Bun B Recalls Pimp C's Reaction To DJ Screw Overdosing On Lean

DJ Screw’s dying rocked the Hip Hop neighborhood after he overdosed in 2000. The ficial trigger his dying was tied to codeine. If you ask any his entourage, the artist was deep into his use lean on the time his dying. During an interview with VladTV Bun B mentioned how his passing affected their associates and the neighborhood in Texas.

The icon’s lethal overdose was overwhelming for a lot of since he was thought of a “native hero.” Bun B remembers how loads individuals have been saying that they need to all stop sipping lean, making claims about their very own plans to stop given the tragic occasion. According to Bun, his UGK teammate Pimp C had a divergent angle from the frequent one. Although he agreed the behavior was a foul concept, he felt like these claims have been phony. Bun paraphrased his beliefs: “Let’s not be hypocrites …] Let’s not act like we’re not gonna pour up once more.”

In retrospect, Pimp C was proper. Most these individuals saved utilizing lean and lots of them are nonetheless “sippin until this present day,” as Bun B says. Pimp C was discovered useless in a lodge room in 2007. The trigger can also be associated to codeine.

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For the youngins who may not be accustomed to DJ Screw’s legacy, know that he’s chargeable for these “chopped & screwed” tracks.

Bun B Hits Up The Breakfast Club To Talk Music & Marriage

Bun B has long since put in the legwork, earning himself a place among hip-hop’s pantheon legends. Now, the UGK icon has stopped by The Breakfast Club to chop it up with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, as Charlamagne was not present for this one. Eventually, Bun opens up about his upcoming album, breaking down his mindset surrounding the project. “I’m speaking to my age group,” explains Bun, “the people that been with me since the beginning. The people who was eighteen when I was eighteen.” He also explains that priorities have since changed, and will be addressed accordingly. Like many rappers, Bun will not shy away from going political on this go-around. 

He also talks about his wedding, a rare subject in the hip-hop game. “My wedding was dope,” says Bun. “I spent way too much money though…We fed like 450 people. I had a big wedding.” Given the fact that he got hitched shortly after “Big Pimpin,” he made it clear that wifey was getting that Vera Wang dress. “I’m only going to do this once, so I want to do it right,” he says, with a smile. It’s always nice to see a solid couple in hip-hop, and hearing Bun talk about renewing his vows is enough to warm the hearts any given cynic.

It’s especially comical to hear DJ Envy and Bun B lament the high price flowers. “I’m in the wrong business,” jokes Bun. “I went to Deadmau5’s wedding, I never seen that many flowers in my life. Son had at least ten thousand roses.”

Too Short Says Jay Z's "Big Pimpin" Almost Didn't Happen Due To Tupac Beef

To this day Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin'” featuring UGK still bangs when it comes on at any given time. The track comes f Jay’s 1999 album Vol. 3… Life and Times S. Carter and although the song seems like a flawless effort, there was actually some second-guessing behind the collaboration. 

Too Short recently chatted with BET and spilled some tea on what really went on with the song. Apparently, Pimp C (who died in 2007) was conflicted with teaming up with Jay since he had beef with Tupac. “Turns out, Pimp C’s] only logic for not wanting to be on that song was all about Tupac…He said ‘I’m not fuckin’ with nobody that didn’t fuck with Tupac,’” Short says in the video below.

Even though UGK (Pimp C & Bun B) never worked with Tupac they ran in the same circles and had the same friends so the same respect was on the table. “I was one the people who was sayin’, ‘Man, just do it,’” Short adds, explaining how Pimp C even kept his distance for the video shoot. “He missed the fuckin’ video shoot in Trinidad during Carnival. Who the fuck is going to be, like, ‘I’m not going with JAY-Z and Dame Dash to Carnival?…Pimp C.’” 

Watch the full clip below and the music video to remember the vibe.