Ben Simmons Says 76ers Were "Too Soft" Vs. Hawks, Jimmy Butler Objects

As reported, the Philadelphia 76ers are fervently in search of methods to achieve an edge on the competitors, even on the price dealing away a 1st Round Pick for complimentary items. Markelle Fultz’ commerce inventory is at an all-time low, so inevitably, the Sixers are shortly working out choices to proper the ship in 2018-2019. Philly’s present dilemma was by no means extra evident than in yesterday’s 123-121 loss at residence to the Atlanta Hawks.

After the sport, Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons bickered in separate rendezvous with the press, with out coming to blows, in a matter talking. Simmons’ insistence was that he and his teammates lacked depth and bodily of their loss to the (13-29) Hawks. 

However, Jimmy Butler wholly objected to the assertions made by his 2nd-year teammate, in stating that he despised the phrase “st.” Butler’s perception is that he and the 76ers merely lack the precise persistence “begin to end.” He put it in these actual phrases.

The final the post-game commentary was reserved for 76ers’ coach Brett Brown. He merely desires his troopers to place in a extra dedicated effort on the defensive finish the ground. Ben Simmons will definitely stroll away from this encounter, with a “triple-double” granting him immunity, and trigger for a sideways expression.

Paul Pierce Acknowledges Kobe Bryant's Praise: "I Was Just Stronger Than Him"

Kobe Bryant had type phrases for each Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce, two the fiercest opponents he squared up in opposition to in his prime years. Kobe’s new e book The Mamba Mentality: How I Play, bases his philosophy on basketball round encounters he had along with his contemporaries, specifically Paul Pierce whom he credited with having a bodily dominant talent set. 

“He knew what it was, lastly. I used to be simply stronger than him, look. I put that physique on him, come on now,” remarked Pierce, half jokingly-half boastfully, after Kobe’s reward obtained round to him. “Imma put that shoulder on him, put that hip on him, get the layup. Come on, I used to be simply too sturdy for these guys. I couldn’t leap over them, so I simply go proper via them.”

If you learn into Paul’s response a little bit nearer, there seems to be a self-depreciating aspect at play, as properly. Pierce is inherently saying that he and Kobe had been mismatched, the identical method two boxers from completely different weight lessons tip the size: one possession a discernible benefit over the opposite. 

Kobe’s new e book The Mamba Mentality: How I Play was launched on Tuesday, October 23rd. The novel guarantees “to take readers on an unprecedented journey to the core  his ‘Mamba Mentality.'”

Cleveland Browns Parting Ways With Josh Gordon, Several NFL Teams Interested

The Cleveland Browns have reached a limit with troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon. Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49ers are believed to have inquired about his services, but if a deal can’t be struck, the Browns are prepared to release him to the waiver wire. The team provided no line reasoning to back their decision. This afternoon we informed Josh Gordon and his representatives that we are going to release him on Monday,” read the statement in brief.

The Browns will be forced to answer all the sticky questions once negotiations (with interested parties) reach the penultimate point. ESPN’s Morten Christensen believes Josh Gordon broke the trust team ficials when he showed up to practice with an unreported hamstring issue, after showing no sign injury all week long.

The Browns have invested a lot time and energy into Josh Gordon’s mental and physical wellness, and have likely reached a point where they feel he is not responding well enough to their interventions, on account his personal life taking its toll.

Gordon’s incredible talent has been overshadowed by substance abuse throughout his career. He took the news in stride though, posting an Instagram story thanking the Cleveland Brows faithful for supporting him throughout the rocky ride. Hope it works out for both parties, the Browns seem just as desperate for a run good fortune.

Josh Gordon Returns To Cleveland Browns After Brief Mental Health Break

As previously reported, Cleveland Browns’ receiver Josh Gordon was told he should focus on his mental health by team ficials. The Browns’ sent him to Gainesville, Florida where he received treatment at NFL-run medical facility. Days later, ESPN is reporting that Gordon has been cleared to resume practicing with his teammates ahead the 2nd week NFL preseason.

“As I humbly return to being a member this team with an opportunity to get back to playing this game I love, I realize in order for me to reach my full potential my primary focus must remain on my sobriety and mental well-being,” Gordon expressed in a written statement showing gratitude to his teammates and the organization.

The former Pro Bowler was seeking help for mental health and anxiety issues, most which related to events occurring f the field play. Gordon has been mired in a child support battle with his estranged partner, and is rumored to have resorted to substance abuse before seeking help. 

Browns general manager John Dorsey says Gordon will start by participating in team meetings and with daily conditioning. The rest his responsibilities and privileges will be reinstated as soon as he proves himself, up to the task.

Drake Becomes First Artist To Amass 10 Billion Streams on Apple Music

Drake just made Apple Music streaming history by becoming the first featured artist to collect over Ten Billion streams. His latest double-album Scorpion undoubtedly pushed him into unprecedented territory; numbers that will surely proliferate over time. 

Placing a distant second are a host “less prolific” artists which have cleared the One Billion mark, a list that includes Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Adele, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B, the latter making the ascent on a more festive platform. It’s worth nothing that Cardi reached the milestone faster than other female artist, and there are many occupying top rank at the moment.

News Drake’s accomplishment kind fsets the report he was losing out on exposure and $ by restricting the physical presence Scorpion in record stores. Then again, it’s hard to take stock all factors, and were we not led to believe CD sales were a thing the past? Holding a mainstream rap artist like Drake to his word, and forcing him to expand his distribution makes little sense.

The bulk spending in record stores is done by niche collectors looking for “endangered” copies. Drake’s 10 Billion milestone makes the decision all the more easy, especially considering his music only vaguely taps into the vinyl collectors market.

France vs. Croatia: The Complete Breakdown Of The 2018 World Cup Final

The 2018 World Cup has been erratic for bookkeepers who probably thought even the most lopsided victories would be low-scoring affairs. Then again, I’m in no way concerned how much money was lost or gained f the backs World Futbol. Sunday’s final pits a known soccer powerhouse against a Nation serving up quite possibly its most talented roster in history. France vs. Croatia has the makings psychological warfare, don’t be deceived by their standing prile.

A France Victory

France will likely try to assert the pace the match. If they do, and retain possession on the break, France could very well win the tournament in stunning fashion. Their current talisman Kylian Mbappé is simply unstoppable inside the opponent’s half. When the fullbacks push up, namely Benjamin Pavard, it’s as if a Tetris wall is being enclosed. If holding midfielder N’Golo Kanté is allowed to be his regular self, and I reckon he will, look for France’s outfield players to let their guard down just a little. If so it could prove advantageous for the flat footed Croatian defenders, but  also disastrous if they lose their focus.

A Croatian Victory

Speaking focus, the Croatian have a host characters known handling pressure on the job. Mario Mandzukic has made a career out winning decisive aerial battles, and for scoring goals on the big stage, his overhead kick against Real Madrid in the Champions League a prime example. Of course, Croatia needs to generate scoring chances for players like Mandzukic to maximize their utility.

France will likely enter the game very focused. But if Croatia were to up their “robust” playing style and get a little physical, there lies a possibility France could lose their composure, and hence forego their game plan. Playing with emotion always runs you the risk getting into foul trouble. Croatia has a few creative midfielders to their credit, namely Ivan Rakitic. But if they are to beat France they’ll need to upend France’s relentless drive with their own brand physicality. 

Inevitably if both teams remain scoreless after stoppage time, the game becomes a bit crapshoot. Tune in tomorrow at 11am Eastern Time for what promises to be an exhilarating matchup.

Smokepurpp Confronted By Producer Beats By Saif At SXSW

Smokepurpp and Beats by Saif have been going at it for months, dating back to Saif’s insistence that he was owed repentance and money. “Lil purpp finessed me. help me get my money back.” a post reads dating back in time. $2000 is the lump sum, at point purchase, as Saif is quite evidently a bedroom producer.

The $2000 amount puts a large enough dent in Saif’s pockets. Yes, social media spammers make money but maybe not as much as we’d like to think. Never the less, Saif did receive his media pass for SXSW and thus had an opportunity to address the squabble face to face with Smokepurpp who was also in attendance.

The video below shows Beats by Saif getting in Purpp’s face. Saif is oblivious to Purpp’s noticeable size advantage, yet for some reason beyond his control, the altercation fizzles out before it gets physical. According to Saif, words were exchanged, with Purpp threatening harm more than once.

Beats by Saif’s antics have not gone unnoticed by the hip hop community. He has been known to shamelessly plug his web content under celebrity tweets. He obviously stepped to the wrong man and lived to tell the tale. The funniest takeaway from this story is that XXL who broke the story, felt no need to contact Saif prior to publishing. Maybe Saif needs to look in the mirror and work on his mutable self.