The Dragon Ball Z Family Tree: A Breakdown

Much like in real life, there are few families that sit on the top the totem pole. Goku’s family, however, claims that position in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Dragon Ball Z is one the greatest animes ever created. The Japanese cartoon first aired on Fuji TV from 1989 to 1996, and became so popular it was dubbed for syndication around the globe. The show’s main hero Goku, and the villain turned hero Vegeta, are the most popular characters amongst the Z fighters. The entire show follows their families, who were both oppressed by King Cold and Frieza. When Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta, he sets f a domino effect that ripples through centuries DBZ history. The destruction the Saiyan planet was the catalyst that brought Goku to Earth.

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Throughout the series, Goku, Vegeta, and their children defeat the toughest space despots and bio-engineered villains in the galaxy. Gohan and Future Trunks follow in their father’s footsteps to become legendary warriors; one defeated the second Frieza, and the other defeated Cell in his perfect form. Even Goten, Goku’s youngest son, joins the battle alongside his father and older brother when Majin Buu threatens the existence the universe. He fuses with Vegeta’s son, Trunks, to become the mighty Gotenks. Even Goku and Vegeta’s grandchildren step up to become fearless warriors.

Villains have a family too. King Cold had a hatred for the Saiyans that he passed down to his violent children. Frieza and his brother Cooler waged personal wars with the Z fighters, and Piccolo Jr. followed in the villainous footsteps his father King Piccolo, at first. Rivalries between the villain’s families and the hero’s families make for some the best cartoon action ever to be broadcasted. Sometimes, family drama is the most entertaining drama, and watching inner family rivalries (Vegeta and Future Trunks) and cross-family rivalries (Goku and Vegeta) are just as amusing as watching the Z Fighters face other opponents.

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Family makes the world go round, and the fictional domain Dragon Ball Z is no different. These are the four families, and their fspring, that are crucial to the DBZ universe.

Goku’s Family

– Bardock and Gine gave birth to Raditz and Kakarot

– Goku and Chi-Chi have Gohan and Goten

– Gohan and Videl have Pan

– Goku Jr. is Gohan and Videl’s great-great-grandson

Vegeta’s Family

– King Vegeta fathered Vegeta and Tarble

– Vegeta and Bulma have Trunks and Bulla

– Bulma Leigh is the great-great-grandchild either Trunks or Bulla

– Bulma Leigh gives birth to Vegeta Jr

Piccolo’s Heritage

– Katas had the Nameless Namekian

– The Nameless Namekian divides into Kami and King Piccolo

– King Piccolo had Piccolo Jr., Drum, Piano, Tambourine, Cymbal and unnamed fsprings

– Piccolo Jr. fused with Nail and later Kami

King Cold’s Heritage

– King Cold fathered Cooler and Frieza

– Frieza fathered Kuriza

– Chilled is Frieza ancestor