50 Cent Throws More Shade At Wendy Williams On Instagram

Last weekend, the ongoing 50 CentWendy Williams rivalry was fired up again when 50 tried to kick her out his Tycoon Pool Party. He posted a video on Instagram her being asked to leave the party with the caption: “You can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. BITCH wait out side.” Williams’ only retaliation to this power move by 50 was posting photos with Snoop Dogg in the party, proving his plans were foiled. 50 learned from this experience and made sure he would not be defeated again. He explicitly told security at his Madison Square Garden showing  Power‘s new season premiere that Wendy Williams was not to be allowed in the building – and she was not. 

Despite that victory under his belt, 50 seems to still not be satisfied with his Wendy to teardown. On Friday night, he publicly mocked her again by reposting a photo her and comedian, Tiffany Haddish. In reference to Wendy’s head poking out from behind Tiffany, 50 wrote this caption: “Tiffany wait, there’s a monster on your shoulder don’t move.” Not one to believe in any limits, he even went as far as calling her an “ugly motherf*****.” Wendy might be fine with being excluded from some parties, but criticisms this harsh might cause her to respond differently – maybe even aggressively. 

Chrissy Teigen Goes Braless In New IG Post

It’s 2019 and some Chrissy Tiegen’s followers are still worked up about a bra. The thirty-three-year-old model posted a photo herself shopping on Thursday in a burgundy jumpsuit. She looks to be shopping for toys for her kids with an excited face. “What do you think I’m looking at,” she writes for the caption.

It’s this innocuous question that many fans decided to pounce on. “A bra, girl get you one!” one commenter wrote. In the photo, Tiegen is braless and going about her day in comfort. One commenter defended the model’s choice saying, “All these WOMEN commenting on the fact she’s not wearing a bra 🙄 y’all are just jealous that you don’t have the confidence to do it too because we all know bras are the worst thing in existence.” 

This isn’t the first time Tiegen has faced criticism online. Just last month fans body shammed her on twitter; to which she responded, “everyone so used to ass shots and photoshopped Instagrams. I’ve had no ass forever – is this new news to some you?” adding, “fuckin lames wouldn’t be able to stop blabbering if I got my ass done either. bored as all hell, never can win!” 

Air Jordan 1 Releasing In A New Colorway For Black Friday: Photos

Jordan Brand’s never-ending lineup Air Jordan 1 colorways just continues to grow, and there are multiple all-new renditions on tap for the final months 2019. Among them, the upcoming “Obsidian/UNC” pair that is set to drop at the end August and another Chicago-inspired version on tap for November.

The latter is reportedly inspired by the brand’s “Who Said Man Was Not Meant To Fly” ad from 1985.

Early images the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Who Said Man Was Not Meant To Fly” recently surfaced, revealing a st, tumbled leather construction split up between portions black and white. The Chicago vibes are completed with red detailing throughout the piping, laces and outsole.

The kicks are expected to arrive on Black Friday, November 29, for the retail price $160.

Air Jordan 1 Releasing In A New Colorway For Black Friday: Photos

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Who Said Man Was Not Meant to Fly”/@Sneakertigger

Air Jordan 1 Releasing In A New Colorway For Black Friday: Photos

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Who Said Man Was Not Meant to Fly”/@Sneakertigger
Air Jordan 1 Releasing In A New Colorway For Black Friday: Photos
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Who Said Man Was Not Meant to Fly”/@Sneakertigger

Air Jordan 1 Releasing In A New Colorway For Black Friday: Photos

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Who Said Man Was Not Meant to Fly”/@Sneakertigger

Air Jordan 1 Releasing In A New Colorway For Black Friday: Photos

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Who Said Man Was Not Meant to Fly”/@Sneakertigger

Kim Kardashian Has Six Toes In Latest Photoshop Fail

Every Kardashian is far too familiar with the accusations Photoshop and their failed edits on Facetune or any other app that lets them touch up their body before posting to Instagram. While neither Kim, Khloe, Kourtney or Kylie and Kendall have ever responded to the public on any given photo, the latest fail had by Kim proves that sometimes saying nothing at all is the best way to go.  

The mother four uploaded an image to her feed that sees her and her sister Kylie Jenner posing in bodysuits to promote their fragrance collaboration. “She’s been wearing my perfumes forever so this collab is extra special because I know how much she loves the process. Finding her perfect scent was impossible so we narrowed it down to her three favorites!” Kim wrote. 

Kim Kardashian Has Six Toes In Latest Photoshop Fail
Roy Rochlin/Getty s

While KKW Body fans are surely excited, a large number Kim’s followers couldn’t help but hilariously call her out for her sixth toe that’s very obvious in the image. “That sixth toe is iconic, Perez Hilton commented, while another user added: “Am I tripping or does Kim have 6 toes? Someone explain, I’m so confused! I counted so many times.”

Safe to say Kim won’t respond to the comments at all.

Oregon Police Digitally Edit Mugshot To Match Witnesses Description Of Bank Robber

Police in Oregon were confident they had their man in Tyrone Lamont Allen. They received a tip that he was the man responsible for a string bank and credit union robberies; however, they faced one glaring issue. Allen is loaded in face tattoos, but none the witnesses claim the assailant had any facial tattoos to speak . 

So what did police do? As reported by The Washington Post, rather than let Allen walk free, they decided to digitally photoshop the tattoos f their suspects face and show his mugshot to witnesses. Police did not inform witnesses that the mugshot had been photoshopped to match their description. Two tellers then picked Allen out a lineup five other men’s mugshots, identifying him as the robber.

On the surface, this seems like a case blatant tampering with evidence, but ultimately, that decision will come down to a federal judge in Oregon. Allen’s attorney, Mark Ahlemeyer, believes allowing this type police behavior is a slippery slope injustice. “There would presumably be nothing wrong with adjusting various pixels to make someone’s face appear slimmer, so long as the government’s theory was that the suspect had gained weight since the crime,” the attorney wrote in a recent motion.

Perhaps most concerning about this story, is what the ficer who altered the image said in his testimony, “There are times it has been appropriate to make those small subtle changes. The main purpose is not to make the suspect stand out.’’ This is a clear allusion to having used the tactic in the past, and apparently, including this methodology in a report isn’t a requirement.

Gervonta Davis & Ariana Fletcher’s Breakup Gets Messy On Social Media

The on-again-f-again relationship between boxing champ Gervonta Davis and girlfriend Ariana Fletcher is unraveling on social media. Ariana, who shares a son with ex-boyfriend G Herbo, hasn’t been shy displaying her relationship with Gervonta to the world. Both parties have shared videos and photos their intimate moments, however, when things go south, the arguments are a social media soap opera.

On Friday, it was clear that things weren’t going well between the two when Ariana asked for photos herself with the boxing star be taken fline. “Can any pages that have any pictures me and gervonta remove everything please,” she wrote on Instagram. “Anything that has my name attached to his please remove me from it. He was a mistake.”

Gervonta Davis & Ariana Fletcher's Breakup Gets Messy On Social Media
Abbie Parr/Getty s

She wasn’t finished airing out her dirty laundry as she suggested Gervonta asked for the gifts he once gave her. “Everything the n*gga took back I text my stylist to pull again to go buy myself. I ain’t f*cked up about it, never been. Word to my son.” People online told her to keep her business to herself, but she wasn’t trying to listen. “Don’t tell me what to say on my sh*t when a n*gga get on this b*tch every other week playing with me on this sh*t and I don’t say sh*t,” she wrote. “I let him have this sh*t but now MFs out they body.”

Ariana then made a suggestion her own, stating that she would earn the title being petty if she asked Gervonta to pay her back bond money and lawyer fees that may be in connection with the boxer’s recent arrest. She also hinted that she and Gervonta got into an argument at four o’ clock in the morning and things got intense. The mother Gervonta’s child, Dretta, jumped into subliminally tweet a little shade to Ari, and that turned into a social media tit-for-tat that resulted in Dretta’s Twitter account being suspended. Young love.

Shawn Mendes Responds To Resurfaced Racist Tweets: "That’s Not My Personality"

While Shawn Mendes has been in many headlines lately surrounding his North American tour and his new love with Camila Cabello, the Canadian-born singer has now just stepped into some controversy regarding some old racist tweets. During a recent Q&A a Black fan asked the “Senorita” singer about past tweets where he used the N-word and other fensive statements. 

“Why has it never been acknowledged?” the fan asked the singer. “We get a lot hate for us supporting you, knowing that this has been, like, your past. And not to say that this is you now, or anything like that, it’s just really important for us to know, like, how you are?” 

As for Shawn’s response, he put some the blame on friends who stole his phone and shared messages to his feed considering the high number followers he had. 

Shawn Mendes Responds To Resurfaced Racist Tweets: "That's Not My Personality"
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

“I just think that a lot things just need to be moved on from. But I also think that the things that were saw, like I had friends when I was 14 who would, like, take my phone and, like, post things them. Because they thought it was funny that I had like 2,000 followers and it was this big thing, and they’d post photos themselves,” he explained.

“At the time I was just, like, not thinking about it. I had no idea I was going to have 50 million followers. Which doesn’t make it any better, but um, yeah, totally. I mean, I apologize for everything insensitive I said in the past, but with that being said, yeah, I think that’s not my personality.”

What do you think his response?

Ashanti Shares The Hottest BTS Moments From "Pretty Little Thing" Video

Ashanti has easily been having one the best summers and she hasn’t been shy about showcasing all her hot beach moments on Instagram, in numerous hot bikinis. By no surprise, the “Rain On Me” singer collaborated with Pretty Little Thing to release a bathing suit collection designed by yours truly and it was everything her fans could have asked for.

Ashanti Shares The Hottest BTS Moments From "Pretty Little Thing" Video
Leon Bennett/Getty s

“I wanted pieces that felt exotic and global. The Amazon meets the Carribean. I wanted pieces that would empower women,” she said her capsule. “There are unique and exotic pieces for every woman’s shape and size. We created the line wanting to give options, so, you can mix and match pieces and create a bunch different looks, i.e. matching kimonos, cover-ups and pants. These looks are interchangeable.”

More recently, Ashanti dropped a new song called Pretty Little Thing and just one day before the video arrives, Ashanti has given us a behind-the-scenes look at the making the visual that sees her dressed in her favourite pieces in a tropical paradise. Ashanti explains how the video will have horses, coconuts, hot girls and all kinds sweet beach vibes. 

Watch the trailer below and keep it locked for the premiere tomorrow. 

View this post on Instagram

BTS “Pretty little Thing” Video Premiere tomorrow 10AM EST!!! @prettylittlething Directed by @eifrivera

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Travis Scott Announces Netflix Special ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’

La Flame is coming to Netflix.

Travis Scott has teased his upcoming Netflix special. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the rapper posted a series of photos featuring VHS tapes with the title Look Mom I Can Fly.

He told fans to pull up to the Movie Exchange at 11200 Northwest Freeway in his hometown of Houston for a surprise pop-up event, where they can get their hands on a limited-edition VHS copy before it hits Netflix. “GOT SOMETHING U MIGHT WANNA SEE IT. . !!!” he wrote. “MEET ME HERE NETFLIX AND NO. CHILL.”

Just minutes after his posting, fans started lining up. The store windows were covered with movie posters teasing the Netflix special, which will hit the streaming service on Aug. 28. Inside, Travis signed copies of the VHS tapes—and even a VCR for one lucky fan.

While Netflix has yet to make an official announcement, fans believe that Look Mom I Can Fly will be a documentary, which could include footage from his “Astroworld – Wish You Were Here Tour.”

See more from Travis’ surprise pop-up below.

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Jordan Brand will be releasing multiple “FIBA” Air Jordans in the coming weeks in celebration the 2019 Basketball World Cup, including an exclusive Air Jordan 12.

The kicks, priced at $190, will make their retail debut today, August 23, starting at 10am ET. The FIBA 12s will also be available in grade-school ($140), pre-school ($80) and toddler ($60) sizes.

Check out the early purchase links in the tweets embedded below.

As seen in the newly unveiled photos, the FIBA 12s will come in a white tumbled leather supported by gold accents and university red detailing about the inner lining, heel and branding on the tongue. Additionally, the flags the countries competing in the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup can be spotted on the 12’s mudguard if you look closely, while Chinese symbols run down the heel tab.

The 2019 FIBA World Cup, taking place in China, is scheduled to tip f on August 31, with the championship game taking place on September 15. Continue scrolling for additional images the FIBA 12s.

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Air Jordan 12 FIBA Releases Today: Purchase Links

Air Jordan 12 FIBA/Nike

Bhad Bhabie Defends NBA YoungBoy Tattoo: "Y’all Don’t Know Behind The Scenes"

All 16-year-old Bhad Bhabie wanted to do was show f her NBA YoungBoy tattoo to her 17 million Instagram followers without the criticism. Back in May, rumors hit the streets that Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, got herself some new ink on the side her hand. Photos surfaced that showed what looked like the name Kentrell, a moniker that just happens to be her good friend NBA YoungBoy’s first name.

However, at the time Bregoli attempted to kill the gossip by stating that her tattoo said “Kentucky,” not “Kentrell,” an explanation that nearly no one truly believed. Now, months later, the teen showed f the same tattoo with a new sense pride on her Instagram Live. Immediately, she was judged for the permanent signature as fans couldn’t believe she would get the 19-year-old rapper’s name tattooed on her body. There were also accusations that Bregoli was some sort side piece because NBA YoungBoy is in a relationship.

Taking to Instagram Live once again, Bregoli wanted to clarify that she didn’t get NBA YoungBoy’s named inked on her because they are in a relationship, yet, she didn’t feel the need to fer up an explanation for the tattoo, either. “I need y’all to mind your business and understand that my tattoos have meanings to me,” she said. “No one’s saying I’m with him. No one’s saying no type sh*t like that. That tattoo has been there for a while now. I just decided to get it redone. That’s all it is. It’s so crazy.”

“All I see on the internet, people talk and talk about sh*t y’all don’t know about” she added. “This is my body. These are my tattoos. I do my own sh*t for my own reasons. Y’all do not know what goes on with me and him. Y’all don’t know behind the scenes. So, please, stop telling me how he has a girlfriend. I did not get this tattoo to be with him or because I’m with him. C’mon. Stop. Seriously, stop the bullsh*t. Stop. Y’all sound crazy out y’all f*cking mind.”

Snoop Dogg Makes "Power Moves" With La La Anthony & Carmelo Anthony’s Son

There is nobody on this planet quite like Snoop Dogg. The man is equal parts lovable and menacing. These days, we’re lucky enough to mostly see him from his good side. Adopting the Uncle Snoop persona, the West Coast legend has adapted well to his new role in the rap game, contributing bars when he needs to and providing commentary the rest the time. As one the most important men in the history the genre, Snoop holds a lot weight on his shoulders. He recently took a night f by partying alongside 50 Cent and the rest the Tycoon crew when they hit Madison Square Garden, watching the world premiere the final season Power together on the big screen. While he was there, he caught up with one the stars the show, La La Anthony, and her son Kiyan Carmelo Anthony.

Snoop Dogg Makes "Power Moves" With La La Anthony & Carmelo Anthony's Son
Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

There were plenty photo ops earlier this week and Snoop Dogg was happy to oblige, smiling bright in many the pictures circulating from the Power premiere. Backstage, he ended up running into La La Anthony and her son, Kiyan Carmelo, and they all decided to keep the moment close to their hearts by posing for a snapshot. “Power moves with the family @lala 💙💯 lil melo,” wrote the rapper, riffing on the title the television program.

Snoop has shared several photos from that night, including a couple with Dapper Dan. Check out the image him, La La and Kiyan below.

Rita Ora’s Still Serving Sexy Beach Vibes On Instagram

It’s safe to say that Rita Ora is having a fantastic summer. The “Let You Love Me” singer has been keeping her fans updated on Instagram with her numerous gorgeous looks as well as her Mediterranean getaways that sees her suited up in some the cutest bikinis. The 28-year-old has been looking all kinds fine in two-piece suits or one-piece looks and she’s come through yet again for another saltwater inspired post to her feed. 

The latest post may not showcase another hot bathing suit but instead, some close up shots Rita after her beach dives. “Me: Roll me one. Cheers. Let’s take a trip to the sea side. Also Me: I can’t decide. Me again: fine just roll another one,” she captioned the post. 

Rita Ora previously opened up on how she finds self-confidence on days she feels low but she has to get on stage and give it her all for her fans.

“I remember that I’m not just doing this for myself and that they’re are 10.8 million people following me on my Instagram so I just have to suck it up and not be selfish on days where you feel like you just want to stay in or something,” she explained. “I take my position as a role model very seriously. I appreciate and admire doing it. No matter how corny it sounds I really do.” And that’s why we like her. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s GF Shares Glimpse Of Rapper Without Rainbow Hair In New Photo

With his trial quickly approaching, we may finally be getting some new, ficial photos Tekashi69. The controversial rapper has been behind bars for nearly one full year after getting booked on federal racketeering charges. Alongside the rest his Nine Trey Blood gang members, Tek is facing a long time in prison for a string crimes that were organized as a group. Many the updates we’ve been able to provide on the young artist have come directly from his girlfriend, Jade, who ten shares tidbits information about him. The dancer recently took to her Instagram stories to answer a fan who asked about the last time she got to see 6ix9ine, to which she responded with a photo.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's GF Shares Glimpse Of Rapper Without Rainbow Hair In New Photo
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

It’s unclear when the picture was taken but Jade appears to imply it was recent. She can be seen locking lips with the troubled superstar and as time has passed, 6ix9ine is back to his regular hair color. Obviously, multicolor hair dye would be nearly impossible to come across in prison, so it makes sense that he’s back to his roots. 

When Tekashi was first locked up, details were muddy regarding his availability for conjugal visits. It seems as though, after revealing information about the gang to the feds, they’ve lightened up on him and he’s able to host his girlfriend from time to time. The photo below isn’t necessarily clear but if you’re curious to see what Tek is looking like these days, peep it.

50 Cent Explains Why Fetty Wap "Fell Off"

So many us have been wondering what happened to Fetty Wap. While we could go on and on about the New Jersey crooner’s sudden disappearance, that’s a thinkpiece for a different day. The rapper was present for the Power World Premiere earlier this week, joining 50 Cent and a number others on stage to kick f the final edition the highly-celebrated show. Fiddy has been updating his social media pages with plenty photos from the event and he finally got around to posting one with his buddy Fetty. When fans came across it, some people started commenting that the star had “fallen f,” to which Fif provided an explanation.

Responding directly to a commenter, Fiddy explained, in his opinion, why Fetty Wap has been so inactive in recent years. It makes total sense, too. “He just had a contract issue,” wrote the New York veteran, throwing the label under the bus. “It makes a artist not want to make music.”

We’ve heard this story too many times at this point. Lil Uzi Vert has found himself in a similar spot and thankfully, he’s been able to remain relevant through sporadic releases in the last two years. Hopefully, Fetty Wap is able to get back on track soon too. The man has far too much talent to let it fade away.

50 Cent Explains Why Fetty Wap "Fell Off"