Meek Mill Dares His Son $1,000 To Eat Crickets

A good game  truth or dare usually results in some pretty shameful behavior if you decide to choose the latter option, ranging from running around the block naked or eating something very questionable. Meek Mill‘s son got to experience that recently after playing a quick game with his multiplatinum-selling pops. The result, admittedly, didn’t look too savory.

Meek Mill Dares His Son $1,000 To Eat Crickets
Mario Tama/Getty s

Before you go shaming the bug-eaters the world, it’s worth noting that insects like crickets, which Meek Mill dared his son a cool 1,000 bucks to eat a plate , are actually delicacies in certain parts the world. The photo seen above isn’t to gross you out in the least bit; NYC’s American Museum Natural History served that plate insects to children participating in a 2004 program aimed at exploring cultures through cuisine. The menu included mealworms, waxworms and, yes, “cricket pizzas,” so maybe Meek’s son came up on a quick stack just f eating something that was basically finna be a breeze. 

Take a look at the video below Meek Mill daring his son $1,000 to eat crickets, and let us know if you agree with his ultimate decision and would’ve done the same down in the comments:

Papa John Speaks On Eating "40 Pizzas In 30 Days"

Ousted founder Papa John’s, John Schnatter, was kicked out the company for a leaked phone call where he’s heard making racial slurs but he swore the quality pizzas declined heavily after his departure. He said that he “had 40 pizzas in 30 days,” a claim that had the Internet collectively scratching their heads. This was taken as his pizza consumption in the span a 30-day cycle but in a recent interview with Ethan and Hila Klein, he explained it was merely for quality control.

Papa John Speaks On Eating "40 Pizzas In 30 Days"Jason Merritt/Getty s

“Well, I didn’t say I eaten 40 pizzas in 30 days. I said I had 40 pizzas in 30 days. When I said I had a pizza, it means I’m inspecting. I’m not eating every pizza,” he said before admitting that he “may be eating parts pizzas.”

Schnatter said that he does still eat pizza at a consistent rate but it’s declined since his days at Papa John’s. “I probably eat eight or nine slices a week. When I was at Papa John’s, it was probably twelve or fifteen because we’re always testing out new products.” Papa John then suggested that pizza is actually nutritious which led Ethan to insist Shnatter was spewing out “pizza propaganda.”

Despite being kicked out the company, he was forced to sell his stock. His current stock in the company is currently valued at over $500M.

KFC x Crocs Launch Chicken-Scented Clog Collab

Crocs and KFC have teamed up for one the most ambitious crossovers in the history fast food and footwear, much to the delight all the clog-wearing, Famous Bowl-eating, fried chicken enthusiasts the world.

The KFC x Crocs Classic Clog comes equipped with a crispy, golden brown upper, highlighted by red and white stripes just like the buckets that KFC’s goods are delivered in. If that’s simply not enough to showcase your love for all things Colonel Sanders, these clogs also come with removable chicken-scented, drumstick Jibbitz. 

“Combining the unmistakable look our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket, with the unparalleled comfort and style Crocs, these shoes are what fried chicken footwear dreams are made ,” KFC CMO Andrea Zahumensky said in a news release.

The KFC x Crocs Classic clog, available in uni sizes, is slated to drop this sometime this spring for the retail price $59.99. Fans can sign up on to be the first to receive a reminder when the limited-edition chicken clogs drop.

KFC & Pizza Hut Join Forces To Concoct "Popcorn Chicken Pizza"

Finger-lickin’ chicken joint KFC has called on Pizza Hut for the crossover the century: “The KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza.” The fast food chains are pulling out all the stops to celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th in the U.K., by combining all the elements that make both their signature dishes so popular. Pizza Hut’s crispy pan-style crust base is drizzled with KFC’s classic gravy, coated in mozzarella cheese, topped with sweet corn and, course, we can’t forget the pieces Popcorn Chicken. This unusual pairing will be available as a menu option for a limited time at Pizza Hut locations across the U.K. until February 16th.

KFC & Pizza Hut Join Forces To Concoct "Popcorn Chicken Pizza"Shannon O’Hara/Getty s for Pizza Hut
KFC & Pizza Hut Join Forces To Concoct "Popcorn Chicken Pizza"Matt Cardy/Getty s

After Pizza Hut teased the collaboration in a tweet last week, both fast food companies took to Twitter to make the ficial announcement.

Earlier this month, KFC announced the st launch  a new plant-based meat menu option called Beyond Fried Chicken. This option will be available at 100 select locations across North Carolina for a limited time from February 3rd-23rd. The launch is their way testing the success fering plant-based alternatives to their famous fried chicken.

Donovan McNabb Blames Terrell Owens For The Fall Of The Eagles

Terrell Owens is one the most polarizing players to ever hit an NFL field. This is mostly because his on-field and f-the-field antics that had some people shaking their heads and questioning his love for the game. Perhaps his most iconic moment was when he was seen doing pushups in his driveway during a contract dispute with the Philadelphia Eagles. As Donovan McNabb explained recently, Owens’ antics are what ultimately led to the demise the mid-2000s Eagles.

“I thought that was the major distraction for us,” McNabb said on Bleacher Report’s Untold Stories. “He’s doing sit-ups, he’s doing pushups, he’s playing basketball, he’s ordering pizza for people out there, we’re sitting at training camp like, ‘you gotta be kidding me.’”

As McNabb explains, he still doesn’t talk much to Owens as they don’t have that much a relationship. They were known for taking public shots at one another during their Eagles days and even now, they haven’t been able to patch things up. To illustrate this story, McNabb went into even greater detail on how the team felt about Owens.

“Dawkins comes in and was like, ‘Man what’s he doing now?’ McNabb said. “I’m like, ‘Take a look.’ This is like Days Our Lives. It was unbelievable. That was something that kind broke us up. That was what was most frustrating for me because I knew what we could do and if we decided to just come together what we would be able to accomplish.”

Since their dispute, the Eagles went on to win a Super Bowl in 2018 so realistically, it can’t be all bad for Philly fans.

Lil Wayne Smokes Big Weed & Plugs His Marijuana Brand

Cannabis connoisseur Lil Wayne wants to stay high at all times the day, depending on ultra-potent strains to keep his mind at ease. Much like a number other high-prile rappers, Tunechi is moving into the cannabis industry to make a buck producing some the finest marijuana products known to man, hawking them through his brand new GKUA Ultra Premium brand. While Weezy doesn’t have as extensive a weed background as Berner or Snoop Dogg, you can always catch him with a blunt in his mouth. Knowing that he, himself, actually consumes the product he’s selling will be a surefire way to get us all copping GKUA by the OZ.

Lil Wayne Smokes Big Weed & Plugs His Marijuana Brand
Kevin Winter/Getty s

Announcing last month that he would be participating in the launch GKUA Ultra Premium, Lil Wayne is making sure everyone knows he’s the brains behind the operation, handling a bud, marvelling at its THC properties, and taking a few puffs. “THC f the charts,” said the rapper before lighting up and inhaling, visibly content with the smell the flower.

GKUA and Lil Wayne promise “the best high your life,” which is pretty lty. However, you can’t really deny that fact unless you’ve tried it. Find out more here.

Who else thinks we’ve got to get Lil Wayne on a new episode How To Roll? That would be legendary.

Jennifer Lopez Considered Stripping Early In Her Career

Had her career taken a different path, Jennifer Lopez may have had more in common with her Hustlers character than you would think. In an interview with W Magazine, Lopez said she once considered stripping before her career took f.

“I did. There was a moment in my life when my friends, who were also dancers, told me about making thousands dollars at clubs in New Jersey,” she told the magazine. “They said, ‘You won’t need to be topless.’ It sounded awfully good when I was broke and eating pizza every day, but I never did it.”

She then expanded on her role in Hustlers saying, “I was a little nervous about doing this movie because I had never played someone this dark or complicated. I liked that Ramona, the character I play, and the other strippers were looked at as equals to their patrons, the guys on Wall Street.”

She continued, “Ramona reminded me that girlfriend we all have who is exciting but can also get you into trouble. You always miss that friend when she’s gone, but when you get together, you worry you might find yourself in some crazy situation. That’s Ramona.”

You can check out the full Best Performances issue here.



Deezer Inks Major Telco Partnership With Saudi Telecom Company

Deezer has landed a major deal with Saudi Telecom Company. It’s the French music streaming service’s first MENA telco expansion since launch in the region.

rs to STC can also subscribe to Deezer Premium through their mobile plans. Those who sign up for premium service in December will get three months of Deezer Premium for free.

The deal makes sense since Deezer is the exclusive home for Saudi Arabia-based Rotana Records. Rotana Records claims to be the largest record company in the Middle East.

Deezer has worked to expand its availability in the MENA region this year. Recently Deezer announced a deal with Emirates Airlines for .

Deezer CEO MENA & Turkey, Tarek Mounir, says the partnership will cater to Saudi music fans. New and existing STC subscribers can activate premium service SMS.

“As our first-ever partnership with a MENA telecommunications provider, this agreement marks a new milestone for our regional growth journey. We look forward to enabling listeners in the Kingdom to access millions of their favorite Arabic and English tracks.”

Deezer launched in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) in October 2018. The move undercut rumors of Spotify’s later that year.

Deezer’s exclusivity deal with Rotana Records in August 2018 makes it very attractive to the region. The app is tailored to local music tastes in each country and includes local playlists. When the streaming service launched in MENA last year, the service offered six months free to new members.

A $185m funding round led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia helped the expansion, too. MENA is a strategic priority for the streaming service with its Rotana Records exclusivity deal. That deal was vital in setting Deezer apart from rivals like Spotify.

CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht says his company remains committed to local music tastes. He even went so far as to compare Spotify to the McDonald’s of the music industry.

“There’s a certain target group that wants to be global and international: to go for McDonald’s and pizza rather than for local food. Spotify will serve them, I guess, but we have a different approach. We’re very local.”

Brother Nature Violently Jumped At Miami Restaurant

Kelvin Peña, better known by his internet moniker, Brother Nature, was jumped Friday night at La Sandwicherie in Miami, Florida. Video the attack made its way online by way the assailant who posted the footage through his now-banned Twitter account himself, according to Bossip. He claims Peña entered the restaurant in a boastful manner, upsetting some customers, but how it escalated from there is unknown. The initial posts are no longer up, but many have been quick to repost the videos.

Peña has since responded on Twitter: “I know there’s a video out me getting jumped, everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing. Oh well 🤷🏽‍♂️”

Many have come to Peña’s defense online. Jay Versace wrote on Twitter: “It’s crazy cause i was just talking about how the nigga brother nature one the nicest humans I ever met in person. seeing that shit hurt my heart smh.” Shaun King said, “Shame on the people who watched, filmed, and refused to intervene. I understand the fear, I do, but this is not OK.”

In typical Twitter fashion, users have taken to his defensive by use jokes. One user posted a video penguins walking with the caption, “The Animal Kingdom getting in formation after hearing about Brother Nature getting jumped.”

Snoop Dogg Shares Incredible Artwork Of West Coast Royal Trio

For those who hold the West Coast dear to heart, Snoop Dogg‘s Instagram page remains a must-follow. Yet for every savage meme he shares comes a valuable dose hip-hop history, particularly centered around the Los Angeles scene. Seeing as he’s among the game’s most legendary icons, you can bet he’s assembled no shortage stories and memories to share. Not to mention his understanding the royal lineage, which he recently took to IG to celebrate through some incredible artwork.

Snoop Dogg Shares Incredible Artwork Of West Coast Royal Trio

 Enos Solomon/FilmMagic/Getty s

Though the artist in question went sadly uncredited, their work is certainly stunning to behold. Depicting Ice Cube, 2Pac Shakur, and Snoop Dogg as kings yore, decked out in royal garb and looking appropriately regal, makes for a powerful image on many levels. First, seeing three the West’s most revered lyricists equated to kings. And second, the blending urban culture with that the royal monarchy and the juxtaposition it creates. All in all, whoever put those images to the canvas did a bang-up job, and Snoop did well to highlight the pieces.

Of the three Kings depicted, which one reigns supreme? Sound f below.

Dominos Is Paying $20 An Hour To Taste Test Their New Garlic Bread

Okay, I’m sorry if you clicked on this article and you don’t happen to live in Brisbane, Australia, but it’s still good to know that the pizza chain we all know and love is fering great wages for noble work. Domino’s has posted a job opening on LinkedIn for the position Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester. Actually, the position isn’t exclusively available to garlic bread connoisseurs in Brisbane, because if you happen to live elsewhere in Australia, Domino’s is willing to pay for a hotel and a return domestic flight to acquire your services. It’s hard to imagine what kind pertinent skills or experience could be listed on someone’s CV that would make the company willing to incur those expenses. 

The job posting did in fact paint a picture the ideal candidate. It delineates that Domino’s is in search someone who “understands the perfect ‘crunch to stness’ ratio,” and “never met a carb they didn’t like.” They must also have “working taste buds” and have “burned their fingers at least once not being able to wait for the garlic bread to cool down.” Whoever was in charge writing this job description must have had a great time because they continued laying down jokes. They also specified that they want someone who “has a history reviewing other people’s food choices (solicited and/or unsolicited).”
The application process entails completing a survey and explaining in 200 words, or in a 30 second video, what makes you right for the job. Applications close October 7. I really hope we have some Australian readers that this message reaches because I would be honoured to play a part in someone being paid 30 Australian dollars an hour to eat garlic bread. 

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Reportedly Have Date Night At NYC Pizza Spot

Just like the rest us, it appears Jay Z & Beyonce love a good pizza every now and then. PageSix reports the power couple were spotted out together at one their favorite NYC pizza joints, Pasquale Jones.

Jay & Bey decided to hit up Pasquale Jones a few days ago when the restaurant brought in Tokyo chefs Ryu Yoshimura and Yuki Motokura Savoy Pizza (as seen on Netflix’s Ugly Delicious) for a 3-day special event. From September 18th to 21st, the chefs decided to do wild takes on Neapolitan-style pies. They partnered with local chefs Ryan Hardy and Tim Caspare for an exclusive menu classic and inventive styles, which Hov & Bey wanted to check out. Tickets to the restaurant costed $100, with a wine pairing being an extra $95. However it’s unlikely that Beyonce and Jay had to pay that fee, or maybe they did?

Bey and Jay weren’t the only ones checking out the 3-day pop up event. NBA star Kevin Love and girlfriend Kate Bock, who were “devouring Savoy’s famed tuna pizza,” were also seen at the restaurant. Can’t blame people for wanting some good pizza.

Tamar Braxton Vows To Never Wear Spanx Again During "Wendy Williams" Visit

Tamar Braxton is one the latest guests to pay a visit to Wendy Williams self-titled talk show for her new season. The 42-year-old surprised everyone when she stepped on stage wearing nothing but a pair Spanx and as it turns out the fashion move was intentional. When Tamar sat down, Wendy right away asked where her dress was located, leading Tamar to explain that the interview would be the last time she’s wearing Spanx as part her lifestyle change. 

Tamar Braxton Vows To Never Wear Spanx Again During "Wendy Williams" Visit
Earl Gibson III/Getty s

“Everybody talking about Hot Girl Summer, I’m lying, I had a Warm Girl Summer with a filter. I’m not doing that no more, I can’t. My stomach is having several seats on my lap. I can’t live my life like this,” she explained, TooFab. Tamar explained how it’s necessary to feel physically amazing to then feel amazing on a mental level. 

“I challenge myself to become my best self. Period,” she added. “I just got tired stuffing my stomach in my pants. Why we sitting around here fronting and lying about, ‘I feel amazing,’ you do not feel amazing after you eat burger, pizza, fries and three martinis like I like to eat — don’t judge me! — I’m just saying. I just feel like God has a lot in store for me … I want to be mentally ready for it.”

LeBron James Keeps Fans Guessing With Blaze Pizza "Ron" Character

LeBron James has been known for some antics in the past although unlike most people, his antics are usually positive and can bring a smile to people’s faces. Back in 2016, James linked up with Blaze Pizza where he created a character named “Ron” who worked behind the counter at one the chain’s locations. This sparked a ton confusion amongst customers who immediately recognized the three-time NBA champion upon walking into the restaurant.

Now, it appears as though Blaze Pizza and LeBron will be linking up again although it remains to be seen on what scale exactly. LeBron took to Facebook where he revealed the “Ron” character will be making a return. Blaze Pizza then went on Twitter to talk about the deal saying “Something BIG is coming.” There is no telling what that is but obviously, it will include lots and lots pizza.

LeBron has been leveling up significantly over the last few years as he has ventured into numerous different realms. For instance, James has acted in films and is about to star in Space Jam 2. James also has HBO show The Shop and this season he will be looking to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to an NBA championship.

Needless to say, LeBron has been thriving out here.

Shaq Surprises L.A. Residents With Papa John’s Pizzas: Watch

Earlier this year, NBA Hall Famer Shaquille O’Neal was named Papa John’s newest board member, as he became the board’s first African American director, as well as an investor in nine Papa John’s restaurants in Atlanta. Additionally, The Diesel now serves as an ambassador, as the pizza brand looks to repair their image.

As part the rebrand, Shaq recently threw on the Papa John’s delivery gear and handed out some pizzas throughout Los Angeles, including stops at a local temple, a community pool and an auto shop. Click here to watch the behind the scenes video.

According to CNN, the company will pay O’Neal $8.25 million over three years for the endorsement deal.

“Shaquille has an excellent entrepreneurial background, including as a restaurant franchise owner, and is a natural creative marketer,” said Jeff Smith, chairman Papa John’s board directors.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Shaq explained that he was a huge fan Papa John’s during his days at LSU, which made him want to get involved as the company looks to repair it’s image. 

“I was like, ‘I want to get into the franchise business.’ I used to be in the franchise business, I had 155 Five Guys, I sold those,” Shaq says. “And Papa John’s in college was big for me, because it was what I ordered. So when I met with former Papa John’s CEO] Steve Ritchie and Starboard Capital CEO] Jeff Smith, I said ‘I would like to be involved, if I can be on the board and if I can purchase a couple franchises.’”