Toronto Raptors Look Bolster Roster With Greg Monroe Signing: Report

The Toronto Raptors are likely one big away from completing their frontcourt. Questions do remain about Toronto’s ability to stretch the floor, even though incoming players like Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard shoot above the league average.

Their best bet would be to snag a playmaker at the forward position. Make no mistake about it Pascal Siakam has an energizing presence on the floor. Jonas Valanciuanas is an efficient scorer but only iunder sheltered minutes. We all know what Ibaka brings to the table, no questions there. Diehard fans may forecast fensive potential in Jakob Poetl, but on the surface Masai Ujiri did away with brute strength his 2nd unit will have to encompass elsewhere. So where does the solution lie? Internally? Via Trade?

According to TSN, Raptors’ front fice is trying to sell Greg Monroe on the idea joining the team in a reserve role. It wasn’t so long ago that Monroe was a first tier scoring option on the Detroit Pistons, but those days are well behind him, even in the prime years his NBA career (At 28).

Should the former 7th overall pick decide to join the Raptors, he would likely be hard pressed for minute. In the event he were to cement himself a role and earned minutes, it would help his prospects going forward. At his age Monroe has one, maybe two big paydays ahead him. Time is really the essence.

Drake Thanks DeMar DeRozan, Welcomes Kawhi Leonard To The 6ix With Open Arms

It didn’t take long for Aubrey to weigh in on the latest Toronto Raptors roster shakeup. In case you haven’t heard, as this morning the Toronto Raptors have exchanged their franchise player DeMar DeRozan, 2nd-year big Jakob Poeltl, and a 2019 protected first-rounder to the San Antonio Spurs for the mercurial Kawhi Leonard and veteran swingman Danny Green. While the success the deal largely rests on the Raptors ability to re-sign Kawhi Leonard after this season, raptors fans including Drake have had to cope with mixed emotions.

Drake summed it up best when he described DeMar’s many glowing attributes in a body text dedicated to this passing moment. Drake mentioned DeMar’s combination skill, persistence, and loyalty as points excellence he came to admire from his court side seats. Not only did Drake praise his intangible skills as those a “True Captain,” but I commended the outgoing Raptor for being an “even better friend.”

Drake none-the-less couldn’t squander his opportunity to play brand ambassador for the Raptors’ franchise, turning over his attention to new arrival Kawhi Leonard all in the same body text. The Toronto rapper assured the Spurs’ recruit he was in the right position to be his “poised clinical” self, on a winning franchise such as the Raptors. Say what you will about the current NBA landscape, but a few teams have seen their era prominence slip away, while other teams like the Raptors could sink or swim depending on the circumstances and the glut their 2018-2019 season.