Boosie Badazz & Cam'ron Drag Hugh Hefner Into R. Kelly Debate

 manLifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly shared horrific particulars R. Kelly’s alleged victims. Although the allegations have been round for some time, extra folks, together with your favourite celebrities, have been questioning why extra wasn’t achieved to guard these younger ladies. Meek Mill, Tank, John Legend, and Chance The Rapper had been among the many many who condemned Kelly following the Dream Hampton-produced docuseries. However, Survivng R. Kelly has sparked up questions from each Boosie Badazz and Cam’ron who surprise why Hugh Hefner did not face comparable condemnation for the Playboy empire.

Boosie and Cam’ron have shared their ideas following Surviving R. Kelly. The two rappers shared an identical sentiment as to why a Hugh Hefner, a white man who additionally confronted accusations sexual misconduct in direction of underaged women, did not face the identical sort public scrutiny as R. Kelly. Boosie reposted a video a person questioning why black celebrities are ten portrayed negatively within the media earlier than he shared a photograph Hugh Hefner on the Playboy Mansion.

“BUT THIS IS THIS IS MAN YALL PRAISE Frfr #theyalwayswantuckovertheblackmanlegacy IM JUST SAYIN 💯💯IF HEFTNER WAS A BLACK MAN DOING THAT WHAT WOULD HE BE CALLED?” he captioned the picture.

Cam’ron spoke on R. Kelly as properly over the weekend. Over a sequence submit, Cam’ron made it clear that he would not endorse R. Kelly’s actions in any means, however he did query why Hefner did not face backlash for allegedly recruiting underage for Playboy.

“For all ya defending Hugh. He had Brooke Shields bare taking pics in da tub when she was 10. Not defending “Robert” however it’s mad pedi’s (no toes) out right here,” he wrote.

Peep Camron’s posts beneath.

Stormy Daniels Will Be In The Next "Freedom of Expression" Issue Of "Playboy"

Stormy Daniels, the most-searched for individual  PornHub 2018, wrote on Instagram yesterday that she is “past excited and honored” to announce that she will probably be included within the subsequent situation  Playboy journal. The situation, which will probably be referred to as “Freedom Expression,” comes out this week and can embody Daniels together with a canopy that riffs on the censorship the feminine nipple (which Playboy experimented with briefly). The journal has written considerate articles on Daniels and her authorized battle towards the president the United States up to now, like this one, titled “The Campaign to Discredit Stormy Daniels Is a Campaign Against Sex Workers.”

The announcement comes within the wake a yr authorized battles towards the president who she claims made her signal a non-disclosure settlement for the affair that she alleges and doesn’t appear that far fetched. When Trump denied this on Twitter and within the media, Daniels, underneath the opinion he went to far (calling her a liar), sued him for defamation however ultimately misplaced the case. The authorized motion she introduced towards Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen will not be but settled however Daniels’ lawyer believes that they started a domino impact which led to extra investigations and, ultimately, Cohen’s incarceration:

Blind Man Sues Playboy, Says They Don't Have An Accessible Website

A blind man has sued Playboy as a result of he “can’t absolutely and equally use or benefit from the services, merchandise, and providers.” The man, Donald Dixon, claims that the web site violates the Americans With Disabilities act as a result of it is not accessible to him as a visually impaired particular person. He’s searching for an unspecified quantity damages and is hoping to get Playboy to replace their web site to make it extra accessible. 

Yes, this may occasionally sound unusual and the lawsuit might sound unattainable; the web is just about essentially the most visible medium and Playboy is essentially the most iconic instance a visible medium on or f the web. It’s about pictures, what can Dixon probably hope to get out his lawsuit?

Well there are already a complete array instruments that assist visually impaired individuals “see” the web, or in some circumstances, hear it. There’s the VoiceOver operate which reads out a webpage, together with its structure. There can be screen-reading stware which works into the HTML code the web site and determines what’s vital, extracts it and reads it out to the person.  It’s not excellent, nevertheless it works if web sites comply to sure business requirements. Many do not, although, and it may be a problem, as Paul Schroeder, VP Programs and Policy for the American Foundation for the Blind, put it, “When you log onto a web site utilizing display studying stware, what you begin with is a website that tells you what number of strains, and a few fundamental construction—however not very a lot. When you are experiencing a cluttered website, the knowledge you need could also be 300-400 strains in, and for those who’re going line by line, or part by part, it might probably take you a really very long time to search out what you need.” 

This is a troublesome one. Is Playboy going to have to rent somebody to write down out descriptions their pictures imbedded within the code the positioning? Or will they only make their articles extra accessible? I suppose we’ll see.

Hugh Hefner Dumped Casket Full Of Private Sex Tapes Into Sea: Report

The phrase “legend” will get thrown round rather a lot as of late. However, Hugh Hefner… that man is unquestionably a legend. The Playboy founder handed away final 12 months however his life was so intriguing that information remains to be breaking out about him. Everything he undertook was fascinating for younger males all over the world as they envied his distinctive way of life. Constantly surrounded by essentially the most stunning ladies on the earth, Hef left behind an empire. He was additionally fairly the women man, ten hooking up together with his fashions within the storied Playboy Mansion. Apparently, a quantity his experiences had been taped and Hugh was afraid that they’d be leaked. Before his passing, he reportedly headed out to the ocean and dumped all his personal intercourse tapes within the water to be destroyed.

Hugh Hefner Dumped Casket Full Of Private Sex Tapes Into Sea: Report
Robert Mora/Getty s

The information was reported by Page Six, who states that he feared that his most “well-known and secret conquests” could be uncovered. According to an insider, Hef gathered up all his tapes, personal photographs, and even handwritten notes from superstars in a specially-designed casket. The casket was lined with cement, making certain that it was as heavy as potential. Once every thing was locked inside, his aides helped him dump it within the sea. 

The supply revealed, “Hugh was terrified the world discovering out every thing about his previous. He had saved a treasure chest reminiscences his life with all these stunning ladies relationship again from the 1950s to the mid-1990s.” Some the tapes included footage shot on 8mm movie from the 1970s exhibiting the Playboy founder partaking in a number of orgies. It is recommended that Marilyn Monroe is one the ladies on video.

"The Hateful Eight" Composer Accuses Quentin Tarantino Of "Stealing From Others"

Illustrious movie composer Ennio Morricone has come out and accused American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino blatant unoriginality. The two males labored collectively on Quention’s 2015 movie The Hateful Eight, with Morricone producing the movie’s musical rating, one thing he is performed for nearly half-a-century now. In concept, for theft to happen (from a artistic standpoint), credit score should be withheld – and that is precisely what Morricone is accusing Tarantino doing in an unique interview with Playboy.

“The man is a cretin. He solely steals from others and places stuff again collectively once more. There’s nothing unique about that. That doesn’t make him a director,” the 90-year-old composer informed Playboy Magazine. “He is nothing in contrast with the Hollywood greats, equivalent to John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock or Billy Wilder. They had class. Tarantino merely recooks outdated dishes.”

Morricone went on to explain Tarantino as an “completely chaotic” director to work below, and I do specify “below” because the sentiment the 90-year-old composer is attempting to convey. Back in 2013, Ennio complained that Quentin Tarantino positioned music in his movies, ten out sequence. His precise phrases: “(Tarantino) locations music in his movies with out coherence.” But alas, they might collectively two years later, seemingly for the final time.

Jenna Jameson Reveals Slim Body, Admits Concerns About Losing Weight Without Drugs

Jenna Jameson helped put a lot boys through puberty. The adult film star is known for many things, including her bodacious body. Jameson gave birth to her baby daughter last year, and had retained most the baby weight after the process.  She may have even put on some extra pounds in the months after she gave birth. Although there’s nothing wrong with a new mother dealing with baby fat, society has us thinking that women must hop in the gym as soon as they pop their child out. Jameson took to Instagram to reveal that she was struggling with weight insecurities, and that she was worried about losing the weight now that she’s sober. 

“Let’s talk about the mental aspect losing weight and getting healthy. I’m going to be honest with you, when I was heavy I hated leaving the house,” she wrote in a post that shows a dramatic weight loss before and after comparison. “I felt judged. I felt eyes on me everywhere. I could hear others internal monologue saying ‘damn, Jenna Jameson let herself go.'” 

“I was disappointed in myself. I was worried I couldn’t lose the weight Sober,” she continued. “I’m being real with you. When I was in my addiction it was easy to stay thin. Sobriety and being overweight was new to me. I kept telling myself if I could beat addiction and stay sober, I can easily lose the weight… and I did.”

Teyana Taylor Covers Playboy Magazine, Talks Her "Leader Vibe," Challenges & More

Teyana Taylor may seem like a newer name in the game to a few, but don’t get it twisted, she’s been around for a minute. The 27-year-old is a Harlem raised, home-schooled only child (on her mother’s side) who grew up skateboarding and riding BMX bikes until one her mother’s industry friends took her into a studio one day. “I didn’t have no bio, no demo, no nothing. I just went with my skateboard,” she tells Playboy. “Sassy, just sassy.” 

“I have a leader vibe about me,” she adds. “Because I was homeschooled, I had no choice but to raise my hand even if I didn’t want to. But I was fearless—pure, raw. I would see groups people dancing, and instead joining in, I would actually want to make up the moves. I’ve always been a person that wants not just to do it; I want to be it.”

Just because Teyana was snatched into the music and studio world at a young age, doesn’t mean it brought about great success from the jump. She only just released her debut, Kanye West produced project, K.T.S.E., in June and after it was finally released, it still wasn’t the right version. “Patience has been my biggest challenge,” she explains. “There’s times where I’d just be laying in bed, crying. I’d been doing this for so many years and it was just not happening.”

Despite the mix-up, there was something so great about working with Kanye that made her vision a reality for what she wanted her fans to have. “That’s the beauty working with someone like Kanye: He gets how creative people work. I would never let someone tell me, ‘This is what you’re going to sing today,’ ” she says. “That’s the Karl Lagerfeld in me. I got to grab the camera myself, because you don’t see what I see, baby. I need you to be able to feel me. I need you to be able to touch me.”

Read her full feature here. 

Trump Requests A Coke To Quench His Thrist While Paying Off Playboy Model

Donald Trump is embroiled in yet another cheating scandal. The president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen spent years as Trump’s most loyal servant, but he has broken with Donald and started a war. Other than revealing that Trump was in full knowledge the 2016 meeting between his campaign ficials and a group Russians, Cohen also released a tape ( CNN) the president discussing a payf. This payf has nothing to do with Stormy Daniels though, but another woman who works in the adult industry has been twisted into the plot. 

In the tape, Trump discusses paying f former Playboy model Karen McDougal for an alleged affair that took place between the two. During the tape, Trump and Cohen discuss purchasing McDougal’s story the affair, which took place nearly a decade ago. The men decide the best way to pay her f is by moving the money through a company. It is proposed that the faux company and the finances could be fronted through American Media, which publishes the National Enquirer. 

“I need to open up a company for the transfer all that info regarding our friend David,” Cohen stated in the recording, referring to American Media head David Pecker. Later in the tape, Cohen revealed to Trump that The New York Times served them in an attempt to access divorce papers. In the middle discussing how to avoid that from happening, Trump loudly stated, “get me a Coke please!” The random plug for the delicious soda while discussing illegal matters has caused a hilarious uproar from the internet, which has created memes regarding the president’s thirst. 

Cooper Hefner Reveals Playboy Is Leaving Facebook Amid Security Concerns

Facebook is in the midst a scandal that has many questioning social media’s privacy protection, with the Cambridge Analytica debacle poisoning the website’s reputation. Cooper Hefner, the son founder Hugh Hefner, has taken to Twitter to announce that they too will be erasing their presence from the most widely used social media network in the world following this breach trust.

“Facebook’s content guidelines and corporate policies continue contradicting our values. We’ve tried to craft our voice for the platform, which in our opinion continues to be sexually repressive. Learning the recent meddling in a free U.S. election further demonstrates another concern we have how they handle users’ data — more than 25 million which are Playboy fans — making it clear to us that we must leave the platform.”

Playboy‘s erasure from Facebook follows similar moves by SpaceX and Tesla, which are both owned by Elon Musk. Brian Acton, the founder popular messaging platform WhatsApp, has also supported the #DeleteFacebook movement that has ignited Twitter. 

However, the magazine is still active on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. They currently have 6.4 million followers on their prile.