MDMA Found Inside Hamburger Wrapper Of Sonic Kid's Meal

If this is not probably the most messed-up factor you examine at present… As reported by Complex and CBS Austin, a tab MDMA was discovered inside a baby’s hamburger at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Texas. At first, the 11-year-old child who discovered the capsule thought it may need been sweet. Her dad and mom took the capsule to the police division the place it was decided to be MDMA. 

Once authorities returned to the Sonic location, three workers have been arrested. The supervisor the restaurant, Tanisha Monavette Dancer, had three tabs ecstasy on her when she was searched. Two different workers, Jose Javier Molina and Jonathan Ray Roberson, have been additionally positioned underneath arrest for unrelated crimes. 

MDMA Found Inside Hamburger Wrapper Of Sonic Kid's Meal
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According to the report, the supervisor is dealing with prices possession a managed substance, supply a managed substance, and endangering a baby. The Taylor Police Department notes that the 11-year-old lady who discovered the MDMA capsule was opening a hamburger for her Four-year-old brother when she observed it. 

The Sonic Director Operations has said that Dancer’s employment has been terminated after the incident. It’s doable that this was unintentional however critically, this could by no means have occurred within the first place. That’s it for this “SMH” degree story.

Jhené Aiko Recalls The Night She Almost Died Of Her Pill Addiction: "I Saw Blood"

Jhené Aiko has battled dependancy and has since discovered methods to deal with her psychological well being points with out the use medicine. The artist has now chosen to make clear the night time she thought her dependancy would declare her life. Aiko uploaded a sequence pictures that inform her story by their captions.

“I believed I used to be going to die,” she started. “I had simply spent the day on the Maui Healing Center 2 days prior and left feeling so renewed, enlightened and like i used to be on the correct path to correct therapeutic. The subsequent day, which was the day b4 i took this image…i took a hike …] and visited my favourite statue Buddha…”

Despite her seemingly wholesome look within the picture, the earlier night time had ushered in a terrifying expertise: “My head began pounding like by no means earlier than. a lot ache BUT i promised myself… no extra capsules!! EVER! …] i discovered myself on the lavatory ground… throwing up till i noticed blood.” 

The blood was alarming however Jhené’s fear was positioned on the consolation others. She reached out to a couple family members, an motion she perceived as a nuisance since she “did not wish to fear or trouble anybody].” She went to mattress regardless of her situation and “was comfortable to be alive” the subsequent morning.

She took a hike that very same day, a second captured in a photograph she says might “presumably be her] subsequent album cowl.” 

Later on, she went into the Pacific for one more therapeutic expertise: “It felt like a baptism some kind. by no means too late to start out once more. by no means too late to get higher.”

Jhené Aiko Recalls The Night She Almost Died Of Her Pill Addiction: "I Saw Blood"

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Mel B Opens Up About Suicide Attempt In "Brutally Honest" Memoir

Mel B’s new memoir contains particulars regarding her suicide try that happened in December 2014. She penned Brutally Honest to share her life experiences, together with the exact second she tried to take her life and the aftermath her actions.

The 43-year-old reveals the occasions main as much as her resolution to swallow 200 Aspirin capsules. What adopted was a vital second in her life as she instantly regretted the act. According to an excerpt her guide revealed by The Sun, the Spice Girl singer was hit with regret and confusion after ingesting the final capsule, main her to hunt medical consideration with a view to proceed dwelling.

She additionally wrote about inflicting bruises on her face and shoulder that “everybody noticed at The X Factor closing three days later.” The harm was attributable to her lunging her physique on the toilet door that was jammed through the incident. 

Although she survived, her younger daughter’s fear may need been probably the most heartbreaking half the state of affairs.

Man Arrested For Possession Of Meth That Looks Like Halloween Candy

It is a tragic day if you understand you are too outdated for trick-or-treating, if you present up at a stranger’s door and so they deal with you want what you might be: a stranger in a dressing up asking for sweet. A Dublin(Georgia not Ireland) man named Omegus Coverson has taken a stand in opposition to the conventional ageism halloween by producing sweet in a extra grownup type: methamphetamine capsules.

Coverson, who was arrested Friday, was in possession capsules that seemed like “SweeTarts candies or Flintstones’s nutritional vitamins,” in line with the Dublin chief police, Tim Chatman. Coverson has since been launched. 

The cops, nervous that children would possibly find yourself with an surprising shock whereas out trick-or-treating tonight, posted to the city Dublin’s Facebook web page warning residents concerning the hazard that their youngsters might face, writing” be sure you test your youngsters’s sweet and report any suspicious merchandise to Dublin Police,” adopted by “#stayaware.”

Many commenters had been skeptical the warning, questioning if this was an actual hazard. One commenter on the publish stated: “police have by no means documented precise instances individuals randomly distributing poisoned goodies to youngsters on Halloween,” citing an article on Other feedback had been nervous that the publish, made by an ficial police division, would contribute to newsmedia’s fearmongering tendencies.

Instagram Has A New Feature To Combat Substance Abuse

Instagram has recently been developing an innovative new feature to support its users. The social networking giant  is expected to announce a pop-up that is prompted when users enter words related to drugs or other harmful substances in the search bar. Hashtags like #opiod or #uppers will be monitored and trigger a “Can we help?” message which will then provide users a drop-down menu with a “Get Help” option. Selecting this option will take users to an information page containing various resources for seeking betterment such as a Treatment Services Locator, the numbers Substance Abuse the Mental Health Services Administration’s national helpline (1-800-662-HELP), and link them to the Addiction Resource Hub. 

The move comes after the company shared that various users employ hashtags like #opioids with the intent to promote the sale the illegal drugs, (an act that is banned on the social networking service), but that the hashtags are also used by individuals battling substance misuse as a means finding support within the community.

Instagram’s head public policy Karina Newton shared, “The opioid epidemic is an issue that affects millions people, and we want to use our platform to fer resources to those who need it — in the places where they are seeking help. This is an important step for us in our ongoing commitment to make Instagram the kindest, safest social network.” The company also revealed that the pop-up message will be applied to more hashtags related to opoid, prescription, or illegal drugs in the coming months. 

The feature will be put into action in the US today, Wednesday September 12th, with plans for it to launched globally in the near future.

The Game Cautions Against Opioid Abuse In Powerful IG Post

The Game has taken a break from recording his upcoming album to address the youth. Taking to Instagram, Game has shared powerful image a memorial, complete with a prescription-bottle casket. “Just gone leave this right here. Keep poppin random pills mothafuckas who ain’t gone carry your casket giving you,” he writes, prompting an outpouring support from fans and commentariat. 

It’s unclear whether or not The Game will be taking his message to the booth, and one has to wonder whether he’s feeling an obligation sorts. After all, he’s in a unique position to be a mentor, and clearly, the death hip-hop’s young talent has been weighing heavy on Game. He seemed to take XXXTentacion’s death particularly hard, having previously penned an emotional reflection on the young rapper. Yesterday, he posted another homage to the fallen, posting an edited image Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, and the legendary 2Pac Shakur, evoking imagery the fabled “Thugz’ Mansion.”

 It’s hard to say what spurred this recent introspection, but it’s good to see Game attempting to spread a positive message, even if it might fall on some deaf ears; after all, the youth can be a tough demographic to crack. It seems like he has grown into his OG status nicely; those he has name-dropped so ten would be proud.

August Alsina Reveals Percocet Addiction On Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk"

August Alsina is one the most talented R&B vocalists in the world today. While he’s been very quiet this year, his fanbase is still incredibly supportive as they wait for him to drop when he’s ready. Jada Pinkett Smith can be seen on her show Red Table Talk when she’s not supporting her kids, Willow and Jaden. The show has been eye-opening as it tackles important topics that don’t get discussed as ten as they should. In a recent episode the show on Facebook, August Alsina joined in to speak about his experience recovering from drug addiction, revealing a dependence on Percocet and weed.

The young New Orleans singer has been a mainstay on DJ Khaled’s last few albums, also impressing through his solo work and his collaborations with Chris Brown. Back in 2014, August collapsed during a show in New York City, having multiple seizures and being in a coma for three days. Following the incident, he was prescribed Percocet by his doctors to deal with the pain and, much like some people recovering from similar injuries, he became dependant on the drug. According to the star, it was easy for him to get what he needed, saying, “I literally had an endless supply Percs. If you asked my brother, anybody … I’m like, raining Percs. Off my body, f my house. I was literally raining pills like Skittles.”

During his Red Table Talk, August notes how he reached out to Will Smith and Jada to help him through his addiction and now that he’s recovering, he’s comfortable speaking about his experience. Clearly taking a lot determination to overcome his demons, August looks at soon conquering the music world once again.

Lil Pump Claims He's "Drug-Free" Hours After Dropping "Drug Addicts" Song

A few hours ago, Lil Pump finally shared his heavily-teased video for “Drug Addicts” with Charlie Sheen. As you would expect, the song is all about drugs and the collection pills and substances Pump and his crew partake in. With lyrics referencing lean, Oxycodone and other pills, it would not be surprising in the least to hear that Pump is a drug addict. In fact, his acceptance the fact would be welcomed as the first step to recovery, should he seek it. However, as he has claimed in the past, Pump is denying any drug use on his part, telling his Instagram followers that he’s the furthest thing from a drug fiend.

The young rapper started f his message, “Guys, I came here to tell you something.” Jetski looked serious while delivering the message, continuing, “Lil Pump is drug-free. I don’t do no type drugs no more, no cap.” Despite concluding with “no cap,” his supporters have several reasons to believe he is, indeed, capping. Pump has pulled this stunt in the past, telling his fans that he’s f drugs only to turn around and nearly drown while swimming after a bottle Actavis he threw in the ocean. For review, click here, here and here. If Pump is genuinely recovering from drug addiction, he should be congratulated but with his track record, we’ll need him to be consistent in order to actually believe him.

Especially considering the announcement was made after he literally just released a song about being a drug addict, the statement is a little choppy. Hopefully, he stays true to his word and continues to live clean.