RiFF RAFF Headed To Trial In $12 Million Sexual Assault Case From '14

RiFF RaFF is lastly getting into the lawsuit for incidents associated to a go to to a Nevada brothel in 2014. The plaintiff, who refuses to be named, is suing the rapper for $12 million, a complete accounting for medical bills, misplaced wages, bodily, emotional, and psychological trauma, authorized prices, and extra. 

The plaintiff, now in her mid-twenties, thought of herself an acquaintance RiFF RaFF’s on the time the incident. The two met on the Bunny Ranch Bar & Cigar in Mound House, Nevada, the place she’d been dancing, and he, performing his musical repertoire, to a choose crowd invited friends. As per their association, “Jane Doe” waited for RiFF RaFF outdoors the venue, with a good friend named Sara. RiFF RaFF finally turned up with a good friend his personal, his musical accomplice in crime DollaBillGates, the 4 people thus forming an admissible double date situation (by all accounts).

The lawsuit claims delirious RiFF RaFF forcibly confiscated their earnings then used them as collateral to achieve sexual favors. The plaintiff and her good friend Sara had been carrying the greenback quantity their ideas, after cashing out for the evening. With the money in his sole possession, RiFF RaFF is alleged to have been a sequence undesirable advances, culminating in harm and emotional misery. DollaBillGates and Sara, performing as conduits to the investigation that ensued, admitted all of them used copious quantities cocaine all through the evening. 

We’ll maintain you up to date on the proceedings.


Milwaukee Bucks Lend "Full Support" To Sterling Brown's Police Brutality Lawsuit

The Milwaukee Bucks are ready to back down their man at any cost. In a Tweet issued last night, the NBA franchise sent an ficial decree condemning the “shameful and inexcusable” actions the Milwaukee police department in January, 2018. Sterling Brown, a reserve guard on the Bucks’ roster, was wrongfully tackled, tased and arrested on false pretenses.

The Bucks organization was forced to act (on their own accord) when a surprising report came out  city attorney Grant Langley’s fice asserting the ficer was “within his means,” a proclamation mayor Tom Barrett called “counterproductive.”

Since the incident, Brown filed a lawsuit under his lawyer Mark Thomsen claiming that authorities were “discriminating against Mr. Brown on the basis his race.” Brown was accosted by the deputy in question after his vehicle was found occupying two handicap spots in an empty Walgreens parking lot. Sterling was able to corral public support after video the arrest was made public in May.

Brown and his attorney Mark Thomsen want the city Milwaukee to “actually admit to the wrongs, admit that his (Brown’s) constitutional rights were violated.” Sterling Brown will not go down without a fight, and now it seems, he has the backing his employer.

Viacom Wants The Game To Cover Legal Fees After Clinching $20 Million Lawsuit

Viacom is seeking a full reimbursement their legal fees following their successful defense in The Game’s counteraction lawsuit against the company. The legal battle stems from sexual assault charge mounted on The Game during an the production She Got Game, a short-lived dating show funded by the holding company.

According to The Blast, Viacom is holding out for a sum  $35,729.50, the total their legal expenses. The case resided over $20 million The Game felt he was owed by the company for casting a person “questionable character” aka Priscilla Rainey. Incidentally, the judge presiding over the original case sided with the plaintiff, Priscilla Rainey, and awarded her $7.1 million, a sum The Game has yet to pay.

The $20 million demands were read as a ballpark figure for ensuing loss innocence. A 2nd judge refuted the subsequent liability suit, while The Game is left to ponder his options or face “potential” imprisonment. The decision rendered on June 5 must now pass a second stage. If The Game were to post the inferred damage ( $35,729.50) he would essentially be admitting some level culpability for the assault. It would be best to consider the matter inconclusive until The Game is all out counter moves, and is forced to pay the $7.1 million sum.