R. Kelly's Manager Accused Of Threatening Parents Of Alleged Sex Cult Member

Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly is placing an even bigger highlight on the horrifying sexual misconduct allegations in opposition to the singer. His try and clear his identify by “exposing” his survivors was rapidly shut down by Facebook. However, members his group are nonetheless placing in work to clear Kellz’ identify from these accusations. The mother and father one the singer’s alleged intercourse cult members filed a police report in opposition to R. Kelly’s supervisor, claiming he is been threatening them since they appeared within the Lifetime docuseries.

R. Kelly's Manager Accused Of Threatening Parents Of Alleged Sex Cult Member
Scott Gries/Direct

According to The Blast, Don Russell is being accused threatening the mother and father Jocelyn Savage who appeared in Surviving R. Kelly. Her father, Timothy Savage referred to as the police on January third, saying Russell started sending them threats the morning that the docuseries aired. Timothy Savage texted him, writing, “it might be finest for him and his household if the documentary doesn’t air.”

The police said that they had been with Timothy when Russell referred to as and listened in whereas the cellphone was on speaker. Russell claimed Timothy gave false info to Lifetime for the documentary. The report suggests Russell tried to blackmail Timothy, saying that if his assist for Surviving R. Kelly continued, Russell and R. Kelly “could be compelled to offer info disproving Timothy.” The info in opposition to Timothy, as Russell described, would “spoil him, his fame, enterprise, and household as a result of it might present him a liar.”

The CID is presently investigating the accusations after a report was made for “harassing communications.”

Although the alleged sufferer, Jocelyn, has denied being held in opposition to her will, Timothy Savage and his household are nonetheless attempting to get involved along with her. 

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez' Car Hits Paparazzi: Police Report Filed

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been on their method out the dinning half their date evening when their automotive was concerned in an accident. As their driver exited an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles, he managed to hit one the digicam individuals who have been posted outdoors to seize pictures the facility couple.

The paparazzo was snapping footage when he was hit, seemingly frivolously, by the Escalade by which Jlo and A-rod have been using. Although the motive force was inching out into the road slowly, the SUV clipped the person amidst the speedy bursts flashing lights. The photographer ended up on the bottom, along with his digicam nonetheless in hand.

When the witnesses the accident began elevating their voices, the motive force instantly halted the car to make sure the encircling individuals have been protected. One them tried to lecture the chauffeur who shortly returned the blame:” “See what occurs while you flash all of the flashes? I am unable to see the place I am going.”

The man who was hit is claimed to have filed a report with the LASD. Unfortunately for him, pedestrians are typically prohibited from purposefully blocking automobiles with their our bodies. Drivers are additionally stated to be allowed to maneuver ahead cautiously in these situations. 

Amber Rose Has A Hunch On Who Stole Her Wiz Khalifa Engagement Ring

Yesterday, we reported that Amber Rose had lost the engagement ring given to her by Wiz Khalifa when he popped the question six years ago. Although the two may no longer be romantically involved, the object is still a meaningful symbol the bond they share. Amber stated that she wished to pass the ring on to her son when he grows up and she’s desperately trying to find where it may be. At this point, she can only assume who stole the jewelry from her room but she seems to have a hunch on who it could have been.

She opted not to say any names but when approached by TMZ’s photographers, Amber revealed that she has ideas on who it could have been. “I can assume, I guess,” said the entertainer, “I have no pro. I just want my ring back! I don’t want the money, I just want my ring back. So I’m trying to figure out if somebody took it to a pawn shop or something like that right now.” It’s only been a few days since she realized the piece was missing so it makes sense that the case has not yet been resolved. 

The star added that she doesn’t believe it was a security issue, hinting that this may have been an inside job. It was highlighted in the initial reports that many people pass through Amber’s home on a daily basis. Perhaps a member her team is the culprit. We’ll keep you updated as information comes out.

Amber Rose Freaks Out After Her Wiz Khalifa Engagement Ring Gets Stolen

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have always had a special relationship. The two were once inseparable and even after their break-up, they’ve been taking turns co-parenting their son, Sebastian. While they likely have their spats in private like any separated couple, Wiz and Amber seem to consistently keep things cordial in the public eye. The once-married couple has now gone their own ways but obviously, some the material possessions given during their time together still mean a lot. Of course, engagement rings and the like are things that you try to hold on to and Amber had plans to pass the one Wiz gave her to Bash when it came time for him to marry… until it was stolen from her home.

A police report was filed last week by Amber where she claims that the engagement ring given to her by Khalifa more than six years ago has gone missing. She apparently looked for the ring in her closet before realizing it was nowhere to be found. The entertainer last saw it one month ago according to TMZ. Amber is said to be “heartbroken” about losing the symbol her bond with Wiz, hoping that the police somehow find it. Things aren’t looking too good though as it’s been difficult to track down where it might have been misplaced because how many people enter and exit Rose’s home on a regular basis.

The piece jewelry was initially valued at $150K when it was purchased in March 2012. Amber has been keeping her cool on social media, leaving matters in the hands law enforcement ficials.

Nicki Minaj Reportedly Won't Press Charges Over Cardi B's Botched Shoe Attack

TMZ has learned that Nicki Minaj is standing pat after coming out the victor in a messy exchange with Cardi B. Many you have already seen the footage, and Cardi is probably hoping that public memory doesn’t dwell too long. According to the report, Nicki isn’t too bothered that Cardi B chomped at the bit, which leads me to believe there’s more to the altercation than meets the eye. Nicki is after all reputed for her vengeful spirit (for all comers).

The botched attack which took place within the walls a gala event connected to New York Fashion Week, reached its climactic end once Cardi B swung and miss with her shoe. Her success rate was far superior when she first used her shoe as a weapon. During a LNHH reunion show Cardi B weaponized her shoe for our viewing pleasure. She and cast member Asia became so consumed with their rivalry, they’d forgotten why they were fighting to begin with. Short answer: cheating allegations & Swift.

Rumor has it that the resulting lump on Cardi B’s forehead didn’t occur when she fell and lost her balance. According to her reps, the BX rapper took an elbow from one Nicki Minaj’s security guards who reacted almost instinctively to his Queen’s call for help.

Cardi B Allegedly Ordered Attack On A Stripper She Claims Slept With Offset

Cardi B is being accused sending her posse to attack two strippers in New York City.

Cardi B is being accused ordering an attack on two strippers – Jade and her sister Baddie G – and now, police are conducting a formal criminal investigation, TMZ reports. Jade said that she’s received several threats from Cardi B over the past few months and was attacked. The “Ring” rapper accused Jade sleeping with Offset.

Jade claims Cardi B has threatened her with violence over Instagram on several occasions. She also said that Baddie G and herself had an encounter with Cardi B at an Atlanta hotel in June and the rapper continued to accuse her sleeping with Offset before threatening them with violence. Jade denies that she slept with Offset.

Jade said that on August 15th, she got a warning that Cardi B sent people to beat her down. Later that night at Angel’s Strip Club in Queens, Jade claims five Cardi B’s associates ruthlessly attacked her and caused severe injuries.

On Wednesday, August 29th, Jade and Baddie G said that they had another face-to-face encounter with Cardi B at Angel’s Strip Club. After they performed, they said Cardi B’s posse attacked both them by throwing bottles and chairs at them which led them to seek medical attention.

Neither women have claimed that Cardi B touched them in any way but they did claim that Cardi yelled, “I’m blood I’ll fuck you bitches up!” Sources close to Cardi confirmed this.

The two women have hired Joe Tacopina to represent them. Tacopina said that the two women are filing a police report and Cardi B will be named.

50 Cent Shares Police Report Of Floyd Mayweather’s Son Saying His Dad Hit His Mom

It doesn’t look like 50 Cent is ready to stop taking shots at Floyd Mayweather anytime soon. After the G-Unit rapper said Floyd was responsible for the death his late friend and his wife last night, Fif is now bringing Floyd’s son into the picture.

On Tuesday night, Fif kept the IG shots coming, first sharing a police report from Floyd’s son, Karaun, years ago that reveals Floyd was allegedly hitting his mother. “I saw my dad was on my mom and my mom said to go to the fice my dad was hitting her,” the police report says.

Fif left the following caption with the post, “Damn champ you and Karaun have a good relationship. What happen here. 🤔get the strap.”

Then shortly after that post, Fif decided to share another questionable photo Floyd, this time getting awfully close to Diddy as if the two were about to kiss. Fif asked fans to leave some captions for the photo, saying “what you think they was saying? 🤔 LOL😈get the strap,” he captioned.

Check out the latest shots (below) and keep your eyes peeled for further posts.

Update: Shortly after Fif’s police report went up, Floyd’s son, Karaun, responded to the accusation, saying he’s riding by his dad side and that all is good. “All good over here. Worry bout your family first,” he captioned the post aimed at 50. (see 3rd IG post below).

Tekashi 6ix9ine Surveillance Footage Of Robbery Support His Story, Cops Say

Things haven’t been so great for Tekashi 6ix9ine is recent times. While he’s been dealing with several legal issues in both NYC and Texas, the rapper was kidnapped and robbed early Sunday morning. While there’s been two different versions the story that have been floating around — TMZ’s initial report and the police report — the cops have obtained the surveillance footage from 6ix9ine’s home and they said that the evidence supports what he told them.

Investigators on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s case have successfully obtained surveillance footage from Sunday’s robbery, TMZ reports. The police received video footage from down a camera that’s down the street from 6ix9ine’s home. Unfortunately, the footage is too far away to identify the culprits but it does show the suspect’s vehicle outside 6ix9ine’s home.

The initial story that was reported claimed the rapper was pistol whipped, kidnapped and hospitalized but as it turns out, he gave the police a much milder account what happened. Many people thought it may have been part a publicity stunt since he also released his new track “Fefe” with Nicki Minaj yesterday but police are dealing with this as a real case.

After news broke the incident, 6ix9ine posted a picture XXXTENTACION and revealed that he felt like he was going to die that day, prior to the robbery. With all the recent deaths in hip hop this year, we’re glad that 6ix9ine is okay. 

Stan Lee's Former Business Manager Charged With Filing Bogus Police Report

Stan Lee’s one-time business manager Keya Morgan has been charged with submitting a phoney police report earlier this month. The businessman is facing  including two counts filing a false report an emergency, as well as two counts filing a false report a crime. Morgan will also be arraigned for violating his probation; all the charges are misdemeanours. 

Additionally, Lee has been granted a temporary restraining order against his former employee two days after he was arrested, with a court date set for a permanent order in the near future. The mastermind behind the Marvel Comics universe cites elderly abuse as the reason for this legal estrangement. 

Morgan recently took to Twitter to denounce any claims abuse. “For over 10 years I have shown nothing but love, respect & kindness to Stan Lee, & his wife, a fact he has repeated countless time. I have NEVER EVER abused my dear friend. Everything you read in the #FakeNews is pure malicious lies & I will 100% prove it. The truth will come out,” he tweeted.