Ralo's Atlanta Apartment Complex Raided By FBI & Homeland Security

This morning, residents an apartment complex owned by Atlanta rapper Ralo, woke up to the sounds helicopters and doors being kicked down. 

A police raid, conducted by Atlanta police ficers, ATF, and FBI agents, and well as agents from the Department Homeland Security, was conducted on the apartment complex which, according to Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News, is known by neighborhood residents as “Lil Pakistan.”

The raid was in connection to Ralo’s recent arrest at the DeKalb-Peachtree Peachtree airport, where he was caught with a large amount marijuana on his person, and was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. 

It isn’t known what authorities expected to find in Ralo’s apartment complex, but no arrests were reported from the raid, and the only thing known that the police have seized was an Islamic flag from one the apartments. 

Channel 2 interviewed an associate Ralo’s, Haroun Wakil, who says he’s worked with Ralo on community efforts for children and the homeless. 

“The people in the community love him. I’ve seen people change their lives just because him,” said Wakil. “He’s not what people think he is. He’s a good person.”

Other neighbors claimed that their homes and cars had been hit by stray bullets that had originated from the apartment complex. 

Details on Ralo’s status are still uncertain, but a raid this size on one his properties ensures that authorities had enough probably cause to get a warrant granted. We’ll keep you posted with any further details on Ralo’s case.