"The Hateful Eight" Composer Accuses Quentin Tarantino Of "Stealing From Others"

Illustrious movie composer Ennio Morricone has come out and accused American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino blatant unoriginality. The two males labored collectively on Quention’s 2015 movie The Hateful Eight, with Morricone producing the movie’s musical rating, one thing he is performed for nearly half-a-century now. In concept, for theft to happen (from a artistic standpoint), credit score should be withheld – and that is precisely what Morricone is accusing Tarantino doing in an unique interview with Playboy.

“The man is a cretin. He solely steals from others and places stuff again collectively once more. There’s nothing unique about that. That doesn’t make him a director,” the 90-year-old composer informed Playboy Magazine. “He is nothing in contrast with the Hollywood greats, equivalent to John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock or Billy Wilder. They had class. Tarantino merely recooks outdated dishes.”

Morricone went on to explain Tarantino as an “completely chaotic” director to work below, and I do specify “below” because the sentiment the 90-year-old composer is attempting to convey. Back in 2013, Ennio complained that Quentin Tarantino positioned music in his movies, ten out sequence. His precise phrases: “(Tarantino) locations music in his movies with out coherence.” But alas, they might collectively two years later, seemingly for the final time.

Freddie Gibbs Recalls Chin-Checking Logic Over Stolen Cover Art

If you recall, delicate controversy arose from Logic’s use non secular iconography on his Everybody album rollout, an incensed Freddie Gibbs believing he’d stolen the concept with out giving him correct credit score. Freddie’s You Only Live 2wice cowl artwork depicted co-opted equally “pseudo-religious” themes. It serves to notice, You Only Live 2wice rolled out first.

The Freddie cowl, painted him as a prophet determine risen from the lifeless. Conversely, Logic’s Everybody rollout depicted him in a conspicuous “Where is Waldo” place, albeit within the foreground non secular iconography, equally to Freddie’s creative impressions across the identical time.

Notice something?

In any case, issues got here to a head when Freddie noticed Logic in a restaurant again in 2007. He described the peaceable decision as such:

“Logic stole that sh*t. We cool although, however you already know you took that sh*t, boy,” Freddie advised Bobby James MLTD. “That white boy took that sh*t. It’s cool. I seen a n***a in a restaurant after that. I seen him in Ruth’s Chris.”

He later added, “I stated one thing that minute, that day. I stated, ‘N*gga, you stole my sh*t’… But I am not about to go to conflict with Logic and all his motherf*cking followers. It’s all good. I received love for Logic. I like his music.”

Consider the battle “utterly resolved.” 

Kevin Hart Settles Out Of Lawsuit With Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions Owner

Around this time final 12 months, The Blast reported that Scott Montoya, the proprietor Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions, pursued authorized motion towards Kevin Hart for allegedly threatening to de-stabilize the model that he had invested appreciable effort and time establishing.

It appears that in late 2017, the Night School actor reportedly made strikes to amass three separate emblems for “Laugh Out Loud.” The emblems are mentioned to be for a brand new comedy enterprise that Hart is engaged on with Lionsgate. Upon discovering this, Montaya sprung into motion and opposed the trademark on the idea that Hart was utilizing a model that has “been seen by tens thousands and thousands individuals over the previous eight years” as a springboard. He maintained that Hart can be impacting his skill to embark on varied enterprise ventures sooner or later by buying the aforementioned emblems. 

Today, The Blast experiences that Hart and Montoya have settled their variations with Montaya opting to dismiss all claims towards Hart and his firms. The court docket paperwork purportedly reveal that Hart’s co-defendant Lionsgate paid an undisclosed sum to Montaya by way of their insurance coverage and states that each he and Hart will cowl their very own authorized charges.

It appears all is effectively within the Ride Along comic’s authorized world. 

Bhad Bhabie Fans Accuse Eminem Of Stealing Her Flow On "Not Alike"

Bhad Bhabie fans are actually pressing Eminem for stealing her content, I kid you not. The accusations started to build after one fan pointed out an apparent similarity between Bhad Babie’s “Hi Bich” and Eminem’s “Not Alike.” The Twitter user supported their claim with a side-by-side montage each song. Then another Bhad Bhabie fan came forward with the same observation, possibly in response to the original claim.

From there it became hard to keep track each user’s place in line. 

The formidable “Frernk” pegged “Hi Bich” as better than anything Eminem has released since 2014. 

This Tweeter was “lowkey feeling Eminem’s new album, until “Hi Bich” came into focuse, and ultimately washed away any unbiased thoughts he may have held prior.

Even Bhad Bhabie chimes in herself as a response to all the fanfare/backlash, stating that she would be more than happy to accept all the chatter “as a compliment.”

Go ahead and make that comparison for yourselves.

Eminem – “Not Alike” featuring Royce Da 5’9

Bhad Bhabie – Hi Bich (Original)

Evidently Eminem has his sights on Machine Gun Kelly at the moment, but maybe this too will reach him, or rather one his henchmen. Do you see a similarity?

Kendrick Lamar & SZA Fight Back In "Black Panther" Lawsuit Against Artist

The TDE roster is absolutely stacked these days. With Kendrick Lamar leading the group, SZA fers something unlike many her rapping peers, bringing ferocious R&B flavor to the table. Growing her brand to an immense level over the course the last two years, SZA is one the most established members the label. Her collaboration with Kenny on Black Panther‘s “All The Stars” is one the best songs on the soundtrack but it has been wrapped up in controversy since a lawsuit was filed, citing plagiarism on the part the two artists in the video.

We’ve previously reported on Lena Iris Viktor’s suit against the superstars for the unauthorized use her art in the “All The Stars” video. While she may believe the success the song and soundtrack is due in part to her work being featured, SZA and Kendrick believe otherwise. According to TMZ, the pair have filed documents to have the lawsuit thrown out court, because, in their minds, anybody using “common sense and logic” would know that the song would have been successful either way. In a way, they’re absolutely correct. When two stars as popular as Kendrick Lamar and SZA team up, the public will take notice. However, if the art was stolen, they are definitely in the wrong.

The two are saying that Viktor is not entitled to any the prits made because the song blew up solely due to Kendrick’s “worldwide popularity as well as numerous accolades, including a Pulitzer Prize and dozens Grammys.”

Melania Trump's "Be Best" Booklet Accused Of Plagiarizing Obama-Era Text

Melanie Trump recently unveiled an initiative to help Americans become healthier and more secure, which also included an adjoining publication that seems all too familiar. 

The text and graphics used for Trump’s Be Best booklet are nearly identical to those found in the previous edition, which was manifested during Barack Obama’s presidency. The safety book is described as being helmed by “Melania Trump and the Federal Trade Commission.” 

After some people began to notice the similarities, they effectively took to social media to elucidate the very familiar prose. As a result, the booklet is now being recognized as a “Federal Trade Commission booklet, promoted by First Lady Melania Trump.”

The “Be Best” initiative aims to promote healthier living, positive use social media, as well as combatting the current opioid crisis. Trump notes how “social media can both positively and negatively affect our children, but too ten it is used in negative ways.”

Ironically, Donald Trump has been accused cyber-bullying multiple times in the past, especially over Twitter.