XXXTentacion Discusses Rape, Domestic Violence, & More In Full 27-Minute Transcript

Earlier this 12 months, XXXTentacion was murdered in broad daylight when a bunch males blocked his automotive in Florida and shot him. The information shook the hip-hop neighborhood as he was considered as one essentially the most proficient up-and-coming artists on this planet. Many discovered an escape in his music as he mentioned matters like melancholy, anxiousness, and the struggles all of us face in our day-to-day lives. X was a deeply troubled soul. He had been accused abusing his pregnant girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, each mentally and bodily. The case was dropped after he was murdered however after Pitchfork launched a 27-minute audio recording the artist admitting to home abuse, public opinion began to shift. 

Following up the controversial secret recording, Pitchfork has revealed a full transcript what was mentioned throughout the clip. Sensitive matters are mentioned, like rape, abuse, home violence, and extra. With XXX ineligible for the “Best New Artist” award on the Grammy’s, his household was reportedly hoping for consideration in different classes. Considering his album ? was as impactful because it was, that wasn’t essentially out the query. However, The Blast is now reporting that his household is fearful the tape will negatively affect the selections made by the Grammy committee. 

We’ve included the transcript under, which was initially reported by Pitchfork.

XXXTentacion: Look how briskly I’ll fuck that up ’trigger I couldn’t management my fucking anger. laughs] You really feel me? I disgust myself. Every day I’ll haven’t any satisfaction wanting within the mirror. I disgust myself. And you understand what, it’s humorous, I find it irresistible.

Man: Damn.

XXXTentacion: I like that I disgust myself. I eat my negativity each single day. And you understand what comes up extra? More negativity. And irrespective of the place I’m going or the place I seek for any type reassurance, one thing’s gonna fuck me over, bruh.

Woman 1: So the place’s your positivity?

XXXTentacion: There is none.

Woman 1: Why?

XXXTentacion: It’s not me.

Woman 1: Why?!

XXXTentacion: That’s my positivity. The ex-girlfriend] received positivity.

Woman 1: So what’s up?

XXXTentacion: She doing the incorrect factor although. So, let me ask you a query, proper? You’re in jail. Your homeboy that you simply take care , proper? He fucked your girlfriend. Right? He fucked your girlfriend, gave her heaps medication, and fuck her, and fuck her, proper? You come dwelling. First unintelligible] you took care her for like three, 4 months. Take care her for some time. She ain’t received no one to take care her. Clothes. Shoes. A home to remain in. A four-bedroom condo. You really feel me? Kittens. All varieties loopy shit, you’re feeling me, dropping bands. Right? You get out. The individuals you’re taking care . You get out. The day you get out, you see her, proper? She kiss you in your lips, you’re feeling me, really feel up on you da da da. “I like you, I’d by no means do something to harm you,” da da da. You go, you go to the, you go to the home. And your canine. Before she inform you. Before she inform you. Before he instructed her to inform you. Make positive you inform me the reality and I’ll forgive you. You inform her to inform you. You go dwelling. Y’all positive, y’all smokin, y’all chillin’, da da da. You order pizza, you ensuring everyone straight. unintelligible] You on the cellphone. Your canine inform you, your canine inform you that unintelligible] n***a fucked your b*tch. laughs] Telling you he fucked your b*tch. redacted] I’ll kill this b*tch if she play with me. That’s the true deal. You really feel me. On some shit like that. And I believe any man would bruh. Any man would bruh.

Man: I really feel you however rattling, bro.

XXXTentacion: Yeah bro. Yeah bro. unintelligible crosstalk]

Man: It’s no use worrying about this stuff man. unintelligible crosstalk]

XXXTentacion: No, I do know it’s not, bruh. unintelligible crosstalk]

Man: I perceive the place you’re coming from… unintelligible]

XXXTentacion: Yeah. You come dwelling. Your canines robbing you. The n***as you took care since they met you. And gave everyone face. Nobody dropped no cash in your commissary. The solely person who seemed out for you was your mother. The solely people who reply was actually her, my mother, and my principally brother redacted]. And even then, she got here to visitation, canine. Visitations telling me I may belief her, proper? The first time it occurred, I don’t imply to place your online business on the market, however I’m doing it to you because you prefer to put your online business on the market, you prefer to say shit about me. redacted] She got here to my visitation and let me know, and I forgave her, you’re feeling me. I needed to scare it out her. I needed to sit there and scare it out her. That’s why I’m tellin’ y’all brother. Let me do my factor, you’re feeling me. I understand how to get the reality out her.

So. I’m in my unintelligible]. All the outdated heads, you understand the cool ones been by way of this a thousand occasions. “Your b*tch gone fucked any individual, fam, you gotta recover from it. You have to forgive her and transfer on when you get the reality.” Once you get the reality, you’re feeling me? But in the event you can’t get the reality unintelligible] simply neglect that shit. “It’s gonna occur,” they tellin’ me. I’m like, “Nah, not her bruh, she love me, she care about me, she know higher, I’ma kill her, da da da, da.” You really feel me? They was like, “What you gonna kill her for? You most likely the sort n***a that kill your b*tch after which kill your self, ain’t it?” And I used to be like, “Yeah.” They was like, “That’s weak. You weak in the event you try this. You weak. An actual man gonna forgive her, after which transfer on.” Once you get the reality, proper?

So. I don’t prefer to be referred to as weak. I don’t prefer to be referred to as pussy. So you understand what I did? I received out anticipating this stuff. ’Cause you understand what degree frequency my thoughts is on. I received out as a result of I knew what was going to occur. redacted] So she did that to me, proper? You know what I did? I forgave her. Pat on the again. Don’t misinform me. You really feel me? She wasn’t with me on the time so I’ll give her that. She wasn’t with me. You really feel me? But you simply picturing. redacted] And I’ve seen it executed, don’t get me incorrect. And I fucked one other n***a b*tch whereas he was in jail. This b*tch redacted], I don’t know if you understand her. redacted]. She used to hang around with redacted], I fucked that shit unintelligible crosstalk]. I ran by way of that shit after which I beat up redacted]. I beat up her boyfriend.

Woman 1: I used to this point redacted].

XXXTentacion: I beat him up. I beat that n***a up. Fuck that st-ass n***a.

Woman 1: You’re humorous.

XXXTentacion: I beat that st n***a up. I slapped him. I palm-slapped him. unintelligible crosstalk]

So the ex-girlfriend] did that to me, proper? But as a result of redacted] I used to be in, locked up, I’m like, “All proper, OK, it’s cool.” But then, positive sufficient, I get out. laughs] redacted] So you understand what I do, initially? ’Cause I used to fuck her up bruh. I used to fuck her up, bruh. You know what I did? I didn’t contact her. I didn’t contact her. I forgive her. I forgive her. I forgive her unintelligible]. I simply wished the reality. And bits and items saved popping out from any individual else that I’ve by no means heard, proper? A cellphone rings on vibrate.] Bits and items, bits and items, bits and items. So I’ma say this.

Oh right here go this different b*tch. Hello? individual on cellphone talks; unintelligible] Twenty minutes away? All proper. Just textual content me while you’re right here.

Woman 1: Where are you going? Where the fuck you going?

XXXTentacion: That was simply redacted]. She about to smoke me up. Y’all need some smoke? What’s his title and them presupposed to nonetheless come, redacted] supposed to come back. But yeah that b*tch was presupposed to smoke me up.

But yeah. She did that to me. And bruh. Shit maintain comin’ out bruh. And then she’ll drop me bits and particulars, proper? And then she inform me she don’t know what occurred. redacted] Remember how she instructed you that she didn’t bear in mind? When I used to be in that room, she says, I used to be like, “Tell me the reality bruh and I’ll let it go. Tell me the reality. Just inform me fact.” redacted]

And then I requested her one other query simply to catch her in her lie. Just to catch her and ensure I do know she lyin’. ’Cause now I do know she mendacity about sure elements. And I’ma get it out her. I’m not gonna hit her. But then I requested her, I used to be like, “Did redacted] sleep in that mattress with you?” You know what she mentioned earlier than? “No.” laughs] “No.” redacted] slept within the mattress along with her. Now, I’m gonna inform you how I pieced collectively your lie. I’ma inform you in a second. I ain’t gonna hit you. I simply need the reality. I need the reality so I can transfer on with my life.

Yeah, I pieced collectively one her lies, however yeah, she slept within the mattress with that n***a. She mentioned they didn’t, however you understand this b*tch mendacity. laughs] You know this b*tch mendacity. You know this b*tch is mendacity. I’ma inform you every little thing. I’ma inform you each element and the way I lastly received to piece this shit collectively. But redacted], in the event you love or respect me, I simply need the reality out this woman, then she will be able to go away.

Woman 1: I can’t give y’all personal time. This right here. She gotta communicate proper now, ’trigger that’s what we’re doing. Like, I’m sorry. We’re already like— unintelligible crosstalk]

XXXTentacion: Hell nah. laughs]

Woman 1: Like, I really feel you.

XXXTentacion: unintelligible]

Woman 1: Bro, like, I don’t know what you wanna do. Because I don’t even know you want that. Real shit. I wouldn’t disrespect you both. Out respect not just for myself unintelligible] however as a result of I wouldn’t try this to anyone. unintelligible]. You’re a lady so…

Unidentified Woman: What are you asking me?

Woman 1: I’m saying, like, what y’all wanna do.

XXXTentacion: I’ll inform you. I’m going to go away. If you like me unintelligible]. I’ll go away within the morning. But in the event you love me, you make certain she’s straight bruh. Because as fucked up as—

Woman 1: She can keep right here!

XXXTentacion: As a lot as I’ve instructed you. You know what’s humorous as fuck, I nonetheless love this b*tch bruh. laughs] It’s loopy as fuck. You’re gonna discover somebody. Just such as you love your mother, you’re feeling me? Just as a lot as you like your mother, you’re gonna discover somebody that make you’re feeling equal. And unintelligible] identical to you. And then you’ll really feel how I really feel. And I’m telling you. I’m telling you to your face—you’re not gonna bounce f a cliff, I’m simply loopy for that shit—however my n***a, you’re gonna undergo the identical shit. Somebody gonna harm you this manner, and also you’re not gonna know how you can take care of it. You’re not gonna know how you can take care of it. ’Cause you’re not going to stroll away, ’trigger that’s your b*tch. You’re not going to stroll away. You’re not going to persistently hit them, as a result of that shit, it fucked them up, you’re feeling me?

Woman 1: unintelligible] For me, it by no means will get to that fuckin’ level.

Man: All proper. unintelligible crosstalk]

Woman 1: I don’t take it unintelligible crosstalk]

Man: Yeah bro. I haven’t been by way of that bro. But did you hear what she mentioned? I didn’t let—

XXXTentacion: It did not get to that time.

Man: Exactly. Nah, look. If I see any individual’s who’s on some shit such as you, I am with them, after which like they’re only for everyone. Then that simply reveals me, like, bro, I am unable to get too deep or, like, loopy with this individual, you’re feeling me? Because then, f rip, like, I’ma need to be like all the time there, like, rattling, she’s for everyone, you’re feeling me? And then when my again is turned, course everyone’s gonna be for everyone so on the finish the day, you’ll be able to’t cease that.

XXXTentacion: Who’s unintelligible] everyone? laughs]

Woman 1: unintelligible] It’s completely different on each side.

Man: But pay attention although. At the top the day. unintelligible] They do have individuals who understand how different individuals transfer and nonetheless attempt to work it out, you’re feeling me? At the top the day you should not have to kill your self. unintelligible] Love counselor or some shit. You really feel me? And y’all placed on all of your variations. unintelligible] Have like a pressional. unintelligible crosstalk]

XXXTentacion: She simply want to inform me the reality.

Woman 1: That’s one essentially the most annoying issues, I can relate to that as a result of that simply occurred to me and redacted].

XXXTentacion: N***a wasn’t telling the reality.

Woman 1: He held it, he held onto it. unintelligible crosstalk] It wasn’t even the reality. It wasn’t even the reality. I don’t know what occurred, however he heard from any individual that I cheated on him. During that, I wasn’t even with him. unintelligible; somebody knocks on door] I used to be not with him. I don’t need to fuckin’ lie. unintelligible]

XXXTentacion: That was the one motive why I gave her a go on her complete scenario along with her ex. redacted] And I consider her. But she most likely lie about that too.

Woman 1: That’s what I’m saying unintelligible crosstalk]. It’s annoying as fuck…

XXXTentacion: Bruh, I’ma get myself—I’ma get arrested both method. Look, redacted].

Woman 1: I received over it. You can do the identical however unintelligible crosstalk] this shit?

Man: You can recover from issues.

XXXTentacion: I’ma get arrested. redacted] look, I’ma get arrested both method. Would you somewhat me get arrested joyful, or depressing. ’Cause I’ll go in that shit and I’ll kill myself. And you understand I’m succesful it. laughs] I’ll go in that shit and I’ll kill myself. So would you somewhat me be both joyful, or depressing.

Man: Why you’re so obsessive about eager to killing your self?

XXXTentacion: I’m not obsessive about eager to kill myself.

Man: Nah however you retain on screaming such as you need to kill your self.

XXXTentacion: Yeah, ’trigger I’ve reached a degree my life bruh the place there’s so much obstacles which might be psychological. You don’t know the ache bruh. You simply don’t know.

Man: Understand, however hearken to me now. unintelligible] kill your self bruh. That shit is like unintelligible crosstalk]. If you’re feeling that method it is advisable go a pastor they usually’ll baptize you.

Woman 1: Exactly!

XXXTentacion: We’re completely different individuals.

Unidentified Woman: If you need higher for your self, if you’d like the cycle to cease it’s a must to go for one thing that may cease it. unintelligible crosstalk] I’m not saying you’re gonna discover that by way of a God, you would discover that by way of any supply …

XXXTentacion: What no one’s understanding, I put my supply happiness in one other individual, which was a mistake initially, proper? But she fell by way of every time till now. Until I began fucking her up bruh. But I began fucking her up as a result of she made one mistake. And from there, the entire cycle went down. Now she’s scared. That woman is scared for her life. Which I perceive. ’Cause redacted], you seen me. You know what I do to individuals. redacted] know, all them boys knew. It’s on fucking New Times. I’m on New Times for stabbing, how many individuals they put within the information, they mentioned three, it was eight. In Deerfield. She know that. She’s seen this shit. She’s seen once I got here again from stabbing redacted] in Orlando. She seen once I got here again. Had a model new laptop computer. No tears on my face, no regret. I simply knew I used to be going to jail. She know. So she’s scared. She thinks I’m going to kill her. She doesn’t understand, as soon as I hear the reality, bruh, I could make an actual resolution bruh. And I’m saying that to you, I’m saying that out loud. The sooner, I imply it bruh, one thing optimistic may come out that. And I’m not forcing you to say one thing that—

Woman 1: And that, that’s gentle proper there. Something optimistic can come out that. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t—please don’t get me incorrect, I checked out you simply now, and I seen one thing completely different. And I’m not saying that in a nasty method. It’s a great way. I simply seen concern in your eyes. That’s what I seen. But I really feel one thing completely different. If there’s one thing that you simply’re not saying—bro.

XXXTentacion: Just get this shit over with, bruh.

Woman 1: You really feel me?

XXXTentacion: Look. unintelligible crosstalk]

Woman 1: Because I can’t—that’s it.

Unidentified Woman: unintelligible] the reality. unintelligible]

Woman 1: Well, see. That’s it. I don’t know. This is the factor. Either you consider that. And you permit it alone.

XXXTentacion: It’s humorous how bits and items come out, and each time one thing related come out, you bought some new information. unintelligible crosstalk]

Woman 1: What else can occur? You really feel me?

XXXTentacion: All I can do at this level bruh. Nah. I received one thing that I’m going to say to her that’s going to make her assume. I’m not going to place my palms on her, as I mentioned, I respect y’all home. I simply did one thing that was fully loopy as fuck. That is it for the evening. Or, in any respect. I’m drained bruh. This shit pointless bruh.

Woman 1: Yes.

XXXTentacion: Nah, I imply every little thing bruh, I imply every little thing is pointless bruh. This shit all pointless.

Woman 1: It—it might appear pointless—

XXXTentacion: Nah, I’m not speaking about life and shit, interval. I’m simply saying something that has concerned itself with me has been pointless. Therefore I’ma simply return bruh. I’ma return within the morning bruh. I’ma pipe this shit up bruh. Take care her please bruh. I’ma go away y’all with a bit 500 bruh. I’ma get cash unintelligible] and I’ma give it to her bruh. Just make certain she straight bruh. Pipe that shit up bruh. Fuck it.

I do know you don’t need me to have personal time bruh, however simply let me determine my shit out in order that method once I go within the morning bruh I’m straight bruh. I’ma get this shit over with. I simply want y’all to belief me. I don’t received nothing else to lose at this level, ’trigger she executed instructed me another shit bruh that she didn’t inform me earlier than so I do know she’s mendacity. So all I can get now could be the reality. I already heard sufficient. I’m already gonna inform her what I do know.

Woman 1: But such as you simply mentioned at this level unintelligible] offer you personal time.

XXXTentacion: I’ll go outdoors bruh. No, outdoors the entrance bruh. I would like to speak to that woman bruh. unintelligible crosstalk] Let’s simply work it out to the place I can go away bruh.

Woman 1: I don’t need you to—

XXXTentacion: You tryna have me sit right here.

Woman 1: I don’t need you to have to remain in an area or space, however unintelligible crosstalk]

XXXTentacion: That’s what I’m saying!

Woman 1: Have her go away. If that’s the scenario, have her go keep redacted].

XXXTentacion: No she don’t need to go to the Airbnb. unintelligible crosstalk] louder, insistent] Bruh. I’m telling you bruh. I deal with every little thing bruh. When something goes down and anyone leaves, it comes by way of me. Everything.

Woman 1: So what the fuck was unintelligible] earlier than you?

XXXTentacion: Orlando. Orlando after which distant reveals that I’d get and people who I’d meet. They would begin fuckin’ with it. How do you assume everyone received a profession? I did all that shit bruh and n***as nonetheless fucking me over bruh. So, let me speak to her and I’m straight. That’s it. unintelligible]

Woman 1: I do know however, bro, like, I’m not, I can’t try this.

XXXTentacion: Then I’ll sit proper right here. Or simply let me go away. unintelligible] Tonight, bruh, I’m executed with this shit bruh. I imply it bruh. I’m executed bruh. I’m executed with this shit.

Man: unintelligible crosstalk] You have a pal right here that’s looking for you. She looking for you ’trigger on the finish the day she’s actual proper now bro, so that you don’t need to be inside jail proper now.

Woman 1: That just isn’t the fucking spot to be in. unintelligible crosstalk]

Man: At the top the day you say no one care about you.

XXXTentacion: She care. Let me clarify one thing to y’all. You wanna know why I couldn’t keep at redacted], redacted]? unintelligible crosstalk]

Woman 1: I already know.

XXXTentacion: Nobody like her. unintelligible crosstalk]

Man: Bro, you could have a life and a profession forward you.

XXXTentacion: I don’t care about that. laughs]

Man: Listen to me bro. You have to care about that trigger on the finish the day that woman life and yours unintelligible crosstalk]. You have to like and care your self earlier than anything. No disrespect homegirl, you’re feeling me, on the finish the day you’ll be able to’t need to kill your self over one thing like that bro. unintelligible crosstalk] If that’s what’s making you’re feeling like your world just isn’t complete, and also you simply need to get rid life and like, I wanna go to jail and simply take care her and on the finish the day, it’s simply gonna be the identical shit unintelligible]. That shit don’t make no sense bruh. You’re younger, my man. unintelligible] I’m 26 bro. I’m right here to inform you that that shit don’t make no sense.

XXXTentacion: I hear you.

Man: How outdated are you?

XXXTentacion: I’m 18.

Man: You’re 18 fucking years outdated my man. You received mad time forward you.

XXXTentacion: I find it irresistible when individuals inform me that. You ever see any individual get their tongue reduce out?

Woman 1: Bro!

XXXTentacion: Let me ask you one thing, how outdated are you?

Unidentified Woman: 19.

XXXTentacion: How outdated are you?

Woman 1: 21.

XXXTentacion: You’re 26? You ever seen any individual get their tongue reduce out? unintelligible crosstalk] You ever seen any individual get their tongue reduce out? unintelligible crosstalk]

Man: This is loopy. I really feel like that is “Maury.” laughter]

XXXTentacion: You ever seen any individual get their tongue reduce out?

Man: Nah.

XXXTentacion: You ever seen any individual get raped?

Man: Nah.

XXXTentacion: That’s so much shit. Being 18 don’t received nothing to do with it brah. You ever need to reside with the satisfaction your mom being a stripper while you was youthful? You ever seen any individual attempt to kill your mother in entrance you?

Man: You can’t make that like half your life—

XXXTentacion: You gotta undergo it first. You gotta undergo it first.

Man: —like fuck up your complete course of pondering—

XXXTentacion: I’m telling you, you gotta undergo it.

Man: Nah.

XXXTentacion: I really feel what you’re saying although, don’t get me incorrect, however it’s a must to undergo it. You may go get raped and I may inform you suck it up. But each evening you fall asleep and also you bear in mind what you seen and also you bear in mind the way it felt and also you keep in mind that horrible feeling in your soul. Nobody can consolation you. It’s one thing I gotta take care of.

Man: I do know, I hear you bro. But that’s why they’ve counseling. You really feel me? And individuals who actually look after themselves and their very own life, they go there—

XXXTentacion: I don’t care about my life.

Man: Bro it’s a must to care about your life.

XXXTentacion: I don’t need to.

Man: You have to care about your life. I care about my life. To hear any individual else not care about their life, that make me really feel some kind method bro.

Woman 1: First all, it’s not even that deep, you’re presupposed to unintelligible] hear your coronary heart beat.

XXXTentacion: What do you concentrate on that? slapping sound] Fuck that bro.

Woman 1: You gotta really feel that bro.

Unidentified Woman: There’s many circumstances that would unintelligible]

XXXTentacion: Y’all give it some thought method too—it’s straight bruh. I’ma simply be out within the morning unintelligible]

Man: At the top the day I hear every little thing you’re saying unintelligible]

XXXTentacion: seemingly on the cellphone] Once you get to the parking storage, name me. Which flooring are we on? unintelligible] We’ll come down. Yeah. All proper I’m about to name you proper again.

Man: unintelligible] At the top the day, in the event you see in your life that individuals’s fucking you over, you’re supposed to remove your self from all that fuckery and all that circle fucking you over and put your self in one thing—

XXXTentacion: She’s scared. unintelligible crosstalk] Scared and silly just about. unintelligible crosstalk; door closes]

XXXTENTACION Admitted To Domestic Abuse In 2016 Secret Recording: Report

Despite the truth that XXXTENTACION is not right here with us at the moment, the home abuse allegations he confronted whereas he was alive are nonetheless introduced up each time his title is talked about. Although he pleaded not responsible to the costs  aggravated battery a pregnant sufferer, home battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness tampering, the rapper was awaiting trial for the 2016 home abuse trial. However, new audio footage the rapper has been obtained by Pitchfork and he is allegedly heard admitting to abusing his ex-girlfriend in addition to different violent crimes.

Pitchfork obtained a 27-minute recording XXXTENTACION allegedly admitting to home violence in addition to stabbing eight folks in Deerfield, FL in 2016. The publication launched a snippet the recording earlier at the moment the place he is heard confessing to the crimes.

The secret recording was obtained from the Miami-Dade County state legal professional’s fice who stated the prosecution and XXXTENTACION’s protection legal professional each thought-about the tape a confession. The fice revealed the title the one that made the recording who’s stated to be an acquaintance X, though they did not reveal the identities the opposite folks heard within the recording.

Eminem Claps Back At "Kamikaze" Critics In Full-Page Magazine Advertisement

Eminem’s Kamikaze was a challenge stuffed with pictures in the direction of Revival’s critics. Although his newest challenge was one his higher tasks in a really very long time, he nonetheless caught flack and confronted much more criticism. Now, he is taken goal on the critics his newest challenge with a full-page commercial in .

Eminem reportedly took a full-page out  The Hollywood Reporter to take goal at his Kamikaze critics along with his new commercial. Eminem singles out a number of music publications who slammed his newest challenge akin to The Hollywood Reporter, Pitchfork, Billboard, Noisey, Vulture and extra.

“The work an getting older artist attempting, and failing, to stay related,” a quote from The Hollywood Reporter

“A stale misfire,” one other quote from Noisey’s evaluation learn.

The advert reveals the fighter jet from the album’s cowl and beneath that, Eminem reminds everyone the stats.

“#1 in 103 nations and 434,000 equal album items within the US first week”, the advert reads. “Thanks for the help, assholes!”

Despite the tough critiques, it is undoubtedly been one the most important subjects mentioned this month. Em’s newest challenge sparked a brand new feud with Machine Gun Kelly and induced additional rigidity with Joe Budden. Last Friday, Eminem issued his ficial response to MGK every week a go along with “KILLSHOT..” The tune served as a response to MGK’s “Rap Devil” which dropped earlier this month. 

You may learn our evaluation Eminem’s Kamikaze right here.

Nicki Minaj Blasts Writer Critical Of Her Association With "Sex Offenders"

Many her critics have blasted her for working with Tekashi 6ix9ine, on the grounds that he slept with a minor, who was then 13 years old. A Pitchfork contributor spoke on the subject in an article titled Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, and the Alarming Normalization Predatory Behavior.

The article takes a position on the personal indictment “creative types” after the camera stops rolling. The choice to frame everything politically makes total sense on the surface, but perplexing situations when a working definition is lacking critical attention. Nicki’s own brother is a convicted sex fender, so the subject hits rather close to home. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Nicki shot back at the writer in a series Tweets, first by pointing out certain discrepancies with a screenshot. Then she questioned how writers were even making money f “cultural criticism.” Not once did she reference Tekashi or her sibling by name, but the implications are soundly present in her tone.

She capped f her Tweet-spree by singing the praises her new album Queen, which she claims as the #1 album in over 86 countries. Nicki spent the rest the afternoon interacting with well-wishing fans who supported her position. 

Pitchfork Music Festival: Tierra Whack Replaces Earl Sweatshirt

Pitchfork just announced Earl Sweatshirt’s gig cancellation. Their festival is due to begin in a matter days as it kicks f this Friday, July 20th and closes on Sunday. Thankfully, Tierra Whack was available to fill the gap in the last minute switch up. The female MC is set to perform in Earl’s previous timeslot 4:15 on the Green stage. As a result, a couple other schedule changes were made for Friday: Syd will now be hitting the Green Stage at 6:15, and Saba goes on the Red Stage at 5:15. 

There is no doubt that Tierra Whack is a rising star. Her career is snowballing, especially after receiving praise from her peers for Whack World. The artist released an audiovisual experience her debut album’s medley, asserting herself in a lane her own. She also got to kick it with one her idols a couple days ago when she opened for Ms. Lauryn Hill in her hometown city Philadelphia last weekend.

Ms. Lauryn Hill, Tame Impala, and Fleet Foxes are still headlining this year’s edition Pitchfork Music Festival. Other notable acts include Moses Sumney, Kelela, DRAM and Chaka Khan. View the updated lineup here. 

Watch Rapper Trouble Describe What He Looks For In The Perfect Booty

In a recent episode Pitchfork TV’s Over/Under, Atlanta rapper Trouble was asked to rate a bunch random things like┬áThe Real Housewives Atlanta, Stormy Daniels, Krispy Kreme donuts and pet tigers. However, it’s his rating fake butts that has taken over the internet.

You can watch the full video HERE.

Chance The Rapper Explains Why Young Thug Is One Of His Biggest Influences

Chance The Rapper’s been one the most influential figures in music right now. While his music is in a lane its own, he’s always been embraced from the music industry, regardless genres. His last album Coloring Book, hailed features from people like Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Jay Electronica, Kirk Franklin and more. One rapper who joined him on the project was Young Thug. In a recent interview, Chance The Rapper revealed that Young Thug taught him a lot while he was in Georgia.

Earlier in the month, Chance The Rapper joined Pitchfork for their In Sight Out podcast where he spoke about everything he’s working on right now. One the more interesting parts the conversation came when Chance The Rapper spoke about his time in Atlanta. The rapper explained that he worked heavily with Quavo, Donald Glover and course, Young Thug. The rapper detailed why Young Thug is one his biggest influences right now.

“I spent a lot time in Georgia and Atlanta and working with some artists that are close friends mine. Donald Glover, Quavo and, one my biggest influences right now is Young Thug.” He explained, “He’s super dope and I don’t want to give away all his secrets but he showed me a lot stuff and one the things that has helped me a lot later in my career, towards the end Coloring Book and the stuff I’m working on now is a process called punch cutting. Instead using a pen and try to write an entire piece and then attack it on the mic separately and hope that all the inflections and rhythms you had in mind when you wrote it are still there, you write it by recording it.”

While Young Thug’s influence on the current generation rap is evident, it’s clearly even bled into his peers. Peep the full interview below.