Police Forced To Confirm Eminem Isn't Wanted After Posting Photos Of Lookalike

Photos a suspect had been publicized by the Rochester Police Department. The photographs depict a white man who, based on many social media customers, bears an uncanny resemblance to a rap star. The photoset went viral when they hinted on the males’s likeness. 

The seek for the needed man gained quite a bit consideration and the police’s efforts finally yielded the specified outcomes. Still, the authorized authorities issued an replace so as to fer readability in phrases the identification the male suspect.

Their standing replace left no room for anybody to confuse the person within the picture with Slim Shady.

Many commenters had rapidly referred to the Kamikaze artist by leaving some his lyrics underneath the unique publish:

Fabolous Claps Back: Fan Calls Attention To Domestic Violence On Couple's IG Pic

Fabolous finally posted a picture his girl, Emily B. He ten uploads pictures that capture him and his kids as a happy family but the rapper hasn’t seemed fond letting people see his boo until now. Fabolous shared two pictures the couple on Instagram today. The pair is swagged out in matching Gucci outfits for the shots. Emily B. smiles wide and seems generally engaged in the photoset. Fabolous, on the other hand, seems unbothered and disinterested. This, along with other remarks, was noted by some his followers in the comments section.

One Instagram user, however, posted the type feedback Fabolous ain’t with: “Ima restrain myself from saying wtf I wanna say in these comments.” Fabolous had time to come back with the quickness. His response took a shot at the commenter’s grammar while also reminding everyone the fact that they are lurking on HIS post: “it’s refrain dumbass. And i won’t refrain from blocking all you b*tches.”

 Fabolous Claps Back: Fan Calls Attention To Domestic Violence On Couple's IG Pic

What the first comment refers to isn’t 100% confirmed, but it’s likely about the tumultuous nature the couple’s relationship. Earlier this year, they were caught up in a domestic violence situation that resulted in the rapper’s arrest for assault. Although no jail time was served for his original charge, the damage was done. Emily B even had to get her teeth fixed after the violence. No wonder people have mixed feelings about her smiling beside him.