The Onion Wages War Against Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook

The Onion, the DC-based satire publication had made the nefarious Mark Zuckerberg the target their most recent fensive, coinciding with rumors Elon Musk had recruited a few staffers a comedic side project. Whether personally implicated or not, The Onion has begun their tirade with this false swipe pinned at the very top their Twitter page:

The Onion social dept. then made a mockery Zuckerberg attempt to elicit sympathy for his acts public deception.

And the tight rope PR cred.

They also posted this fake op-ed, exposing deep-seated organizational decay. A phoney employee mug shot “Paul Shufford” promises to tell reveal all the “appalling” stories Mark Zuckerberg tried to cover up with NDA agreements. The next post alludes a human zoo, with Zuckerberg with a Zookeeper fetish too saucy to lay sealed. 

Lab rats? Don’t let yourself go Zuckerberg.

Nothing you can do can erase this 6-year olds pain.

Yep. It’s safe to say someone at The Onion is short on patience. It’s no secret that Zuckerberg has his foes in the public sphere and within the scope our media system. And trust me, They’ve only gotten started. Keep The Onion in an open tab for the minute takedowns. Admittedly, The Onion is incensed that Facebook choking out their content. Editor-in-chief Chad Nackers called Facebook “Unwanted Interlopers” in an interview with Business Insider: “We have 6,572,949 followers on Facebook who receive an ever-decreasing amount the content we publish on the network,” Nackers said.