows that Bixby the least popular smart assistant in the United States. Only 4% of U.S. adults say they use Bixby, compared to 44% who say they use Siri, 30% for Google Assistant, and 17% for Alexa.

Samsung truly has an uphill battle to market these speakers. Samsung claims it has technology in its speakers that “intuitively moves a wave of sound directly towards you when asked.” Guess we’ll be waiting a bit longer to see just how accurate that statement is.

Stevie J Reportedly Files For Custody Of Daughter With Joseline, Fears For Her Safety

Just a couple weeks ago, Stevie J blasted his ex, Joseline, for not letting him see their daughter, Bonnie Bella. Stevie has taken further action by filing court papers, requesting full custody their three-year-old. Bossip reports that Stevie is accusing Joseline purposely cutting Bonnie out his life since she moved to Miami with Bonnie to live with another guy.  

Stevie is accusing Joseline  “parental alienation” and claims she doesn’t even let him speak to Bonnie on the phone or share updates on her life, academic happenings or anything. Although there’s no stated reason why, Stevie’s documents detail how he’s worried for Bonnie’s safety and wants to appoint a “guardian ad litem” who will seek out Bonnie’s best interests and report it to a judge. 

Stevie claims he’s more financially and mentally stable to care for his daughter since he’s married to Faith Evans. He calls on his family, adult children and extended family as great resources for his daughter’s well being. 

Stevie J Reportedly Files For Custody Of Daughter With Joseline, Fears For Her Safety
Leon Bennett/Getty s for BET

Stevie and Joseline have both done their fair share  dragging each other on social media. Previously, Joseline clapped back about Stevie claiming he hadn’t contacted Bonnie in a year.

“And not to mention he has not seen Bonnie Bella for one year. Faith Evans pays her child support. And he did not even buy anything or call for Bonnie Bella for her birthday. But maybe one day he will change. I’m keeping my hopes up. Every kid needs their parents. But I’m like this. Thanks for the nut,” Joseline wrote. 

A judge has yet to rule on Stevie’s request. 

Zoe Kravitz & Karl Glusman Are Now Married: Report

Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman have been dating since 2016 and last year he got down on one knee in their shared apartment and popped the big question. According to US Weekly, the couple are now “legally married” and plan to host an intimate gathering in France next month. 

Zoe Kravitz & Karl Glusman Are Now Married: Report
Jon Kopalf/Wire/Getty

Zoe recently opened up to InStyle about her relationship with her now-husband and how they work around their busy schedules.

“We try not to go longer than two weeks, but it doesn’t always work. So we talk on the phone, and we send each other songs that make us think each other. FaceTime is helpful,” she explained.

“For me, it gets hard because I go into Independent Zoë mode. And then I have to open and blossom again into Relationship Zoë, and that sometimes is the hardest part. It’s because I’m an only child, so I go very quickly into that “It’s just me against the world” mentality. Bless the patient man in my life.

As for having kids one day, Zoe thinks it’s somewhere on the agenda.  “I don’t think immediately, though, because it requires a lot time and attention. I think I need to be ready to focus on that, which I’m not at the moment. I know mothers who do it all, and it is possible, but I’m having a hard enough time doing it all — and I don’t even have a dog.”

Kevin Hunter To Launch New Foundation After Foundation With Wendy Williams Ceases

Kevin Hunter insists The Hunter Foundation’s philanthropic work will continue, despite the fact that his charity, which was founded with ex-wife Wendy Williams, is being shut down. “Although The Hunter Foundation in its current form will dissolve, the important work will live on,” he said in a statement to Page Six. “I plan on launching a new foundation in the near future to continue the important mission in helping those struggling with drug addiction and substance abuse.”

Williams, who has publicly admitted to dealing with substance abuse issues in the past, announced The Hunter Foundation’s dissolution earlier this month on The Wendy Williams Show, saying that she “remains committed to helping others in the struggles life.” She also said she would be switching her focus to “other foundations,” though she didn’t specify which ones. At the time, however, an exclusive source told Page Six that Williams’ decision to dissolve the foundation stemmed from the fact that she no longer wanted to be associated with her estranged husband, whom  she filed for divorce from, back in April.

Kevin Hunter To Launch New Foundation After Foundation With Wendy Williams Ceases

Johnny Nunez/Wire/Getty s

Hunter didn’t give too many specific details about his “new foundation,” but he did mention that the substance abuse resource hotline he and Williams launched in March will be going on a “brief hiatus.” “In regards to the partnership with T.R.U.S.T. and the resource hotline 888-5HUNTER, the call center will go on a brief hiatus beginning May 31st,” Hunter’s statement detailed. He spoke about the impact the hotline had on many people’s lives since its launch in early-March saying, “the hotline has received over 13,000 phone calls and has connected nearly 900 individuals to some level treatment and care.” He continued to say that they “will work to partner with other reputable organizations to get the hotline back up and running so that we can continue changing lives.”


Wendy Williams Spills Too Much Information About Her Breast Implants

Wendy Williams is an open book with her audience. Whenever she steps on stage to host a new episode her talk show, you can safely bet on the fact that she’ll discuss some bizarre incident that happened in her life. Her fans have been more than lucky to learn about the entertainment veteran this season because, after all, her divorce has been one the hottest topics in show business. That’s what her entire show is based on – hot topics. On the most recent episode Wendy, she went into detail about another aspect her life that some people probably didn’t care too much about hearing: her breast implants.

As she spoke about her time at Kandi Burruss’ “Welcome To The Dungeon” show in New York, Wendy showed f a photo herself in a very revealing dress, which she wore to the event. The crowd went nuts and the host knew exactly what they were thinking so she commented on exactly that. “I’m telling you, under the muscle implants since 1994. They still stay up!” said the star about her breasts. “They still stay up. If you’re gonna do it, go under the muscle!”

According to Hollywood Life, Wendy wore the outfit to meet with one the men she’s currently dating. As she previously noted, her phone is blowing up with requests from men who want to spend some time with her after her divorce

Check out the photo in question above and watch what she had to say below.

Josh Copeland Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence Charges: Report

Back In February, Josh Copeland was arrested and charged with assault after he was accused punching his wife so hard in the face that she was left bloodied and bruised. In the original report, his wife admitted to slapping him a couple times before he eventually fought back, leading to the arrest. She also accused him stealing her phone so that she couldn’t call anyone for help. 

At the time, Copeland got hit with four criminal charges including felony assault, domestic violence, obstruction telephone and child abuse, according to TMZ. The child abuse charge was filed because the alleged incident took place in front their young son.

Now, it appears as though Copeland has struck a deal in his case as he plead guilty to 2nd and 3rd-degree assault. Thanks to his guilty plea, the other charges surrounding the case have been dropped. Copeland will now be on probation for two years and will have to keep his nose clean if he wants to avoid any jail time.

Considering Copeland’s pression, he will be allowed to travel, although in 2021 he will have a meeting with the judge to make sure he’s been good during his probation.


Jenelle Evans Storms Off After Being Called Out For Negative Colin Kaepernick Posts

Things got personal between Teen Moms 2 star, Jenelle Evans, and the reunion show’s co-host, Nessa Diab this Monday night. The reality television star stormed out the reunion show after remarks made by Diab, which came to the defense her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick, and the negative comments Evans posted about Kaepernick online. “You posted hateful comments on social media about my family, about my man Colin Kaepernick,” said Diab, drawing a comparison between what angered Jenelle about a fellow co-star, and the comment made by Evans about Diab’s own boyfriend on social media. “You knew that.”

Evans seemed confused by the remark. “I posted them? When did I post it?” she asked innocently. Diab was prepared, however, pulling up screenshots a negative Facebook post Evans published 9 months ago. “I’ve never seen that,” Evans insisted. “I honestly have no idea who your boyfriend is or husband…”

“He’s been on set. This is an open, healthy conversation I would like to have with you,” Diab assured her. “Please understand something. My man used his platform to peacefully protest systemic oppression in this country, specifically police brutality against black people. Men, women and children dying, wrongfully dying, and people who are doing this are not being held accountable.”

“That is the issue. It has nothing to do with military men, military women, okay?” Evans persisted. “Because they fought for our constitution to peacefully protest. I would have appreciated if you had contacted me. I would have been more than happy to have a healthy conversation. I don’t know anything about your husband, I swear to God,” an emotional Evans said, standing up from her seat. “I’m done with this bulls**t. This is exactly why I didn’t f**king want to come here. This is about my storyline and you want to bring up your issues. You want to bring up ‘Teen Mom’ to bring up your issues. I’m not doing this, you got your show.”

At this point, Evans took to dramatically storming out. “F**k everyone,” Evans shouted. “Get me the f**k outta here. F**k all you. F**k this show, I’m done,” she concluded, dropping her microphone.