Ja Rule & Black Mafia Family Diss 50 Cent For Aligning Himself With Tekashi 6ix9ine

Ja Rule is back to dissing 50 Cent. On Wednesday (September 18), the Murder Inc. vet reposted a photo of his longtime adversary posing with the currently incarcerated Tekashi 6ix9ine with the words “SNITCH” and “WANKSTA” written in all caps.

He included a caption from the Black Family Mafia Instagram account that clearly warns the Power mogul to stay out of Detroit.



Ja Rule & Black Mafia Family Diss 50 Cent For Aligning Himself With Tekashi 6ix9ine

From there, Rule reposted BMF’s “public service announcement,” which accuses 50 of being a phony.

“Dear Fake Ass Rapper @50cent @starz @markcanton Please get off our dick and stop doing interviews speaking on shit you know nothing about boy,” it read. “You dont have your facts straight about #bmf clown ass nigga #youwasntthere.

“You are just a groupie cuz trying to figure out shit about Real G’s and what happened 30 yrs ago when you was a little broke boy who couldn’t even pee straight. Never try to depict or describe what we built and put together YOU FAKE ASS BITCH.”

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Public Announcement‼️ Dear Fake Ass Rapper🤡 @50cent @starz @markcanton Please get off our dick and stop doing interviews speaking on shit you know nothing about boy. You dont have your facts straight about #bmf clown ass nigga #youwasntthere You are just a groupie cuz trying to figure out shit about Real G’s and what happened 30 yrs ago when you was a little broke boy who couldn’t even pee straight. Never try to depict or describe what we built and put together YOU FAKE ASS BITCH‼️So you understand #westillhere Not one major artist in the ATL came out to support your fraudulent #bmf casting call. Its a reason why you ain’t come back to the D. Fact is you been gas lighting the public for the last 5yrs with that same ole bullshit lies. How many times we gotta tell you this aint some fairytale shit made up by a bunch of white writers in Hollywood like #power Matter of Fact You Banned DONT COME TO DETROIT🚫You trying to use #bmf for street credibility cuz you have none❌You running around with wanna be’s & paid police. They cant help you so we suggest you keep it moving with the weak ass #bmfcasting calls you been doing everywhere but Detroit. Anyone from the streets reading this know what time it is💯Real Deal this ain’t no rap shit this real shit. Hardcopy dropping soon to clear the air once and for all. We own the trademark™️ #bmf #blackmafiafamily so be our guest since you like to be stupid. #starz #randellemmett #gunittvandfilm have already been put on C&D notice so go ahead and make our day ™️ We suggest you pay off your bankruptcy debt & stay out #bmf business or you will be embarrassed in front of the world. Thats a PROMISE since you think you know so much try us🏴Collectors Item Hardcopy Book Coming October 2019🔜 BLUEPRINT TO CONSPIRACY The Untold Story of the Black Mafia Family™️ eBook📘 Available now on Amazon / Kindle / Iphone / Android #realshit #youbethejury #theblackmafiafamily #amazon #insidestory #realpeople #noactors #realmob #bmf www.therealbmf.com

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BMF continued, “So you understand #westillhere. Not one major artist in the ATL came out to support your fraudulent #bmf casting call. Its a reason why you ain’t come back to the D.

“Fact is you been gas lighting the public for the last 5yrs with that same ole bullshit lies. How many times we gotta tell you this aint some fairytale shit made up by a bunch of white writers in Hollywood like #power Matter of Fact You Banned DONT COME TO DETROIT.”

Rule and BMF’s posts come shortly after 50 objected to Rule’s upcoming Supreme Team movie on Instagram.

During a recent interview with The Outlaws Radio show, Irv Gotti revealed plans for the film, which will revolve around Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and the Supreme Team. He claimed Jamie Foxx had agreed to play McGriff.

McGriff, who has a close relationship with Murder Inc., was once accused of being connected to 50’s attempted murder. Fiddy quickly took his grievances to Instagram and said he’d already talked to Foxx about it.

“This shit isn’t even set up at a studio, stop using Jamie name,” 50 wrote in the caption. “I talk to him already you can fucking forget about it Buck O. Y’all not even from South Side, get the fuck outta here. I’m doing that story with Bimmy at STARZ. LOL get ya weight up.”

The post reads “Not as long as I’m alive” across the front of it.


Joe Budden Mocks Tekashi 6ix9ine For Ratting Out Trippie Redd

Joe Budden is one the most relevant hip-hop commentators in the world, always voicing his opinion on the most controversial topics pertaining to the culture. He’s known to have a pretty divisive take on things, which is likely the reason why his podcast with Rory and Mal is so successful. You just knew he would have something to say about the Tekashi 6ix9ine trial that began this week and, in a special 3-and-a-half hour episode their show, the crew discussed exactly what went down yesterday in court.

The Love & Hip Hop star and iconic rapper noted that he believes that in certain aspects, Tekashi 6ix9ine and his former manager Kifano “Shotti” Jordan are intelligent men. However, he still clowned the man for what he had to say on the stand.

Joe Budden Mocks Tekashi 6ix9ine For Ratting Out Trippie Redd
Paras Griffin/Getty s

When the trio were recounting everything that 6ix9ine said while he was testifying, Budden mimicked how he thinks the rainbow-haired star sounded in court. Mocking his answer about Trippie Redd also being a gang-member, Budden critiqued him for even bringing something like that up. “Trippie Redd was part it… like come on man. You just in there… Trippie Redd home,” he said, believing that it was wildly unnecessary to provide that information.

Yesterday’s session was cut f early at 4 PM EST but Budden, Rory and Mal expect there to be a lot more information coming out today. Listen to their thoughts on the situation just before the 35-minute mark.

Kobe Bryant Explains How Hornets GM Disrespected Him After Lakers Trade

Kobe Bryant is one the best players to ever step on a basketball court and for close to 20 years, he played with the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s almost unfathomable to think Kobe could have played with any other team although many forget he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets. Bryant’s tenure with the team was short-lived as he was immediately traded to the Lakers on the day he was drafted. 

During a recent appearance on the Knuckleheads podcast, Bryant spoke about what it was like being traded and how he was disrespected by the GM the Hornets, Bob Bass. Bass came across pretty salty over trading Bryant and had some interesting words for him while delivering the news he was going to Los Angeles.

We couldn’t have used you anyway,” Bass told Kobe. As you can imagine, Bryant was pretty shocked by the comments and they ended up motivating him. “I was triggered. I was ready to go to the gym.”

In the end, Kobe got the last laugh as he went on to win five NBA championships while the Hornets have been irrelevant for decades. Despite being owned by Michael Jordan, the Hornets have yet to find success and are headed into yet another rebuild. Having said all that, we’re sure Bryant is happy with how things turned out.


Kobe Bryant Describes Playing Against Michael Jordan In ’98 All Star Game: Watch

Future NBA Hall Famer and Los Angeles Lakers’ living legend Kobe Bryant recently sat down for an interview with Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, as the former Clippers teammates kicked f season 2 their “Knuckleheads” podcast.

During their discussion, Kobe touched on his early years with the Lakers, including playing in the 1997-98 All Star Game against Michael Jordan in just his second season in the league. Needless to say, that was a major moment for 19-year old Kobe, especially when you consider he skipped college just so he could face MJ before he retired.

Says Kobe:

“The hype going up against Mike, it was – let’s go, show me. Like I’ve been watching you play my whole life. Show me. I want to see this – everybody calling you Black Jesus and all this other crap – you gonna have to show me, man.

And I went out there and we went head up and I think his respect and his appreciation for me really grew that day because he saw on the biggest stage, I didn’t shy away from that confrontation. I looked forward to that confrontation.”

Bryant led the Western Conference All Stars with 18 points (and one assist!), while Jordan led all scorers with 23 points to go along with his eight assists, six rebounds and three steals in the East’s 135-114 victory.

It’s worth noting that George Karl elected not to play Kobe at all in the fourth quarter, which is something that the Black Mamba held against Karl, and his Denver Nuggets, for years to come in the playfs.

Check out the clip Kobe’s appearance on the Knuckleheads podcast below, and click here to listen to the full episode. 

Taxstone’s Murder Trial Reportedly Set For November

It appears popular podcaster/media personality Daryl “Taxstone” Campbell is heading to trial soon for the murder Troy Ave‘s bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter. According to a report from AllHipHop, Tax’s trial is slated for November 12, 2019 in a NYC court house.

If you forgot, Tax is facing a life sentence for the fatal shootout that went down inside Irving Plaza back in May 2016. He and rapper Troy Ave allegedly got into a heated dispute, which resulted in gun fire in the back green room the venue.

After the chaos was over, four people were injured, including Troy Ave, and the Brooklyn rapper’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, who was murdered. After an investigation, police found Taxstone’s DNA on the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun’s trigger, handgrip, and magazine, making him the culprit.

However, the case could be very difficult for jurors to decide because DNA from Troy Ave was also detected on the firearm. “We are preparing for his trial and he is presumed to be innocent,” Taxstone’s lawyer Kenneth Montgomery told AllHipHop.com.

We’ll have to wait till November to find out what the verdict is. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any details moving forward.

T.I. To Discuss His Stank Face Captured At Sunday Service On His Podcast, "ExpediTIously"

At the beginning this month, T.I. launched his new podcast, expediTIously – named after the viral video T.I. telling Kodak Black to get his act together in a rapid manner. A podcast for the opinionated artist is long overdue. It’s clear he has a lot to say because he is already three episodes deep, having already brought in Young Thug, “Freeway” Rick Ross, Ice Cube and LL Cool JThe show shot to #1 on the Apple Music charts after the release its first episode and if Tip keeps enlisting awesome guests, it will likely stay there. 

While the DIME TRAP rapper told Billboard that the podcast will focus on “critical issues that impact us a society” – giving him a platform to express his political perspectives previously shared on social media – he wishes to unpack the stank face that he was photographed making while at Kanye West’s Sunday Service in Atlanta this past weekend. In the photo, he is seated next to his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 2 Chainz and his wife, Kesha Ward. However, T.I. is the only one having this strong a reaction to whatever was going down at the time. Perhaps, he was just really feeling the gospel music, but my guess is that if they’re seated, it was likely during a speech. 

We do know that Tip wasn’t in a foul mood for the entirety the event because he shared a photo him and Kanye, expressing how glad he is to see his “brother” in a better place after the disappointment having to watch Ye go through his Trumpian spiral. 

Catch up on expediTIously here and be on the lookout for the next episode to get the story behind the face. 

Irv Gotti Claims He’s Developing Supreme Movie, 50 Cent Isn’t Having It

A nefarious New York figure is about to have his story told on the silver screen, and if 50 Cent has anything to do with it, it won’t happen through Murder Inc. Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff began serving his life sentence back in 2007 after a jury found him guilty drug trafficking and murder conspiracy. There are plenty rumors circulating in the streets regarding other crimes that McGriff is allegedly involved in, including the attempted murder 50 Cent and the murder Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

McGriff and Murder Inc. were closely affiliated after he convinced Irv Gotti to fund his 2003 film, Crime Partners, from the Kenyatta series. When investigators who were looking into McGriff began knocking on doors, they eventually made their way to the fices Murder Inc. and charged Irv with using the film and soundtrack to launder drug money.

Many cite that as the reason why the label had its downfall and hasn’t been able to recover, but Irv and his team are steadily rebuilding the brand’s reputation. In a recent interview with The Outlawz Radio Show, the Growing Up Hip Hop New York star said that a Supreme Team film is in the works with a surprising star already attached.

After listing f the television shows and other projects that are already “greenlit,” or contracted, Irv added the movie to that collection. “We’ve got Jamie Foxx committed, signed on, playing Supreme,” he said. However, 50 Cent caught wind the news and shared on Instagram, “Not as long as I’m alive.” 

Fif also wrote, “This sh*t isn’t even set up at a studio, stop using Jamie name.I talk to him already you can f*cking forget about it Buck O. 🤨 Y’all not even from South Side, get the f*ck outta here. I’m doing that story with Bimmy at STARZ. LOL get ya weight up.”

Saturday Night Live Fires Shane Gillis, Calls His Jokes "Offensive & Hurtful"

No, this controversy isn’t something pulled from a line out a Dave Chappelle comedy special. It was recently announced that comedian Shane Gillis would become a new cast member on Saturday Night Live, but his addition to the iconic sketch comedy show came to an abrupt halt before he even took to the stage.

Following the casting news, Gillis was hit with a scandal after a 2018 soundbite from his show Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast surfaced. On it, Gillis stated, “Chinatown’s f*cking nuts. Let the f*cking ch**ks live there.” He also said, “Why do the f*cking ch*nks live there?…Get those ducks out that window” and added remarks about an Asian person learning English is “more annoying than any other minority playing music loud on their phone.”

Cancel Culture didn’t hesitate to jump on Gillis and his comments, and on Monday it was announced that Saturday Night Live didn’t want to have anything to do with the scandal. “After talking with Shane Gillis, we have decided he will not be joining SNL,” a spokesperson on behalf Lorne Michaels said in a statement. “We want SNL to have a variety voices and points view within the show, and we hired Shane on the strength his talent as comedian and his impressive audition for SNL. We were not aware his prior remarks that have surfaced over the past few days. The language is fensive, hurtful and unacceptable. We are sorry we did not see these clips earlier, and that our vetting process was not up to standard.”

Gillis, who previously apologized if he fended anyone, responded on Monday to the news his removal from SNL by writing, “It feels ridiculous for comedians to be making serious public statements but here we are. I’m a comedian who was funny enough for SNL,” he continued. “That can’t be taken away. Of course I wanted an opportunity to prove myself at SNL, but I understand it would be too much a distraction. I respect the decision they made. I’m honestly grateful for the opportunity. I was always a Mad TV guy anyway.” Should he have been fired?

Warner Music Responds to Lily Allen Sexual Assault Allegation

Warner Music has responded to sexual assault allegations made by Lily Allen in an internal memo.

Allen’s appearance on the BBC’s The Next Episode podcast described how the . She says after the assault occurred, she met with CEO who said he had no idea the assault has occurred. When asked if the executive did anything about it, the singer laughed and replied no. 

Now a leaked internal memo reveals Warner Music believes the accused was not an employee.

The memo says that Warner takes all allegations seriously, but the BBC piece does not say this person is our employee. You can read the full memo below. 

We wanted to talk to you about today’s BBC podcast with Lily Allen. Her account of an assault that took place in 2016 is deeply disturbing and obviously an appalling thing to have happened. Behavior like that has no place in our industry.

I want everyone to know that we take allegations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously, and in situations where they’ve been made about Warner employees, we’ve quickly investigated and taken action.

The BBC piece does not say that the person involved is our employee and we understand that he wasn’t and isn’t.

While there’s a robust process in place when it comes to our employees, we need to improve how we handle situations involving an artist and a person who’s not an employee. We’re going to listen and learn from this experience, and take concrete steps so we do better in future.

Please, if you ever hear of anything like this, you must raise it through official channels, such as your manager or HR. You can also call the Compliance hotline anonymously or refer to our Code of Conduct.



Allen was signed to Warner’s Parlophone label, but she was recently dropped. The reported reason at the time is because her latest record ⁠⁠— No Shame ⁠— was a commercial flop despite its strong reviews. Insiders say the pop scene has changed and her singles no longer chart. Allen argues the album flopped because it received no promotion after her assault allegations. 

Spotify Creates an Entire Podcast Around Artist mxmtoon

Spotify has announced the launch of a new 12-episode music podcast following mxmtoon.

21 Days is a new audio-diary style podcast that follows three weeks in the young singer’s life. She is working on her forthcoming self-released album, the masquerade. The series is designed to help draw attention to the album’s release on September 19.

Mxmtoon ⁠— real name Maia ⁠— has developed quite a following online. She has over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. She also has over 341,000 Instagram followers and lots of engagement on TikTok.

Mxmtoon’s engagement with her audience is grassroots, without any big push from the music industry.

Spotify’s Head of Creative Development Liz Gateley says it’s doubling down on music-oriented podcasts.

“She obviously has lots of followers already, but that’s not enough. The person had to be the right human too, and we felt she had both.”

The podcast is an audio diary narrated by mxmtoon. It also includes an interview with her family, friends, and collaborators. Much of mxmtoon’s online fanbase trends on the younger side. She’s also notoriously private and says she struggled opening up to having microphones and recording equipment around constantly.

The podcast is just one more notch on Spotify’s podcasting belt. Recently the company confirmed it plans to spend over this year. Spotify also overhauled the app to make for listeners to find.

Podcast advertising revenue has skyrocketed while music subscription growth is trending downward in established markets. Analysts expect Spotify’s podcast arm could generate an .

Spotify’s continual focus on exclusive content in the form of podcasts is taking direct shots at Apple. Podcasting was born on iTunes but has become much more as the format has grown. Spotify aims to take more of the podcasting pie, so it becomes a premier destination for listeners.

André 3000 Is Reportedly Working On New Music With Dr. Dre

Los Angeles, CA – Rapper Thurz might have just revealed some long awaited news for André 3000 fans. During an interview with Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio on Friday (September 13), Thurz talked about what it was like working in the studio with Dr. Dre.

In the clip, DJ HED asks if he was ever surprised by the people who pop up while they’re in session. Thurz quickly mentions André.

“3 Stacks was in there,” he replies.

“What!? Is he doing music?” DJ HED asks to which Thurz responds, “He’s got an album.”

Realizing what he said, Thurz follows up with, “He played a lot of ideas that sound like an album to me so I’m just jumping to conclusions. He played a lot of cool ideas … yeah, he’s making music. He’s like one of my favorite rappers.”

Although it’s unclear if an André 3000 album is actually on the horizon, at least one thing’s clear — he’s making music in the studio with Dre.

And it may or may not involve a flute. 

Dame Dash Confronts Adam22 On Being A "Culture Vulture" During Live Interview

No Jumper personality Adam22 is well-respected within the hip-hop community. He has his finger on the pulse the culture, knowing what’s about to pop and taking chances on up-and-coming rappers. Still, he’s been accused by some taking advantage the culture. As one the most famous rap YouTubers, Adam draws large crowds on each his videos. There will always be some interviews that don’t perform as well as others but Adam still depends on his large audience to make a living. One his recent talks with Dame Dash went viral because something that was introduced after the video went live. The No Jumper host claimed that Dame refused to swing by unless he was provided $500 to get his hair cut. Following up on the controversy, Dame interviewed Adam on his own platform to get to the bottom things.

Right f the bat, you can see where things are headed. Dame isn’t afraid calling out his subjects during interviews and he started f with some strong questions. You will notice that Dame barely lets Adam get a word in at the beginning but once the “culture vulture” talk started around twenty minutes through, Adam got his chance. 

Asking Adam directly what he would say to those who consider him a culture vulture, Dame Dash prompted his guest to explain his reasoning. “I think there’s a fine line between making content about shit that you’re into and then just like shamelessly exploiting black culture,” he said. “I don’t get mad when I see people say that about me because the truth is I’ve probably stepped over the line and done some stupid ass shit and been too comfortable talking about black shit on camera.” He goes on to bring up some direct examples, including the time he shared Slim 400’s hospital address after he was shot.

Watch them discuss the controversial topic below.

Ernie Hudson Will Reprise Role For Upcoming Ghostbusters Film In 2020

Original Ghostbusters cast member, Ernie Hudson, is set to return as Winston in Jason Reitman’s upcoming sequel film in 2020. The news broke from Hudson himself who released a video message you can find here“We’re shooting the new Ghostbusters right now, coming out next summer, so I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy it as much as the other movies that we’ve done,” Hudson said. “I know that I’m having a blast doing it.” Winston was a fan favorite back in the ’80s, so fans will certainly be excited to see him back with the gang.

Fans the Joe Rogan Experience might remember fellow original cast member, Dan Aykroyd, appearing on the podcast earlier this week. He announced his involvement to Joe Rogan there as well. Also appearing in the film will be an impressive cast  Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, and Paul Rudd.

Interestingly, director Jason Reitman is the son the original Ghostbusters director, Ivan Reitman. If anyone could successfully carry on the legacy the originial films, it would be the son the iconic director. The film entered production over this last summer and is scheduled to be released on July 10th, 2020 by Sony Pictures.

Rah Digga Weighs In On Lord Jamar’s Thoughts On Female Rappers

Lord Jamar has made major contributions to hip-hop as a member Brand Nubian but these days, he comes across as more a provocateur. Throughout the past few years, he’s shared several highly unpopular opinions about the rap game — from rapper’s wearing skirts to Eminembeing a guest in the house hip-hop. In all fairness, neither those things are really controversial, although the rapper’s wearing skirts thing was mildly problematic. Earlier this week, he shared another hot take about his opinion on female rappers. To keep things short, he doesn’t fuck with them! What a surprise!

Rah Digga, who co-hosts a podcast with Jamar, finally responded to Jamar’s comments on Twitter. Ultimately, Lord Jamar’s opinions are weightless to Rah Digga. “Nope. That’s his opinion. And the second last thing I care about (the last being ANYBODY’S opinion on ANYTHING) is Lord Jamar’s opinion female rappers,” she wrote.

Many have wondered why Jamar is still relevant in 2019, especially since many his takes ruffle feathers. A fan asked Rah Digga why Jamar has a platform at all but it appears that she’s okay with Jamar spewing his nonsense. “I get to cuss him out and smoke the highest grades marijuana. Please don’t steal my thunder,” she responded.

Rah Digga and Lord Jamar host Yanadameen Godcast every week. 

Rah Digga Responds To Lord Jamar’s Comments On Female Rappers

Rah Digga has co-hosted a podcast with Lord Jamar called Yanadameen GODCAST for over year. So, it’s safe to assume the New Jersey Hip Hop goddess is used to his controversial takes on Hip Hop.

Earlier this week, the Brand Nubian MC went on another tirade during an interview with Battle Code’s Bosschick Raine. This time, he took aim at women on the mic, saying, “I don’t fuck with female rappers.” 

It didn’t take long for Digga to weigh in, but her reaction likely isn’t what people would expect. Simply put, Digga isn’t worried about what Lord Jamar thinks, especially when it comes to female MCs.

When a fan ordered her to address the controversy, she tweeted, “Nope. That’s his opinion. And the second last thing I care about (the last being ANYBODY’S opinion on ANYTHING) is Lord Jamar’s opinion on female rappers.”

When another Twitter user questioned why Lord Jamar even had a platform, Digga replied, “I get to cuss him out and smoke the highest grades of marijuana. Please don’t steal my thunder. #YanadameenGodcast @lordjamar.”

There’s a sense the next episode of Yanadameen Godcast is going to be … let’s say, colorful. New clips are uploaded Monday, Wednesday and Friday with full-length episodes on Sundays.

Find them here.